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  1. I hate to have to do this but I am in a dire financial situation at the moment and need to pay off some bills ASAP. As such I am going to have to part with a few things from my collection. I hope that the moderators will be kind enough to keep this thread here.


    I am looking for PayPal payments only so that I can get the money as quick as possible. Basically I need the money by tomorrow. I have done a few trades with other members of the board in the past though it's been awhile and I can't recall who they were.


    If you need pictures or other details just let me know.


    $250 Terror Drome (missing 1 large and 1 small gun cap, no Firebat)


    $50 Night Raven + Drone


    $50 Rolling Thunder (one of the ramps is broken and is missing a chair/gun, two small red missiles and gun to little car)


    21st Century WWII Playsets


    $50 *Bombed Out Brick Building

    $50 *Bombed Out House


    $25 12” Hall of Fame Rhino GPV (missing one door and a missile)


    $15 HISS III (blue HISS Tank from 2000)


    $10 “Endor Attack” Imperial Battle Bunker complete and in box from Star Wars POTF2


    Masters of the Universe II Figures (loose)


    $5 He-Man (iron cross)

    $5 Skeletor

    $5 Orko

    $5 Teela

    $5 Merman

    $5 Man At Arms

    $5 Beast-Man

    $5 Stratos

    $5 Triclops

    $5 Ram-Man


    $10 Ozzy Osbourne Action Figure MOC


    $60 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime with box


    I also have a large lot of mostly new sculpt Joes. There are 125+ figures. Make an offer.


    I may be adding for stuff later.


    Send me a PM or email me mad.hatter2k@yahoo.com

  2. I'm afraid this is just how it's going to be. G.I. Joe vs Cobra - Spy Troops - Valor Vs Venom - Sigma Six were lines that represented the future of G.I. Joe. As if to say that is what happened AFTER 1994. The 25th figures however are retro. They are based on stuff from a specific point in the past and as such, like Star Wars there are only so many characters in so many "costumes" that can really be done. This means we are going to see the same characters over and over and over again with each more than likely being better than the version before it. Yeah it would be nice if Hasbro got it right the first time but that would be like expecting them to have got Darth Vader right back in 1995 and not redoing it again since.


    I knew this was going to happen but didn't expect them to start redoing characters/costumes so soon. At least with Star Wars they waited a year or 2. I think the wisdom here would be to choose wisely. Don't be a completest and don't buy a figure just because you like the character. Make sure the quality of the figure itself is good first.

  3. The Viper that comes with the Fang is trash. WTF are those colors? And what's up with the red helmet on the blue trooper that comes with the CLAW? Some funky colors. Nice that this "Cobra Flint: comes with an Cobra head to switch it out with. Otherwise it would be a useless figure. Am I the only one who thought the MASK guy was supposed to be some kind of new Annihilator at first? Pilot Scarlet looks sweet. Zartan would look better had they not tried to recreate that clear section on his vest and instead just made it a solid blue like on the old cartoon.

  4. Hang out in Wal*Mart untll you finally see someone returning G.I. Joes with figures swapped out. Then follow the person home in your car. Return later when they are not home, break into their place and take their entire collection. Leave a note that says "Karma's A #$#@#".

  5. right... the "new sculpt" figures were so great that no stores would carry them @lol@



    please. they sucked big time. sooooo ugly..


    They were available at all the same places that the 25th line is now. When the line was canceled and Hasbro offered the DTC line to fans online, it's POPULARITY prompted Toys "R' Us to get in on the action too.

  6. even the best of the VvV/DTC/GvC era don't compare to the 25th stuff. the figures look better and are better. what the 25th stuff lacks in some poseability isn't nearly as detrimental to them as the ridiculously bad proportions and silly character designs that plagued many of the new sculpt figures. I'd rather have a figure that is visually appealing but lacks some playability than a figure that is so ugly I don't want to play with it at all -- that was what the new sculpt era was, minus a few exceptions.


    if a figure is poseable but nobody plays with it, does anyone notice?


    Well this is where we disagree. Bombstrike was a better figure IMO for example than the 25th Jady Jaye for example.

  7. I feel that if they had done original characters in their classic looks for the "new sculpt" era the figures actually would have been better than what we have gotten with the 25th line. The 25th figures look great but are lacking big time when it comes to playability and articulation. The later new sculpt figures like Major Barrage were perfect. Imagine if they had done all the classic 80s Joes in that style? It would be all the greatness of the 25th line only without all the downsides. The new sculpt stuff was hit and miss. For every terrible figure there were an excellent one and I think a lot of Joe fans are so wowed by the "original" card art of the 25th line that they refuse to recognize this and pretend they all were crap. Do the people who think all the new sculpt stuff stank even open their 25th figures? Molded closed fists may seem OK MOC but out of the package it's crap.

  8. Heavy Duty as an original team member? I'll pass. Why does Hasbro insist on pushing this character on us? Also, the only thing worse than having to sit through the "Why does Snake-Eyes have the same tattoo as Storm Shadow?" storyline again is having to sit through it as written by the EXACT SAME GUY WHO DID IT THE FIRST TIME! It would be like Ultimate Spider-man with Stan Lee writing it.

  9. It does look like they are just trying to get rid of some extra stock. The figure selection is random and they are in the exact same paint scheme as before. Most of these however are either figures I already own or figures I deliberately passed up originally because I didn't want them. I might get that Beachhead and Dusty. The Tele-Viper would of been great if he had at least some of his gear.


    EDIT: Not only do they appear to have new artwork but some of them have the wrong artwork. The Sand-Viper appears to have artwork for Razor Claw and the Tele-Viper has artwork for the 25th Anniversary Tele-Viper only it is not in the classic Tele-Viper stance.

  10. Did anyone else notice the Cobra Commander with the blue trouble bubble has a blue neck? could this be some future pack with cobra-la? hmmm,


    I think you may be right. I like how the figure is in dark blue too. I've always wanted a dark blue battle helmet CC.

  11. 85-86 (the two best years for Joe figures hands down.


    more single packs (and by that I mean NEW figures, not repaints)



    who votes for VvV and Sigma Sux? @lol@


    VvV wasn't all bad, yes, the molds were not up to our standards, and overall the line was not liked. However, that said, some cool characters were introduced who, if their uniforms were slightly altered could easily fit in with the more classic joes.


    Yeah, there were some good figures from VvV. People give it too hard of a time.

  12. No Pit Viper, they left me eight positive feedbacks, five of which were consecutive. They said I was on their auto block list because I didn't pay for an item which I don't know how because I have always paid for things I have won on Ebay. Oh well, does anyone have a 1983 JUMP with silver pads Grand Slam box they want to get rid of?


    Does anyone even have a 1983 silver pads Grand Slam box?


    Oh, I was under the impression that they had not replied to your emails. The fact that they gave you positives doesn't mean anything though as I was suggesting they were left as to avoid getting a negative in retaliation.

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