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  1. Dune was stupid and boring but nowhere near as stupid and boring as "The Phantom Menace" I'd say Lynch's CAREER as a filmmaker, as compared to Lucas, was more daunting. Probably because he made REAL films. Lucas is misguided fool. He let the fans and people around him cloud his judgement so drastically that he convinced himself he was the "mastermind" behind it all. #$## him. It's funny though, "Dune was stupid and boring." is the exact reaction I'd expect from someone who enjoys the Star Wars films.
  2. Well brotha the Topic does state "Currently on TV" just sayin @smilepunch@. But as for The Walking Dead...yes there has been tons of book referances and some non but the non referance stuff is gonna be there to amuse the people who do not read the books and keep them hooked you should pick it back up where you left off and continue to watch its very good. and it got picked up for a 3rd season so we should see it getting better! Huh, figured it wasn't limited to current programs. Why should I pick up where I left off, if it was terrible where I stopped? They clearly don't have a good handle on the creative development of this show, Darabont being booted was a clear signal to me. Doesn't matter to me if the show manages to entertain people, the show has lost it's foundation, and with it, has lost it's meaning. Now, it only boasts a rough interpretation of the original idea [i stress rough]. This happens ALL THE TIME with shows. Unless you tell me Darabont is back, and the creative team gets to do there thing without TOO much interference [i understand compromise with these things], I won't be tuning back in. Sorry, not trying to sound bitter or anything, but I just can't help it. I'm very bitter.
  3. As do I I have no clue why people think this isn't for reqal.They don't know the family.Why would he tape his kid already if the kid already knew? For a brief moment of internet stardom. That's about it, happens all the time.
  4. Y'know, I keep seeing Walking Dead on people's lists here... I dunno. After the episode "Vatos", I gave up on it. It was just a terrible episode that proved something was up. Little while after that episode aired we all hear about the creative issues sparking on set. Killed my interest. Another thing I find strange about these lists is that most of them are comprised of current popular shows. Seems a bit fickle...
  5. 1. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [2003] 3. The Shield 4. The X-Files 5. Breaking Bad Besides cartoons, I can't stand television shows. They're typically poorly written and lack any real film form in terms of directing. The shows listed here I feel break away from the mediocrity.
  6. Has this guy been banned yet? I hate him. I agree with a lot of your points Lord, but I strongly disliked Under the Red Hood. I felt it tried TOO hard to be "dark" and came off cheap, as well as the terrible Judd Winick dialogue. Winick has a very base understanding of the characters which can be seen all throughout the film. Each characterization was pretty weak with only single moments and setpieces to highlight them, i.e. Joker wanting to blow up with Batman and Hood near the end, the flashback of Todd at the end, and the best part of the movie being Black Mask, HIS voice and dialogue was a treat. My favorite Batman film is Mask of the Phantasm, a masterpiece. Batman's portrayal is perfect as well as Joker's, and the film had a beautiful blend of action, heart, romance, and heroism. Also, it's soundtrack is just spectacular, almost incomparable to other Batman films. To each their own amigo, liked your thoughts.
  7. Sounds like a damn good idea. I'd love to smack around that overgrown toad of a man Lucas for a while.
  8. I agree. Quick camera glance and hit "facial expression". Must've taken acting cues from George Lucas. Sooner or later we'll be seeing a re-release version of this video where the audio is tweaked so the kid screams no, his sister shoots second, and their father turns into Hayden Christensen. I was hoping this vid would show the kid screaming or freaking out at the reveal, but no such luck. I know I won't be showing my kids Star Wars, not if I wanna keep my damn wallet. I feel it's become a giant shitstain on the science fiction genre. As my brother says, "Every time a science fiction film reaches a certain level of popularity, it will always be compared to it.", and I agree. The original trilogy were good films, but that's about it. George Lucas isn't brilliant, he's a hack. What made those older films great was the actors, editing, and the basic story [i stress basic]. But now, Star Wars has become the most lifeless and disgustingly lucrative commercial product out there. Watching the original trilogy doesn't do anything for me, I almost can't even recognize it beyond all the bullshit. It's like staring at a photograph of a friend who you've had a long and rough falling out with, beyond patching things up. It's JUST. NOT. THE. SAME. Eh, I've outgrown it.
  9. I saw that BigBad has a preorder for a case with a 6" Reptile and Jax. Anyone seen pics of any prototypes of these?
  10. Sure, I'll give it a try.

  11. All I have is Big Boss [sneaking suit version] and Kat from Reach. Boss is awesome but Kat left a lot to be desired, and I don't even like Halo. Not a lot of figures really match their scale, but my Motoko Kusanagi figure matches PERFECTLY with Big Boss. Besides that, there aren't any other figures I own that are a similar scale.
  12. Don't know. To be honest, I mentioned it on behalf of a friend, not for myself.
  13. He-Ro knows exactly how much milk is needed in his bowl BEFORE he pours in the cereal. It's on the back of the damn MOTU box, you fool. Oh, and I noticed it says in REALLY tiny letters on the pictured Green Lantern box that there is an extended edition. So I answered my own question there.
  14. I'm a Daikaiju huh... I know one friend of mine who would be jealous of this...
  15. Hahahaha!! This is funny... I know someone who's done this before. I personally thought it was very funny. The worst I've done is pocket a resolute Cobra Commander from the boxset. Never found it on a single card and the boxset was already torn open with everyone stolen besides CC and a Cobra soldier. Figured what the hell.
  16. I don't think he gets it guys. I'm done arguing with him, I plainly said in that post I was finished because it's pointless but he's too stupid to see that. Anyway, does anyone know if Green Lantern will include some sort of director's cut or additional scenes? A friend of mine brought that up and we agreed the film felt incomplete, like it was rushed out the door. Is it possible that they left a lot out and we'll be seeing a more solid version of the movie on DVD? I loved when Spider-man 2.1 came out, that was brilliant!
  17. You sound insane. You blased me and then went and did the exact same thing..........................lunacy really but ok let's play. CAP was awful, we will start there and now to GL. GL was one of the best movies of the year, nothing about the dialogue was bad, I don't know what you were expecting, its friggin GL. Sorry you needed something deeper and was looking for an emotional impact. Next time go watch some chick flick where your precious deep seated dialogue can be explored, emotionalized and deepen to the heartwrenching levels you need because apparently a simple action movie with normal action dialogue isn't good enough. I guess the inane dialogue from CAP was better right..........yup, nothing in that movie had roots, even the motivation for CAP was razor thin, GL had more motivation and it was explored more than the stupid CAP movie, I want to be a hero because I just want to be a hero.......stuipid. Ok the score was forgettable.....ok so what. It wasn't great but when was the last action movie score groundbreaking. Tron had a great score but nothing since the 1988 Batman movie was worthy of a heroic soundtrack to these movies. What loon complains that he GL made a speedway track instead of a glove..........dude if this bothers you, you should just go hang yourself now. FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!! You are beaten, it is useless to resist, don't let yourself be destroyed as all the CAP defenders did. Nope, you're wrong. You missed the point of my post altogether and just nitpicked it. You just keep sputtering up the same crap whenever someone disagrees with you. GL did not have action movie dialogue, Die Hard had action movie dialogue. Witty and full of life. GL had dialogue a person without ANY social experience would've wrote. Stiff and lifeless. I don't need to see a chick flick [what a juvenile example] to get good dialogue and emotion, just a GOOD movie. The speedway was just an example to justify my argument on the film being a mindless commercial, it was not meant to be singled out as an independent idea. I guess you don't know the fundamentals of arguing, do you? "Ok the score was forgettable.... so what?" You outright dismiss this fact by bringing up other films that had better scores, and that comic films haven't had good scores since Batman. OH! So that makes it okay to have a shitty soundtrack! What an idiotic way to make a hollow point. Your inability to relate to any of the human elements in Cap's character as well as detect any solid positives shows you have no idea what a good movie is. Who cares if you "understand" it, if you don't BELIEVE it. Stories of Superhumans should have emotional impact you empty-brained child, they're stories of people reaching immeasurable heights through will and determination. How can they NOT have any impact. " I'm a hero because I just want to be a hero..." Obviously you must've had a pretty easy life in comfort, because you've never aspired to be anything more than you are now. People struggle with themselves, it's one of the most natural human responses one can feel, but I guess it's razor thin because you can't relate to it. Seriously, you're incapable of overcoming you're predisposition towards the character to see the movie for what it is. To be completely honest, I feel sympathy for you. You're blinded by bias and bitterness, unable to identify with the most elementary of emotional ideas portrayed in film, forever doomed to have outright irrational and questionable views the rest of your life. Which is where I will draw my post to general consensus based on what I've learned about you. I now know why you enjoy the GL movie so much. It's childish, flashy, crafted by people who have little to no idea how human beings interact, and just downright moronic. In essence, it's the perfect film for YOU to relate to! It's SO you! With all that being said, I'm just gonna finish this by doing just as you said, hanging myself. Because I'd rather hang myself then continue to hopelessly argue with a giant man-baby. No doubt you will respond to this, but I will not. There is NO point. Here it goes... HARA-KIRI!
  18. The only difference in the Returns costume that I can remember is the grid abs. In the original he has the molded abs on the suit, but in Returns it's some sort of grid set of abs. Besides that, they may have added a few extra details here and there, nothing too noticeable.
  19. Ughhh -- It was better than Thor and Captain America Best comic movie of the year Can't wait for it. In what alternate reality? Care to explain to me how Captain America was good? Or how Green Lantern was not better than Thor? Better character development (both Thor and Cap), better villains (parallax was almost as bad as Galactus in ff) and although I really liked sinestro he was not the villain, better fitting to the role leading men and great supporting cast (Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins and Tommy lee jones anyone) If that is not enough, the general reception says otherwise (GL almost tanked, even if it irks you and think it is unfair cap and or thor fared better), and while I actually think GL was entertaining, I definitely would not call it best comic movie of the year. Wrong! Thor had as much character development as what?......he had a weak romance that wasn't really a romance and now he has changed from all his years. No real depth whatsoever, don't ge me wrong I like the movie but the middle was boring. He really had no motivation for such a dramatic change. Cap was a wooden and forced movie, hardly good in any sense whatsoever. It was boring and won't stand the test of time. XMen had more character depth than Thor and Cap combined. Most fanboys have taken their cues just like the general public in trashing GL because he wasn't humbled like all the rest. At the very least Thor was a contender for being better than GL but Cap was the worst, silly, stupid, wooden and boring. Again most of you are just following the popular census.............weak motivations create weak arguments. I'm not following popular concensus, and don't think the rest of the guys here are either. I saw these movies too, and am only expressing my opinion, so they are not weak arguments, yours don't sound any better (cap was silly, stupid, wooden !?) that sounds more like angry fanboy talk. In any case, I'd give the comic movie of the year title to X-men first class even with all its flaws. More malarkey - Thor was Thor, he made a huge blunderous mistake and was sent to be humbled. Don't mind the situation at all but the romance as a way to learn was forced and didn't hold up, his redemption was too fast and then he saves the world. It overall story arc wasn't bad at all, but it was so fast that it was hollow. Green Lantern, Hal stuck in a clusterfook of a situation, watching his dad die made him careless and reckless. He has great potential one that the ring can see and through a series of events comes to no longer being afraid or at least facing his situation. He has a real talk about that situation directly and takes some time to build from that. Great movie, period. Captain America, scrawny kid wants to be a hero, no motivation other than war time propaganda then bam he becomes one, nothing else and nothing more to the story. Bar none!!! Oh wait, yeah he is willing to jump on a bomb to save others and he got a flag from a pole....yup, hero material right there, enough to make for a good movie....yup......uh, no, no it isn't. Flawless Victory Flawless Victory !! Hahahahaha, man, you are starting to sound like a 12 year old. You might as well have ended that with Owned! You didn't even acknowledge the fact I gave the title to x-men, which had a great story (much better than GL), motivation for the main characters (charles and erik) not to mention great chemistry between them, and great action (erik was bad a$$) regardless of the fact the rest of the "first" class (they could have been removed and the movie would still have been great). You also neglected the fact I said Gl was entertaining (but could have been better, mainly the bad guys)so it was not even a competition to prove who was right (hence my laughter at your flawless victory comment). Anyway, as yojoebro put it, it appears that to you anyone who has a bad or not great opinion of the GL movie is Wrong! as you put it earlier (by the way, Lex wants his line back)so seeing as this will go nowhere I'll just say try not to be so childish in your responses, maybe people will take you more seriously. PS. No matter how enamored of it you are or how much you try to prove people the error of their ways regarding the GL movie, the fact it pretty much tanked at the box office will remain. I have given Xmen much praise but after a recent conversation with my cousins Xmen is a little down on the list for me and here is why. As a movie it is still better than them all, the only flaw which is a major flaw was the character choices, they were all sooooo loopy and insane that it does knock the movie down a little bit. My flawless victory comment will stand because it amuses me, and you responded exactly how I expected you too. I don't go around doing that in every convo but I already know how this thread will be.......no one will change their minds but continue to defend their position, so why not have some fun. If you honestly believed it was meant to be serious then the jokes on you. Trust me, there is no escaping that GL was a total bomb at the box office, that is the ultimate reality.......BUT, not every success is warranted (Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Captain Ameria 2011 movie) and not every failure is deserving (Queen's 1982 album Hot Space, Green Lantern) You win -- PERFECT I LOVE how you put Cap among Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and put your beloved Green Lantern with Queen. I understand you trying to make a point with FACTS, but those facts become harder to see when you muddle it with your overbearing opinions. I find it annoying that this came up AGAIN with you and the other users. If you soooo well know that there is no point to arguing with them to justify your opinion on Cap being a steaming pile of #$## and Green Lantern being the embodiment of the 2nd coming, then maybe you shouldn't say anything at all about it. In MY opinion, Green Lantern was one of the worst films I've seen in my @##@@ life. One of the most poorly written, poorly acted, poorly executed comic films of recent years. I left bitter and full of anger at the 10 bucks I could've had in my pocket. The film's score was forgettable, the dialogue was just plain awful, like a child's interpretation of adults and adult problems, and the effects suffered due to the actor's performances. The worst part about this "film" was that it was a big @##@@ commercial. Why didn't he bust out a catcher's glove to stop the helicopter? Because Mattel owns the rights for Hot Wheels and they can create boxset Green Lantern speedway based off the film, which they did. Characters were on screen just long enough to be recognizable in order to make action figures, nothing REALLY wrong with that one, most comic movies take that route. My point is that every single plotline, idea, character, and spoken word is hollow because it shamelessly takes the GL property for the SOLE reason of capitalizing on it, rushing out EVERYTHING. Nothing else. The filmmakers were seeing green alright, and Hal hadn't even shown up yet. Green Lantern is a wonderful character that deserved so much more. In the end they just squatted down and lay a thick coil of mediocrity on his face. I'm literally jumping in joy at it's bomb at the box office, they deserve it. Oh yes... FATALITY
  20. And lighting guys all over the world will be free to work without fear! That is, until his spirit haunts them.
  21. Thanks, glad to hear someone else shared my view on the movie. Cap was AWESOME. Yes it was... I cant wait for the Bluray to see it again... Once it hits the dollar theater, I'll spend every dollar I've got.
  22. Thanks, glad to hear someone else shared my view on the movie. Cap was AWESOME.
  23. Heath Ledger has already done most of the legwork by dying. Nolan will probably go the extra mile and kill Bale in the post-production in order to boost it's likely revenue.
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