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  1. If there really are worthy villains to fight in this, its the swappers. They are even more frustrating than scalpers because they are actually criminals, and there's no sensible way to combat them. Put a policy of no returns on all toys. Seriously, how many TOYS are legitimately returned because a child didn't want it? They may not ever PLAY with it once received and opened, but what REAL child is running back to Walmart after their birthday or Christmas and returning their toys? If the childs old enough to say "Mommy, this wasn't the toy I needed, could you please return it and get THIS one instead" then the childs already too old to be playing with them and has become an idiot adult collector of toys.....no returns! Since the stores can't visually determine these swaps upon return, then they really should just make them un-returnable. What about defective products?
  2. Bench Press has the same file name as Rock & Roll.
  3. First, what VAMP are we talking about? Less operators? Back with RAH vehicles were considered "accessories" to the figures and with 500 figures, you NEED the room for all those guys. Foot pegs ARE a little weird (why would I ride on the OUTSIDE of a tank or jeep? Make some room in there, will ya!?) I don't know if that "accessory" mentality has changed, but it still makes sense to make room for several guys in a vehicle if possible.
  4. As a topic, complaining about scalpers is just beating a dead horse. Its old because few discussions offer solutions, and even worse, most discussions revolve around the right to complain and people are not even interested in solutions!! As if their misery is a merit badge. Hey, if people WANT to be miserable.....I'm all for it. Give 'em what they want. I've reached a point in my own life where I think its complete, utter, absolute insanity to be miserable about something, especially when there's so many happy positive things to focus on. I sure as heck do not want to arrive on my deathbed and think about all the crap I was privileged to put up with in life. I'd rather focus on all the fun I had instead. Your error is in associating complaining with misery. I already made it clear that I don't lie awake at night (in misery) over the practice of toy scalpers. Not every complaint is going to, or even NEEDS to have a solution. We complain about the things we dislike and we praise the things we do like as a form of communication here. Most the praise, and especially the complaining, falls on deaf ears anyway and only the small community take note of who likes, or dislikes, what or who and that's just our little click of fans here. Even these so-called fan polls are bogus as far as directing or having an influence on anything within the toy lines were fans of. Nobody WANTS to be miserable, but I'm sure many people are. That has nothing to do with discussions about toys, their makers, the retail chains that sell them, the online dealers or the scalpers that hoard them. People like to make points (maybe we've heard a couple hundred times before) and we can either offer an opinion or ignore it. Why discourage it, just because we're bored with it and think it's a dead horse of a topic? I agree. If there is at least one singular defining characteristic of a "fan" (of ANYTHING) it is complaining about it with other like minded individuals. I think Arrow's posts got to the "why" of complaining and those whys either can be or will devolve into something negative (which isn't exactly healthy). I think for most of us it is a matter of "letting off steam" of some kind. This is a hobby and it is enjoyable to share that hobby with others (which is THE reason sites like this exist). Dead horse threads like these will always crop up and people will throw in their 2 cents, again, and the thread will die off, again. As for the article itself, it is just and excuse by the "scalpers" to justify to themselves a practice that is generally considered wrong. If there is one thing I've learned, especially buying off ebay, is patience. Collectors tend to be an eager group to get the newest item(s) ASAP (which is why 25th single Storm Shadow went for $100 before it hit stores). Part of it is that delusional "bragging rights" that the true dorks feel it necessary to express. To whom? I'm not sure, but most likely to make themselves feel good. But I digress. There have been very few items that I've missed a chance at getting (such as Masterpiece Starscream when it was Walmart). And even then if I REALLY have to have it, there is always the secondary market. And, again, there its a matter of patience...or deciding that said item really isn't that important to obtain.
  5. Lucky you. No Marshalls around here. I only ever saw ONE of the sets with Alpine (the one I picked up), 2 of the packs with Dusty (one I got and one that had all the figures replaced with Corps figures) and maybe 4 or 5 of one with Quick Kick. Ever. I think it has a bit to do with HOW we ask than WHAT we ask. I disagree with the idea that "25th is over" when we see Night Force Tunnel Rat, Monkeywrench and Night Creeper. I think the idea is that 25th is no longer the FOCUS of the G.I. Joe line. But that doesn't mean we can't still see 25th style figures IN the line.
  6. The problem with Mindbender was he was apparently the ONLY guy in Cobra that could, like, do anything (except maybe Destro). What does an orthodonist have to do with androids and genetic augmentation?
  7. I've only ever seen like 2 or 3 of the white coated version. I think the coat was a variant and the tatoos a running change.
  8. More 25th stuff. I don't mind new stuff but they SHOULDN'T be excluding the traditional 25th stuff. Bases. And I don't mean like the last handful we've gotten that make little sense (like the Pit). How about a TTBP? Modular figures (so to speak). What I mean by that is, "Pilot Scarlett" is based on Glenda. So they could have included a blonde head (just say its a disguise or something). For example. Less gimmicky vehicles. Did the repaints/remolds of vehicles like the Sky Hawk and Stinger not sell? Not EVERY vehicle needs some lame gimmick (especially electronics). They could do a mix of new and old, couldn't they? There are a few vehicles I'd like to see like the Stun, Desert Fox, H.I.S.S. II, maybe even a "new" APC.
  9. I picked up the Sky Sweeper and noticed that Air Raid's file name is the same as Airbornes. Just like with Bench Press. Is Hasbro getting lazy in the names department?
  10. I've only seen like 2 of them and he's kinda boring.
  11. It looks like the treads work (rather than wheels). It is pretty funky looking but maybe it will be better "in hand". 4 seater VAMP? Never heard of it till now, but I think I'd rather have an updated Desert Fox. Gimmicks are ok if in moderation. I think the main thing to exclude is any sound effects/electronics.
  12. his chest will be full of electronics, so guaranteed the arms will have to be folded up inside the passenger area, you can't count on him not having seats. How well did the other "giant electronic bumblebee" sell?
  13. I think THAT is the keyword right there. If they don't "dumb it down" too much it should work, regardless of animation style. My hunch is a style that you may have seen before in similar action/adventure cartoons--a style that will be both appealing and suitable for G.I.Joe. That is if my hunch plays out as correct. I just hope they don't make it look like any of the following: G.I. Joe: Sigma Six The Batman Spectacular Spider-Man Batman: The Brave & the Bold Super Hero Squad You get the idea What was wrong with The Batman? I always thought Justice League had a good feel to it. The only problem with the show was the "5 Standard Superpowers" but I thought the content was not so dumbed down.
  14. Well there are actually several things to consider. 1) The employee doesn't know. How is the employee REALLY supposed to know if the items in the package are correct? Of course some of the examples I've seen you have to wonder. And that leads to 2) The employees don't care. When you make a return for whatever reason, just how much effort do you see the employee putting into the whole thing? I get asked "what is wrong iwth it" at most and, if they are doing things right, they put the "defective" items where they belong. But at the same time, just what ARE employees supposed to do? They don't exactly, to my knowledge, have a lot of say in whether or not they can accept a return. All the switcher has to do is get the manager involved, after all "the customer is always right". @rolleye@
  15. That makes sense, but the majority of product has been out for several months now.
  16. I've got plenty of both. These look like the novelty would wear off pretty quick.
  17. pesatyel


    You mean the ones that came with the MASS Device pieces? Whatever happened to those anyway? Last I recall, Hasbro had said they sent them and they were probably just in the "backrooms" of the Walmarts and Targets and TRUs. Or something like that.
  18. we have the same fear my friend I dunno. That is a possiblity. It is weird that we aren't having the avalanche NOW.
  19. While not exactly a figure swap, I saw a 2007 Optimus Prime returned (obvious return, the package looked like hell) like last week. Walmart takes ANYTHING back...unless your trying to do a legitimate return/exchange. @loll@ This may just be me, but it looks like the Village People doing Y.M.C.A. I wonder if that was intentional(lol). THAT is what it was lol. I knew those figures looked kinda weird in the package.
  20. I picked up the first 3 (Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Skids) for $70 at K-Mart. Buy 2 get 1 free.
  21. Actually there IS something to enjoy sometimes. It is seeing what imaginations the people have in their choices for switching figures. I once saw a ROC baroness switched out with a HEADLESS RAH Baroness body.
  22. I don't mind all the "extra" gear. Kind of better to have too much then not enough sometimes. I think the key factor is if the gear is APPROPRIATE. The guy in the pic, it depends on his job but as pointed out he might make a good Toxo-Viper. One of the main problems, for me, with the ROC and post ROC figures is they don't HAVE any background. I mean who cares that the Eel's preferred weapon is the "M.A.R.S. Industries UA-series harpoon and SMART torpedo launcher". Show me which weapon in the package that is, or am I to assume it is the bigass missile launcher that all the figures come with? You don't really get the "feel" for the character like with the old filecards. The point of all that was to say that that "feel" is what gives us the sense that their gear is appropriate. Otherwise they are just "some guys with some stuff". Its like the 94 figures how they all came with weapons on those plastic trees and it was the same weapons for everyone.
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