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  1. seaN

    Store On 44

    at this moment I'm not 100% certain. I just kinda randomly ran into Derryl, and he was trying to convince me that I have to move some stock somehow... so I should go. he may be right.
  2. seaN

    Alterna-joe Contest

    buzzchuck, it was really cool of you to enter, we were really happy with your figures... I hope you are as well though, and it sounds to me that you are.. and had fun making them. You definitely got creative with them, which we love to see. The BAT was really cool... a great "opener"... it was the first piece we looked at on judging. If I hadn't already overdone the first 3 prizes, I'd have given prizes to all the entrants... but I already kinda just blew a ton into those 3 prizes... hehe. but anyway, I just wanted to drop a note saying thanks... it was really cool to see a number of people I wasn't extremely familiar with entering the contest this year.
  3. while I'm here... check out the results of this year's Alterna-Joe contest! the entries are incredible... and I want to buy about half of them. alterna joe contestphp
  4. seaN

    Store On 44

    ok, not to go on a huge diatribe... BUT: here's the lowdown of what's been happening for a good few months. First of all, after a few issues Hasbro gave us with 7.75, 8, etc... I cancelled all orders I had in with Hasbro. I was ordering quite large amounts of stuff, and they couldn't see fit to treat me with any respect whatsoever, so I figured it wasn't worth my aggrivation. Wal-Marts keep selling at a loss, and it wasn't really noticed anymore what we were doing: keeping every 2pack in stock so collectors wouldn't have to search and have holes in the collection. Not a big deal really, just that it was a catalyst for a quick decision. This also led me to re-evaluate our accounts with Palisades compared to their current sales, and I dropped those until further notice as well. We had some bad organization here in-office a few months ago. I had an irresponsible employee (not stu) at the time, and there's still a few things I'm straightening out from that point in time. Basically misfiled paperwork can gum up a system pretty quickly. We're basically on track again. In fact, most things ship same day, but it's definitely within 2 business days as of right now. There are a few things I've still got to work out from the past... which is easier said than done. There's a number of people who have had a problem in the past. you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. A certain board on the net where the sole purpose is to gripe, and really lynch "bad traders". For instance there's one guy whose card declined repeatedly, so it took 2 months to get his stuff (not the guy above, that was MY fault). anyway, he now makes it his purpose to complain continuously about how terrible we are. that type of thing runs rampant online, and in fact there were a number of outright lies starting to be told about my character (not my business, but my personal actions and character toward kids.) Or there was a topic brought up about how I ripped off a ton of people by preselling the Cobra Trooper 6pack (which to this day I haven't sold, nor seen!) A number of things went a bit too far. At that point, I stopped checking boards altogether... which makes it a little harder to reach me, I realize. But a few people hopped on that bandwagon as well, because a LOT of money orders suddenly got "lost in the mail"... as in, I assume a few dishonest people saw that my reputation was being attacked, and figured it would make no difference whether they sent payment or not... and would sent threatening emails holding my rep hostage until I sent product. If you've got a legit complaint, I really do apologize. please email me ASAP at sean@nospam.thestoreon44.com (remove nospam.) I'd really like to help. BUT, please understand that I will need a lot of reference... as much info as you can provide will help generally, unless I know who you are and character reference already. thanks a lot guys, I did notice that the general intent at this board was concern, and the benefit of the doubt was given to me. I really appreciate it, as sometimes you can get surprised at how vulturous people can get when they see things starting to slip. I'm somewhat back around. I am trying to clear out a lot of stock right now on eBay... but drop me an email and save me some FEES if you want anything I may start updating the site again in about 2 weeks. anything ordered off of the site until then has about an 80% chance of being in stock... and will still ship quickly.
  5. hey guys... the new Alterna Joe contest is up and ready... take a look. basically we want you to go nuts. Make a joe out of ANYTHING. make Raptor out of a dead bird. Make faces out of TMNT Casey Jones. do anything you want. just be creative. Alterna Joe contest
  6. funny part is.... Jesse's probably right. on either count. whether it be neurotronix (not neutronix still) or just nothing like it. neurotoxin sounds like it could NEVER be a Joe name.
  7. Jesse misspelled Neurotoxin... yipes. we were having a bit of a spam race... looks like he was a bit rushed. @firedevil@ anyhoo... QUAD VEHICLE W/FIGURE MINI JET VEHICLE W/FIGURE JOE DEFENSE MECH COBRA PUL VERIZER those appear to be the next 2 waves of mini vehicles as well.
  8. seaN

    Store On 44

    I'm going to assume that they got caught up in our pre-moving process. as we're moving now, we are ALL caught up (to the day) to prevent MORE of a mess. should probably be there this week then. actually. while I'm here, I guess I'll also note: loose figures and vehicles sections of our site got deleted to get slowly rebuilt. there were too many errors. we're only partially rebuilding, as we do still have a new site in planning and progress... but in the meantime, we need to move some of this stuff still!
  9. seaN

    Store On 44

    Draven, thanks for updating them. as long as it's here, I'm going to remind everyone, wave 8 PREORDERS are not going to be filled until TRUE wave 8 is here (with the televiper pack)... unless we were asked otherwise. people order by the case to get the whole set... so why on earth would they want the version without the best 2 packs? -seaN!
  10. while doing inventory they found one in the back, so yes, Brian, that one was in stock. ALSO, I just went and checked, we do have the Scarlett SS packs as well. They were even on the site! just email me at sean@thestoreon44.com and I can add it to your order. -seaN!
  11. how long have I missed this? actually, I haven't been on vacation, no worries. Basically I've been on the phone constantly with Hasbro about this one. As most of you know, we're usually one of the first with new stuff. We recently got appointed a new sales rep. who is pretty crappy. I've had an account with Hasbro for about 8 years now, and I know good and bad sales reps. let's just say... this isn't one of the good ones. She keeps citing new issues with certain Hasbro policies I've never known to exist... and strangely enough while she was out today I just called a different rep to go into my account and send out about 6 dozen cases of it... so the beginning of it is on its way. Cards started being charged today, and we're getting ready to ship it. Now I'm just worried about balancing it all out so that our credit keeps up quickly enough to make sure that wave 7.5 and wave 8 get here ASAP. I really do apologize for the delay... I know that a few of the other guys had a bit of one as well, but not as long as ours. Due to the size of our order the sales rep had this new "issue" with it that we've never had before. Basically I've been telling her how to do her job for a while now. I hate when companies hire new personnel with absolutely no experience. Speaking of which, we actually just hired someone new today as well... :lol: we'll see how well that fixes things around here so we can get the new site up and running... as I hear a lot of you are having issues with ordering the CG 3packs in our current cart system. I appreciate your patience... and hopefully it's all resolved by now. -seaN!
  12. by the numbers they released, actually, the "pink" twins are rarer, but the crimson are slightly higher in that they're more desirable. mainly because some sap nicknamed these things "fuchia" when they're very slightly differerent... and certainly not fuchia.
  13. I'm surprised Mike didn't mention the fact that the US had the "China" and "Hong Kong" production BAT, with different paint tones on each as well.
  14. actually to see all 4 versions, check out: http://joecustoms.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=7985
  15. that's so awesome! WOWZERS! @-@
  16. seaN

    Store On 44?

    woohoo! I've apparently aged in appearance 3 years over the past year. :lol:
  17. seaN

    Store On 44?

    my favorite part is how Tom defends our speed on here... and his packages HAVE to be the slowest getting out of here every time. hahaa one day Tom, all this anger you harbor inside towards me is gonna come out...
  18. the BAT packs did well in MY views, as we sold them well. but in Hasbro's eyes, they did not. so I'm not sure we can expect more sets to come by internet exclusive only... but let's hope, eh?
  19. seaN

    Store On 44?

    actually they're not in yet. I'm on the phone yelling at Hasbro as I type this.
  20. joecustoms.com has a new section up like that. I'm sure that's not where you saw it, but it's a new place you can use!
  21. haha Fred, yeah, I just realized how much I had typed. oh, and if there are any issues while I am gone, stu@thestoreon44.com is a good backup direct email to use.
  22. yep... I'm hoping for a Sept. date for launch on the new site. August should be crazy. I personally will be gone for personal reasons from the 14-29 of this month. the store will still be running and shipping though, and I will be somewhat reachable through the normal methods. But if you've got a problem with something, and you think I might not be aware yet, sean@thestoreon44.com is the way to get to me before the 14th. or the phone number above.
  23. a little of column a, a little of column b. basically, there's about 5 factors going on here. I'll elaborate. #1. BATS packs emails. http://pub31.ezboard.com/fgijoeforumfrm1.s...picID=506.topic and http://pub31.ezboard.com/fgijoeforumfrm1.s...picID=505.topic are simple public displays of the situation there. the one untouched upon note with that is simply that everyone hears "BATS pack order" and assumes it was early. but we started orders on those December 5th, and sold thousands. thus, obviously when someone who ordered it on Dec. 5 gets it, the person who ordered it June 5th expects his at the same time. another few issues is that customers feel a right to complain publicly because there is NO recourse. I am NOT going to publicly tell people that their card declined for 4 weeks, that's why their stuff was late. I am not going to display other people's credit problems. I am not going to publicly tell people that their package returned twice after giving the wrong address twice. It's silly little things like this that wind up starting a snowball. Often added into it is the fact that many cheap spamfilters filter anything with "store" in it. you bet that's an issue. and of course, the fact that we were gone until Monday, and I've been catching up a lot in the past 2 days to emails (many very rude unproffessional emails) is another part. That's correct. If you email me and threaten me because it's been 4 days since your order was placed, I *WILL* cancel your order and not even tell you. There are legitimate issues in here. quite a few of them. in fact, our own Tom-1 here is getting a call from me in about a half hour regarding one, that is entirely OUR fault here. And the worst part of it is the squeaky wheel does get the grease. I feel I ignore a lot of these legit things because of the problems caused by irresponsible customers. charging a card or emailing the customer takes as long as shipping a BATS pack. so when 1 customer requires us to try charging his card 10 times, continuously calling saying "it should be ok now" when it's not... blaming US for it, and then constant emails back and forth, that one customer took the time that 20 BATS could have gone out. Basically, it's like the response would be "your order would be going out in 2 days, but since I sat down to the thousand emails I have regarding BATS packs, add another week and a half onto that." it was noted in another thread also that we should just hire someone to answer those emails. even if they were elsewhere in the country. I guess I gave the benefit of the doubt that most people were like myself. When the reason for the lack of response to email has been clearly publicly posted, I am happier with that than a bs cs response from someone who has no clue what they're talking about regarding the order. I guess I hate patronizing responses that give no information but are just to calm me. That will change I guess with our new setup. But as always, make sure your email works. make sure your filters are off. make sure that we know what you're talking about, include an order number. call us on the phone, that works pretty darn quick as well. 508-822-2939, office hours, EST. REGARDING the actual topic of this post, and wave 7 being on its way, it's not in the country yet. dates were constantly being completely fabricated on this wave... late May being one of them. if the fact that I don't give a solid date worries you, I understand that. But the reason I do that is basically because any solid date you're given elsewhere is a guesstimation at best. Hasbro doesn't give concrete dates, so I won't. I'll tell you the best of my knowledge. Quite often we get them before most stores (we usually ship preorders before they even hit our site)... sometimes we don't. Hasbro is a funny company. But nothing to worry about, we are still slated on wave 7, our orders on it are great, and we've got plenty of cases going out as soon as they come in. including quite a number of wholesale orders.
  24. hahaa, yes VH, I don't think ANYONE would complain about that. :lol:
  25. personally when I first saw the pic, I didn't see WHO made it, how, or where. these are important factors in the display of artwork. The artist chose to show it on joecustoms, accomanied by the text he put there, with his name on it. basically it's a respect issue there. you respect the artist's work enough to show it off, then I should think you'd respect him enough to let him get credit for it. OH, and regarding the bandwith cost issue... Jeff was right on. It's not at all affected because of the banners and advertisers on jc.com... other than the kickback if joecustoms has to start paying more for hosting services and then boost our fees. And yes, there are ways to prevent hotlinking, but they're not universal. so sometimes people actually BROWSING joecustoms itself would not be able to see the pictures... especially if they're using a weird browser. Because beav wants to keep the site friendly for everyone to browse, he doesn't want to impliment any of those blocks.
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