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  1. all the new developments in Transformers lore had been a part of the story from the beginning. This isn't a "TRUK vs MUNKY" argument. Just the idea of G1 being the story that started everything else. For example, Beast Wars introduced the idea of the "spark" and, ever since, the idea has become ingrained into Transformers lore (as an example, the speculation that Animated Blurr survived being "cubed"). Or, another example, perhaps the "original" example, is the Matrix (and Unicron). What if the Matrix had been part of the story from the beginning? I recall a story where the Dinobots actually had organic beast modes before the battle with Shockwave. From the comics, of course. And on that note, would Shockwave have been strong enough to withstand the Energon deposits for a protracted battle with the Dinobots? There are other examples like, as I mentioned, Unicron, the Quintessons, Mini-Cons, Primus, the original 13, etc. I'm sure there were still a lot of statis pods lying around (some with protoforms). What if they were found by humans?
  2. Well what was wrong with the mail in idea? The thing about mail ins, they seem to have forgotten from the 80s, is that the mail ins are intended for either something "new/unique" or "no lover available". Originally Cobra Commander, Duke and Major Bludd were all mail ins before they were available as singles. The Omnibots were ONLY mail in. In the later 80s and early 90s, a lot of the early 80s stuff that was no longer in stores was available mail order, including large items like the W.H.A.L.E.. Now, what do we have? A crappy repaint of Ravage that is already pegwarming? Didn't Doc do well as a mail-in?
  3. It may be just me, but I'm kinda sick of the new stuff already. Looks great and all that but considering we won't see it in stores for another 8 months (stuff takes awhile to get here) and there IS the possiblity of "changes" (Duke is a good example) between now and then...what's to get all worked up about anymore? They are happy about doing a "chase figure"? Stupid. The only interesting thing was hearing/seeing more about the new H.I.S.S. (whether we like the toy or not).
  4. no he's from action force http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_Major I was joking. The figure just seems so bland...like a corpse figure.
  5. You don't see why they wouldn't want to release it again? It was big and, as you said, expensive. Around here it was a shelf warmer, even at 30% off.
  6. I remember hearing something about the JEDI were the ones being cloned. "Obi-Wan" was the phonetic pronunciation of "OB-1" and meant "Original Ben 1". Now, bear in mind, I heard this a LONG time ago, and at the time it made since since is he "Ben Kenobi" or "Obi-Wan Kenobi". Know what I mean?
  7. Why couldn't Palpatine take down Mace? According to Star Wars Insider he already took down the most powerful Sith Lord. The answer is obvious. He was forcing Anakin to do it. Mace represented the last vestage of the Jedi, the final test for Anakin to become Vader. And if you don't like that answer, how about this. The Sith that Palpatine took out was a real wuss. For an example, Darth Maul. Going by the movies, Maul was...kind of pathetic.
  8. Its comics, man. New writer on the book, new agenda...new "old" swings at bat again. Its just more of the same jerking of the continuity chain to make things interesting. Comics have ALWAYS been about the cheap shocks. Exactly. Since when was "continuity" important. They can just retcon some kind of time travel event or "somebody suddenly remember something". I mean take that "traitor" in X-Men. How long has THAT story been around? Bishop has always been one of the most idealistic and ardent followers of the X-Men (even if his methods were rough and unorthodox) and now suddenly he's the next Apocalypse...all from some lame ass time travel trip made by Maddrox where he runs into the young Bishop who is suddenly all psycho.
  9. Lines like these suck becuase you get 8,333,003 Ironman figures....and maybe a token other figure. Spiderman is worse because AT LEAST Ironman actually HAS different armors (where as Spiderman has had, what, 3 suits his entire life?). The only comic movie line I though worked was the Hulk since they had the Hulkbuster figures for him to fight. Ironman? Hell are they even gonna BOTHER doing Whiplash?
  10. Actually, there was a story on the local news radio a few months ago about a "push to make recess less competative/dangerous". They took all the standard recess games, including tag, and changed the rules so that there is no competition (like keeping score) and/or nobody gets hurt. Take Kickball, for example, where it is common to try to hit the runner with the ball before they make the base. The "new" version, you just pass the ball to ohter teammates before the runner makes the base.
  11. I thought "what the hell" and got him. I think I have the deluxe floating around and, maybe a couple of alternators (Ravage and Rumble). I'll see if I can take some pics after I find which box they are in. And I've only ever seen 2 of them.
  12. I always thought the same thing. I mean the fall was, by appearances, a LONG one so a lot of things could have happened for him to survive.
  13. Well the head looks a little big. I think she has the "Snake Eyes effect" that we expect to see her in black for every version. So seeing so much gray is a little odd.
  14. I'm starting to think the same thing. When it was announced POC was being pushed back and no new TFs were, supposedly, coming out, I thought my wallet would get a rest. Then a bunch of the new N.E.S.T. stuff came out, unexpectedly.
  15. I see a general improvement from joecon to toyfair, except for Storm Shadow and maybe Snake Eyes.
  16. Depends on if you collect Legends class figures which are $5 a pop. Your actually getting a discount. Now, because your buying "in bulk" so to speak, the should have done a bigger discount than $3, but you also had to deal with the possibility of not finding all 7. THAT is often a pain in the ass when your trying to get a whole set of something.
  17. according to generaljoes it's some kind of action attack. When you push his tail down his head swings in a biting motion. Are you kidding me?
  18. Exactly. Would the makers be dumb enough to actually do an action figure?
  19. I for one am sold on the new HISS tank that thing is awesome! I need at least four! I just meant, of all the new stuff we have seen, THAT alone has been the one most discussed. It is dramatically different, to say the least. All the other vehicles are just "there", but the H.I.S.S. most seem to either straight up like it or hate it.
  20. I wonder if Stalker will have the dreads.
  21. Probably Clutch's head. How hard it is to give guys unique heads? Eesh. You know, it wouldn't be so bad them reusing heads if they would change the friggin hair color at least. I can see putting in a mix of new characters and old, they just tend to not give us ENOUGH "old".
  22. Ghost Hawk w/Tomahawk: Kinda cool. Like an armored up Sky Hawk. Too bad Tomahawk looks like Lift Ticket with a new head...but at least he appears to HAVE a new head.... Ice Cutter w/Snow Serpent: YEAH!!!! ANOTHER Snow Serpent! I won't be surprised if this is a shelfwarmer, but it seems a little better than the Buzz Boar or Pogo. Doom Cycle w/Storm Rider: If you look at the box, you can see the name. Question is, is he a new Dreadnok? That seemed to be the implication in the last Q & A. I guess you could call it an update of the old Dreadnok Trike. A.W.E. Striker w/Night Fox: After all the trouble I had trying to find the damn thing with Crank Case, do I want another? Perhaps, since the vehicle IS intended for multiple environments and the figure isn't too bad.
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