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  1. yea i have some . more old school but i have a good amount of new stuff too. come see for your self.
  2. hey i just wanted to tell everyone about my sale thats ALL! i never thought that i would be called gay for it!! do not look at me i just want as many joe fans to be at my sale as humanly possible. go blame fred for this stupid term of the topic. @grumpy@
  3. @hmmm@ yess!. thats why the title was chicagoland. @hmmm@
  4. Joined: 19 May 2003 Location: chicago il Posted: 11/20/04 17:27 Post subject: Second Cobra Garage Sale BIG SALE GREAT BARGAINS ALL MUST GO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It will be on the second saturday after Thanksgiving. It will be going on between 2:00pm and 6:00 pm. At: 2531 W. Montrose #3. Come around back to the third floor. Please RSVP. If I do not get 3 RSVPS as of the thrusday of that week, this sale will not happen. FINAL CHANCE at getting Night Ravens, Rattlers, Earthquakes, Rats Hisses Condors...you get the picture. Not to mention over 100 figures and 2000 accesories and figure fodder. Everything must go!!! Massive deals on bulk buys. Don't Have Room, Don't Have Time, Don't Have Sanity!! If my Fellow area Joe collectors won't take this I am taking it to one of my dealers and you lose out!!! (This includes you Gem! I know you are not in the area, but you said you were interested). I need the cash, don't need the grief. _________________ ric cobra if you have what i want .i have or can get you what you want hail coobraaaaaa!!!
  5. maybe i'll have to talk to him about it wensday. that is if a local joe fan does not ggit it first.
  6. A dealer that I know has just gotten his hands on a C-9, possiably C-9.5 FLAGG He has asked me to try to find a buyer, because he has no room in his shop for this womping monster. He also has a C-9 Terrordome. He says he wants somewhere around $400.00 for the FLAGG. I have been dealing with this gent for over 13 years and I know I can talk him down a bit. Since I am selling my collection and I don't collect Joe material, just Cobra, I have no need or want for this behamouth of plastic, but in the name of true collectors, I'd rather see a true collector get it rather than a yuppie trying to look retro-groovy or an e-bay scalper buying it and then ripping off a true collector by selling it three times for what he paid for it. The store will be closed tomorrow, but will be re-openned Wednesday. This is a one shot deal, since there is only 1 FLAGG in his posession. So first come, first served. Either e-mail me here or leave a message @ 773-866-2470. I'm personally not getting a cent out of this..I'm doing this for the fore mentioned reasons. Please contact me if interested.
  7. i wish they have it in chicago. anuff said
  8. IF!!! this is true. then all hail hasbro for getting a set of stones!! i have been sick of WM for a long time since they screwed there workers and had to get slapped with a class action suit! and after they settled that little bit of bad news they started to hirer illegals form the across the the big pond! then the feds busted them for that!!! to my knowledge the feds are still doing spot checks here and there! wallmart is bad news for the american retail worker!!! and for the american toy collectors!!!! if i was not pulling out of joe. I would allready be supporting tru and k-mart and target against this threat to toy collectors in the time i was collecting i think i have bought a whole 3 toys off of WM. they never had any thing when i went there and there staff of boobs would not or could not help me in any way! so wallmart can go to hell in a shopping cart !!!!!!!!! if you ask me.
  9. thanks but i need the cash real bad. right now for thing that are more important then joe! the doom came from left field fast and hard!
  10. bucketoftoys Joined: 19 May 2003 Location: chicago il Posted: 06/08/04 14:33 Post subject: PULLING AWAY FOR JOE FOR THE TIME BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- at this time the #$## haves hit the fan! over in bucketland! i will be too busy to deal with joes or any thing else then the bare facts of my life at this time. (hell i mite be selling my whole collection soon!!!!! ) so any pending deals are off as of right now! tek and battle bunker you will!! get your stuff asap! but after that its over as of NOW!!!! in 30 day or so i will probaly have no joe any more!!!!!!! thanks to all the great folks here for erery thing! goddesses bless you all! _________________ ric cobra if you have what i want .i have or can get you what you want hail coobraaaaaa!!!
  11. first i heard of it. shame . but not a deal by me. what i'm pissed about is the lack of cobra vec's in coming waves! :angry:
  12. no...i think we all agree they do need a large tank....... but i did some basic research................. since 2002............and this is not considering "REPAINTS" and does include new vehicles ---NOT YET RELEASED IE WARHAMMER,BATTLE HORNET JOE VEHICLES-----------26 COBRA VEHICLES--------16 ????????????????????????????????????? WTF..............IT REALLY THINK THIS IS AN ISSUE SOMEONE NEEDS TO ADDRESS AT THE CON.............AND IF I WAS GOING I WOULD. what the JOE TEAM HAS THE HUGE US MILITARY BUDGET AND COBRA IS SELF FUNDED????????? right!-------------wrong answer though IMO-------WE NEED COBRA TO CATCH UP......... after the WARHAMMER, QUICKSTRIKE,ICE SABER,N.F. GRIZZLEY NEUTRALIZER, AND THUNDERWING............. NO MORE JOE VEHICLES UNTIL COBRA CATCHES UP NUFF SAID DOC preach on!!! brother!!!!!! @firedevil@ @firedevil@
  13. hi im not a new yorker myself. chicagoan here .but i know a new joe collector in new york thats wants some info about joining you guys. could one of you kind sirs please. send this info to DonalNY@hotmail.com thanks #US1#
  14. you'll be glad to hear i'm not going!
  15. Hi i posted this thread on yojoe. i dare not do it on joecustom! what's your take guy's remember that this in good fun not a attack on any one!!!!!! This is a thread about the trend that I have seen in joe collecting since i have started up again.Namly the investor versis the collect. The investor is the guy that will pay almost anythig as long as it is moc c9-c10 or still in the box so it can go on a shelf somewhere. What's with this, they are not holy relic's of their lost youth. THEY'RE toys!!!!!! I could say something about yuppy's being a big factor in it, but i think that can go with out saying... oop's to late. Then you have the collector. who is in his own way a nut.( i see my self as a filbert a.k.a hazel nut.)that will grab any thing that could be used to make a whole whatever let us not forget the wide weird world of customs where a man can turn into a Sid ( nee "Toy Story")and spend their hard earned cash on a brand new cherry toy and in a few weeks and a lot of hair pulling and cussing turn it into whatever gods awful imagination can spew out! To be fair, some of them are simply genius and works of art. And some are just wastes of time, effort, sweat and plastic. (Not to mention the cash!) So, in closing we have two sides of a coin. One side we have the investor, with his/her shrine to consumerism, and probably him/herself too. And on the other plastic hand, we have the collector, who sits in his/her dark little room surrounded by his/her toys and paints and glues and files and any other instraments of destruction staring at his/her piles of loose body parts, vehicle shells and assorted misc accessories with a Mengele-like gleam in their eye, ala Frankenstein. Me, myself I am surrounded by my buckets of schumtz, my rare and not-so-rare figures and vehicles not to mention my customs and I go out on my asphalt covered backyard and PLAY with them! I'm sorry, I can't take myself seriously. I'm a 34 yr. old man who plays with a collection of toys from my forgotten youth. I couldn't get all of it them, but I'll be damned if I won't try to do it NOW! I'm not doing this to be insulting to anyone in general, me, myself I have included myself in this obsevation. I would really like your input. Ladies and gentlemen, start your keyboards! -------------------- well it's time for you to chime in
  16. Welcome to the terrordrome club @firedevil@ congrats man!!!
  17. PREACH ON BROTHER!!!!!! WE WILL NOT FALL VICTIM TO THE EVILS OF MOC!!!! GET BEHIND ME CARDED FIGURE!! GET BEHIND ME!!!!!!! @firedevil@ @firedevil@ @firedevil@ @firedevil@ @firedevil@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @firedevil@
  18. i would except just lazy crap from larnard not hasbro!
  19. it's a fair bid your offering for a terror drome in that shape! he's just trying to kike you for more$$$$ i bought my 85%-90% complete terror drome for $65. yes it was dirty and it needed a few parts. but with a little elbow grease and a few parts i had in my parts hoard. it turned in to my c9.5 center peace of my collection. wait the guy out when it does not sell at the inflated price he want for it. you can deal him down to your price! hell! you could get lucky and talk him below the $150 bid you made. lets hope for your sake a another collector with more dollars then cent. dont show up! or the dope didnt pay way too much for it! because he wont sell it for a loss he mite try to make up his lost by putting it up on ebay! good luck thou. lets all hope that some time soon you will be doing a thread called:got my terrordrome
  20. trading haves been good as of late. in the last week i have gotten a c9 hammerhead a c9.5 snow saber a cobra bunker c8.5 a hiss 1 c8.5 a c8.5 claw drone jet about 20 condor bombs and i waiting for the mail for theys: a 86 viper a cobra mech without ghost bear.
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