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  1. I bought this thing, and folks, I didn't have to take it out of the box to tell you it sucks. In fact, didn't even have to open it to tell it. I mean just look at it. Even the simple plastic DVD case tells me it sucks. I, like everyone else, have absolutely no knowledge about this movie at all so needless to say I have no basis for my opinion but I can tell you before I ever view it or even remove the plastic around the case that I agree with everyone else who says this exact same thing, which is most of this board, that it sucks balls.
  2. Draven is correct in his statement that the Stretcher mold is in fact Dusty. I don't see how or why Hasbro chose to use that mold again for another character who has a mold availible to his name already.
  3. It would be even better if some stores or online stores would FINALLY GET THE DAMNED THING IN.
  4. Paramount bought the rights to Hasbro's entire media library, including Gi Joe. Any future releases as far as new titles will be released through Paramount. I have heard no word about Paramount re-releasing the Sunbow series down the road. But I can tell you this, I spoke with someone who has the set and they told me there is no mention of Season 2 Part 2 coming soon anywhere. Hasbro has said we would eventually get it, but it doesn't look like Rhino will be putting it out. With this set, they're overpricing it so bad in retaliation for Hasbro selling their library to Paramount so we lose.
  5. I can see it now, the winner of the biggest let-down award in 2004 is the Jungle Strike Humvee with Rollbar. I can just about 100% guarantee that once this comes out, every bit of positive that people have will turn to negativity. It happened with the Thunderwing, Urban Strike Team, and is beginning to happen with the Crimson Sabotage Set. BTW, I have never seen an inanimate piece of plastic that literally made me gag, but that 12" Eel did just that.
  6. This is the rumor that will never die. Wal-Mart canning Joe or part of it. Let it die a quick death people.
  7. Wal Mart, before their little war with Hasbro, was selling the 2 packs for the 7.79 a pack. Now they're trying to get rid of the stuff to kinda shift Hasbro out of some profits by marking it down to 4.39(those are prices at my local Wal Mart). The only store locally here that matches the prices closely is Kmart. They sell the 2 packs for 7.19 and Alpha Vehicles for 10.99. They also sell Beta vehicles, when they get them, for 13.59. So if we wanna talk price mark ups/downs, then Kmart would win because the one here sells Joe stuff really good without marking them way down plus they don't mark them way up.
  8. If TRU closes, it will be the end of Gi Joe most likely. In fact, most toy lines would probably go under if this happens. I can easily see the loss of Gi Joe, TMNT, TF Universe and maybe TF Alternators.
  9. That's true. Hawk didn't make general until 1986.
  10. NC is correct. Wave 6's Torch will be the first figure that features the no-pin technology. There will be no pins visible in the shoulders and it allows for variations in figure sizes. I don't know if this will be put into all figures in the future or not. I see Torch being used as a test figure for this to see how well it goes.
  11. Man, how can you have Fridge beat Robo-Joe? RJ would absolutely mash down the Fridge. I want to see RJ vs. Butt-Plug Duke!!
  12. I wondered was VM actually 8 feet tall or is he on a stairway and the Snow Wolves are on flat ground? And yes Riker, Beach Head has a new voice. As I was told about his new voice "think Sunbow season 2".
  13. No comment here. There are no old/new Joes for me. They're all the same line.
  14. I must say there are a lot of interesting pov's here. I don't buy my toys from Wal-Mart for the simple reason I prefer online shopping. MC and usually Amazon get stuff in for cheaper and you don't have to go somewhere only to find you've wasted a trip for nothing. Wal Mart is bad for all stores, not just toy stores. In a nearby town, we got a WM in 1993 and within 2 years, Kmart, Roses, and most stores in the local mall had to close down because WM was selling stuff cheaper. After this happened, WM raised their prices and stopped getting stuff at a good pace period. The town I live in had a vote to get a Super WM which was approved, but the people here protested so badly that the idea finally got axed. I have bought toys from WM before, but simply because me and my mom just happened to be there for whatever reason and I just happened to find stuff. I check WM and Kmart here, but rarely do I buy from them because by the time they get stuff, I've already bought it from various online e-tailers. If those who are anti-WM wish to support other stores, I say support TRU. Come on, most of us here grew up in these stores and in my mind, they're as much a part of pop-culture as Gi Joe. Who can forget the jingle they heard as children? "I don't wanna grow up, I wanna be a Toys R Us kid." Before the internet came along TRU and Kmart was where I bought toys from and only got to go to TRU once or twice a year but would usually get 100-200 dollars worth of Joe stuff. I am not anti-WM or pro-WM, but I do think that they are solely responsible for ruining the economy in the county I live in.
  15. I'll map these out best to my knowledge. Baroness, IG, Dusty and Skullbuster are likely figures that will be coming in the Battle In A Box sets. I'd suggest the Operation Strifefire set since it is the only one we know of that hasn't been seen yet. Heavy Duty may also be in this bunch too but I don't know. The black and red Storm Shadow figure is a BITB figure. It is coming in the Operation Avalanche set. Duke, Mindbender and Shipwreck are prototypes. Early mock-ups and likely test paint jobs that were discarded. Swamp Rat, VvV Scarlett and Beach Head are 3 of the 10 single pack figures due out in October. Flint and Grunt were to be in the next wave of Mission Discs before they got canned earlier this year. Firefly was to be in JVC wave 4 along with a repainted Nunchuk but for some reason that pack was cancelled. JVC Scarlett and Steel Brigade are absolute unknowns(at least to me). We've seen this SB figure before and supposedly SteelBrigade.com knows what it is and they're not talking. All they've said was that it's not a future mail-order figure.
  16. I am not defending Wal-Mart here by any means, but they do not hold a monopoly on consumer business(although it does seem that way sometimes). Because of it, there's not a whole lot the United States gov't can really do except hopefully decide that TRU and Hasbro have a case and make Wal-Mart play fair. I don't really see where they would do anything anyway because Vince Mcmahon holds a monopoly on the sports entertainment business but he is allowed to rake in the dollars. I would like to make that plea for all fans. We as Joe fans are not asking Wal-Mart to close down, just to play fair like the rest of the market such as TRU, Target, and wherever else you all may buy Joes from.
  17. The first Joe movie they did wasn't quite so bad even if it the villain in it was atrocious. But yes I do agree that the 2nd one is basically Joe meets a soap opera. Hollywood's(if it ever comes) won't be so bad because last I saw, approved budget for the film was in the area of 180 million. I have to say I doubt we will see a Joe movie at all. With all the recent Transformers movie announcements as far as crew and people with it, there's just no way. Not to mention Dibonaventura is also doing TF and I don't think producers like to do 2 movies at once.
  18. Yeah well I wish all the haters of Gi Joe(most of this board) would go away, but you know what, TOO FUKKIN BAD!!
  19. Sucks. Like everything else with GI Joe on it, it sucks.
  20. I can explain it for those who may not know what Megs is talking about. The reason for this is because kids today do not have the attention span they did 20 years ago. This is predominately due to such things as ADD and ADHD. These are learning disabilities which hinder the brains ability to process information and prevent the person from being able to stay on track with one thing for a long time(I know so much about it because I suffer from ADHD myself). Hasbro feels it better to make "some assembly required" a thing of the past. I have a theory about Hasbro re-releasing major playsets i.e. the Flagg or Terrordrome. I think this is a major reason behind it. Moreso than costs of the product. They know kids would not buy it because it would have to be put together and would take a long time. I bought a Flagg a few years ago and it took me over 3 hours to assemble it and as I said I have ADHD so it was not quite fun to say the least. I have learned to beat twist-ties by simply buying either a very sharp butcher's knife or getting a good pair of scissors and cutting the twist-ties under between the cardboard and the area where they're tied together. I did this with my Thunderwing and it took about 7 minutes or so to cut them out like that. Only thing I say with this method is be very careful not to hit the vehicle itself or it will make a nasty scratch. Note: I'm not ranting at those who dislike the twist-tie method of putting vehicles in boxes, I just hope to make it clear that Hasbro does have solid reasons for doing this.
  21. I have about 1100 figures but of those 1100, there is one of every figure from 1982-2004 released so far. The total so far is about 835 I think(I don't count con exclusives since they're not mass produced to the general public) My total count is relatively low compared to some of you, but most of mine as I said are unique figures and I don't do a lot of army building.
  22. There will be a 2nd series of single packs. CVS and Walgreens are the only known places along with several grocery store chains. They will also be availible at online stores such as Master Collector and SmallJoes. Here is a list Cobra Commander Storm Shadow Cobra Viper Tunnel Rat Sand Scorpion Razorclaw Snake Eyes Heavy Duty Hi Tech Ace Color schemes and figure molds aren’t known, but best guess is that Storm Shadow will be the 2002 model o-ringed while Tunnel Rat will be yet another version of the 2003 model. Heavy Duty, Hi Tech, Ace, Razor Claw, Sand Scorpion and Cobra Viper only have one new sculpt mold that would be used. The Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes are complete unknowns at this time.
  23. I think the fact that this set relates to the current joke...er war that's going on in Iraq now is why they're in unrealistic colors. Parental groups are sadly jumping on toy companies about making war toys so this set in these colors may be due to that. Oh I thought we got rid of crap like "Hasbro could make figures that look just like that, but their figures suck. Oh, and yeah, Hasbro's quality sucks too" here. I'd just recently began to re-enjoy coming to TNI since all the bashers seem to quiet down or just leave, but now we start again. Also amazing how it seems the entire fandom can turn on Gi Joe and Hasbro after seeing one bad set of figures. When you take a look at all the stuff we saw at the Con and all the anticipation we as fans have for this new stuff(Crimson Sabotage set anyone?) it's stupid that some people seem to want to turn their backs on Joe after seeing one bad pack.
  24. I can tell you this much, the urban Grunt as you all called it, is the Grunt that was to be put out in the Mission Disc set that was cancelled. He's had all 6 of the figures on there at some point or another. Also the Nunchuk and Firefly figures are the figures from the cancelled pack from way back in JVC wave 3. Heavy Duty is likely from the upcoming 2nd wave of single packs. Shipwreck and Duke are unknown, I would guess possible use in one of the battle in a box sets. It is possible that the single pack lineup could've changed and they would be included in that. The first part of all that is pretty much confirmed truth, but the second part there is pure guess work. Any of the 2nd part make sense to you all?
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