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  1. What I can't understand is if you'd post in this thread if you have absolutely no interest in ML Joes......? And then.. being that you'd have no problems ignoring them and have no interest in them, why would you be pissed if they incorporated them into ML???
  2. On the easy side, John, Guy & Katma would be cool. On the tougher side, I'd like to see Kilowog & Tomar-Re as well as the one who looks like a beach ball (I forgot his name). Here's a reference you might like: http://glcorps.dcuguide.com/book2.php#Green Hey there Colin, thanks for the ref guide that will definitly come in handy!
  3. Nuff Said, Thanks for looking, i'm glad you liked! HardRockBatman00, Thanks, took a long time to finish them, but it was time well spent! NapierWG, THanks so much, I had a lot of fun doing the GL's, they were for mainly a 'test run' and after seeing them done, I think you can bet on seeing more of them in the future. squeezeplay, thanks for looking! I'm going to try to look for a baloon made from a thinner stock of latex, see if that adds flexibility for the cape, still want to try a cloth one, but there's always time for that. I think you're right as far as the unmasked head goes.. does look a little too 'sourpuss'... maybe a little paint here and there around the eye's would fix that.. if not.. there' always doing another head! thanks for looking guys and happy new year!
  4. and now for what will most likely be the final custom of 2005, that is unless i motivate myself to finish the lord of the thundercats..Oops... did i just let the 'cat' out of the bag?? Everyone has to do at least one.. some do many.. this is my first.. in my opinion.. the hero of heros, the baddest mofo in two continuities... the dark knight dectetive.. comment and crits welcome! Batman is... Head: resculpted cast ML Namor Torso: Namor Arms: ML Wolverine Legs: ML Magneto the splines on his forearms were dremeled in to place and provided by a different batman figure, the cape is latex from a huge baloon, I was pleased with the way the latex baloon worked, but don't know if this will end up being a good idea.. next i think i'll try a cloth cape.. from this... to this..... happy holidays to everyone and thanks for looking!
  5. Psycho_JOhnny, Thanks JOhnny! squeezeplay, y'know I thought of doing an 'interchangeable' head type thing with him, but thought i'd leave him as is for now...
  6. And now here's Hal Jordan, I had originally planned to do Alan Scott, and do a trio set, but In between not being able to find a decent base for scott, and just plain laziness, I wasn't able to, will have to add him in later. Hal was a lot of fun to do, and pretty easy, so easy in fact that I had to make him a little harder and do some sculpting, I resculpted his chest in apoxie so i could get a 3d logo. I used a TB captain america head, i think the one that came with the streetfighter set.. not ure, resculpted it after i'd lopped the ear off for some ungodly reason, I was quite pleased with the headsculpt, even tho i think it could be better. comments and criticisms welcome, and thanks for looking! Hal Jordan is: Base: Silver surfer Head: Resculpted TB cap Hands: TB DD
  7. squeezeplay, Thanks so much for the comments, and taking the time to check them out! Flash seemed like he would be a simple enough 'first time run' customs, and he was pretty much just that, my first attempt at sculpting would be the jaw and mouth area on him. Jango was a 'shout out' to one of my best friends, I actually plan on revisiting him in the "ML scale" I agree on Dr. FAte, I like everything else myself, except for the head, but that is something that i'm in the process of fixing.. Cable was my first x-men try, I agree on the head, giving him the 'cyclops' treatment. Exile is the first of a series of creator owned customs i want to do, after seeing him translate well, i'm going to redo him and have some others in planning stages.SupesV2.. Everytime i revisit this fella i get closer and closer on nailing him, that shiny blue does tend to throw it off. I did tornado, and mr. miracle on a whim, and because i loved their color schemes, tornado came out like I wanted, mr. miracle not quite so, but now i know why, WEapon X was one of those, that I'd been biting my ankles to do, but wanted to wait until I thought i could pull it off, I'm glad he came out so well, gonna have to give that claw hand another look at and see if i can get those in better. as far as sabertooth is concerned, i actually am planning an AOA version of him as well, but count on him being just as exaggerated as this one, as he's one of my favorite AOA characters! The colossus project was another i'd wanted to do, a skin and armoured set, you're right the neck modification does lend to the height difference between them, props to norm, over on the fwoosh for that idea right there, I actually was going to do the thighs in flesh, but after going back through some of my copies, noticed that most of the time they were blue in skin form, so i went with that, also thought they looked cooler, Xman's eyes were disapointing, in using the gambit base with the light up eyes, i painted over one, so that the other would light up,and i could get a really neat shot, but i ended up packing the base ahead of time, and couldn't find it when it came time for pics. Gambit was a lot of fun to do, as was cyke. sure is hard to believe dafoe's head was worth a damn hehe. Thanks again for taking the time to check out my customs, and thanks for all the suggestions!
  8. that outfit is actually one of my own designs, inspired by several of the different outfits i've seen cyclops in, And now it's time to show the DC boys a little love, here's my attempt at Kyle Raynir, comments and criticisms welcome, and as always thanks for looking! Kyle Raynir is: Head: rusculpted spidey movie norman osbourne Body: ML gambit Hands: XMen Classics Wolverine
  9. thought i'd post a couple group shots, as well as sentinel square off, Xmen..... and sabertooth?
  10. Thanks Glassman, those are interchangeable heads for cyclops. thanks for looking!
  11. I like to refer to this custom as my " Ode to DoubleDealer " direct credit for inspiring this custom goes to DoubleDealer, and to LordCable. This was probably the most work i've ever done on any of my customs to date, he met with many snags, and almost was the custom that never came to be, he survived, getting his torso melted, (an unfornate baking incident) broke his original arms, and had to find new ones, had to attempt his hair about 30 or 40 times, but he finally saw the light of day. I Give credit to Doubledealer for this custom, because of the way he was done, using basically whatever i had laying around in the bin, a little dremeling and a lot of sculpting and i was able to make something out of spare fodder, not as good as DD but a good place to start. To LC for inspiring me to take a different route than the one i had originally intended, he was supposed to be a Jim-Lee style cylops, but something came over me, and I took him in a different direction. Here's a rundown of what makes this cyclops cyclops Head: casts of altered ML captain america head. Neck: Gambit Upper Torso: resculpted ML Magneto melded with gambit. Lower Torso: Gambit Waist: ML captain america with cable recast pouches. Legs: Shortened Captain America legs, with sculpted straps Feet: ML Wolverine with sculpted straps Shoulders and arms: X-men Classics Wolverine with sculpted seams, Hands: ML Magneto, and resculpted ironman hand. The pictures don't really do the color justice, his color is similar to the way i did Weapon x with a black base, then a series of blue drybrush, supposed to show as blue and grey, but didn't quite come out right. stupid camera.. enjoy! skull cap version free flowing hair version lil cyke posing, comparison shot to the ML version a shot w/ remy Thanks as always for looking, comments, criticisms and suggestions welcome!
  12. go right ahead, it's a bit tedious but well worth it, it doesn't really affect articulation too much, just take a few other steps, for things like the ball joints, what I did was, cut the tape in thin strips, and cover the ball joint lengthwise, and paint the actual joint silver it masks it perfectly and isn't noticeable unless held up to close inspection. good luck on that, can't wait to see it, and thanks for the compliment!
  13. I was going to post cyclops next, but figured, i'd save him for last, so I decided to go with the ragun cajun, did the same with gambit, tried to incorporate several of my favorite aspects from different versions of him and my usual artistic liberties a bit. I thought the TB gambit,while a fairly faithful adaptation could have been a little better, so i gave him longer legs, I took them from a kraven the hunter, dremeled them down and resculpted, as well as resculpting the hair to give him a more 'anime' look... the stripes on the side of his legs, are actually raised, but you may not be able to tell due to the crappy pics, I also resculpted the area around his neck, to more resemble the capcom version which is where the influence for the hair came in as well, took the hands from the XMC gambit, the arms from the Xmen movie Wolverine, and the coat from some Metal Gear solid figure, had to start over a few times, but I think i may have gotten it right. comments , criticisms, and suggestions are welcome.
  14. Back after a longer than expected abscence but not empty handed, made use of my extra " free time " and finally got around to finishing the last batch of WIPS i'd recently displayed. Moving right along, is Nate Grey from The Age of Apocalypse. I was unclear with how to proceed with this fella, couldn't decide wether to go with a plastic jacket and sleeved arms, or use an actual one, I opted to go with the jacket X-Men Legends Wolvie used, dry brushed it blue and repainted selected parts yellow. In retrospect, the jacked didn't quite cooperate the way I wanted, and should have gone the other direction, ahh well, if at first you don't succeed you can always try again, but for now, he stays like he is. I decided to take 'liberties' with this one and completely resculpted the front of his hair, after the first version, and decided to embrace a more 'ani-manga' feel to it. I dig the results, but am going to have to move in a different direction, while the 'spikey do ' looks good, it doesn't handle up to falls. The pictures aren't as great as they could be, I had to snap pics of all of the batch in the same night, as i'm moving and won't have access to a digi cam for much longer, I guess it's better than nothing, after I get settled in, I think i'll hunt a decent cam down for future use. A little attitude.. Here's a better lit picture that shows his color off better... As always, comments, criticisms and suggestions are appreciated.. thanks for looking!
  15. Been gone again from the forums for a bit, suffered a temporary setback called unemployment.. stupid call centers.. anyway, aside from that, getting ready to have to move to find a new job and just plain being lazy, I hadn't had a chance to get the rest of the pics of that last custom batch up, but now that i got all that laziness out of my system, thought i'd get back in the game once more.. here's that colossus i took forever on.. For this colossus, I swiped an idea from my good ol buddy norm when he added neck articulation to the REAL man of steel, cut the top of his neck off, dremeled a nice sized little cavity in it and fitted gambits hipjoint in there, once i got a decent fit, i used some plastiweld on the inner cavity to hold it into place and then sculpted around the base with some apoxie, and then slapped some o that nifty aluminum tape on there and voila! instant neck articulation, thanks again norm! here's a side shot, front view of petey And probably the second biggest pain in the ass aside from that cyclops petey in human form, almost gave up on this one, couldn't get the flesh colored right, accidentally fused the hip joint doing the superglue joint stiffening thing, had a hell of a time getting the shoulder pads right, screwed the paint up an infinite amount of times, accidentally melted half his left hand and had to resculpt it with apoxie.. it's too damn shiny for my taste, but i guess it's ok, for that 'anime' feel... at least i know how to do it right next time. A comparison shot with the stock ML release colossus, i for the life of me can't figure out why he's got height on him.. maybe it was the constant bake n' pop... who knows.. still looks bigger.. weird.. and the complimentary shot of fodder used for these boys.. some of the ml figs not pictured that were used were gambits hip joint used for metalized colossus's neck joint, mag's cape for flesh pete's shoulder pads, glued into place and smoothed over with some apoxie.. also used the neck articulation trick on im as well on scorpions torso by using rogues shoulder joint, worked just fine. next custom teaser...X-man! more at the usual place http://cr6productions.com/development/cust...ossus/album.php
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