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  1. I had those too when I was a lad (Warduke and the elf were my fav.s), fun times. While I'm not a WoW fan per se, I'm all for any 1:18 scale lines as it's my scale of choice. There's a lack of fantasy/sword-n-sorcery figures in this scale lately that needs reviving. Hopefully remakes of "Clash of the Titans" and other upcoming fantasy films will renew interest.
  2. Whoo-hoo!! After 2 years of silence, Max Factory Guyver figures are back! Pre-orders are starting to pop-up for the upcoming (March) release of Zoalord Imakarum Mirabilis. While it's a bit pricey (even more-so than past releases) at over $100, it's worth every penny IMHO. Hopefully this is just the tip of the ice berg (they still owe me that Archanfel that was shown a few years ago...they can keep the "red gigantic" though) and many more characters (Zero and the remaining Hyper-Zoanoid Five please!) are on the way. I wouldn't be opposed to more economical re-releases of the previous fig.s either for those that missed the boat...or are too scared to free theirs from their boxes (even cooler if they were hydro-shrunk in a smaller scale; I've always dreamed of 1:18 Guyver).
  3. ...and there's also the one that comes in the Champions Box Set (red,white,and yellow) as well as the classic First Appearance Angel that is coming soon in Series 31!
  4. Hells yes!!! The black-suit Namor should be cool too (no frontal-pic.s yet. Super-Villain Team-Up FTW!!). I wouldn't fret too much about Thor; these are after all "comic-packs". You just know that Hasbro will release a better version later. I'm really psyched about the return of Indiana Jones figures (via video game 2-packs). Just based on the few leaked previews, 2010 is going to be a wallet-buster for me.
  5. Previews will also be offering an exclusive "Damaged Mk VII Viper" (w/Starbuck) and a "Scar" Cylon Raider (w/Cylon) Mini-flyers. Both are due in November.
  6. The only real good that could come from this is another shot at those "lost" Raiders figures and hopefully a strategically-planned expansion of figures from the first three films. Sounds like they might be going for a "Harrison Ford becomes Sean Connery while Shia attempts to become the new Harrison". While I get their whole "circle-of-life" angle, the idea of anyone attempting to fill Ford's fedora makes me more than a little uneasy. I suppose it could be pulled-off but it would require one Hell of a script. Regardless, there will only be one Indy for me, and he will forever be Harrison Ford.
  7. BTW, TRU has also posted Series 2 as well as Mini-Vehicle Col. Viper and Raider on their site. I'm thrilled that these previously cancelled waves (and ships!) have finally found a home at TRU as exclusives. I will be broke as Hell amassing an armada of Vipers and Raiders! @jump# Thank-You DST and TRU for making this happen!
  8. TRU has started putting these out. I saw the 6" figures and the 3.75" playsets (no fig.s though) yesterday, but didn't get any. They looked decent, but I'm not sure if I want to collect this line yet. BTW, the Bridge playset was $29.99, Transporter $22.99. I have read posts of other people finding all of these (3.75" too) at other TRUs, so start looking if you're interested.
  9. I bought the 3.75" T-R.I.P.($6.99) and Hunter Killer w/T 700($22.99) today at TRU to test-out the line to see if I really wanted to start army-building these. The humans didn't look as bad as I had imagined, but I'm just concentrating on endoskeletons to terrorize my Joes. No pic.s at the moment, but here's my thoughts on T-RIP (haven't opened the HK yet): For $7.99 I expect a bit better than this. These seem a bit like ChapMei with improved articulation (no offense to CM, as they make some interesting toys for bargain prices). Sculpt: Actually pretty decent (compared to past offerings) for Playmates. There's alot of nice detail work on the endoskeleton and effective paint-wash on the monotoned silver armor. My only complaint here is that the face seems a bit elongated as the mouth is sculpted open and the arms are quite simian in appearance and come down to just above the knee as opposed to the wrist naturally being aligned with the hips. I'd say 7.5 out of 10. Paint: Not much to say here as it's all silver with a black wash; all varied slightly, which is nice for army-builders. However, there seemed to be quite a bit of slop on the eyes so look-out for that. Eyes drop this to about 8 out of 10. Articulation: This is the big topic for me personally, and also the most disappointing. I'll start with the positives and say that I really like the way the arms (though freakishly-long) are done. The shoulders and elbows are a hinge on a swivel-post that work very well (especially for a figure this thin) that allow the arms to move up/down and to the sides. Unfortunately there are no wrist/forearm swivel to allow for a greater variety of weapon holding. The legs are simply swivel-hips (very disappointing, as the card actually has ball-joints that would have been fairly easy to duplicate) and hinge-knees. Despite the hips, he's pretty well balanced considering that he literally has ballpoints for heels...in the static upright position. Any other positions would require hand or stand (not included). And lastly, probably the biggest fail of all for this figure is no neck or waist articulation...WTF!?! That's right, regardless of the cool poses you'll get his arms in, he will always be looking straight ahead. I realize that with all of the pistons 'n such attached at these points that swivels would be nearly impossible (aesthetically), but I really feel that this figure would have shined with some ball-joints for the head and abdomen if done correctly. Shame on you Playmates; you took a decently-passable figure and made it sub-par. I'd generously give it 6 out of 10 (but would almost subtract 4 more points for the neck insult if it weren't for the arms). Accessories: He comes with a Topps trading card (that will just p' you off when you see that he could have had ball-hips...if another company had done these! Not to mention that another licensing fee usually affects the figure-budget and price...see TB SHShowdown) and two guns that look good but fit a bit wonky in his hands. His fingers are thin enough that you could probably boil them and reposition as you like. A stand (with some skulls n' such) would have been appreciated (and in T-bone's case, necessary). 5 out of 10. Packaging: Nice and effective, but nothing outstanding. Playmates attempts to copy Hasbro's taped-flap blister cards, but I'd have preferred that they copy other atributes. Beware of dreaded twist-ties (6)...even the guns have them! 6 out of 10. Overall, he's a nice looking figure that will frustrate you when you think of what he could have been if handled correctly. Pretty solid and sturdy figure for the kids to bang around, but a few levels lower than an adult collector's expectations. Recommended, but with a strong disclaimer. As much as I've griped about MU and DCIH prices, these almost make me appreciate their short-comings now. These are $4-6 figures...tops. Perhaps in the eventual event of clearance sales, I might reconsider army-building.
  10. I'd just like to personally Thank-You Sparks for posting these pic.s!! I'm not a big Joe collector (casually pick-up what I like), but I had been thinking about this set for a MU Doom's (or Zemo, etc.,etc.) Castle but figured it would be disappointing (as most playsets ultimately are for me), even at $29.99 (TRU)...I have never been so happy to be wrong! Regardless of what you collect, if you are a fan of 1:18 scale then do yourself a favor and do not pass this amazing playset up. It is so thoughtfully layed-out/designed, sturdy, and despite it's generous size (height and length) it is relatively slim and doesn't take-up that much space. Bravo, Play Along for what may be the "sleeper" toy of the year IMHO!
  11. Sweet figure, but the head is too smooth for my taste. Anyone else think that this body will be re-used as Red Skull in the MU line? If not, I surely will be!
  12. Well Canada got them in in January, but they are scheduled for release in March so it isn't that big a stretch to be finding them now in mid February. I do realize what you are saying. My point is that, if Hasbro is going to put these out early ( in some stores, like Toy's R Us ) then put them out already. Don't play some stupid game by only putting a few out here or there. Let us all have a crack at the new figures. I know that these new figures, more than likely will be released in abundance come March but if you are going to send them out and put them out on the shelves early then at least make it fair for everyone. Mass release them, don't just place a small amount in various locations. The more I think about Hasbro's motive to this scenario it seems like they are probably doing this to test the market, to see how they will sell. I think I may have answered my own question. Oh well, just had to vent off some steam because I want the figures so badly. Thanks! It's not Hasbro, it's something that happens randomly from store to store. From my understanding, all of the cases are marked (Canada excluded) "do not shelve before 3/1". Some stores have been putting these out early simply because the employees didn't acknowledge the street date. I'm not sure, but I believe that the Wolverine Origins might have had these stamps as well. Many people that have been using the UPC codes are being told that they can not be sold until the date. This sort of thing happens all of the time with Star Wars release-dated stuff. Personally, I'm going to use that date to ensure that I get my fav.s (provided I can get out early enough) without having to hunt so much, though I've wasted quite a bit of gas in the past two weeks hoping that someone had slipped-up! Sometimes, a little fore-knowledge like this can save you some trouble searching for hard to find fig.s (provided a million other people aren't thinking the same...then there's always the scalpers!).
  13. Hmmm, for money? The line in that scale has pretty much run it's course, though I'm certain that there will be a few more additions in the near-future. As far as Hasbro, shifting attention to the 1:18 scale is probably one of the smartest things they've done thus far with the license (especially considering the economic climate) and I think many of you will be amazed (though mostly disgruntled) at how well these will do.
  14. I did (best 'mate line ever), until Mr. Brewer determined that they weren't making enough money and prematurely pulled the plug. Meanwhile, Marvel 'mates are up to Series 25 and going strong. Damn shame.
  15. We shall. And while you're saving money,perhaps you can save your breath as well; all of this "Puni-verse" bashing is ridiculous. *BTW, Deadpool is being released in the first series of Wolverine:Origins (3.75"), and he looks fantastic!
  16. Yeah, afraid that variant is still only available through the DST release (comic shops, online, etc.) that won't be out until Jan. I believe. I picked-up the 2 TRU exclusives, but passed on the Spidey wave (24) as I already have a set pre-ordered ($24.99 including Tarantula!). It was hard to pass on these because they looked so f'n cool, but I can wait (well...I might pick-up one or two for customs).
  17. Did you ever happen to see (if you don't already own) their Harry Potter playsets?!?
  18. I happen to be a fan of Daredevil comics, but I must agree that there probably isn't enough substance alone to propel a dramatic t.v. series by himself. I have, however, always thought that something like say "Heroes for Hire" could work. Have Luke Cage and Iron Fist as the primary protagonists dealing with contemporary street-level issues: political, racial, economical, socialogical, etc. (and more epic, supernatural when neccessary for some Zazz) with cameos by other heroes (Shang Chi, Daredevil, White Tiger, Doctor Strange, etc...heck even Frank Castle!) to keep things fresh and fan-boys tuning-in when applicable to the story-line. Throw Matt Murdock (and Foggy Nelson) in as their personal friend and representative in legal matters and allow him to make some special appearances as Daredevil from time to time. A Marvel Knights/MAX approach could work if handled correctly and written well IMHO.
  19. I "bit-the-bullet" and ordered a set off ebay. It works-out to about $13 each (after the 10% coupon) which I'm not thrilled about, but I figure all of the gas I'll save just for an extremly slim chance of finding these at retail helps justify the price.
  20. Great solution to a big void in the line (and nicely priced I might add). I've since ordered two; one for LC, and another for a RotLA version (yet another sadly missing item in our collections). Now to take advantage of Target's discount and pick-up some more bikes...before you all do!
  21. No, mine were pretty good (nice paint app.s and sturdy joints...except for Liz's which are problematic by design; her's pop-off pretty easily). I have read other posts though of Johann's hip, Wink's chain-fist, and HellBoy's tail breaking...but I think that these are simply random incidents that are common in most toy lines. Was your hip-joint "frozen" from the paint build-up? This seems to be common and requires carefully working it loose (sometimes freezing is neccessary). I had a few myself, but was lucky enough to free them up without breakage. I really love these figures (most 1:18 scale for that matter) and hope that we get the Series 2 that was shown. Fingers are crossed for a "Golden Army" soldier too! *on a similar note, I found the remains (just Wink of all figures!) of the 3 3/4" single-carded line at TRU today! I'm not sure what the case ratio is, but I'd have expected to find Liz or even Johann lingering as opposed to the "fun-tastic" Wink. Keep your eye peeled, they're out there!
  22. As excited as I am for this line, I sincerely hope that these do not represent the final product; the proto.s looked so much better. While I am well aware that hand-painted proto.s always look better, these particular samples have some serious paint application issues not so mention that some of these do not even look like the same sculpts that we saw earlier. With the amount of part-rehashing that this line will inevitably see, solid paint app.s are going to be crucial. And add me to the long-list of people that find the inconsistent articulation aesthetically displeasing. I don't even so much mind the "Has-brows" at this scale, but for Lee's sake make up your minds! The G.I. Joe line (for the most part) would be a decent template if we can't get shoulder and thigh swivels. On the positive, I do in fact like the packaging, think 'file cards' are cool, am thrilled about "no chase variants"(though we're still not 100% sure that they will be equally packed), and welcome mail-away premiums. I'm still on-board for these, but admittedly a bit more skeptical than before after seeing these new samples. I just don't want to see another "Indiana Jones fiasco".
  23. Yeah, these were originally pricey at retail (aprox. $35-75) but have since sky-rocketed in the secondary markets (though they truly are worth it IMHO...artfully sculpted and articulated). Unfortunately, Max Factory seems to have shelved the line (not sure why, as they sold well and had so many more characters to cover) and in fact had three more figures that were shown in Japanese toyfairs that never saw production (Archanfel, Murakam, and red Gigantic). Perhaps they will be revisited, but it seems unlikely at the moment (the new show is done, and there are no plans at the moment to continue despite the fact that the anime series ended on sort of a cliff-hanger). There is a new series in the works featuring a female Guyver, so we could possibly see some stuff from that (though I would hope that Max Factory would continue the line). I personally would have liked to see more variety in the line, and really wished that they had gotten to Guyver 0, the Hyper-Zoanoid Five, more Zoalords, and perhaps some Zoanoid grunts like Gregole, Vamore, Ramotith, etc. Your best bet at this point would be to bite the bullet and buy one off ebay if you really want them, as they just seem to be getting more expensive every day. I do agree that these would make for some pretty cool Revoltechs, and hopefully someone will have the sense to pick-up this license if Max Factory can't be bothered to finish what they started! I've been saying since the 80's that Guyver is an anime/manga classic that is tailor-made for action figures. Good-Luck with your search, I'll see if I can't find some reasonable options for you also.
  24. Finally! I just got back from a trip to visit relatives in Georgia (and also a secret excuse to scour all Wal-Marts and Targets that I passed! ) and by some small miracle, I found a complete set of LC at the first store I hit (which happened to be a Target in Carrolton, GA). I'm sooo relieved, as I had pretty much given up all hope of finding these in my stomping-grounds (Missouri/Kansas) due to the over-flowing pegs of 1 & 2. Now, if we could just get rid of these by the holidays, I may have a snowball's chance of finding ToD. If not, I may have to devise a reason to visit my relatives again! *Crystal Skeleton #4 going in the mail as I type this. C'mon ToD wave and Skeleton #5!
  25. I must admit that I too am a sucker for translucent plastic! I think in the right context they serve their purpose. Convincingly? Not always. But probably the best example IMO would be Hot Toys Snap-Kit Predator which was translucent, but had a few patches of painted details outlined by blue 'static' (like when the field gets wet and fizzles). While not perfect, I still think it looks pretty cool in a diorama.
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