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  1. ever notice every conversation with your friends, classmates, or on this forum about religion ends up everybody speaking out.


    what if there is no god?


    or what if they only made up satan to even things out. cause if there was no satan then everybody wouldnt give a crap about being good cause we'd go to heaven anyway.


    I've actually heard of people thinking atheists are evil since we can't have morals since (in their mind) morals are based on the idea that if you do good you get in heaven


    Yeah it's kind of disturbing to think that people are only being good because they think they will be rewarded. Though I suppose fear of being punished for doing evil is also a motivator.

  2. I just want to point out to the people saying that the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian principals that the 10 Commandments are not law. For example, I could cheat on my wife and not go to jail for it despite it being against God's Laws. In addition the Bible speaks a lot about Kingdoms and the idea that we are to be obedient to God or be punished. Who voted for God? The idea of democracy and republicanism actually comes from the ancient Romans (a pagan society I might add). So what are these principals that this country was supposedly founded upon? Yes Jefferson and others believed in a god. And yes Jefferson included "creator" talk in the Declaration of Independence. However Jefferson was a deist that didn't believe Jesus was the "Son Of God" or had performed any supernatural miracles. In fact he published a Bible that had all that stuff cut out. The Constitution of the Unites States has no such talk in it. So I don't think it is accurate to portray the United States has a nation founded on Christian principals just because a single document that was written by one man included a few words about his own personal beliefs in a deistic creator. If someone stood up in a church today and started preaching deistic views they would be thrown out and called a witch. That is all.

  3. To bring this back on topic I think he meant that he was surprised that such toys are being made because usually that type of stuff isn't done for toy lines. Yeah the stuff is in the movies but I always felt one of the reasons that a Indiana Jones line was never made was because of the religious and Nazi aspects of it. People are talking about Christian stuff . . . image how Hindus feel about the Temple of Doom.

  4. The thing I always found weird is that they command the Crimson Guard and are called the Crimson Twins, but have uniforms that are mostly blue.



    Something I have wondered recently. Were they ever called the Crimson Twins in the comics or cartoon? I remember having a hard time coming up with the username when I first registered, because I didn't want to leave one of the names out, and I hadn't remembered them being called anything other than Crimson Guard Commanders.


    Just curious.


    I believe "Crimson Twins" was just a common fan nickname for the twins that eventually made it's way onto the file cards of a convention exclusive Twins. The name way of then later of been used in the Devil's Due books but I don't know.

  5. I don't see the 25th line as being a squeal to Valor Vs Venom or Sigma Six but rather a retro line taking place in the 80s so changing this wording because it's the year 2008 seems silly. I'm sure they changed it for political reasons or something. NATO is in Afghanistan after all.

  6. that's fine, but if he's gonna come with a relic that they call 'The Cross of Coronado' then it damn well better look like the one in the movie, and NOT cater to some right-wing fundamentalist mentality.


    if that be the case, they shouldn't do the damn thing at all, and just replace it with something else.


    because if it doesn't look like the Cross of Coronado, then it's not the Cross of Coronado.


    I understand what you are saying but quite frankly I'm just glad we are getting Indiana Jones figures at all considering all the Nazi and religious content in action figure form.

  7. One of the first VHS tapes my family ever owned was Temple of Doom. As such it has become a favorite of mine. With that said I do find myself almost liking Last Crusade better. Last Crusade has the return of Sallah, Marcus Brody (who actually goes out of the adventure this time), and the debut of Sean Connery as Dr. Henry Jones Sr. In addition to that we get the Nazis as a return villain and the movie had a number of funny scenes that I loved (like when Indy pretends to be a Scottish Lord). Then of course you can't go wrong with Raiders either. I love them all really.

  8. Destro walking around in the mask 24/7 would have been totally ridiculous. There is simply no way you can have a guy walking around like that realistically unless in a battle situation. Which from what I understand is exactly what we are going to get. I'd save the complaints about Destro until we actually get to see what his mask will look like. Maskless Destro here looks perfect.


    Sorry I disagree with you, wearing the mask all the time out of family honor is at the heart of what makes the Destro character who he is, and If Iron Man can wear a helmet or Darth Vader I don't believe in this day and age of movie magic they couldn't come up with something that looks good he could wear all the time. Same goes for Cobra Commander.


    "Destro" is a codename, just like Stalker or Ice Cream Soldier. Destro is also a terrorist.


    James McCullen is still a legitimate business man. Its not likely he would go to legitmate business dealings in the world at large wearing his terrorist persona.



  9. Heavy Duty's code name is a registered trademark right up there with Destro and Cobra Commander (look at his name on packaging, it has a little R next to it rather than a TM). I think it may be the simple fact that Hasbro apparently has control over the words "heavy duty" that has them using it so much more than Roadblock.

  10. Destro walking around in the mask 24/7 would have been totally ridiculous. There is simply no way you can have a guy walking around like that realistically unless in a battle situation. Which from what I understand is exactly what we are going to get. I'd save the complaints about Destro until we actually get to see what his mask will look like. Maskless Destro here looks perfect.

  11. Eh, these don't really bother me at all. In fact I'm happy to see that Storm Shadow will be getting his traditional mask at some point in the film. Destro looks fine. Did people actually expect him to be walking around in that open chest disco suit? I also have no doubt that he will have his mask in the film. It's just unrealistic for a man to be walking around conducting business with it on 24/7. Breaker could use a full beard though. I kind of figured that was the point in taking a guy from Tennessee and making him Middle Eastern.

  12. This really does look like it's going to be a live action Sigma Six movie. And I'm not a Sigma Six hater throwing around the term as an insult. The suits DO look like all-black versions of Sigma Suits and from what I hear from rumors they are more or less going to serve the same purpose. Heavy Duty's inclusion is also suspect. I'm getting the feeling that Hasbro expected Sigma Six to be more of a success than it was and as such decided to incorporate that version of G.I. Joe into the movie.

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