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  1. I have a complete one I would of gotten rid of I appreciate the gesture, but I bought this mostly because of the insane deal I got. I bought this through a thrift store called savers for $3.
  2. I just picked up a 2004 OTC Millenium Falcon, and while the lights and sounds work, it's missing some parts. Essentially it's the shell, and is missing the cockpit cover and instrument panel, the main cover, the cannon and the landing ramp. I've never collected Star Wars before so I'm at a loss for finding these parts. Is there a joeparts like repository out there?
  3. Well I think they really have any at this time. The Hub just released their schedule for 2013/2014 and no new Joe was on it, heck no old Joe was on it and I don't see Joe showing up anywhere else. I hate to say that Hasbro is mishandling Joe, but without a real TV presence or Video Game Presence Hasbro is really not going to tap into the demographic they want. Sure a good movie is great, but that's once every two to three years. Comics are great too, but when they aren't like anything else that is out there promoting the product (like say a movie or toys) your just confusing that "young" audience you're trying to reach. Adult collectors can only make a brand so successful, without that overpowering youth demographic the brand will just sort of become stagnant and gradually start to fade. A great example of this is Mattel's handling of Masters of the Universe. They have tried to bring it back and were finally able to with their MotU Classics online figure service. But after several years that's starting to fade and what else can they do but sit back and wait several more years and try again. I agree with everything you said. I don't feel as though hasbro is utilizing GI joe to its fulles extent. It's almost as if they don't know what to do with it. They make a movie and through some toys out and see if it sticks. When it doesn't they try a web series, a cartoon and toys not really based on either. Without collectors GI joe would be Doa.
  4. What , if any, are your plans for a GI joe television show? How do you plan to continue expanding the brand following the release of GI joe retaliation?
  5. Funny thing is, no ne had said he's actually dead. At least in the comics. Yeah we saw him with a sword run through his chest in batman incorporated #8 but no one since has said he died. Alfred is seen crying while looking at an unfinished painting of Damian, and Bruce is shown hugging the costume as if it were Damian but no one has said he's dead. There has been no dialoge in the books reading anything close to, "Damian is dead". Sure we're led to believe he is. All the books have the requiem with the robin style R on the cover. And the latest iissue of batman does have the goth chic talking about some huge loss that batman purportedly has experienced because of how he's acting. But no one has said Damian died. For all we know the requiem with the R is for the "idea" of robin dying. And don't forget who's writing batman incorporated. Grant Morrison has a way of writing some seriously weird stuff.
  6. Everywhere I read about the upcoming wave 3.5 figures, they're referred to as Ultimate Duke, Ultimate Roadblock, etc. But is that the official names of the figures? Is Hasbro going to be putting "Ultimate Duke" on the package or will these figures have some other dopey names?
  7. Found a single Joe Colton among a few Flints, Lady Jayes and Alley Vipers in Waterbury, CT.
  8. Yes Captain Marvel has the strength of Hercules/Heracles, but he isn't relegated to the Marvel Universe. Both DC and Marvel use the various Greco-Roman and Norse gods in their storytelling. So, Superman beating Thor in the JLA/Avengers cross-over and Thor having once beat Hercules doesn't mean Superman could beat Captain Marvel. Because writers from both companies tend to illustrate characters with various levels of power it isn't easy to make this conclusion. Plus I think there is great contention as to whether Superman could actually defeat Thor. There are many Marvel fans who think Superman got lucky. In the traditional, meaning non-comic myths surrounding Hercules, he was killed by being burned on a pyre of oak by his friends. He had been mistakenly poisoned by his wife Deianira, and asked to be burned because it was less painful. In Homer's Iliad, Odysseus sees Heracles in Hades, although there is much consternation as to whether or not the passage is original to the epic; And next I caught a glimpse of powerful Heracles— His ghost I mean: the man himself delights in the grand feasts of the deathless gods on high... Around him cries of the dead rang out like cries of birds scattering left and right in horror as on he came like night... If you want to read the entire passage, it is found in the Odyssey episode XI or the Nekuia. This passage indicates that the "ghost" of Heracles resides in Hades but the "man himself" lives on Olympus. This is probably as result of conflicting depictions of the character and trying to appease both sides. The Roman myths, where he is called Hercules, are more definitive when calling him a god, in that the burning of his mortal body upon the pyre allowed him to become a god and live with the other Olympian gods. However the Romans adopted these stories from the Greeks and altered the tales to suit their needs. The point of all this is, if you take the original Greek myths, and place that character into the Marvel universe then Thor beating a mortal man is no big deal. It doesn't prove that Superman is stronger than Captain Marvel.
  9. So let's drop the wisdom argument because the initial question is, "who is stronger?" not wiser or smarter. Second, Superman's weakness to magic isn't a factor here. It has been shown repeatedly that a direct magical attack can hurt Superman, as in the magical lightning that Marvel used to barrage Superman in the finale of Kingdom Come. It has never to my knowledge been shown that a being comprised of magical abilities can hurt Superman simply because they're made of magic. It's a matter of direct vs indirect attack. So, to answer this question let's ask another (in a bit of Aristotelian logic) question; is Captain Marvel stronger than Doomsday? We can all agree that Doomsday is, or at least was at one point, stronger or as strong as Superman. Superman died at the hands of Doomsday because Doomsday quite literally beat Superman into the ground, using his strength to pound the life out of him. Could Captain Marvel withstand the barrage Superman did, but end up alive? And don't use the lightning blast thing. We know that Doomsday is of Kryptonian origin and therefore susceptible to magic. Again, we're talking strength here. I'd also like to offer up another little bit to ponder. Captain Marvel is the "world's mightiest mortal", which indicates he can in fact die. He is mortal, which encapsulates quite a bit. Let's presume for a moment that Superman, in a life or death struggle with Marvel (b/c one or the other is possessed by an evil force and made to act out of character) punches Marvel so hard he actually makes it into orbit around the earth. Since Marvel is a mortal by definition, can he breath in space, or even withstand the rigors of re-entry? This would sort of put the argument to an end without answering it, but it would end the discussion.
  10. I would love a few play sets and/or vehicles; 1. JSA or JLA meeting table with chairs 2. Batcave computer with chair; sorta a slice of the whole cave 3. Batmobile (obviously) 4. giant seahorse for Aquaman to ride (like in the Superfriends opening montage) 5. Bat Wing 6. Arrow car (Batman Brave and the Bold style) 7. Nightbird 8. Legion of Doom meeting room I think we'd most likely get these as SDCC exclusives or as Matty exclusives. I don't really see a major retailer taking a chance on something like a table or a seahorse. The Batmobile probably. I'm not sure how well the Bat Pod did at Target but that could be a good gauge of how good chances are. The only issue I see with any sort of vehicle is that these figures were not made with the possibility to sit down. The stiff cape would prevent Batman and Robin from really getting into a Batmobile. The same thing with any kind of chair. The Batmobile would either need ingenious tooling or wind up being packaged with a soft or cloth Caped Crusader. This drives the price up a little too which makes the Batmobile a con exclusive again. In any case, we can keep asking and Mattel can keep saying no. I don't think the line is as popular as it needs to be in order to warrant these sadly.
  11. I have the wave 11 Superman Cyborg and I've compared it to pictures of the DCSH Cyborg and the major difference is in the left leg. The wave 11 version has a human looking leg while the original has a cybernetic version. The 2 pack release is more or less the same, unless you count a different shade of blue a major difference.
  12. Hello and thank you for choosing Toynewsi.com for all your action figure needs. Please direct your attention to the front of the message boards for your on-line safety demonstration. While on-line please take note of all exits. They are located in every possible direction away from your computer screen. In the event of a technical error resulting in the shutdown of the website your desk chair may be used to hug as you cry. In the event of an emergency, such as the cancellation of the Pursuit of Cobra line, an oxygen mask with drop from your ceiling. Place the strap over your head, securing the mouth guard firmly in place. Please keep your arms and legs inside the website at all times and no feeding the scalpers. For your inconvenience this message is posted no where else. Thank you for choosing Toynewsi.com and please, enjoy the wallet emptying ride.
  13. Forget the age thing. He's just freaking sweet! Each Sideshow figure has been better than the last (and no I don't work for them but man I wish I did....free figures!) and it looks like they keep getting better. The only company that can even touch them is Hot Toys. DC Direct is direct crap in my opinion, and Medicom has gone downhill lately (at least so I hear). And so he looks all gnarly and chisely. He's a freakin warrant officer grade WO-2 (from his filecard)! These guys are tough nuts to crack. They are made to serve LONG tours of duty (not the same as a tour in Nam or the Gulf mind you but total length of service) and are commissioned the President of the United States (who is also the head honcho of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands & Guam mind you). Army WO-2's serve in the regular army, army reserve, National Guard as well as in the upper levels of the Department of the Army in the Pentagon. They operate as leaders (who can command nearly every form of vehicle in the army), technical experts, trainer & advisor. It's a tough job so looking a little forlorn is to be expected. Plus he has a really cool beret. I'd not mess with someone who wears a beret. And carries a real big gun.
  14. For anyone sitting on the fence on these figures, you have got to jump off and onto the bandwagon of awesomeness that is 12" Sideshow GI Joe. I have SE and he is perfect. Every aspect screams, "I'm a ninja that will kill you without you even knowing it" and he's silent! So there isn't really any screaming at all. I have Duke on pre-order and I can't wait. Flint will be pre-ordered as well. That's really the best thing with these guys. Sideshow tells you so far in advance you can budget accordingly. I ordered Duke in September and he's due in February?! Man that's like 6 months at least. They're $130 a figure (including shipping), which is pretty steep I know, but in six months you get paid 12 times. Can a brother spare $10.84 each paycheck? I know I can, and I did. So, I implore, nay demand you pre-order Flint. Just make sure you do it after me because I don't want to get screwed or anything.
  15. A Target in south Philly (for those in the area) does indeed have them marked to $7.99 I even got a nice co-worker to check the back for me and I got a Hawkgirl, modern Fate and Deadshot out of the deal. The case he opened for me was a real weird one with one Flash, one GL (Hal), the Hawkgirl, Deadshot, Fate, and BC. Regardless I know actually own two figures from the elusive Giganta series. Wahoo!
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