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  1. You anti-Toys "R" Us people have been explained 15 thousand times how Wal*Mart operates but you continue to act like Wal*Mart is some kind of saviour. If you think G.I. Joe will continue to sell at $5 with Toys "R" Us out of the picture you are mistaken. Imagine if you were the only store in America that sold Joes? Why would you sell them at $5 when everyone HAS to come to you? Ah hell, if you don't get it by now you never will.

  2. I must have that Mindbender in the car! Or maybe the Hello Kitty on the bike.


    This is what I figured they would look like though they should have went with black plastic rather than gray with that Snake-Eyes. No Storm Shadow?

  3. I don't really have any of the original Vipers and thought I have quite a few of the repaints I'd still like to go and get me some 1986 versions simply because Hasbro hasn't really given us anything that is close in colors. Now the Blue Shirts on the other hand . . . .

  4. That woukld be cool but I gotta say that sometimes Hasbro actually comes up with stuff that looks BETTER than what DD is doing. The JvC Iron Grenadier looks better the the redesign DD gave them for example. Then there was Mainframe. I think even Hasbro would of came up with something better looking than that.

  5. I know a lot of people can't stand the idea of Joe as an anime but I'd love to see it. Remember not all anime is the same! Casting away anime because of Pokemon or what not would be like saying no to American styled animation because of how bad the Flintstones looked. If they make it look something like Akira it would kick ass and even put to shame the Sunbow toon.


    With that said it would never happen. If we DO get a toon it will be CGI which would be OK if they didn't make COBRA out to be so corny and the Joes doing things physically impossible.

  6. I figured a Crimson Gurad pack would be a natural. Tomax and Xamot and four of the new CG's or maybe Tomax and Xamot, two CG's and Two CG Immortals.

    I wouldn't want to see the Twins in a CG pack. That would be two useless figures per pack for those who army build. I'd rather see the Battle Corps "Crimson Guard Commanders" and Immortals.

  7. I'd love to see Voltar in black rather than pink but as a dead character I did not include him. Same with Darklon.

    Then use them as different characters. Make Voltar Destro's Sergeant Major and Darklon as his son or a new troop whose outfit was patterned after Darklon's to honor him.



    Thats of course assuming Hasbro even has access to the molds. Which we dont know.

    I think most fans would hate them being renamed as other characters. I'd rather just seem them done even if they are dead than renamed.


    Remember when Hasbro let us vote on what figure packs we wanted to see? I recall one of the possible names being "General Voltar".

  8. I don't think Flint would have replaced him. Everyone knows Falcon was there as Duke's replacement. Instead Flint would have disapeared completely and all the fans would be bitching to this day about how they need to make a new Flint figure which they probably would eventually do but it would have been like how Heavy Duty replaced Roadblock and we didn't get a RB until we bitched and moaned about it enough.

  9. I just saw the Comic 3-Packs here (I ordered my online) and was about to buy the 3 Cobra packs they had for the Trooper but ended up putting them back. I'd love to army build that figure but $30 for 3 figures? I just couldn't do it.


    Hasbro please release the Blue Shirts again in a multi-pack! I'm sick of buying figures I don't want to get ones I do want!


    Also saw part of Wave 3 and passed them up too. This is a first for me when it comes to new G.I. Joe items. The figures in this wave just don't appeal to me. Stalker and Firefly are OK. But the colors are just kind of half assed. And that Dusty/Zartan pack stinks. Jinx was just so so IMO and the new Slice is junk. Looks like he has bug eyes or something.

  10. I'd like a Joe arctic set using the old Snow Job body as a base and using the new Comic Book heads. Kind of an extension to the Comic book pack #2.


    I also like Pit Vipers first IG set idea.

    That sounds cool, but how about the orignal Iceberg's body instead? I'm getting kind of tired of that Snow Job body.

  11. An eel or hydro Viper 6 pack would be cool.

    Yeah. The original Eel would kicks ass. Maybe thrown in a Hydro-Viper or 2 (in gray) just to mix things up.


    Command six pack-Serpentor, Cobra Commander, Destro v3, Major bludd, Baroness and the twins.


    That's 7.


    Iron Grenadier-Destro V2, Voltar or Darlkon, Metal head and 3 iron Grenadiers. v1


    I'd love to see Voltar in black rather than pink but as a dead character I did not include him. Same with Darklon.

  12. OK I realize that most of these molds probably aren't avaible but there are some ideas for 6-Packs that would be pure gold.




    Ice-Viper x2

    Snow Serpent v1 x4


    All figures would come with their original gear though I may throw in an extra AK-47 for both of the Ice-Vipers. Their colors would be close to the originals but not exactly the same. Kind of like the version 2 Tomax and Xamot figure were.




    Destro v2 x1

    Iron Grenadier v1 x5


    I picture this Destro having a silver head rather than gold and thus replacing the rest of the gold on Destro and the Iron Grenadiers with silver. Maybe make the IG's masks silver instead of red too. They would all come with their original acessories though I's give Destro the pistol that came with the original in addition to his sword. They would all have the Destro dagger isignia on their arms.




    Metal Head v2 x1

    Annihilator x1

    T.A.R.G.A.T. x1

    Undertow x1

    Wild Boar x1

    Ferret x1


    Again all these figures would gove with their original gear accept for Metal Head who I'd give his original gear to. I'd also put them all in more "Iron Grenadier" looking colors. Picture the Annihilator where the ornage is silver or gold and the purple is black. They would all have the Destro dagger isignia on their arms.




    Viper v1 x6


    This set would come with 6 original Vipers (with their original legs even). Most of them would be colored to look almost exactly like their original counterparts and come with their original acessories. Two of the Vipers however would have an alternate color patter to show that they are "squad leaders" or "officers". I'd probably throw in a division patch of some kind on their helmet or somewhere too.

  13. On the Cobra Trooper, no Crimson. I don't get why eveeerrrryyyything needs a crimson guard repaint. To me the Crimson Guard are an Elite force, and only the few elite people get the crimson color scheme, to set them apart from the rest of cobra's legions. If you just start repainting everybody with CG colors it isn't very elite or special anymore is it? Yeah it'd probably look cool, but it just doesn't make sense to me making a grunt in elite colors.


    I 100% agree with that.

  14. All I know is that while the Vipers are cool they suck compared to the Soldiers. You Viper loves have gotten a bajillion repaints now give us Soldier lovers a chance to have them coming with every other vehicle and two-pack.


    Also, the Steel brigade website had a prototype for the Infantry 6-pack trooper on their site once which featured a removable helmet. If they have lost the newer version of the trooper mold, why not use this one rather than the original?

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