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  1. That is one sweet custom! Coincidentally the recipe for the arms was exactly what I was gonna do to mod my flint! Stormshadow's upper arms and the crimson twins lowers are a perfect match in my opinion. Great work man.
  2. Excellent review guys! Also has anyone noticed that the hawk and snake eyes that are coming in the same cases as the noks have fixed crotches? I got the hawk and scarlett pack a couple weeks ago and then saw one in a walmart a couple days ago and noticed he had the fixed crotch. Of course I bought it! I didn't notice anything different with the scarlett so I'm just gonna assume that hawk and snake eyes are the only ones with the running change.
  3. LnR18

    wave 5 OUT

    Okay first off army building is no problem to me, I think that's pretty cool. I have a problem because this guy buys everything up so that there is nothing left, leaving others people to blow in the wind. Trust me you don't understand because you probably don't live here in Hawaii otherwise you'd understand. And you can't tell me to change my searching times because I have work (actual work, as in a job) and by the time I get to where I'm going there's only remnents of the greatness that was. I have actually made it just in time to see this guy buy everything and then weasal out of the store. Now I understand you have discretions against me for some reason and you are entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to mine. I don't like assuming but I will assume you either sell brand new toys on ebay or somehow feel compelled to justify their actions for whatever. Let me tell you this: As much as ebay has helped the toy industry it actually hurts it 5 times over. Think about this. You're a child that can't find the toy he wants, your parents look everywhere for it but all they can do is find it on ebay or some other online site and don't want to buy online because they don't want to wait for it or are unsure if it will arrive on time. So what happens? They go down the list of wants to something a little more tangible, like a video game. The child is happy now but this has repurcussions. So walmart or toysrus make money no matter what if it's a child, the parent, the collector, or the scalper. But when a scalper buys all the popular stuff and leaves the remains what happens? In a perfect world the left overs would be bought by your average parent thinking their child would want this. We all know that's not the case. What happens is it sits on the shelf for a year, taking up valuable product space and tells the retailer one thing: this is not something we want to bring in again. Look what happened to DC superheroes. Walmart stopped carrying them in Hawaii because they had superman's and bizarro's on the pegs for the last two years. Once the retailer decides it's better for them to not carry a particular wave of something as opposed to taking the hit and letting 30 wookie warriors sit on the shelves we all suffer, even the scalper. if it's a huge retailer like say walmart then that is a significant loss. Walmart doesn't wanna carry it, why continue production? That's how a line dies. Then it becomes impossible to find. Look at the fantastic four movie line. Everyone wanted the doombot and annihilus waves but what happened? Every retailer had hundreds if not thousands of leftover stock from the previous waves so no one carried them except pharmacies and discount stores like Rite Aid and Big Lots and whatever. Guess what? Those are companies that operate in only 35% of the country! We have none of that in Hawaii or New York or Chicago. Once again I'm sorry for the long post but I had to let you know my opinion and the facts I do know since I am a business major and work at a Video game/toy retailer. I know how video games are killing the toy industry but it's only because people give up on toys when they can't find it. So you can continue to be mad at me and call me a whiner or whatever. That's your opinion. You're entitled to it, but if more people opened their eyes to the problem maybe we'd have more toys in stores so everyone could have the chance at owning such awesome products and maybe we'd be getting a lot more youner collectors. Oh well. Oh and by the way, I always try to get stuff off of the boards, I don't think most of us are scalpers, just a small percent. I believe in helping out the fellow collector, just not to make extra cash. Like if I bought a flint at 7 dollars. I'd give it to someone for 7 dollars plus shipping. Simple, fair, easy. If I was low on cash and needed to make money you know what I'd do? Not buy anything for a while. Simple, fair, easy.
  4. LnR18

    wave 5 OUT

    Man I hate what's happened to the general toy hunting/collecting population. When I was younger it was all about the joy of finding something on the pegs and then not being able to wait til you got home to open up your stuff. Now it's easier and more convenient to buy off ebay so you don't have to look for it. I guess I can understand that but all we are doing is feeding the scalpers who justify their actions of depriving kids and adults alike of such joy by saying they're helping someone else farther away and making a tax free buck at the same time. If we all made a conscious effort to not buy from these guys maybe they'd stop this and get real jobs. I always talk about this one scalper in Hawaii here because he has single handedly made more collectors quit or made kids cry then anyone I have ever known. We are on an island and supply is tight because we only have like 8 places to get toys from and it takes longer then anywhere in the greater 48 states because it all comes by boat. Somehow this guy has the time and credit card limit to go everywhere everyday and buy just about anything that's collectible. Seriously, take a look: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZgfunk91QQ...1QQfsooZ1QQrdZ0 He buys anything and everything and then opens some of it to take out build a figure parts and stuff and then sells it for like 2 dollars extra! I don't get his logic. I get that if he sells like 200 things at 2 dollars extra he makes 400 dollars and all but trust me this is not enough to live in Hawaii. If he's renting a 1 bedroom it costs like $1200 at least, and don't even get me started on mortgage if he owns! I've actually seen this guy, I guarantee he lives with his parents and doesn't pay rent. He looks like such a weasal man. I'm sorry to rant about this guy every now and then I'm just so appauled by this human garbage is all. I was at my Pearl city walmart one time and overheard this lady and her son ask a person on the floor if they were getting in anymore cars toys and the person told them that this little asian guy just bought all their cases! The mom told the boy they didn't have any lightning mc queen for him and you know what? The boy started crying! I hope Gfunk91 is reading this because maybe your eyes will open up. You made a little kid cry! I don't mind you buying stuff every now and then and then selling it on ebay but when you buy EVERYTHING up then put it up on ebay and create a false shortage and force people to buy elsewhere that's where you're wrong. So knock it off. I know he's on these boards too. He had like 3 different names and he posts in the star wars and wrestling boards every once and again. Once again to anyone still reading I'm sorry for the long rant but I have to get this out especially at this time of year because not only am I shopping for myself I have 4 nephews and 2 nieces who want toys too. One nephew wants a Mp Starscream which I'll never see over here even though it supposedly showed up at keamokuu twice. My nieces want a wii which I already got them but you are a douche for putting it up on ebay for that price. And I also want an Mp Starscream but seeing as how I only was able to order one off of amazon I probably won't get one for myself. Maybe I'll acquire one in a trade, who knows. I just hope you know the damage people like you cause. I would never wish ill thoughts on you like some of the hardcore collectors we have (and trust me, they wish the worst on you) but maybe you should just stick to hard earned money. Not the quick buck. No one comes out ahead in the long run. Take care everyone and good luck out there.
  5. If the scalpers don't buy it all up it's usually cobra commander, storm shadow, and the joe 5 pack. If I ever see them though everything but cobra commander and the 5 pack gets bought up by the next day. I saw wave 2 here only once and have yet to see wave 3 in hawaii.
  6. I need one too! I have been trying to find him and a two face for a while now with no luck. I have a trade page with some older dcsh figs for trade if anyone is interested too.
  7. I know he's a member of these boards so the moment I put this up he's probably gonna get mad and report me or something but I don't care cause everything I've said about him is true! Please don't bid on his things cause it only gives him more reason to buy everything on this little island. I'm serious! I went to the pearl city walmart last night and the restocker told me they had some series 2 joes show up but he bought every box! I didn't get a single thing! I'm so sick of him and his messed up ways! Well here it is: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZgfunk91QQ...1QQfsooZ1QQrdZ0 Just look at all of his stuff and it will be apparent he is a scalper. Well hope this gives someone a laugh cause it sure doesn't for me.
  8. I talked about this happening before. Back when star wars ep 3 came out this guy was buying the walmart figure cases and taking the clone trooper out and replacing them with anakins, old boba's, and other useless crap! I told the guys at every wally's and every time they didn't know what I was talking about! Even worse this guy on ebay was seling the exact same figures loose so I know who it was but no one cared! He's done some really bad things like taking the saga hunt stickers out of figures for the lucas then returning them to wally's, even buying a bunch of old wwe figures in lots on ebay, returning them to walmart, then he probably uses the credit to buy all the new stuff! There's no way 24 new bruiser brody's come in at once and red flags don't show up. All you Oahu guys know who I'm talking about and if you don't then you just ask another collector who's buying everything and putting it up on ebay. Then you'll know. I wish this guy would just open up his own business, he's responsible for a lot of us "true collectors" and even some kids I know to give up on toys. Where I work I always get kids telling me they can't find this transformer, or this star wars fig, or that marvel legends figure, and it's always what this @$$ has on ebay, even cars toys! Come on! I'm sorry about the rant but guys like him are why most of the local toy stores had to close and why the toy companies have to charge more! If only the "good stuff" gets bought and the rest is left to rot on the shelves (which is usually half the wave of whatever comes out) then toy stores assume it's not moving well, stop carrying it, and the toy company pulls the line cause they can't sell it to stores. I have to also blame ebay for making it so easy to make a quick tax free buck on stuff like this but that's the way of free enterprise and America. Oh well, Ces La Vie I guess? Nah, nah, god bless this wonderful country we live in! #US1# @smilepunch@
  9. Man that sure is a sweet find! They just showed up here in hawaii and they're a whopping 11.49! I can't believe I have to pay so much for these figs! Oh well, at least I got my wife beatin' savage dragon!
  10. I have yet to see them on the island, lucky you. I wish I could get on base so I could hit up the exchanges Oh well. Let me know if you ever get extra single packs as I would love to get some for customs. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. Man I remember when I posted this months before the first wave was even announced. No one believed me. I know joerhyno remembers cause I sent him my hasbro spring list. Thanks for believing in me man! Here's the single pack info from the spread sheet. ITEM # DESCRIPTION UPC # CASE PACK HAS63403 GIJ 25TH ANNIV SNGL PK ASST 6-53569-25176-7 8 GIJ 25TH ANNIVERSARY STORM SHADOW 6-53569-25177-4 GIJ 25TH ANNIVERS SNAKE EYES WITH WOLF 6-53569-25178-1 GIJ 25TH ANNIVERSARY COBRA OFFICER 6-53569-25179-8 GIJ 25TH ANNIVER CORBRA COMMANDER W/HOOD 6-53569-25180-4 GIJ 25TH ANNIVERSARY FLINT 6-53569-25181-1 GIJ 25TH ANNIVERSARY BEACHHEAD 6-53569-25983-1 GIJ 25TH ANNIVERSARY SERPENTOR 6-53569-25979-4 GIJ 25TH ANNIVERSARY BUZZER 6-53569-25982-4 GIJ 25TH ANNIVERSARY LADY JAYE 6-53569-25981-7 GIJ 25TH ANNIV COBRA TROOPER 6-53569-25980-0 If anyone needs the rest of the spring list let me know. I'm sure that most of it has been mentioned by now but if you need like upc's or something it's good to look at.
  12. Yeah man I always forget about that one! I have practically given up on finding anything joe related here in hawaii. If it's not at Toysrus or sigma 6 then forget about it. Those scalpers kill the joy out of collecting for everyone. I stopped buying star wars, gijoe, marvel, and wwf figs just cause I can never find anything here anymore. Worst part is it's only like 5 guys that buy everything!
  13. Remember crimson, there's a total of 5 pricebusters on oahu so you should try to hit them all up as quick as possible! If you need to know where they all are here's the breakdown: Mililani Pearlridge Dillingham in Kalihi the one on Hotel Street by the Longs Harbor center in Hawaii Kai Hope that helps in everyone getting they're bat packs!
  14. I saw those at the price busters too. I picked up one for a friend but told myself that I don't collect rah molds anymore so I didn't pick up none for me. Here's to hoping that they get more awesome stuff, like the mcfarlane military figs for 7 bucks!
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