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  1. So you have an idea of which comic will win?


    Being the dork I am, I have been keeping count on what everyone has said they voted for on 4 of the Joe boards. If what people are saying on the boards is any indication as to which one will win in the end it is going to be Issue #22 with Serpentor, Overlord, and Roadblock.


    It would help to know what these characters LOOK like. Anybody got any pics that would help?


    I have been trying to get a scan of Falcon and Heartwrencher up but ever since I moved my flatbed scanner doesn't want to work anymore.

  2. All I know is Falcon got ripped off during the last vote because Hasbro had him paired up with (I think) Wild Weasle who already had a figure.


    Am I the only one who doesn't think the DD Serpentor design is all that great? I mean it's OK but I actually prefer the original. Overlord would be cool though. Seems a shame that we may be getting a Devil's Due 3 pack and it will not have 1 comic book only character in it.


    But like I said earlier all these packs save for maybe 1 or 2 sound cool so I'm a winner no matter what gets picked. But damn it Falcon needs a new figure!

  3. For those wondering the "Raptor Viper" is what Spy Troops Barrel Roll came disguised as (see cover of Issue #28).


    Man oh man this is a very difficult desicion. I'd like to see all of these packs made.


    Falcon is my all time favorite character so I'd like to see Issue #31 done but I am not all that thrilled with Wraith and honestly don't know who Heartwrencher is. Guess I'll have reread that issue.


    I'm more interested in seeing characters that have never been done before:


    Mistress Armada

    Alexander McCullen



    Coil Trooper




    Raptor Viper




    Out of all listed above I'd like to see Zanya and a Coil Trooper best but with Issue #4 you get 2 never done characters - Mistress Armada and Alexander McCullen and a Cobra Solider to boot! And I love that Devil's Due Cobra Soldier design.


    A new Overlord, Cover Girl, and Spirit are also very tempting. . . .


    The only pack I'd be disapointed if they made would be Issue #25 and 28 , I don't care about those guys at all save for Outback. So I got a pretty good choice of "winning" no matter which one is choosen.


    So Issue #4 or #31? Looks like I'll have to flip a coin . . . .




    I am concerned at the choice of covers for Issue #31 however. Wasn't there an alternate cover to this issue? The reason it concernes me is that it shows Flint on the cover and people will think that's supposed to be Falcon. I also fear that some buffoon over at Hasbro will think that is supposed to be Falcon too and do something ##$%$#ed like, "Why don't we make Falcon look like he does on the cover instead!" and the next thing we know the new Falcon figure comes out with a black shirt on look very much like Flint. You KNOW it could happen! Let's hope not.

  4. With a whopping 4 countries, we can safely assume that there is only a mere 8,815,245 Muslim radicals bent on killing every last American and Jew. You are right, there is no need to risk a war and kill them.


    The thing is this number rises each time we do something stupid like kill "every woman and child". If you want to defeat terrorism you have to stop giving them reasons to terrorize. Here is the question that lies before us:




    I get pissed off just as much as the next guy everytime I hear about an act of terror, but I have come to realize that while it may be justiifable to enact revenge for terror with violence it will not put an end to it.


    If we had a magic bomb that once detonated it killed every last single one of the suggested 8,815,245 radical Muslims we would STILL not be rid of terrorism. The other Muslims who until that time were not terrorists would become enraged becasue we killed Uncle So and So or Brother What's His Name and the chain continues. That's not to mention non-Muslims who may be disgusted enough to take up arms as well. The United States, Russia, and everybody else is going to be fighting terrorism until the end of time unless they kill it at the roots.


    If I had a roach problem in my home I could "declare war" on the roaches by purachasing traps, and poisons to kill them but this is not really going to do anything until I pick up all the rotting, stinking garabage I have lying all over the floor. I feel the War On Terror is being fought with all the poisons and traps but has not even considered picking up the trash and that is what dooms it to failure.


    What is the #1 issue Islamic radicals have with the United States?




    They view it as an OCCUPATION of Muslim lands. So what do we do? We OCCUPY another such country. That isn't going to stop terrorism! It's going to make it worse!

  5. What does an IRAQI terrorist look like as opposed to one from say...Afghanistan?  :rolleyes:


    So it's a matter of what they look like? When you pass an Arab on the street do you give them a glare making sure they are not a terrorist? Iraqis and Saudis might all look the same to you Archie but the fact remians that there were no Iraqi acts of terrorism on the U.S. until after the invasion. And even then these acts are taking place in Iraq.


    How some of you people ever took up collecting G.I.Joes is beyond me?  Are ya sure you have the RIGHT toyline?


    One does not have to be a "kill all the women and children" mass murderer in order to be a fan of G.I. JOE. Sorry you feel that way. If you guys were G.I. JOE characters you would have been chewed out by General Hawk, court martialed, and even COBRA wouldn't take you because you are too extreme.

  6. We got people here talking about "good vs evil"? If you are promoting the mass murdering of innocent women and children then what side are you really on? Good or EVIL? Do we have any Christians here? What Christian seriously thinks Jesus's idea of good is killing innocent women and children?


    And no we didn't have problems with Iraqi terrorists until the invasion. Name one terrorist act that Iraq carried out against the United States before the war. If you can imagine a Terrorist-O-Meter with a little marker on it and numbers off to the side. before the war Iraq's terrorism was at like a 0 or 1. Now it's at like a 6 or higher. Terrorism is on the rise because of oUR actions.


    How many normally peaceful people here would take up arms against an invading army of occupiers in your country? If it had been different and let's say . . France invaded the United States non-terrorists would have become terrorist. Same thing in Iraq. Saddam may have been a brutal dictator but there is one good thing that comes from brutal dictatorship - they know how to keep down the terrorists. As a so called "War On Terror" the Iraq War is a joke. It is not preventing terrorism it is infmaming it.


    I scoff at the idea that the Chechen rebels would have been killing children if Russia had just granted them full independence. Even jihadists have to be "provoked" in some way. When the Soviet Union crumbled all these countries simply broke away with no real problems but God forbid Chencnya be able to do the same. No instead the Russians want to fight a never ending war against them over it. I say end the chain.


    Violnece only begats more violence. The only way the War on Terror can POSSIBLY be won using pure violence is if you kill every single person on the planet and judging from some of the posts I have been reading here I'll probably get some who wouldn't mind seeing that happen so long as the good old U.S. of A. has the last man standing.

  7. I'm really surprised the moderators haven't locked this yet.


    Once upon a time Christianity was a lot like Islam is today. A lot of people were unjustly killed becasue they didn't agree with church and political leaders at the time or simply because they were not Christians. Yeah I'm talking about your Crusades, Inquistions, and Witch Trials here. Christianity has matured since then for the very most part.


    Islam is a realtively new religion and is going through that same terrible stage that Christianity once went through. Just as not all Christians during the Middle Ages were blood thirsty murders, not all Muslims are today.


    I felt the need to say that as many here seem to think that anytime Christians do something bad all the other Christians in the world band together to put an end to it. In reality it's a lot easier to just ignore it and that's the route that people often take. This is what Islam is suffering from.


    The Christians banding together for the first time to take on Islam was the Crusades and it was not a good thing in any shape or form. The Crusaders were basically just terrorists with swords.


    As far as the Chechen thning goes I say this - If the Russians would simply grant that country it's full independece and leave those people alone I'm sure they would do the same. It's like the United States in Iraq. We didn't have any problems with Iraqi terrorists until we invaded the country, overthrew it's government, and occupied it with troops. I personally don't blame the terrorists in Iraq for being pissed. It's like throwing a rock a person and then getting mad because they throw one back. In other words, Russia has made it's OWN bed. Now what the Chechen terrorists have done is unjustifiable as are all terrorists attacks on civillians. Now the Russians can retaliate and enact a revenge against the Chechens and carry out a mass holocast against their people like many of the outstanding members of this board have suggested but that is not going to end terrorism. Terrorism is kind of like the Hydra in . . what is it? Hercules? . . . . you cut off one head and 2 or 3 more grow in it's place. For every terrorist you kill another three are born.


    Sometimes I really don't know what to say when I hear people talking like this. WWJD? I mean really . . . if you are speaking of mass murdering women and children it is YOU that is the terrorist.




    As an American I can honestly say I am not with you Putin.




    Speak for yourself.

  9. Politics, my rear! We're just a bunch of guys talking about how much we like the idea of the Russian military getting some new members! ^_^


    Putin just happens to be responcible for it, and Franks is the chief of military ops in the Mid East... what's political about that?



    You need a reality check.


    You said, "F*CK CHECHNYA UP, PUTIN. PUT EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD IN THE GROUND. " If that's not a political statement then I don't know what is. I used to think the Nazi image you used to have in your signature and the fact that you as an American stragely have a German flag next to your name was just some kind of joke but now I am not so sure.


    And NO the millitary should just be allowed to as they please. That would lead to World War @##@@ III.

  10. So is that guy with the Low Light head supposed to be Dusty now? This is ridiculous. That figure is straight out terrible. They should repackage it with a roll of toilet paper for the turd it is. Look at his arms! I wish I were a chimp so I could get a job designing these sets.


    At least I got the comic book 3 packs to look forward to.

  11. lol, I love how these so called insiders are taking credit for news released in a general PR back 8/10.



    Hmn, well I'll be danged.



    This is what I'd call "industry confirmation"--but its hardly inside info, as JayC said.


    Apologies are still in order, I suppose.


    Still, I'm curious to see what's done with this project now.

    I can already answer that question, GONZO is going to take over production of the next slew of G.I. Joe OVAs and their going to knock everyone's socks off and usher in a new long running stretch of popularity for G.I. Joe that's going to make it explode across the board!

    I really hope so. Though I have to wonder how watered down a Joe anime would be. I mean picture the Valor vs Venom story as an anime. With Hasbro at the helm we probably won't get to see all the cool stuff (like guns that shoot bullets) that we want to see.

  12. Like others here I will believe it when I see it.


    But IF it is true then I'm all for it. The reason that Japanese anime has such a huge following from Americans is that the animation is usually far supirior than anything seen in America. I dare say that until Batman: The Animated Series came along there wasn't anything that came close to some animes (this includes the original G.I. Joe and Transformers).


    A lot of the negative comments being made here about anime are way to general. Anime is not any one kind of style really. Look at American cartoons . . are they all like the Flintstones? It would be unfair to judge all American toons on the crap Hanna-Barbara pumped out during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It's the same with anime. Speed Racer's animation is natoriously bad but stuff like Akira is hailed as being better than anything Walt Disney ever did. I agree.


    <<While I don't care if a GI Joe cartoon is produced by a Japanese studio, I would prefer that it is not done in the Anime style (As in the type of style used for Cowboy Bebop). If an animated cartoon is being planned, I would prefer it to be done in the same drawing style as the old Sunbow cartoons.>>


    I for one would LOVE to see Joe done like Cowboy Bebop, however even if this rumor is true I doubt we would get something that good.


    Sunbow was good and all but even as a kid I remember people making fun of it. I think maybe since it was first and because DIC sucked so hard that people have placed Sunbow on a higer pedistal than it should be on.


    To me it's all about the animation. I will not casy away something far supirior than Subow simply because it is Japanese.


    All in all however I'd love to see a Joe toon no matter how it was done - CGI or otherwise.

  13. I've been looking into this game and am very impressed at what I see. My complaint however is that you can't pit the Sepratists against the Empire or the Republic against the Rebels or as on. But from what I hear you CAN have the Rebels and Empire fight on say Naboo in certain modes. I will most definitely be getting this.

  14. I could see the Sy Fo Dyas thing. Why would they bring him up in AOTC and not use him in ROTS or at least not mention him?

    People have made WAY TO MUCH out of the Sy Fo Dyas thing.


    The basic idea was that someone (most likely a Sith - Palpatine/Sidious, Maul, or Dooku/Tyranus) pretended to be a member of the Jedi Council so that they could have the authority to order the creation of a clone army for the Republic. Rather than pretend to be Yoda or anyone who could say "Uh . . I ordered no such thing.", they pretended to be a Jedi Council Member who had recently died - Sy Fo Dyas. The cloners did not know Sy Fo Dyas had died and therefore as far as they knew the Sith Lord claiming to be Sy Fo Dyas was. All these theories that Sy Fo Dyas is Mace Windu, Qui Gon Jinn, or some as of yet seen 3rd Sith Lord are ridiculous. I also doubt that Grevious was the one who possed as Sy Fo Dyas (a robot Jedi?).

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