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  1. The press release says Homelander and Starlight figures from NECA. Only Homelander is in bold text though.
  2. Why oh why must Marvel animated shows always deviate from their source material so much. Iron Man as a teenager? This makes no sense. The only time he's ever been portrayed as a teenager was a terrible flop in the comics. His, soon to be huge, upcoming movie features him as an adult. Why change that consistent-for-40-years aspect of the character? Giving him the loss of a father figure as a motivation will not make him Spider-Man. Why go there as well? Too bad, too. IM's my favorite, but I'm gonna skip this show.
  3. obiwanjacoby, please stop trying to use logic to reason with the naysayers. You'll never convince them. Some people just love to complain, no matter how nice a figure looks. Fact is, even if Flint had an all-new mold, he couldn't look much better than the version we're getting. There's nothing wrong with Hasbro resuing parts, if they make it work. They did in this case. In fact, the entire first wave of individual figures looks great...even if they are repaints. The addition of new heads and accessories really make the difference on these figures. So what if a minor detail is different than the RAH original? Is that really worth complaining about? This is especially odd about the Airborne badge on Flint, since he graduated Airborne School which should entitle him to wear it. What's really funny is so many people on this board will complain about whatever is shown by Hasbro. Then they'll buy it when it comes out and say how much they like the figures. Or they'll complain no matter what. I bet if Hasbro made figures based directly on some posters thoughts for what the figures should be, they'd still complain. They'd complain just to complain. I honestly can't comprehend the desire to complain about such nice-looking figures. I really can't. I just can't figure it out. In case you missed it....THE FIGURES LOOK FINE. Well done, Hasbro! (like they still come on these boards...why would they?). Keep up the good work. The only downside to this line is the wait for them to hit retail.
  4. I think these look even better than before, and I loved them the first time I saw 'em. My biggest complaint before was SE's head looking squeezed, but it looks much better now. If Flint looks anywhere near to this picture when he's released, he might be my pick for Figure of the Year. He's absolutely awesome! Isn't the Airborne badge/pin appropriate since he graduated Airborne School? I'm not a military expert, but it seems appropriate. I'm not too worried about more v2's of figures in this line. Why? Well, first let's clarify something. Does anyone here deny that this wave features ICONIC versions of POPULAR characters? Nobody can deny that fact. Okay, are there any more ICONIC versions of other POPULAR characters in the GI Joe universe? I can't think of any. Duke? Nope. SE? Nope. SS? Nope. Maybe an armored CC or dress uniform Gung-Ho, but I doubt it. So what is everyone worried about? Hasbro is releasing a few doubles of their most popular characters. Big deal. I think people are becoming hung up on the number 25. We've heard from numerous sources that we'll be getting more than 25 figures in this line. I highly doubt Hasbo is going to invest all these resources into a one-shot line. They want it to succeed. They want GI Joe to become a popular brand again. They're making some strides with Sigma 6 which is getting a big push this year, and the Anniversary line is bringing back the 3.75"/4" scale to Joes. If they keep up this effort, this line will be fantastic. Oh and one last thing. Hasbro doesn't owe any of us anything. They didn't have to make this line at all. They could have released some repainted RAH stuff to celebrate the Anniversary and taken the easy way out for some quick $. They didn't. They're making a pretty good committment to this Annivesary line (so far) and obviously want it to succeed. Have a little faith and patience.
  5. VH, it is rather lame to pass judgment on the pics until you've seen 'em. Doesn't matter how well they're described. I think there's an old saying about how many words a picture is worth... I've seen the pic and have it for anyone that asks (PM me requests). And now that I've seen them, I'll pass judgement: They're awesome! Seriously...they are. My only issues would be that SEv2's head does look squished. I'm not sure what's going on at Hasbro, but the squished head thing has happened to some of their Marvel Legends as well. The only other complaint I have would be the covered/wrapped forearms on SSv2 which prevents the exposure of his Arishkage tattoos. Flint: Outstanding. His pants are olive and not camo, but I can live with this. Who knows...maybe this will change by production time? He's got a nice stern look on his face. He does have gloves! Yeah, his sleeves are longer than the RAHv1, but I can easily live with this. The shotgun shell harness (and different colored shirt, secondary color on boots) make a world of difference with the figure. The harness even has a secondary holster strap coming down from it. If that isn't a nice touch, I don't know what is. His shotgun? Awesome! I think it's new and based on the SPAS-12 but don't quote me on that. This is way better than what I expected after reading about the reuse of Duke's body. Snake-Eyes v2: Looks pretty good. Except for the squished head which makes his body look huge. I like the grey highlights. They separate this from v1 a lot. I miss the wrist crossbow from the RAH, though. Of course, I also missed Destro having wrist rockets for about 20 years...so I'll live. I never cared for the RAH SEv2 sword, so I don't miss it having an homage. It would have been nice, and I understand some people's disappointment. I suppose it comes down to cost and the "inability" to reuse such a character-specific weapon. Cobra Officer: If you liked the Cobra Soldier, you'll love this. I don't understand anyone complaining about this one. What else would you want out of a Cobra Officer figure? One question though. Did any Cobra Soldier/Officer toys of the past have a red kerchief (other than the TRU 6-pack)? I always preferred red to black or silver. Hooded Cobra Commander: I'll say it again...what else could you want for this figure? He looks great! Love the gold accents. Darker blue also makes him seem more regal which fits the reasoning behind this look. I don't mind the windblown hood since it isn't too exaggerated (unlike the VvV that VH posted). I think the slight windblown hood adds a dynamic to the figure without making it useless in a display. Storm Shadow v2: Way better than expected after hearing about the reuse of v1's body. I think it actually looks great. His head is outstanding! Love the grey camo. His swords look really nice as well. His quiver looks to be brown/maroon which is probably a nice wink to the weird red color the RAH had. Yeah, I'll miss the forearm tattoos, but I can live with it since this figure looks so awesome. Overall, I'm very pleased. The squished SEv2 head is sad, but there's plenty of time to fix that (might just be weird photography as well). I don't mind getting multiple versions of characters, as long as the variations are warranted (ie they're popular and iconic). I think they could have been spread out a bit, but I'll buying 'em anyway. I don't think we'll be flooded with multiple versions of characters, since not many characters had very distinctive multiple costumes.
  6. Thanks Justin for filling us in. Nice to see someone passing judgment on the figures that has ACTUALLY SEEN THE PICS. Radical concept for the internet toy community. I do have one question/comment, though. Are the forearms of Flint the same as Duke. In other words, he doesn't have gloves? Seems to me they could have make new forearms and given him his signature gloves. Not a dealbreaker, though.
  7. I don't see what the big fuss is over getting more versions of super popular characters like SE and CC. SSv2 is a little odd, but Hasbro is really pimping SS these days (Sigma 6 is rampant with numerous versions of him, so I guess he sells). SSv2 and hooded CC are very popular and iconic looks. Another thing to consider. Some people might not want to invest in the 5-packs, but they might be willing to buy a single SEv2 and hooded CC. Instead of just getting the 5-pack figures released also as single-carded (and taking up release slots), we're getting "new" versions of these characters. Seems fair to me. How's that for spin? I just wish they were pushed a little bit back, so they're not so close to the 5-packs. I think reusing Duke's body for Flint isn't too bad. Duke does have a standard type shirt, so it makes sense to be reused, especially in a military unit that can use standard issue uniforms. SEv2 reusing the v1 body also doesn't bother me. With the bandolier added on him and all the commando gear not there, he should appear rather different. I'm not too worried about the future of this line. I'm sure it'll go well into 2008 if not farther. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in the line from fans and newbies. Also, Hasbro is obviously excited about the line. They've set out press releases and staggered the presentation of pics. They're trying to generate buzz and seem to be doing a good job of it. Hasbro saying the future of the line depends on sales isn't them being shady and manipulating us. It's them being honest. They don't want to tell us product will be made if it's not going to really happen. The future of this really does depend on sales. They're not going to make product that no one wants. Look at the DTC line. It didn't sell nearly enough, and it's a same scale GI Joe line. Hasbro has a little right to be cautious about 3.75" GI Joe toys. Right now, the market for them isn't rock solid. I think the Anniversary line will change that though. Regarding the pics, I'll wait till Hasbro releases them. I don't feel a need to scramble to see black & white pics anyway. Hasbro will certainly reveal color versions. I'm sure they'll be coming within a week which is cool with me. Look forward to seeing them however. And the stuff beyond...like Beachead.
  8. I love how people jump to conclusions that half the 25 will be repaints. All we know is that SE v2 will be the visored version and CC v2 will be hooded. Did anyone expect these 2 figures wouldn't be in the original 25? I thought they were no-brainers. I was honestly surprised when SE was revealed as his v1 Commando outfit. I immediately knew that another visored SE would be released. Factor in the leaked list of some of the 25 that listed SE w/ Wolf and Hooded CC, and they're a given. Look, I understand people want more characters. I'm all for that too. Fact is, this isn't being limited to 25 figures. Support for this line is huge, and they'll do very well in sales. Therefore, we'll get more characters. A visored SE and hooded CC are iconic looks of the 2 most popular GI Joe characters. If you asked an average fan (or anyone slightly familiar with GI Joe) to draw those characters, a large number of them would do a visored SE and a hooded CC. There's nothing wrong with Hasbro releasing these versions. Hasbro obviously wants to make sales and appease fans, and the choice to release these alternate versions of SE and CC fill both criteria. As for a teal verion of Gung-Ho....does anyone really want this? I loved my RAH Gung-Ho when I got it as a kid. However, looking at it now, I get a little embarassed. Changing his colors into a more "realistic" look like the 25th Anniversary figure is not only a good idea...it's a must. If he's released in a teal color, I hope his filecard has something about a "don't ask; don't tell" policy on it. I can't wait to see what future Annivesary figures are. I doubt we'll be getting too many repaints, since not too many characters had more than 1 iconic look. I just hope Stalker makes the cut. Viper Hunter actually has pretty good picks for the first 25. However, he has more Cobra figures than Joe. I'd replace Mindbender and the Viper with 2 of the following: Spirit, Torpedo, Recondo, Mutt, or Dusty. That would give the Joes an edge (they are the good guys after all). I would say to bump out the Twins and Crimson Guard, but I know the Twins had a ton of cartoon exposure. The CG are also fan favorites (though in my mind, having them fight in uniforms goes against their undercover purpose). Concesssions must be made, so I left them in the first 25.
  9. Jin, Are you messing with us or leaking a bit about a new Ultron? If you're messing with us, I'll go crazy. I also have to ask something. You used to be a rather vocal critic regarding Toy Biz and their handling of ML. Now, you've seemed to have patched things up with Jesse and are even given insider info. What happened? Are you working with them now? Feel free to PM me if you can't discuss it openly.
  10. I think it comes down to this....if you don't like Sigma 6 as a whole, don't roam and post in Sigma 6 threads. If you've bought a figure or two and have legitimate critiques, fire away. Why frequent boards regarding a line of toys which you hate? It makes no sense, other than you're a bitter, egomanicial S.O.B. I don't like DC comic characters and don't buy figures based on 'em (I do check them out in stores, though), therefore I don't get on DC boards and bash their product because I'm a Marvel guy. I can't imagine me doing that repeatedly and then saying "What? It's just a poke here and there?" If I did that, I'd have to admit to myself that I need therapy...or at least I should get out of the house once in a while. I guess I just have too much respect for other people and their passions. Regarding this new wave of Soldier class figures....they're awesome! I haven't opened my Hi-Tech figure yet, since he was my least-wanted of this wave. Firefly is great! Finally, he's on the right side (for him) of the battle. Great homage to his classic look. The colors and design makes sense but are upped (as is the S6 trend). He's closest to the RAH than any other Firefly figure made. I'm a little torn on the flame claws, but they're pretty cool. The duel guns are great. Face mask is also suitably terrifying, although I'm torn on which way to display him, masked or maskless? Wet-Suit is also very cool, especially since he's a repaint of Scuba Duke with new accessories. I like the harpoon gun. With the knife attached, it's quite the terrifying weapon. The backpack doesn't work as well as Duke's as a vehicle, so it's staying on his back. His face sculpt is great, but it brings Deep Six to mind more than Wet-Suit. Still, a nice figure. My only complaint would be that I wish there was a more unifying color scheme to the underwater Joes. They don't need the same exact paint scheme, but maybe something more similar. Shipwreck is awesome and marks a turning point of sorts for the S6 line. It seems we're veering away from the Sigma suits and getting into more individualized costumes. Seems like a small bone being thrown to long-time RAH fans. This design is very similar to the Spy Troops Shipwreck. I love the sweater/scullcap look for Shipwreck. I like the tattoos (sporting the names of lady Joes and the mermaid chick he loved in the old cartoon). His harpoon gun does indeed look like a SuperSoaker (as a friend pointed out). His sword attaches to the top of it, btw. I'm not sure about the sword as an accessory for him, but it looks deadly. I actually prefer the monkey to Polly the parrot. Sure, a parrot is more iconic for a sailor but it's also pretty silly. I can somehow buy a little monkey being sent to do "infiltration" missions. I think it's odd they didn't name him, though. I also just received the first Commando wave of S6 via BBTS. I'll keep those reviews short (since they're kinda off topic for this thread). Grand Slam: awesome! Again straying from the Sigma suit look. Bulky like HD (they share an upper body) which works for his specialty. His missle launcher is reminiscent of Backblast's. Cool feature is it ejects shells out of the back when it's fired! Nice SMG and knife, too. SE w/copter: Yet another SE, but it's got double-elbows and knees, a different right wrist, and far more poseable ankles (like Marvel Legends but better). He's got 2 of his usual swords which are getting boring in my mind, a stupid knife gun/cutter, and his whirly backpack. I haven't fooled around with the copter, but it seems cool. I'm just glad to finally have a S6 with double-elbows and knees (I thought they would have them from the get-go). SS w/flying backpack thing: Better in person. Again, he's got the new articulation which works great. The backpack does less for me than SE's. He's got a nice bladed staff (naganta? I think) and his v1 nunchucks. I'm not keen on the newer, metal faceplate they've been giving him. I prefer his v1 face. Still a pretty cool SS if you haven't gotten him in a while. Duke w/ giant cannon: another retreat from the Sigma suit. Very drab and more "realistic" colors. I never cared from a blue-themed Duke, since I think blue should be reserved for Cobra. Cool faceplate (the Artic one just repainted). He's got a more determined face with five-o-clock shadow. The cannon is way too huge for him. Could be cooler, if it didn't have a stock which makes him holding the grip odd. He's got a new type of sidearm which I haven't fooled around with much. An okay Duke which brings him only slightly back into his RAH feel (tan color at least) but is a nice change-up from previous S6 looks (ie no blue). These 2 waves are the best yet for Sigma 6 in my mind. A lot of cool figures, 3 new characters, and a few nice redesigns. This combined with the product list leaked for the upcoming year (Duke w/ mech/exo-suit!) and the Anniversary line, it's a great time to be a Sigma 6 fan and especially a Joe fan in general!
  11. I'm betting an Army Builder. There seems to be a certain logic to the pattern: 1. Cobra named character (Hasbro's favorite and possible best seller) 2. Joe character (next to SE, he's the most popular Joe) 3. Female Joe character Each represents a certain type of character. I think Army Builder is the only character type not represented yet. I think SE will be held off till the last of the daily reveals (just this week, right?).
  12. I don't necessarily mind the idea of 5-packs, if they made one of the 5 packs this: 1 Cobra Officer, 4 Cobra Infantry They can still pack the Officer and an Infantry figure in with the other 5-packs, just create an Army Builder pack like I mentioned above.
  13. Ashtalon


    I think Duke looks fine. I don't think his proportions are off. He doesn't have long legs. What he has are narrow hips. I think this is fine, since not everybody has the same body type. Maybe Duke is just a taller, leaner guy. Not every figure should have the same body type, and hopefully this line reflects that. He does have swivel forearms. I don't understand how someone can prefer swivel wrists, since they don't hide the articulation as well. A swivel wrist has a very noticeable POA, while the swivel forearms are hidden at a natural sculpt line (ie the rolled up sleeve). I think it's just too different for some people. It is smarter than a swivel wrist though and shows an attempt to hide the joint. I think there is some kind of ankle articulation. I don't like to read into pics and add articulation. Some people say things like the SS having Marvel Legend ball hips, which I don't think is accurate (especially now that we clearly see that Duke does not). However, if you look at Duke's feet where they meet the shins, there seems to be a break in the laces. I think this means the foot and shin are different pieces. I believe there is a hinge there. It might also swivel. We probably won't get the side-to-side motion in ML, but this could be an interesting POA. I think some SW Clone Troopers have this type of articulation in the ankles, but don't quote me since I don't collect that line. Duke's head seems fine. I think the addition of the helmet is a nice throwback to the original Duke figure. None of us will keep it on him, but it's a nice throw-in. I can't wait to see what he looks like without it though. I don't have a problem with his face. If they made it like the original, it would look stupid. Remember, he originally had a silly smile on his face. This face seems a lot more focused and determined. Love the working holster and accompaning pistol! Love the separate bandolier! Can't really tell if the gun is a new mold, but it's an appropriate weapon for him. I'm overall very pleased. I don't know what people were expecting. I don't know how exciting you could make this outfit. While I like it, it's rather plain. But we've know that for 23 years. I don't expect them to reinvent the wheel. If they did, everyone would #$##. I guess Hasbro can't win with Joe collectors. One last thing, this is the most excited I've been for 3.75" Joes in a while. I loved RAH growing up and as a nostalgic adult. I liked the newer molds (not all of 'em, but overall) and thought they improved on a lot of characters, especially the Viper. However, Sigma 6 has been keeping me very happy and fixing my Joe needs for the last year and a half. They're great toys, and they're greatly expanding the roster this year. With the promise of a "big" year for Sigma 6 and this Anniversary line, it's a great time to be a Joe fan. I, for one, love what I'm seeing in both lines!
  14. I've heard from an insider at another toy company that the following will apply to this Annivesary line: 1. At the very least, ninjas will have double-elbows and knees. 2. Characters will be in their most popular (ie classic) looks. For instance, SE will most likely be based on his second, visored uniform. 3. The O-Ring is gone. If you think about it, you don't really need it. A ball & socket can accomplish the same movement. I haven't heard about specific characters or vehicles. I don't Marvel's Showdown figures could pass Hasbro's quality control. They fell apart too easily. I think the lines will have an opposite progression. I think if the Joe Anniversary figures are successful, I think Hasbro will apply this type of figure to the Marvel license.
  15. Here's my take: 1. No more repaints and reissues. Not needed. It feels like beating a dead horse at this point. Sorry to say it, but the old RAH line is dead. 2. A whole new line of 3.75". Better proportions. Classic designs. Improved construction and articulation. Nice accessories, including backpacks. 3. New vehicles, but based on classic design. An updated, tricked-out VAMP with things like opening doors, removeable engine, gas tanks, other tools, interchangeable weapons (like the 2.5" S6 line). Ever wanted a really nice MOBAT that isn't just a block of plastic? One that can fit a driver in his proper location? 4. More classic Joes fit into the Sigma 6 8" line. They're vastly reducing the number of Dukes in the line this year. They're also introducing (or reintroducing) new characters and older RAH characters into the line. Hopefully, they'll keep it up. 5. A few larger vehicles for the S6 8" line. A mech or two perhaps? I'd also like to see a VAMP at around the $50 price point. They did a great job with the Quad, and I'd like to see that effort applied to a VAMP, damn the price. 6. More BATs for S6 8". From the sounds of the anniversary line (from someone I know in the toy industry - although not Hasbro), my #2 is happening. The figures will be 3.75" and based on their "classic" looks. The ninjas will have double-knees and elbows. The O-Ring is going away. I know that last part will cause some people to tear their hair out, but the O-Ring isn't needed. A similar range of motion can be done without a rubber ring. I'm not sure about vehicles for the anniversary line, but I'm sure something is being worked on. Hasbro is probably waiting to see what interest is like in the line before committing too much. I'm betting the S6 2.5" line will be faded out and replaced with the Anniversary RAH line. The S6 look and characters might get a subline using the same technology as the Anniversary line.
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