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  1. Also, I hadn't seen this picture in a long time:





    and just realized it the same exact pose a Tunnel Rat on this cover of the Marvel comic:



    The guy on the left (dont know his name) also has the same pose as the guy in the left of the comic. Thats really strange.



    That would be Duke. The other guys I guess is Muskrat?

  2. Hopefully this will be up on the net so i don't have to go out and see any movie to view it.


    I refuse to go to the theater JUST to see a trailer. I went to some crappy Wing Commander movie just to see the one for Episode I and they didn't even %#*@&%^ show it like I was lead to believe. They did show a trailer for some Austin Powers movie which was done up like Star Wars at the beginning of it which just made it worse.

  3. Hasbro might be afraid to release a figure of a dead character.  They know that the collectors are going to know who the character is, but can you imagine that your a kid reading the filecard of your newest joe character and then at the end of the filecard it meantions that the guy is actually dead...  BUMMER!

    I don't see why the filecard would have to mention that the character is dead. These are supposed to be "flash back" packs showing the chatarcters as they were. Even if the character died in that issue you wouldn't have to mention it.

    That's just it they DON'T say the character is dead on the file cards.

    Yeah I know, I was refering to the idea that they call a figure the son of a character rather than say the charcter had died.

  4. Hasbro might be afraid to release a figure of a dead character. They know that the collectors are going to know who the character is, but can you imagine that your a kid reading the filecard of your newest joe character and then at the end of the filecard it meantions that the guy is actually dead... BUMMER!

    I don't see why the filecard would have to mention that the character is dead. These are supposed to be "flash back" packs showing the chatarcters as they were. Even if the character died in that issue you wouldn't have to mention it.

  5. I am left handed but have almost always given my Joes and Cobras their weapons in their right hands. Nothing I did on purpose just being left handed makes me want to put the weapon on the left (which when you hold the figure facing you is their right). I've actually noticed right handed people giving all their Joe's weapons in their left hand (prehaps for the same reason).

  6. << and Clones body armor is not based on Mandalorian armor (another idea Lucas had that he scraped).>>


    Actually the visor on the helmets are similar to that of Jango Fett's.


    <<Sidious is very busy guy but he really needs to keep a low profile. Remember Sidious is being Palpatine and with everything he is trying to keep hidden his child would be the hardest to hide in the republic to train. Sidious first off is one of the very few Sith that are around. Dooku and Maul were the only others. So that tells us that the sith movment has a very sluggish start to begin with. Add to that Sidious wants to keep the power to all him self if not that at least in the family. If Sidious brought his son into the Sith’s small circle there would be great anomosity against the son as well as Sidious. The trouble here is to keep Anakin hidden from not only the Jedi but also from the Sith. This was for Anakins protection.>>


    I don't see why training Anakin as a Sith from the get go would had been some kind of a problem and yet he training Maul and Dooku was not. You also seem to be forgetting the rule of two. The Sith has ALWAYS been a small operation (since Darth Bane anyhow). I don't think Dooku was part of any of this until Maul was killed and Sidious needed a new apprentice. In short if Anakin is Sidious' son then Darth Maul would have never of even been in the picture. Also doesn't it kind of suck that Luke never knew the Emperor was his grandfather? I'm quite sure that none of this is going to happen. Sidious' big plot is playing both sides of a war he started. That will be the big revelation.

  7. In AOTC, we were told that Qui-Gon was taught by Dooku but not only that but also would have been a great supporter of his.


    I am under the impression that Dooku was lying to Obi-Wan then (about Qui-Gon joining Dooku). However I will grant you that it is possible he was telling the truth.


    Now this does not show that Qui-Gon has a taste for the dark side.

    What Qui-Gon would be suporting is dooku's at the time future seperatists movment. This was in the planning stages during TPM and before then.


    I don't think Qui-Gon was in the the soon to be Sepratist movement. If he was then it still raises some of the questions I asked in my last post such as the chances that HE would be one of the "ambassadors" sent to Naboo.


    Exactly how much are you suggesting he knows? Does he know Sidious/Plapatine is ultimately behind it all? Or do you think he thinks Dooku is the mastermind?


    In AOTC Dooku tells Obi-Wan that the Viceroy of the Trade Federation came to him. I figure that Dooku (being one who had left the Jedi Order yers ago) had been dabbling in the Dark Side of the Force already to an extent and when Nute Gunray came to him to get even with Sidious/Palpatine, Dooku comfronted him but rather than take him down he joined forces with him. Most likely Dooku plans to overthrow Sidious once everything is said and done (as was suggested when he asked Obi-Wan to join him) so it'as more of a way to make himself more powerful than any loyalty he has to Sidious or the Sith.


    The myth of the chosen one was fresh in Qui-Gon's head most likly due to his conversations with Dooku. Dooku who was able to minipulate Qui-Gon's idealism for the dark side and planted the seed that there was a a special child that would bring balance to the force and where to find him. It would only be a matter of time before Qui-Gon would be able to find the boy. It just turned out that what was supose to be a simple treaty issue turned into a mass attack and escape.


    So you are saying that Shimi lied deliberetly? And again I feel there is too much of a coincidence here. OK, so Qui-Gon suggested they go to Tattooine but if I remember corretly it was not as if they had any choice.


    Now remember it was Qui-Gon who recomended that they land on Tatooine. Also Qui-Gon knew alot about the area....like he's been there before. Maybe he searched in vain for the boy before. This time he allowed the force to guide him.


    What evidence is there had he had been there before? He seemed ignorant that Republic credits were no good there and that the Jedi mind trick would not work on Watto's species.


    Qui-Gon was so sure he found the right boy.....he was already on the fact that Anikin had special skills well before Anikin ever showed proof of these abilities. This also explains why the Qui-Gon discovery dialoge was soooo rushed; it was too soon and too easy. Guys, that was not an error in direction or in writing, it was a clue!


    I think that Lucas didn't want to have to screw around with the idea of "so who was Anakin's father?" and so on and so on and just went with a mythological/religious theme with the virgin birth.


    It is also possible Sidious had started the rumor about the special child. Remember all Sith were Jedi's before, it was greed and hunger for power that made these once Jedi go to the dark side. In a sence Sith are defected Jedi's of long ago.


    Not all Sith were once Jedi. The original Sith were Dark Jedi and others since then were former Jedi but not all of them were. Was Darth Maul a Jedi? No one seemed to recognize who he was.


    Sidious was also a very old jedi old enough for most people not to remember what he looked like.


    I think Yoda would have been able to recognize him if he was a former Jedi, Dark Side or no Dark Side.


    As a side theory Lucas has hinted in the past that the emporer was just a an old soul existing countinously in re-cloned bodies of his old self. (this would explain Sidious's knowledge of the cloners)


    When did Lucas hint at this? From what I understand this is nothing more than a story from the Expanded Universe which was not Lucas' doing.


    The flaw in this theory seems to be all the trouble involved in the "golden child". Why did Sidious keep Anakin on Tattoine? Why not take him away and train him as a Sith from the get go? Why even get the Jedi involved? If Sidious had some master plan on making Anakin the "Prince" of the galaxy then I don't think he would of left him on some forsaken desert planet where any Jedi can just come and snatch him up.


    I think the real question is how powerful is Sidious? In TPM it is said that Anakin is the most powerful with the Force. Because of this I believe that the whole "choosen one" thing is indeed true. That is why he is so powerful!


    And while  I'm on this side track, yes I believe that we will discover that Sidious was masking as Sypher Dious while working with the cloners. Sidious just took the dead Dious's identity and used it to get his cloning done. Sidious had Dooku remove the planets information from the Jedi Library. Yep that simple!


    I'll agree with you there but I think it's still possible that Dooku was the one masking as Syfo-Dias but it doesn't matter either way.


    I think that what we will see in ROTS is some sceen where Sidious or Dooku says, "It was I who ordered the clone army for the Republic." and that will be it.

  8. <<If Dooku trained Qui-Gon, then that could still be a connection, albeit a different, more long-shot one as it pertains to my theory.>>


    They landed on Tattoine because their ship was damaged after passing through the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo and had no choice but to go there. I can't remember exactly but I think maybe Qui-Gon was not even the one who made the decesion to go there. If Dooku or Gui-Gon is the father of Anakin it just doesn't make any sense to the story.


    1. Qui-Gon would of had to of made sure he was one of the ambassadors that Chancellor Vallorum sent to Naboo.


    2. He would of had to of made sure that the Queen's ship was damaged to an extent that they were forced to go to Tattooine (specifically Watto's shop) to make repairs.


    [Why did he have to go through all that crap with Watto to get the parts he needed?]


    Why sit there asking Shimi who the father was if he knew? Why did Shimi lie?


    And why not just bring Anakin before Sidious rather than wasting his time with the Jedi Council? I'm sorry but it just doesn't work.


    <<First of all, for the sake of argument, let's NOT say he was the tiny-headed alien in Episode I unless we know he is for sure. Second, I'm not claiming that he's some unseen Sith Lord. I'm claiming that he's Sidious.>>


    Yoda and Mace KNOW what Syfo-Dias looked like. How could they not recognize Palpatine as Syfo-Dias? That is the major flaw in your theory. Furthermore it would be pointless to throw in the twist that the Dark Lord of the Sith is not only Chancellor Palpatine but a former member of the Jedi Council they thought was dead. It would be different maybe if Syfo-Dias had died hundreds of years ago (but even then Yoda would remember him) but it was just 10 years. And last but not least (someone back me up here) I believe Syfo-Dias is actually shown in some comic book or novel and it's NOT Sidious just some Jedi.


    In order to get the authorization to create a clone army for the Republic, one would have to be a member of the Jedi Counci (seemingly)l. Now we know Syfo-Dios is dead so it could not have been him. So who? Seems someone was pretending to be him just so they could have the authorization. Kind of like identity theft! Now if one has been following the prequels it is obvious that whoever it was that was pretending to be Syfo-Dios was actually a Sith. AOTC seemed to suggest it was Dooku. Obi-Wan asked Jango about Syfo-Dios and he said he had never heard of him and that he worked for a man name Tyrannus. of course at the end of the film it is learned that Tyranus is Dooku's Sith name. However it is possible that it was Sidious himself doing the impersonation or maybe even Darth maul before his death.

  9. If the main jedi are non-playable, then can you play as any other jedi, or is this strickly for the shooters?

    No you cannot play as any Jedi what so ever (which would have been cool for the Republic forces).


    Also note that from what I have been told - the Jedi Starfighter which has been shown in screen shots and is even in the official guide is also not in the game. Furthermore the Imperial Officer and Bothan Spy were taken out as well.

  10. I think people put too much worth in what Leia said in ROTJ.


    "Just images really...feelings; she was very beautiful, kind, but...sad."


    I think that says it all. As the daughter on Anakin Skyawlker she would "have the Force" and therefore be able to see things that happened even if she was not there. Not memories . . . "feelings" . . "images".

  11. They say the Dark Side clouds everything...if Syfo-Dias is as powerful as they say its possible the council cannot see...they didnt know about Palpatine being the sith lord until Dooku told Obi-wan

    Who says? The fans? Folks the movie made it clear that Syfo-Dias was a member of the Jedi Council. There is no mystery. There is no debate. For the sake of argument let's just say he was the Q-Tip headed dude in Episode I and get over it. Why do people insist he is some as of yet not seen Sith Lord? Watch AOTC they say who he was! The only mysetry is who was pretending to be him and for it to be anyone other than Sidious, Dooku or possibly even Maul would be silly.


    P.S. - The Jedi don't know Palpatine is a Sith Lord either! Dooku didn't name any names just told them the Senate was under the control of the Dark Lord of the Sith. . . . and they didn't believe him.

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