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  1. I like the actor, I really do. Do I like him as Cobra Commander? No. Just, no. Ya know, I read on the movie rumor thread about who all was being considered for Duke and I've come to the realization of something. For any Stargate SG-1 fans out there, remember the 200th episode? The part where they talked about replacing the actors with younger actors to appeal to the younger crowds, remember that part? Yeah. That's what the GI Joe movie is going to be like.
  2. MX

    Ding Ding!

    Considering he was just outted as the wrath of God (least in the last comic I read)... Considering his crimes against the Marvel universe.... I want to see, Ghost Rider vs Iron Man. I'd put a 20 on Ghost Rider killing Iron Man
  3. I see two possible outcomes (as I have not seen an official word of what is to come): 1: MJ is basically written off, perhaps popping up every so often in a cameo. This this the whole "MJ died in a plane crash" thing all over again. Cliched now. 2: MJ is still apart of Peter's life, mabey even dating. Look, they dated already. Had MJ find out Peter was Spidey and came to terms with it. Not much for regurgitation. Honestly, after reading One Mast Day, Marvel got One Less Reader. Had my comic shop remove all Spidey books from my pull list (except the crossover with Red Sonja, still wanna finish that one). Future Prediction: Joe will realize that they made a mistake when revenue drops and this whole mess will be resolved in about 1 to 1 and a half year.
  4. I'd like to see a wave devoted to filling out the rosters for New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, and Omega Flight: Ronin Modern Luke Cage Echo Ares US Agent Talisman Arachne Guardian Perhapse a Thunderbolt wave: Songbird Swordsman Pennance Moonstone Radioactive Man (I think that's the name, honestly, I'm drawing a blank here) Jack Flag American Eagle (Just make him! I dont care which wave!) Or mabey a Loners wave: Lightspeed Turbo Ricochet Spider-Woman Darkhawk (Another "Just make him!" character) Hallow Phil Urich If there's a Ghost Rider wave, let's have: Modern Ghost Rider (with modern boke) Ruth Hoss Lucifer (so wrong, but he makes me laugh) "Trail of Tears" Ghost Rider Travis Parham Jack'O Lantern Oh! Almost forgot The Avengers Initiative: Cloud 9 Hardball Komodo Trauma Justice Modern War Machine The Gauntlet And I'd like to add two figures to the Iron Man wave: Alchoholic Iron Man (with removable mask and bottle of hooch!)
  5. First off, yes, get the movie. If you liked Punisher, you'll like Ghost Rider. However, there are a few things I feel need to be said: 1: Where as most other comic movies held true to the character's orgins (with minor changes being made for modern update), Ghost Rider does not. Instead, they took aspects from the entire GR mythos and made a orgin from that. 2: In other comic movies, it's my opinion that they make a movie based on the comic; this mean dialogue makes sense and "fits in" with reality, and the film shooting is just like a standard movie. GR, however, they filmed a comic book. You can see where some shots resemble a panel from a comic and where some of the dialogue sounds corny. Once you realize that they made the movie to be a bit more comic-ish, you'll realize some things that might bug you are okay. I found this to be the main reason why people didn't like the GR movie; they never seem to realize this fact.
  6. Okay, a few things that people have said and are bugging me. It wasn't Mephisto. it was Mephistopheles. Yes, Blackheart was a bit corny when dealing with GR, but near the end of SoV, he kinda was funny. Or at least he was acting like Lucifer is in the current run. If you want to see what a full demonized Blackheart woulda looked like in the movie, rent the GR game; he's the final boss, and looked pretty badass. And yes, I loved the movie. It had a lot of nice inspirations from the comics, and decent (but different) takes on the character. Oh, and I liked how Roxanne wasn't a damsel in distress type and actually helped out.
  7. I too felt the ending was...lacking. But upon reflection, I think they were trying to capture how Roxxane saved Johnny from be takin by Mephisto in the first GR run (since in the movie she brought Johnny the gun and even popped off a few shots). Mostly, I think they established the character and orgins for this movie, and left it open for a sequal, mabey Vengence or Lilith?
  8. MX

    Ghost Rider Toys

    I can confirm, both Vengence and Scarecrow are in the game. Vengence is the boss for chapter one, Scarecrow for level 4. If we're lucky, we'll get Lilith, Blackout, and total demon Blackheart next.
  9. If they do release a She-Hulk movie, I hope the draw inspiration from her current run. I think it'd be nice to see that comic based movies can do something more satiric and comical and not just action.
  10. MX

    The New Ronin

    I dont think it's Daredevil. In the Marvel comic preview, they said Matt's back as DD in the DD book and that Ronin's identity was revield in New Avengers. I'm betting it's Hawkeye, with a close second on Deadpool. And I like the idea of Iron Man and Cap switchin sides for persepective. Oh, and Agent X was the Black Swan's henchman that Deadpool killed. When his castle blew up, Swan's powers mixed his, Pools, and the henchmen's personalities and abilities together. The result was Swan with some of Pool's personality, Agent X (who had Pool's powers and a bit of all 3 personalities), and Pool as a blank slate. Swan later fixed them and X remembered who he was. So he hates Pool cause he was killed by him.
  11. My cousin use to be a movie critic. Here's some insight, they all have their heads up their ass. If it isn't some artsy fartsy movie but a movie that's actually made for entertainment purposes, they'll hate it.
  12. I bet that when Blackheart decided to throw everything he has at Ghost Rider, he'll transform into something more traditional
  13. MX

    IRON MAN Movie

    omg, the first time I saw him on Eureka I thought "man, this guy would be a awesome Tony Stark. Heck, he's even usin half the name already." As for RDJ....I don't know. I can't see him as Iron Man, but I could see him pulling it off. Although, I wish they'd go with less known actors/actresses for superhero movies. That way we don't have much of a preconcieved notion about him/her.
  14. MX

    Which Sentry is rarer?

    ... I was only making sure I didn't scrap something that might be valuable before I used it in a custom.
  15. I picked up one Sentry around the first release of the Wal Mart wave. He has a more goldenrod body with a blue cape/belt/gloves/boots. Went to Wal Mart today and found another Sentry who's blue was a more royal blue (darker) and body was a bright (almost neon) yellow (more akin to Pyro's yellow). Is one a screwed up paint job? A varient? Bottom line, which one is (or might be) worth more?
  16. None of the above. I vote for: Aunt May and Uncle Ben Or Deadpool and Bea Arthur.
  17. Either they are going to be doing something that will kill this and future movies. Or, as someone else said, it's a scene with the suit messing with Peter's head.
  18. Funny, cause mine did the same thing then just snapped in half. Had to take a drill to get the dang peg out.
  19. MX

    3 3/4" Offical Update

    I love that Steel Brigade set. That's going to be the first 3/4th Joe product I get in over a year.
  20. She-Hulk wave: She-Hulk John Jameson Two-Gun Kid Titania Southpaw Starfox BAF: Awesome Andy
  21. Minute I saw Ghost Rider as a playable char I knew I had to get this game.
  22. Secret Wars. Not sure which one(s) were first since I was only about 2 years old when I got'em. First ML figure was Ketch version Ghost Rider.
  23. Good to see I'm not the only one hoping it's Shocker.
  24. Too small to tell if it's a shopped one. Based on the merits of the pic alone, mabey 50% chance it's real.
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