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  1. Kevin is a legend, I don't believe there has ever been someone who was able to positively impact so many people's lives with their powerful voice. There will never be another Kevin Conroy, the greatest voice actor of all time, and the definitive Batman for multiple generations. He played a hero on Tv, which was quite fitting as he lived the life of a hero. Kevin broke down so many barriers in his industry. He gave his everything to the fans and put everyone around him before himself, even when he was ill. Kevin will never be forgotten. RIP F()¢k Cancer
  2. Just a warning for anyone who's thinking about getting that Clayface figure: Aside from looking good, the figure is extremely fragile and poorly engineered, offering extremely limited articulation and the constant feeling that you are going to break it if you move it.
  3. The Zodiac killer is an odd choice for Batman's new rogue. An even stranger choice is to make an action figure of him...
  4. If Major Bludd ends up being another bleeping target exclusive, I'm done with this line all together. I've had enough of this shart....
  5. It's really a beautiful thing how this toy community, full of so many diverse people and opinions, has been able to come together as one in our collective disgust of Chip Carroll and his bizarre ideas... It's a wonderful reminder that no matter how many differances we may have, in the end, we're really all on the same team.
  6. What do I call it? I call it one person (you) who happens to run a popular website, allowing his buddy a forum to whine and complain about how he is some sort of victim and how terrible it is that people get pissed at him online when he is choosing to post photos on the internet for the sole purpose of bragging about how he has thirteen of one rare item, while practically everyone else struggles to the point of frustration trying to simply find one of said rare item. "The Genius", Chip Carroll doesn't have to post pictures of his thirteen Viper's, but he chooses to do it anyways, thus opening the flood gates for everyone who feels like it to rightfully condemn Chip's thoughtless, inconsiderate, braggadocious behavior. The only debate I see going on here is between you, the owner of the website who decided to post this editorial, who appears to be trying to stick up for his buddy and attempting to justify the posting of this article, which describes the actions of a self centered, thoughtless individual trying to spin himself into a martyr, a just and righteous victim of cancel culture. Poor, poor Chip... Meanwhile, on one level or another, Chip's actions are literally being condemned by practically everyone posting here that isn't named Jay Cochran. I mean seriously, what does this guy expect? It's the equivalent of a bunch of people, dying of thirst, being stuck in a desert, and one of them decides to announce over a megaphone: "Hey! All you desperate people who long for water, look at me! I've got plenty of water, isn't that fantastic?!" No Chip... No... It's not.
  7. I really don't see how this editorial is facilitating debate. I mean seriously, If anything it would appear to be facilitating nothing more than mass condemnation of your buddy, "The Genius" Chip Carroll.
  8. I'm sorry you don't get what I'm saying, or that you simply don't like it, but as I said before, we are very unlikely to agree on these issues. These dolls by themselves aren't going to deprive anyone of a childhood, in this you are absolutely correct. However, are you not willing to concede the fact that our children are being bombarded from every direction with PC ideas and are being forced to learn more & more about sexuality at ages that continue to get younger and younger? Do you see no value in the innocence of a child? Perhaps I'm the only one on this forum that thinks sex ed is inappropriate for a 6 year old, but I know for a fact that many parents would agree with me. And despite your attempts to lump me in with hate mongers and bigots, I don't have a problem with the LGBT people. I have a problem with extremists who try to force their views on children. And yes, while the vast majority of individuals in the LGBT community are just born that way, I believe that some children self identify in these ways do to any number of pressures being put on them by different groups. Some do it for attention, because they're parents force it on them, or because they are practically brainwashed by their teachers, peer pressure, and indoctrination by the mass media. And that's not acceptable to me. And for you to conflate this issue with matters of race is completely disingenuous on your part. Race is a purely physical & biological issue relating to how much melanin people have in their skin and various other physical differences. Meanwhile sexuality is a more of a mentality. The two are completely different. And why don't I want kids to have access to these in my area? Because I'm sick and tired of all of the indoctrination, and I want to protect the innocence of children from all things sexual in nature until they mature and can make their own decisions without feeling the extreme pressures from the extremists on both the left and the right.
  9. Firstly, let me clarify a few things. I am an athiest, so please don't lump me in with that crowd, and secondly I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the LGBT community or the people in it as a general rule. And I absolutely believe it's perfectly fine for anyone to be who they are. I believe an individual should be judged not by any physical differences, but by the content of their heart. And members of the LGBT community are by no means less than any other person, as you were suggesting by attempting to attribute these things to me. I don't want anyone to go away or go back into the closet or any other of those talking points that you again inaccurately tried to suggest that I was a supportive of. My problem is with people that are actively working to deprive children of a childhood and force them to grow up far too fast by confronting them with all of this unnecessary gender education and indoctrination at an age where they are so easily influenced and venerable. My 6 year old should not be taught the ins and outs of all of the different sexualities before they have even had a chance to be a child. I will do everything I can to protect the innocence of my children, whether it's politically correct or not, I simply don't care. So, to sum it up, I don't have a problem with these dolls existing, I have a problem with these dolls being just another bit of the relentless attacks on a child's right to just be a child. These attempts to confuse kids & blur the lines between the sexes are unrelenting and come in every form of mass media, in schools, & now in toys. Kids should be allowed to be kids, teach them this stuff after they've had a chance to grow up a little bit, can think a little more critically and have developed something of an identity for themselves. These dolls being offered up to small children is just extremely inappropriate in my eyes.
  10. Yeah, hate to disappoint, but it's going to take a lot more than me to save Mattel from themselves. Lol
  11. Yes, clearly if a child likes something and wants it, we parent's should just step aside and let them go wild! It's brilliant! What could possibly go wrong?
  12. I know they won't care, but it'll sure make me happy keeping these things off the shelves at least in my area assuming they are at some point released in stores. While I'm generally not fond of scalpers or their practices, in this case I think I will be adopting their methods. Myself and my relatively large personal network of collectors, friends, associates, & other assets have already agreed upon an arrangement to make these things impossible to obtain in this city. I am fortunate enough to be in a financial position to essentially put a bounty on these dolls. Within a matter of days, every collector in my city will know that purchasing these dolls (if and when they hit the shelves) and delivering them to me will earn them a 30% profit per purchase. Going forward from there, I will be holding public celebratory gatherings that feature the burning of these dolls, at every opportunity I am afforded. There will be a raffle, the winner of which will earn the honor of lighting the fire. The first will occur when I have obtained either 1,000 or 5,000 of the dolls (I haven't decided on the number yet) and will continue indefinitely every few months. Again, these plans will only go forward if and when these dolls become available at brick and mortar retailers. And of course, other options are also being explored along the line of boycott's, protests etc. Your argument that these dolls are just another option & that nothing is being forced on anyone is either disingenuous or ignorant at best. This is yet another attempt by progressives to blur the lines of gender and confuse venerable children. More unwanted indoctrination in the form of a new trojan horse. Somehow I suspect we will not be agreeing on these issues however, as what I have said is far from politically correct and is based more on fact and logic rather than feelings and emotions.
  13. Wow. I'm so sick of progressives trying to force this kind of crap onto my kids. It's freaking ridiculous. When these make it to brick and mortar retailers I'm going to buy up every one I see just to burn the damn things.
  14. These were scheduled to be available at SDCC & to come out right after comic-con but according to Shocker Toys, the factory producing these went out of business or something to that effect, so now series two won't be out till sometime this fall. Sounds like BS to me......
  15. For the record, I don't buy ROC crap & I won't buy any POC crap either, so i'm not buying anything from Hasblow. Maybe you enjoy hasblow's countless variations of the same 10 characters, but I don't and I have a right to speak my mind. I don't have to do anything you say, hasblow nut-hugger. Rise of Cobra was a failure. Maybe it wasn't a massive failure. But it was a failure. That's why POC was delayed, and that's why stores can't sell all the discounted ROC crap that remains. Anyone who thinks the ROC line was a success is drinking far too much Hasblow kool-aid.
  16. You contend that the Rise Of Cobra line was a resounding success?!?!?!? Thank you for confirming my assumption about clueless Hasbro Nut-Huggers.
  17. Hasbro sucks because they screwed over us 25th collectors. They canceled the 25th line to focus on the movie line that by most everyone's accounts failed miserably. There's no reason why Hasbro couldn't have continued the 25th line alongside the movie line, or perhaps as an online exclusive or store exclusive. But instead they decide to ignore collectors of the 25th/modern line & focus on releasing a ton of movie figures. And now that ROC bombed, instead of returning to the much preferred 25th line, with POC they're going to release countless more movie style variants of the same 10 or so characters over and over again in varying gear and outfits. That really, really sucks. Hasbro's joe line has has become the Batman line of the 90's. A dozen different Duke variants like neon disk armor duke, and one or two new characters a year. It sucks for those of us who want to buy all the joe characters in 25th style, but can't because Hasblow has to make jungle, artic, desert, scuba, night assualt, swat gear, city strike, space suit, & neon disc armor Duke first. And then when POC bombs miserably Hasblow will blame the collectors, and all the retail outlets will be unwilling to take anymore joes so we'll probably never get the 25th styled joes & cobras we all want. Hell hasblow could've thrown us collectors a bone by releasing a classic dreadnok like that Zarana with the upcoming Dreadnok cycle, but no, they create an entirely new character like Storm Rider and stick him with the cycle. Hasbro really, really sucks.
  18. Hasbro really, really sucks. Whomever is in charge of the Joe product line deserves to be fired for the disastrous handling of this line. I can't wait till POC bombs, hopefully just as bad as ROC did. Then maybe Hasblow will be forced to release the 25th style joes that people actually want like Zarana, instead of this POC crap.
  19. Found my War Machine not on the usual figure isle but on the isle behind it.
  20. Here's some pics guys... And theres more here for anyone interested: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v499/slugzilla1/War%20Machine/
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