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  1. Where'd this number come from? Here's a better question: Has Hasbro or Paramount refuted this?
  2. Is that everywhere? Cause I didn't see that sign anywhere on Joes at my local one (Juneau AK) did see it on the Star Trek figures that were right beside them. If it is I might be heading back to get some! You'd have to ask them.
  3. Well here ya go. You don't have to wait. It's a bomb because it hasn't earned what was put into it. Simple isn't it? The sequel wasn't green-lit. On the opening weekend, when it went against nothing else and did fairly well, Robert Moore gave a statement. What was Moore going to say? "Uh, we actually feel a sequel or something else isn't something we won't to explore or to pursue." Yes, that would have helped hype the movie wouldn't it? Since then, it dropped off dramatically and has done poorly. So poor that they are releasing the DVD early in hopes to just break even. If there was a sequel, we would know who the director was, what the budget was, and who's returning. Outside of Moore's opening weekend statement, we've heard nothing. Zilch. Nada. Sure, we heard Quaid say "if" there is a sequel he hopes to be in it. Lee has opened up his schedule. But there's not been any word on when production or filming began. No word on Di Bonaventura on sequel. Come to think of it, besides Quaid's "if", there's been nothing from Sommers, the writer Stuart Beatty, Paramount, Hasbro, the GIJCC, or any of the actors like Wayans, Nichols or Miller. So you go on believing there's a sequel coming. Anything you or anyone else in your position throw out there hold less and less water everyday. Mate.
  4. All the more reason for the movie to be a ground breaking success and to sustain on the shelves as long as the 25th line. Sound like an apologist to me. Mate.
  5. That's the bottom line, whether people want to admit it or not. Sure is.
  6. Except it's actually more fun to be negative and say told ya so when Hasbro gave the collectors the middle finger and said they didn't need the collectors for Joe to be a success. Then of course there's the interviews with Sommers and Di Bonaventura who gave the collector crowd the middle finger as well. There's just something awful appealing when others bite the hand that feeds them and get a big head only to run a marathon of 3 months and fall flat on their rear. Sue me.
  7. Boy did you ever back the wrong horse. I'd say if you get upset because others don't care for this version of Joe and are smart enough to see it heading down a dead end road, maybe it's you that needs to give the hobby up? That is so great that Rise of Cobra has made almost $300 million dollars. Too bad Paramount put in over $325 million and maybe more into make it with both production and advertising. Unlike the other movies that don't make $100 million dollars and were never intended to be a saga or a trilogy, Rise of Cobra was marketed worldwide. And that is why all of that money went into it. Then there's the other problem. All that money that it's made from foreign sales. Paramount will not see all of those dollars. I'm talking millions. Yeah. So that means Rise of Cobra hasn't earned Paramount 1 red cent in profit. Put it this way. I make something and put in 5 grand into gettting the ball rolling. Production, marketing, the works. So far, I've gotten 3 grand for my products. Lot of money, sure. But I'm still in the hole. That is where Rise of Cobra is right now. In the hole. Rise of Cobra is in a top 10 list. Well, I guess that seals the deal. It's a major blockbuster success. Nevermind that anyone can make up their own top 10 list. So yes, at this point the movie is a failure. That's why the DVD is coming sooner than expected. They need about $35 million more dollars just to break even and not lose anything. Resolute is coming on Nov 3rd as well. Rise of Cobra isn't going to rank in 30+ million dollars in DVD sales. And yes, the toy line is a failure. 3 months into it it's dying and going on markdown prices. It was a bomb. Don't like it, tell Hasbro. Or write Paramount Studios and tell them to leave Di Bonaventura off of any movie that has a pre-existing universe and fanbase in the future. Don't blame those who don't like it and see what's happening with it all. And really, there's nothing you or the other two or three apologists who frequent this forum can say to refute this. With the exception of about 2 dozen people on various forums who are in denial, people see this as one big flop. For anyone that didn't know, Walmart was asked by Hasbro to put the Rise of Cobra figures in the movie section when the DVD is released. (translation: We really really need you people to buy these.) It's funny, but no one ever had these conversations with the 25th line. You remember that one? Yeah, the one that didn't bomb at 3 months and went on to stay on the shelves for 2 years?
  8. Yep. Rumor. The toys are on permanent sale. Kids don't seem to care for Joe. Most collectors have what they want or don't care for it either. Gotta build some hype to keep it all going because it's losing momentum. Ironic that it's Resolute that's being used to rebuild momentum. I thought Rise of Cobra stood on it's own merits and didn't need the help of collectors or Resolute/25th stuff? I'll try to remember in 1 year from now to put aside what it is I am doing to come back Joe land and see if this actually happens. I highly doubt it. At this rate I'd be surprised if Pursuit of Cobra made it to retail. For anyone that has a Fred Meyers around them, it's buy one Rise of Cobra and get one free. (translation: Buy one and get it off our shelf and we will give you one to help the cause!)
  9. I remember a time when finding Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow wasn't something guaranteed every time you walked into Target, Wally World or ToysRUs. I am sure some got them pretty easy, but I remember when those two guys were hard to find.
  10. Yes, some people say it's because they ordered too much. But that's just it. They ordered a metric ton of this stuff and Hasbro produced it for all of the millions of kids out there who were supposed to be sucked into it all from the 2 hour movie. Kids aren't buying it in force. And not all collectors who were around for the 25th line are buying it either. That's why it's dying at 3 months into the line. It failed to reach the kids and many of the collectors were just not interested in it. Some didn't like it because they felt like Hasbro left them hanging and others did it because, well, they just didn't care for it. Hasbro should be concerned. Because those initial waves that are sitting on the pegs include Hawk, Duke, Ripcord, Baroness, Destro, Vipers, Heavy Duty, Breaker, Scarlett, Cover Girl, Snake Eyes, Zartan and Storm Shadow in them. Now, what do all of those characters have in common in the RoC movie? They were all in it! Those Joes and Cobras should be flying off the pegs like mad. And they would had the movie connected with them. They are sitting there and now going on clearance because the kids didn't connect with the characters or their story. They don't care for them. Nevermind that the toys have been just sitting there and now they are going on clearance. (some say it's going on at Wally World and K mart too) but the fact that this was geared towards kids and kids didn't take the bait is what makes this a failure. Kids don't know who Flash, Helix, Night Adder, Charbroil, Kamakura or anyone else are. This whole gimmick was marketed to them. But you have a harder time finding those characters right there than you do the movie heroes and villains. And that is because collectors are buying this line more than kids ever have.
  11. They haven't dropped 50% (yet) because it's not the holiday season yet. We still have 7 weeks before Black Friday even rolls around. (2 months) Nothing else in the action figure aisle has been noted to have their price dropped. The price has been dropped on RoC because of poor sales. I'd love to hear of Marvel, DC or Star Wars on sale right now. I'd be at Target first thing in the morning if I could. Alright collectors. It's time to keep this line afloat once more for Hasbro and buy up 3 or 4 more Duke's, accelerator suit Ripcord's, Storm Shadow or Destro so Hasbro can convince themselves it was all a hit with the kids.
  12. That last part about Hasbro not kowing how to handle their product and not listening to fans, it's why you have this with the game: G.I. Joe: A Real American Failure? EA's movie tie-in doesn't catch the interest of gamers. Hilary Goldstein September 10, 2009 August NPD numbers show that EA's movie tie-in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra fizzled on store shelves last month. Despite being connected to a moderately popular film, the game version was panned by critics and ignored by gamers. According to NPD, no version of the game sold even 35,000 units in its debut month. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is based off a movie, which is based off a TV show, which is based off a toy line. Somehow, that didn't translate into something people wanted to play. The Xbox 360, which sold best, has a 4.4 average rating on Gamestats. Apparently that was enough to scare consumers away. Source: http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/102/1023608p1.html It's also why we see movie still millions behind from making any money. ($293,000,000 million so far, but $325,000,000+ put into it. And Paramount will never see all profits from foreign sales) And it's also why we see what's happening to the toys. (re:NY Post) And why we see product rotting on the pegs. But hey Hasbro still feels like it has this one in the bag, so we could all be wrong!
  13. Coincidence? Sure. Excactly. He was available as the SDCC exclusive and produced in limited quantity. But he was the movie's main villain and wasn't in the toyline available at retail. Another stupid move from the marketing team. Except you guys seem to be the only people in the world that doesn't realize with the exception of collector's kids or nieces and nephews, kids don't make up the larger portion of G I Joe's consumer buying base. Marketing team needs to be fired. (re:NY Post) Anyone see this interview that someone at Terrordrome.com did with Double Helix who made the Rise of Cobra game? Here is a portion of it: (Credit to Terrordrome.com and Generalsjoes.com) What can you tell me about the Game, or its development? Thousands of GI JOE fans are early waiting for this game and the future of the franchise We did tremendous amounts of research into it. Everything from the toy bios and designs to the comics. We had clips of the cartoons, toys and comics scattered about, anything we could get our hands on. Normally, the publisher is very hard to work with, but EA has been awesome and totally backed us up on all our decisions. It was Hasbro that has been a real pain in the ass to work with. Normally the Licensee is easy to work with. But Hasbro, man they were horrible. Really? How so? What happened? Well the team had these great ideas and models and textures going and Hasbro rejected them. They were too vintage inspired they said. It didn't match the movie. They literally told us, more black. We had scarlet running around in her movie outfit but in her original colors, it really looked great. And they told us no. They really had their heads up their ass. It was literally only 2 guys at Hasbro making all the decisions, and they didn't seem to know how to handle their own product and they don't seem to listen to the fans. After all the research we had done, it was very odd to have Hasbro crush that style.
  14. I see kids in the toys aisles all the time. They are buying Pokemon, or Bakugan or Star Wars or something like Marvel or DC. Rise of Cobra just sits there. So does Transformers. The thing is those were movie lines and the luster is all gone. Hasbro didn't hook kids for the long term. We are in a recession but I still see kids buying all of those lines. Star wars pegs are empty. Marvel pegs are empty. It isn't just wave 1 and 2 sitting and collecting dust. My Walmart has 3 Helix and 2 Pitt Commandos sitting on the shelf as well as PP Baroness, Rex the Doctor and Arctic Snake Eyes. They've been there for almost 2 weeks. Saw wave 4 with Charbroil, Kamakura and Night Adder at Walgreens. Sitting pretty there collecting dust as well.
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