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  1. I played with Joes between 1987-1994. By that point I was 14 years old and well past the age of what was considered acceptable to still be playing with toys of any kind. With the Joe line canceled I moved on to comic book heroes. Mostly Marvel stuff but later Batman:The Animated Series figures. I did pick up some of the Sgt. Savage stuff and even attempted to play with them once but they just weren't the same. When the 15th Anniversary line came out in '97/'98 I was at first happy but after seeing the crappiness of the figures and out of fear that I would actually play with them if I bought them I passed (something I regret). I didn't play with my Marvel stuff (well maybe once or twice) and as such had transitioned to "collector" status. At one point I purchased a Power of the Force 2 Darth Vader figure. I was going to keep it MOC but after seeing a TIE Fighter Pilot figure that I thought was cool I bought it and opened them both. I soon became a Star Wars completest.


    Then in 2000 when checking out the Star Wars stuff at my local Wal*Mart I spotted the RAH Collection 2-packs. At first I thought they were some kind of strange bootlegs because the names were all wrong. General Tomahawk? Chameleon? I was actually unemployed at that particular time in my life so I didn't get them. My brother however did end up picking up a few items. I thought they were cool so once I got another job I picked up a Rock-Viper/Major Bludd 2-pack to man my vintage HISS Tank (one of the few Joe toys from my childhood I still possessed) [i sold most of them to help fund my Star Wars collection]. Of course I didn't stop there. Next thing you know I'm moving on from Star Wars and concentrating on G.I.Joe.


    I soon did a search online and came across YoJoe.Com. There I learned there was going to be a Joe comic and ended up joining the forums at Devil's Due. New comic and new figures after 8 years or so of nothing . . that was a more fun time to be a Joe fan IMO than even now. While some of the "new sculpt" era stuff was crappy I liked it for the most part. In fact I liked it more than I do the 25th stuff. Of course, back then I was still living at home and had money burning a hole in my pocket. Wish I had more of that now.

  2. a couple of figures that really lend themselves to what the 25th line has to offer even if their RAH counterparts are generally disregarded.



    a figure that I think unfairly gets a bad wrap. the name isn't that ridiculous if you've ever ridden a bike, but I am sure evokes bad memories from those who don't know how to wipe. and the orange isn't that bad. give him a couple of removable pistols and working knife sheath, and a removable helmet, and the figure design updates nicely to the modern style.



    Dogfight's problem is that he is simply more forgettable than anything. but give him a removable cap and separate jacket piece, and he too fits in nicely with the new figures in both appearance and design.



    Yeah, we thought Skidmark was a badass as kids. To use a skidmark was simply a black streak you made with your bike tires. Only the coolest kids could make one properly.

  3. Camp out in front of the customer service desk 24/7. When you see someone trying to return Joes that have been swapped out, follow him home. Wait for him to leave then break into his place and steal his entire collection. Serve the bastard right. Make sure to leave a note explaining why his stuff was stolen.

  4. Alright it has to be collectors doing this, scalpers don't take loose figs and turrets.

    I want a full blown investigations and names people. This is major problem and exactly what magazines like Toyfare should be writing about instead of "hot" toy lists of figures no one cares about.


    Someone over at YoJoe admitted to doing this with Star wars figures. I find it hard to believe he doesn't still do this with Joes.

  5. Blatant figure swapping. Why are people still amazed when they find this stuff and refuse to believe it's not a rare variant? Get over it. Some figure swapper's are so afraid they will get caught they will do whatever they can do make it look like the figure they switched out is supposed to be there. I suspect that is why this guy also included Cobra Commander's filecard.

  6. 1. Making the figures larger than 3 3/4" (characters like Nemesis Enforcer get a pass).


    2. Molded closed fists (Shipwreck, Cobra Commander).


    3. Inability of some figures to sit down properly.


    That's really my 3 major gripes since the 25th line started. Had they used their head and did these things right they would have been perfect.

  7. I think 11, 17, 18, and 19 may be Mortal Kombat weapons. Or possible Street Fighter Movie stuff. They used parts and weapons from G.I. Joe figures.


    15 and 16 don't look to be G.I. Joe related at all.


    9 may be a missile that goes to a Crimson Guard Immortal figure but it is difficult to tell.

  8. I have seen this before with Star Wars figures and Transformers


    As for now until Hasbro can come up with a better idea with its packaging there is nothing that can be done


    Stores don't care......They really should since the employees gave the swapper his money back for a used figure


    Thing is stores are too concerned at making the customer happy. If a clerk behind the counter realized the "customer" was doing a figure swap the customer would probably throw a stink and the manager would be called over and end up giving him the refund anyway. Basically someone could come in with a handful of dog turds and they would get a refund because God forbid Dog Turd Man not "shop" at their store anymore.

  9. Definitely will pick up the first issue to check it out!


    It's so annoying that Roadblock is now Heavy Duty though... Roadblock is the man!


    It is just depressing. Just because Heavy Duty is the same kind of individual of Roadblock (heavy gunner) Hasbro is now pretending that the two are interchangeable. They aren't. The first hint that this would be done occured in DDP's Malfunction story arc where Heavy Duty showed up and machine gunned the Super-BAT. Roadblock popped out of the sewer where the Joes were and asked "What are you supposed to be, my replacement?"


    After that, i think some numbskull at Hasbro though that that would be a good idea and hence the Heavy Duty switch was born. How disgusting.


    I'll still probably get the comic though, at least to see if its any good.











    The switch actually happened before this. When the first wave of G.I. Joe vs Cobra figures came out Hasbro made Heavy Duty a machine gunner (rather than a heavy ordinance trooper). He even came with the original Roadblock's accessories. From what I heard the figure was originally intended to be an updated look for Roadblock but Hasbro lost the rights to the Roadblock name so they decided to call him Heavy Duty. A lot of fans saw Heavy Duty as Roadblock's replacement and were angry about the whole situation. The scene in the Devil's Due book was cracking a joke about it. Later they would make an actual Roadblock figure but even then they would continue to make new Heavy Duty figures.

  10. Found the new TRU battle packs. The Crimson gaurd 5 pack, and Firefly vs Green shirts.


    Oddly the US Flags on the Joe Green shirts are reversed, with the blue section in the upper RIGHT hand corner. OOPS!


    Yo Joe!


    Isn't that how it is supposed to be on an Army uniform?

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