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  1. Rage Fury Alley 2 w/Firefly: First what the hell kind of name is "Fury Alley 2" lol. Must be a misprint. Nice to see a RAH vehicle again. Does Firefly have to come with EVERY vehicle or what? Me thinks they would sell more to collectors with an actual "driver". Vamp w/Clutch: Nice. I think I'd rather have the Desert Fox and/or Hammer reissued if possible though. Wolfhound Snow Cat w/White Out: The thing still has the Snow Cat stickers! @firedevil@ Why White Out? Why not Cold Front or Windchill who are at least vehicle drivers. Or, hell, Frostbite. Well hopefully it, and the Rage, got some upgrades like the other RAH vehicles. That H.I.S.S. is going to be a hard sell. And, on a side note, hopefully these will be in the $15 range instead of $25.
  2. The packaging looks like the Avatar packaging. They look like they could be fun, but who knows with just pics.
  3. The Joes look ok, but yeah, they could have at LEAST used a GOOD pair of legs. One of the best innovations of the 25th line was holsters.... Also if those figures are "on the same level", Snake Eyes is a midget. @firedevil@ The Cobras are ok. If I recall though, the Alley Viper was red in the show. And did they forget to put Destro's head on the figure? @firedevil@
  4. Alley Viper: Not bad. Wonder why they didn't just repaint the 7-pack version like with the Strato-Viper. Beach Head: Very nice. I wonder if the stuff like that grenade are detachable. Cobra Commander: Meh. Destro: Not too bad. I wonder what the gun is. You can see a clear cord running back behind him (to the backpack, I presume). Flamethrower? I wonder if those goggles will fit other figures. Duke: I had no idea who that was until I reread the list. I don't know if it works as "Duke" for me, but a nice looking figure. Dusty: Looks kinda "bulky". I wondier if the mask is removable. Hard to tell. Firefly: It's ok. I don't like the head in the pic. It looks like his eyes/face were painted on OVER the mask. Jungle Viper: So...can he fly or what? Earlier pics had him with with mechanical vulture (or maybe that was Ripcord). He also looked more "Night-Viper" like then he does now...I think. Weapons would be nice. Wild Bill Recondo: Sorry, got confused since he, IMO, looks more like he should be at a rodeo then in a jungle. The card front is ok, the back is kinda lame. I liked the old backs that showed all the figures of the wave. Snake Eyes and Timber: On a side note, I managed to find a Snake Eyes with Black Timber. Interesting that this is already Timber's 3rd mold (4th if you include the Sandstorm repaint) and, as said in another thread, why no articulation for such an, apparently, important animal character. Cyborg Snake Eyes: Lol. Snow Job: Looks like he comes with a bit of gear. Wonder what that tube thing is on his side. Storm Shadow: Not enough swords. And does every future version have to have the "torn top" look? Zartan: Not too bad I guess. Why does he have not one but TWO bullseyes on his chest?
  5. I think that was because it was the only one left and they were just trying to get rid of it lol.
  6. Is anyone else sick of "movie Bumblebee"?
  7. Geez, Snake Eyes is a putz. How about storing the crucial data disk instead of holding it in your hand? It wasn't THAT bad. It was dorky.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I already got one but if they go down 75%? I might get another. I picked up that "then and now" set for $6.
  9. The problem with the movie line was they had to work too hard to make the alt. modes too aesthetically pleasing.
  10. I picked up the last 2 Avatar vehicles at the Target I was at for $10 and the Joe "Then and now" sled pack for $6. The R.H.I.N.O., there are easily 6 to 8 at EVERY Target here so I think I can wait to see how low they go (considering I already got one).
  11. I actually picked up Barricade. So I have the first 4. Haven't opened him yet, but the box says Frenzy can "man the chest guns" and shows him stuck in Barricade's chest. I don't know if he actuall "transforms" and fits inside, but looking at the figure it doesn't appear to. He only has ball jointed hips and shoulders so no "transforming" which is a bit of a let down.
  12. Thought it would be better to put it here then start a new thread. One of the Walmarts here has Skywarp on clearance 50% off, so he's down to $30. They had 2 dozen (and they were all dusty too lol). I don't expect he'd go much lower than that, but I also found a last Dewback marked down to $15. If anyone is interested, of course.
  13. You have to remember the "fantasy" part of it all though. I remember discussions about the movie when we first heard about it. Some wanted it to be more "realistic" while others argued that that wouldn't be "real" G.I. Joe. I think one quote was that this is G.I. Joe, not Blackhawk Down. You also have to remember that comics = superheroes. Yes, I'm aware that there are other kinds of comics, but the general feeling of the average person is that if your talking "good vs evil" in a comic, the good guys have to all be badasses. How do you represent that? With scenes like in Resolute where Duke and Scarlett are surrounded by enemies and win with NO problem. How many military themed comic books are there? How many that are strictly military? Off the top of my head, I can only think of three: The 'Nam, G.I. Joe and Punisher. I'm not saying that it can't be more "adult" oriented and include more intelligent science fiction. I'm saying the "fantasy" elements automatically weaken the non-fantasy elements. And you DO need both.
  14. I think they were going for a "Classics" look, seeing as how they merged the Pretender shell with the inner alt mode. Like Breakdown? I think Blugeon is based on the IDW art style Breakdown? Bludgeon (G1)
  15. Well, Spiderman is full of redundant characters, even if they are not characters used in the Spiderman movies, but in other movies. To wit: If you have Green Goblin, or Doc Ock, then characters like the Lizard Jack O Lantern and Hobgoblin become redundant. The former because of the father-figure scientist angle, the latter two because we have already seen a "goblin" character zipping around on a glider. The Lizard LOOKS visually interesting, but looks are only one part of the character. WHO they are has to be at least as interesting, and Doc Conners just repeats traits seen in others. Venom was done.......badly. He's damaged goods now as a cinematic character, and thus so is Carnage. Visually, Carnage works the same as Venom--and the characters motivations are just a contrived spin-off of Venom. Been there, done that....and both suck. Electro.....use him, and you cannot use Shocker--their powers look much the same. Rhino is the Hulk--a rampaging character we've seen already. How do you make what the Rhino does different? You cannot, really........he charges, runs thru stuff, or tosses stuff aside with his strength. That's the Hulk, done over again. Seen that. So, who is left.......Mysterio...Kraven......maybe, MAYBE the Vulture. Black Cat is yet another hot gal trying to sit on Peter's face........but what are they going to do? Consummate? See Superman 2 and Superman Returns for how well that sort of thing works out. Peter STILL acts like the dumbest smart guy around when it comes to women--regardless of how obvious the signals they throw out are. Its tired. Hammerhead......pfft, what is really interesting about a guy trying to head-butt the hero to death? Chameleon is Mystique......with a penis. Again, how the character works is visually redundant. See, my theory is this is why "Deadpool" in the Wolverine film ended up as a mish-mash amalgram of various characters. As JUST Deadpool, the character we know, he's a smart-mouth " Lady Deathstrike". Yea, but if he were JUST Deadpool....who would he fight? He'd twirl around a lot, jump, use a sword etc.......in other words, it would look a lot like the fights we've seen before between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike, or even Blade and the vampires. Movies really strive to offer something different for the experience ( yea, even despite rehashing old ideas all the time) so there needs to be something considerable to distinguish one movie from another. I think that is why Daredevil failed as a movie--too many redundancies and repetitions. And I guess that is why rebooting Spiderman is a stupid idea as well--we'll see it all over yet again. Yawn. Well considering that there are only like SIX superpowers: superhuman strength invulnerability/regeneration (basically the same thing) flight super speed telepathy projection (energy, fire, webs, etc.) That list kind of, IMO, applies to DC more then Marvel (ever seen Public Enemies?), but Marvel could probably add claws to the list. I DID think of one other Spiderman "villian": The Punisher. IF they could find a good story, the villians wouldn't be as important I think. Spiderman has been around for 50 years so you would imagine they could find one. But part of the problem is that the MOVIE version of these characters all live in a vacuum. In the comics, Spiderman or Flash exist, for the most part, within the constraints of their own book(s) and fight their own villians. But they STILL live in a world with all the other superpowered characters. Hell Spiderman has been a member of practically ever super group in the Marvel Universe. A good example might be Sabertooth who was originally a non-mutant enemy of Iron Fist before become a Wolverine clone and X-Men villian. So what one character from some other book does could affect other books (and I'm not necessarily even talking about the yearly mega-crossovers they do now). But in the movie universe(s), you won't see Spiderman fighting the Reavers or the X-Men fighting Doctor Doom (both of which have actually happened in the comics). Those characters don't exist in the movie universes as the Reavers are NOT Spiderman villians. You also have to consider both the actors AND the characters themselves. Maguire worked as Peter Parker, for example. If the characters had good backstories, they wouldn't just be "redundant" or "cookiecutter". Deadpool is one of my favorite characters and I'm looking forward to seeing a movie...IF they "do him right". The X-Men movies are probably a good example as they had LOTS of cameos. So many that most of the characters that actually did anything just seemed superfluous or "just there for the special effects". I'm reminded of Magneto's attack on Alcatraz and how his "army of mutants" didn't actually even have any powers. I think the reason a lot of people think The Lizard would work is that the character has been established in the context of the films. The character is different from Doctor Octopus because of that, if the could capitalize on it. The one factor they need is to get rid of Mary Jane, regardless of a part 4 or a reboot.
  16. The place to find those would be Walgreens, Meijer, & KMart. Those are the places who seem to get new figures in because they order fewer cases. They are also among the most expensive. The thing is that those two figures are pretty much all we are going to be getting for 6 months? That is kind of pathetic given how bad they are about repaints. Swamp Viper anyone?
  17. well it wasgoing to have felica hardy as vultress instead of black cat and no goblins willem dafoe most likely wouldn't be in it the sandman could've had a cameo so pretty bad That's weird. I hate when they screw around with characters unnecessarily. But as for the Goblins....been there done that. There are PLENTY of Spiderman villians to include. Chamelon, Mysterio, the Lizard (even if he is redundant as Arrow says, the character is AT LEAST established in the movie franchise), Electro, Rhino, Shocker, Kraven, etc. And if you insist on a "goblin" then there is also the Hobgoblin.
  18. I read somewhere that Spiderman is "prepetually 24". What bugs me the most is the character has, what, like 6 different books he stars in? And they STILL can't think of a continuation of the story? Those two combined are the character's biggest problem. The first is the non-age factor. And it is MORE than just non-aging. It is non-growth. As rev pointed out, his "deal with the devil" was probably one of the stupidist, worst stories in comic history. Why did they do it? To keep Spiderman from growing. Heaven forbid the 8,000 year old Aunt May ACTUALLY pass away. And, yes I think the devil plot was worse than the whole "clone saga" debacle. I actually LIKED Ben Reilly. He was how Spiderman could have been if Peter Parker wasn't continually portrayed with "teenage angst" even at 24. The second is over-exposure. How can ONE GUY handle the events of 6 different comic stories? Eesh. As for the movie itself. I heard they were going to reboot Fantastic Four too, but that is neither here nor there. Rebooting the Hulk worked (the second movie was MUCH better than the first) but it was able to work because it was a single movie. This one already has 2 sequels. Doesn't work so well. It makes you wonder just how bad the 4th story was that they would even consider doing a reboot.
  19. I think they were going for a "Classics" look, seeing as how they merged the Pretender shell with the inner alt mode.
  20. Why is it "unfair"? Are we not allowed to like, dislike, love, hate, whatever we want? Did you miss the "automatically" in his statement?
  21. That would be a great idea and would help this line possibly move better Well just kind of subtly TRANSFORM it into a more "universe" line. I Bludgeon probably belongs with "Classics" anyways.
  22. Well unless they include "Alice" or repaint Frenzy as "Rumble" this will probably be the only one anyway.
  23. truth of the matter is they hvae to pay for rights to use the actors likeness. Personally i hate movie actor accurate faces. I'd prefer resolute duke heads in the future. What you didn't like the Van Damn Heads they used for the Street Fighter movie line that was attached to G.I. Joe? I'm with you, I hate seeing Tat's face on all the Dukes or Wayan's on Rip. I didn't think it was such a big deal. At the very least, it lets you use the figure as someone else.
  24. Define "originally". Something's DO have to change. A good example could be the Power Rangers. They've had what like 15 incarnations now? They have the same basic themes, but had they stuck with just the original versions the entire time, it wouldn't still be around. Now that isn't to say that incarnations 2 through 15 were improvements (I'm sure several sucked). But the changes they made seemed to have worked for them. Of course THAT example doesn't work so well with "large cast" lines like G.I. Joe and Transformers. That is why we get the "core characters" concept. Personaly, I don't see that as TOO much of a problem. The problem is how Hasbro handles it. ROC actually didn't do too bad mixing cores and news. In fact, we had two whole waves of nothing but new guys (even if most of them were frankenstein/repaints)....then they ended the line with the 5 cores and ONE new guy (Desert Viper). Seems to me they have 6 cores (Duke, Scarlet, Ripcord, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Heavy Duty/Baroness/Cobra Commander). If a wave is 6 characters, they could do each wave with 3 cores and 3 news. Just switch withc 3 cores come in each wave each time (first wave is Duke, Snake Eyes and Ripcord, second wave is Storm Shadow, Scarlett and Heavy Duty). It COULD give us (collectors and Hasbro) just what we need. I think, for me, the lackluster aspect is with vehicles and multi-packs. Many of them have been...weak. They tried once or twice (Aero-Viper and Motor Nitro-Viper) but most where just well, as I said, weak. Terra-Viper? Totally lame. That Joe "troop builder" set? None of those guys really worked. They were just too "generic". A lot of that had to do with being "movie figures" when a lot of us collectors wanted to see "25th figures". Personally speaking, they know we want them (as 25th) and it wouldn't take much to make them that way (just need to pick he right base bodies and do up some appropriate vests/gear) AND they have the names "available" so why not take advantage? Would it be better to let the name lapse then have to call the character Jeffery "Repeater" Therien? Well, long winded, sorry, but what is G.I. Joe "originally" about? And how does Hasbro incorporate that into the toyline while still keeping it "fresh" and "new"?
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