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  1. Well the Serpent Armor was the only one I couldn't find the first time around.
  2. The Targets here have suddenly put out the wave again after, what, a couple of months? I was surprised, so I picked up several of the Serpent Armor one. I figured I'd let people know to check Targets again. The couple I checked actually had quite a few.
  3. I agree. The only reason I picked up the "Iron Panther" (or whatever it is called, the Armadillo repaint) was for Thunder. I mean I like the Armadillo, but I already have a few.
  4. The Cobra set does, generally, look better. Two problems with it though. It's going to be a pain in the ass army building that trooper (for those that want to). I'm just going to make him an individual if I get the set. The other is Destro. The problem isn't that he wears a mask/helmet. It is that he WEARS a mask/helmet. They got around the problem in ROC by making his head turn into metal. But all the other versions? I had to laugh at that pic I posted above since Destro has such a tiny head relative to everyone else in the pic. Just jow tiny IS McCullen's real head under there?
  5. Same here. Granted, the bike is far and away better than the Venom Cycle of a few years back, but I just don't see the 'Noks tooling arouhnd on dedicated motorcycles. I always pictured them on high-end italian machines (stolen natch). http://www.yojoe.com...kgroundassault/ http://www.yojoe.com.../dreadnokcycle/ Yeah sure it has happened, but does that mean it should keep happening? At least this guy's outfit isn't too flashy. I don't see why we couldn't two of those stingers from the groundassult pic, and 2 missing noks. Like Zarana and Zandar. as for the current new guy, it had some potential but at the price they are asking, i'll pass. I'll probably end up passing on the Ghosthawk but more because of price and room. Most have stuff is in boxes now, it would dumb to add anything but my top wants for the moment. I know, I was teasing a little with the reminder. ALL of the Dreadnok rides have been pretty goofy, except maybe the Thundermachine (IMO). I've actually been picking up "normal" bikes from other lines that I think the Dreadnoks would ride. As for the new guy, I REALLLLLLLYYYY don't understand why Hasbro thinks it is necessary to start adding new guys to the gang. What's wrong with adding in the last few old guys. We still need Zanzibar, Road Pig, Zandar, Zarana and Gnawgahyde. Hell even throw in Burnout. Now I can understand why they didn't do those particular guys (except Road Pig), but do they think kids today are going to care if Zanzibar is riding that bike over this new guy?
  6. Powercore stuff: They look ok, from what I've seen. I don't like the clear plastic "mini-cons". I mean are they real? Are they holograms? Back in Energon the "Energon weapons" were clear because they were literally energon created weapons. Rodimus Minor: Nice. One interesting factor about these late addition Animated toys is that they could have easily played down the "cartoony" aspects and thrown them into the Classics line. Ironhide: A repaint of Ratchet? There's a shock. Actually, I think the mold, though the mold is pretty crappy, works better as Ironhide then Ratchet. Ratchet's Earth mode is an ambulance, sure, but his Cybertronian mode makes no sense. I would have pictured him as a flatbed or tow truck or something. Not this. Sideways Sneak Attack: Hey Hasbro, why not add more insult to injury buy giving us a LEGENDS size Elita-1 (or whichever of the bike chicks we are missing). Sideways wasn't any good the first two times they used the mold. And, man, this guy gets a lot of reuse for someone that died within the first 5 minutes of the movie. Desert Ruins Brawl: I wonder if they fixed the problems in the Brawl mold. Doubt it. And, is it just me, or is a dude with whips going to get his but kicked by a tank? One thing I do like about these sets is that pairing the Legends size figures with the Deluxe gives us a more accurate scale representation. That's cool. Bombing Run Battle: I've got enough Bumblebees. And if I really wanted, I can pick up Legends Grindor. Interestingly enough, what I said just above, they completly screwed up here. Would have made more sense to use Voyager Grindor and Legends Bumblebee here...wouldn't it? G1 Devastator Legends repaint: Not that good to begin with. The only saving grace is that they are ACTUAL triplechangers, unlike that $100 monstrosity. G1 colors? Not a "must have" just because of that. Pass. Rampage Among the Ruins: Oh yeah, milk it baby! Are Grimlock and the Seacons going to be exclusives somewhere? There are a few pics not showing up.
  7. Beach Head: The "body" work ok. I guess. Is that a removable knife in that shoulder sheath? Duke: Alright. He looks mad. I never understood why they didn't do "environmental" figures before now. I mean we saw Snake Eyes in artic gear and that was it. Flint: The "body" looks kinda bland here. But it looks like they fixed that crappy holster from Resolute Duke. Too bad. At least his head seems to be smaller than in earlier pics. Roadblock: Looks good. Head is little small it seems though. And what is that...tool thingy he has. Scarlett: I like her, but as yojobro pointed out, it looks like the pic stretched her head or something. Snake Eyes: I already have one. Why not Gung-Ho or something, considering that he was a Walmart exclusive. Stalker: I think the "body" works best here...except for the giraffe neck they tried to hide under that collar. In all, a couple of nice improvements that we've been missing lately. Is that enough to get me to buy the set? I'm not sure....
  8. Same here. Granted, the bike is far and away better than the Venom Cycle of a few years back, but I just don't see the 'Noks tooling arouhnd on dedicated motorcycles. I always pictured them on high-end italian machines (stolen natch). http://www.yojoe.com/vehicles/86/dreadnokgroundassault/ http://www.yojoe.com/vehicles/87/dreadnokcycle/
  9. So how about picking some up for your friends here...? I'm not buying them sight-unseen for anyone. I've gotten ONE direct request via PM, and I was able to score a partial complete set (3 out of the 4)for that person. I just do not want to scour the city (and our three Walmarts) for more of these because I just do not have the time or $$ to spare. Sorry. Hey no worries here. Doesn't hurt to ask right?
  10. There are some fugly toys from all the eras. Ice Cream Soldier, for example, worked MUCH better as Shock Viper. As for the "new sculpt" era, there were a few good ones. Some of the ones *I* like are Dart, Ripper v2, Tele-Viper v3, Scalpel, Barrel Roll, Blackout, Burnout, Crosshair, Faces, Grunt v6, Wide Scope, Double Clutch (better than Recondo), Dr. Mindbender v5, Slip Stream v3, Bombstrike, Medi-Viper, Range-Viper v2, and Torch v2. Torpedo v4/Low-Light v6, Firefly v6, B.A.T. version 4 and Beach Head v7 weren't too bad.
  11. I find it odd we are STILL getting NEW molds like this. What's wrong with the Jolt repaint? Are you surprised they would?
  12. So how about picking some up for your friends here...?
  13. I was tempted to say this movie will suck. But since I know little about it, I can't ACTUALLY say it. The 84 movie is my favorite movie. This will just be a CGI mess.
  14. The 2 TRU hear have probably 2 dozen now.
  15. I think its a good lot. Most appear to be in good condition.
  16. Wow! Sam has a new shirt! I don't mean that as a sarcasctic comment to your post but to the toy itself. Eesh, is it REALLY worth it to spend $30 because Sam has a white shirt instead of black? Especially when I can STILL find HA Bumblebee now? Repaints are one thing, but this is just stupid. The LEAST the coulda done is paint Bumblebee red.
  17. Ah. Ok. Well expect these to go for big bucks on ebay.
  18. Are these things out in Canada?
  19. At the LEAST we got a few NEW molds and/or characters. Core characters or not, how many times can they shove Bumblebee down our throats? He's not even as "cutesy" as the G1 version. He's creepy being unable to talk, ESPECIALLY after he could at the end of the first movie.
  20. True, but there were limitations. And they didn't come with swords and whips and axes INSTEAD of guns.
  21. I'm just glad he has 2 hands. The first version from the DVD pack had that "karate chop pose" hand. If they can do interchangeable heads, why not hands too? There is an upcoming figure, don't remember which of the top of my head, that has them.
  22. I picked up Animated Arcee the other day. Surprised I found her at all. Her packaging says she's one of the top swordfighters on Cybertron. The question, for discussion @firedevil@ , I have is what is the deal with so MANY Transformers coming with melee weapons instead of guns? Ever since Beast Machines (they had an episode pointing out that Rattrap doesn't have any guns in his robot form), they have been doing this "give them whips and swords" thing. BM Rattrap has a whip, as do movie Jolt and movie Rampage. Sideways and Barricade had "spinning wheel thingies". Long Haul and Prime had flip out swords. Even Bumblbee had gun that turns into a knife. So why no guns? Oh and if anyone is still looking for Arcee, I might be able to grab one.
  23. Yeah...there were times it was hard to follow, but I think they were going for the "you are there" shots, and it would indeed be that way if you were at ground level watching it all. I think completely in-frame shots made at a distance where you could see every move would have seemed predictable and boring, in my humble opinion. But yeah...the Bumblebee vs. Barricade fight was a blur. . That is part of the new thing for action movies now, the whole "in your face YOUR part of the scene" crap. I'm not THERE, so I want to see what's going on, not blurs. The thing you have to remember though is the shear volume of CGI they had to use for a movie like this. They have to do the fight scenes "fast" because to do them slower would ruin the fantasy that the CGI characters are physically present. I don't mind the designs so much. Actually I personally love most of them. Sometimes the Decepticons, especially the smaller ones, are a little too "bristly" or spindly-looking. But they do look evil, so I guess that was the point. If they didn't look somewhat different from the Autobots, then those hard-to-follow fights would have been even harder to follow. Concerning the whole "Devastator-is-on-the-pyramid-yet-we-see-Constructicons-on-the-ground" debacle, I too thought it was a huge mistake by the filmmakers. It's as if they had so much going on, or they were so rushed in getting this movie finished, that they made this huge mistake but left it in and hoped no one would notice. It's probably my second-biggest gripe with this movie. (The crude humor is my first...) And...it never occured to me what you pointed out about the Smithsonian. Did we miss something, or was that a huge mistake as well?! Yeah, they got cheaped out in some of those battles. There were a few Decepticons that didn't even HAVE bodies (think the "meteor modes" of Prime and Bumblebee from the first movie before they scanned vehicles). They reused Blackout's models form the first movie, so why not Barricade's as well? That would at least let you know what happened to the character. True, but that's the problem you run into whenever you have a cast of thousands that the Transformers universe could provide. How do you introduce so many great characters yet include the original ones from the first film and keep everybody relevant? Regardless, I too thought Sideswipe and Arcee were sorely under-used. I just hope we see Hot Rod in some form in the next one. Sorry guys. I didn't mean to hijack this thread. (lol) Simple. The characters from the first movie, Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Starscream, etc. (the surviving characters that is), theoretically, already HAD character development from the first movie. They are established characters in the second. Therefore the "budget for character development" didn't need to go to them but to the new characters. There are two problems with that. The TF characters in the first movie had next to NO character development at all (other than Prime and Bumblebee). Secondly, the ENTIRE "budget for character development" for the second movie seemed to have gone to the twins (as others pointed out). How do you make them relevant? You just DO. Take Jolt for example. He just shows up out of the blue and doesn't even have any lines, but AT THE LEAST they gave him a role with those lame whips.
  24. I'm sure they do, but MOTU stuff is sold SPECIFICALLY to adult collectors where as TFs are marketed (dare I say specifically?) to kids. So a different target audience makes all the difference. I also have to wonder if MOTU only being available only has any effect?
  25. Of course, TF2 had a few more problems than one non-actress poping up every now and then, hopefully they can fix those too. Crazy suggestion: give the Autobots personality! We going to need another director for that... I am hoping he will finish his trilogy and move on... me too mate then maybe they can make the transformers film we all wanted from the start Maybe they can reboot it like they are doing with Spiderman... Of course, TF2 had a few more problems than one non-actress poping up every now and then, hopefully they can fix those too. Crazy suggestion: give the Autobots personality! Ha, can't argue with that! Lets not forget the Decepticons too though.
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