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  1. Here is my redesign of Grimlock, made in Maya. Below is also a youtube link to show him transform. Transformation
  2. Sabretooth was also an X-Man in the 90's. Wolverine had Lobotomized him, leading to a kinder, gentler Sabretooth. Eventually, his brain healed and he went back to his old ways.
  3. what you interperate as leadership, I interperate as saving the day. alot of those situations wolverine is the only man standing, so hes only leading himself. During "Fall of the Mutants" Wolverine was referred to as the team leader.
  4. From post-Messiah complex solicits, we know the following characters are safe: Cyclops Emma Colossus Angel Wolverine Nightcrawler Warpath X-23 Wolfsbane Cable Madrox Rictor
  5. I think it was Storm who said (I could be wrong) that the New X-Men experienced a casualty. Hellion may be gone. Man X-23 is kicking some @$$ though! The term "Casualty" does not refer only to death, but also to fighters who are wounded enough to be removed from battle. Hellion's injuries seem significant enough to confine him to the infirmary for the remainder of the fight, so even without death they are within the bounds of the term "casualty".
  6. Um- none of those differences have anything to do with the sculpt. The sculpts are all EXACTLY the same from proto to final. The changes are 100% paint and plastic related.
  7. Very nice. Just noticed two things it needs- the belt, which you've mentioned already, and the two black stripes above her collar bone:
  8. The Blomnde is actually Rogue- if you look closer, that's a blonde and brown wig stitched together. She's in a black and yellow variation of the Lee uniform
  9. Bear in mind that Sabretooth didn't have any powers when he first appeared. He was a human serial killer in clawed gloves. It was only when they moved him to the X-Men series to be a rival for Wolverine that he gained his mutant abilities.
  10. Wolverine- X-Men Evolution Xavier- Patrick Stewart Magneto- Ian McKellan Gambit- TAS Voice Shadowcat- A bit more mature now than any of her media representations. Natalie Portman. Beast- TAS voice Cyclops- Evolution Voice, slightly deeper Jean Grey- Famke Jansen Rachel Grey/Summers- X-Men Evolution Jean Nightcrawler- X-Men Legends Colossus- TAS Voice Emma Frost-X-Men Legends Iceman- Shawn Ashmore Rogue- mix of evolution and TAS. Accent slightly toned down Havok- X-men Legends
  11. It was a huge campus party, so there were doubles of everything. Besides, the other Cyclops didn't have a team. Rogue, Cannonball, and X-23 came with me.
  12. 1- Price- Perhaps Nintendo has launched every console at $200, the value of $200 has changed a loy: NES- 1986 - $200 Adjusted for inflation, 2006- $364.60 SNES 1991- $200 Adjusted for inflation, 2006- $293.39 N64 1996- $200 Adjusted for inflation, 2006- $254.68 Gamecube 2001- $200 Adjusted for inflation, 2006- $225.64 2- Screens- Showing Far Cry screens really wasn't fair- that's not a game that was developed for Wii hardware- it's a quick and dirty port. There are much better comparisons. Metroid Prime 3 > Prime 2 Sonic and the Secret Rings > Sonic Heroes Mario Galaxy > Mario Sunshine These games may not be on Ps3/X-Box360 level visuals, but they were never meant to be. The hardware is still above a gamecube, and when developers actually put effort into it, we'll so something noticeably better than gamecube. (Ok Capcom- time to show Umbrella Chronicles....) $250 is a little bit steep, but if it's going to give me Zelda, Mario, Metriod and Smash Bros all within the first year, I can stomach that price. Besides- it's not the chipset your paying for. Its the R&D costs of the controller.
  13. Wii will also, apparently, be able to use an ethernet-to-USB adapter to connect to the internet through one of its 2 USB ports.
  14. It goes back further than that.
  15. Here's my (very rough) idea: After discovering the notes of the scientist who designed the Rebirth process, SHIELD revives the Super soldier program. Unable to recreate the original serm, they nonetheless happen upon a stroke of luck when they discover an alien corpse in the nevada dessert. Using his DNA, they create another Super Soldier, Carol Danvers. Eventually, Captain America is disocvered. His resurgeance offers hope to the nation, as the past few years have seen a growing threat from Neo-Nazi terrorist organization, Hydra. Most recently, Hydra agents have broken into Stark labs and kidnapped an ex-SHIELD scientist working for the company (Hank Pym) and his wife. When questioned about their dissappearance, CEO Tony Stark becomes extremely concerned for his company, and demands that SHIELD head Nick Fury be upfront with him. Joining with Danvers and Cap, Stark uses his Iron Man armor and helps successfully extract the Pyms from a Hydra base. In questioning, we learn that Pym was being forced to build a powerful weapon for Hydra's use- Ultron. The movie would end with the Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Goliath and Wasp) engaging Ultron, and eventually becoming a public government-sponsered super team.
  16. Remove the Mutant factor from the equation- the X-men (An, apparently the Maximoff children) are liscenced to Fox, whereas Paramount holds the liscence for the Avengers, and Captain America (Iron Man is a nuetral property- unliscenced at present time) Aside from the studio politics issue, you've got a good premise there.
  17. So far, my vote goes for Brown Wolverine. I haven't bought Astonsihing Wolvie yet. What I project as being the best Wolverine is the inevitable Face-Off variant (I'm predicting classic mask). That sculpt looks amazing, and with a mask taht lasted more than one issue, he'd be my choice for a display Wolvie.
  18. X3, from what we know right now, looks like a combination of "Gifted" (Astonishing X-Men 1-6) and "Dark Phoenix Saga." X2 seemed to me like a combination of "God Loves, Man Kills" and "Return to Weapon X" (Ultimate X-men 7-12) Can't really place specific story arcs for X1..........
  19. There are two Toy Biz's Toy Biz, which changed it's name to Marvel Toys about a year ago, designs and sculpts the figures. Part of Marvel Toy Biz World Wide, the manufacturers of the line. Not part of Marvel As far as we can tell right now, Marvel Toys is still planning, designing, and sculpting the figures- but Toy Biz World Wide has been replaced by Hasbro as manufacturer and distributor of the figures.
  20. Didn't know about the motion sensor. I guess that could be pretty cool. You should read these articles: IGN Revolution FAQ Hands-On with Tokyo Game Show controller tech demos Controller Possibilities IGN Controller Roundtable Also, remember that this isn't teh whole controller- Nintendo has announce two attatchments. The Nanchaku attatchment, which is guaranteed to come with the system, adds an analog stick and two triggers to be held in the other hand. The "Classic Style Expansion Controller" (aka "the Shell") Has been announced, and is being considered as a system pack in, though it hasn't been shown yet. This is supposed to facilitate backwards compatability as well as direct ports from competing consoles. Based on what Nintendo's stated about it, I believe it will look something like this:
  21. Most video rental stores allow you to rent consoles, so you can technically take it for a test drive.
  22. Do they work for http://gc.advancedmn.com/ ? They were talking about releasing Rev. info yesterday, until Nintendo told them to await until Iwata's Keynote (Fri. 11-11:50 am Tokyo, Thur. 10-10:50 pm US Eastern)
  23. http://cube.ign.com/articles/522/522559p1.html And it's rumored that we'll get a full reveal out of Tokyo Game Show on Friday.
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