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  1. BLACKEST NIGHT #0-8 is available - I think it's been for a few days now. It's running about $30 hardcover. You should sign up for Borders.com, get the coupon deal (which I think should be 30% off or so) to save a few bucks. They will be cheaper than BN or Amazon. If your local store doesn't have it, they'll ship it for free. Hope that helped.
  2. I am a high school teacher in Massachusetts, so I think I can help you with this. Children are not as challenged as they were back then in terms of material. There are two things that could keep a student from ever crossing that information nowadays, and they both go back to No Child Left Behind (2001). NCLB required states to create standards and expectations that each school could meet to create lifelong learners who are competent in Language Arts, Mathematics, and Technology (although the last part was sort of thrown under the rug because schools couldn't and can't really afford it). So, on that note, as an English teacher, I have to cover over 25 standards in my classroom, and my students should be able to reach proficient on all of them. To reach this task, I can't spend time on grammar -- the Mass frameworks don't specify grammar; most of it is in language and literature. The maps suggest there are specific things I "must" teach during the year - so by this time of year, normally, my panic button strikes and I think I have to fit in x amount of work in xx amount of days. My kids would be horrified at those LA questions. Furthermore, going back to NCLB (2001), my students have to be proficient in skills, not in knowledge. The MCAS - Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System - requires the students to be able to meet proficient standards in writing a five paragraph thematic essay, short open responses, and some critical thinking. Skill set is required to pass the test, not objective knowledge. If we do not make Adequate Yearly Progress, the school will be faced with some sort of martial law like action (we are up for it this year, actually, because we can't break our poor running streak, but that's another post for another time). Many teachers are encouraged to overlook such information to make sure the students meet proficient. I worked at a school where Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were MCAS practice days and I was supposed to teach Macbeth on Tuesday and Thursday. I can promise you those students learned little to nothing from it because of the way that curriculum was set up. So no. Snopes did a lousy job. I could go on about the other concepts that melt away the students' education (I'm on break this week, but I swear to God if another kid texts under her desk ...@firedevil@) but generally, there have been changes in the curriculum and expectations that would prevent the students from knowing this information. It's really not to say that the kids are stupid -- times change, and so do standards.
  3. I couldn't find any - I even checked the dreaded sales section. No luck at two of them, if I hit the third one, I'll check that out.
  4. I do. I live between three of them. do they have the captain america shirt in a large at any of them? The blue vintage one with a huge picture of his face? I will check for ya - no promises. The stores in my area don't keep a good record of their inventory, but I'll stop in on my way home tomorrow and see what's there.
  5. I do. I live between three of them.
  6. The Muslim deity was in South Park and no one complained That episode is hardly ever shown in reruns because they showed Muhammad, though. That's more of the channel's decision than SP's, so I digress.
  7. We will definitely keep you in our thoughts and prayers. I've lost my dad to cancer, and it was a six-month ordeal with hospice and everything. If you have questions or even need to vent, you know we're here - and we can probably give you tips.
  8. It's almost always a bad idea but not always. The next step they need to learn is that just because they lived doesn't mean they need to be in the next movie (magento really just took up time in x2) Pirates 2 did that right. I hate to say it but Dark Knight as a single installement was awesome, but I worry with the death of Heath Ledger there is going to be some massive challenges for a sequel considering all the hints the Joker would be back. Don't worry. Nolan promised that he would not do another Batman unless he would be able to make a movie that was even better than DK. And as a story teller and plot creator and director, I trust that he will be able to handle the lack of Joker. This, at least, is what makes me happy about Raimi's stepping away from Spiderman. I like that Raimi had some integrity in his work and when he realized what he was creating was not up to par - his own standards or the fans - he let it go. As much as I will miss the characters and the actors (and the Bruce Campbell cameos!!!!), I am glad that he didn't make a movie that he is not proud of (although I'm not sure he's too proud of SP3, but that's a story for a different thread).
  9. I worry about the concept of a gritty Spider-man because I am afraid that the new writers will try to hone in on Dark Knight’s success. Nolan clearly created a gritty feel for Batman that works with the set characters and the story arcs. The Joker worked because he doesn’t fly on a glider or force a suspended belief – all which worked well for Raimi because of the fantasy element that is evident in the comics. Spider-man has epic qualities in its own right, and the previous tone to the movies (disregarding the song in 3) fit the experience well. If it goes gritty, the characters will need adjusting. I don’t quite see how some of the characters such as Sandman or Hydroman, for example, would work in a gritty film. The realism of the grittier film seems as though it would conflict with the some of the expected superhero elements. Maybe it’s just the word, but gritty seems to be limiting the franchise again and too soon in the process.
  10. Absolutely, already booked! Yo Joe!
  11. I know Wayans gets a bad rap for being in … well, bad films, but the more that I think about it, the more I really liked Marlon Wayans in this film. I always liked him – Don’t be a Menace and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka – but he was exceptionally likable and funny – the audience laughed at him and meant it. He really ruled – especially since he had to work next to that piece of dead wood, Channing Tatum. Duke's acting was like stale bread.
  12. I got to see the preview at Andrews AFB (my father is a disabled veteran, as is my grandfather) and I have to say, for what it's worth, it's not bad. Is it classic G I Joe? No. But I enjoyed it as a summer action flick - cheesy lines filled - awesome explosives - movie more than TF2. Obviously if you're going in looking for perfection, you'll be disappointed. But otherwise, I'm going to take my little cousins and then use them as an excuse to check the toys out at Target (I'm not buying them anything). Yo Joe!
  13. I will completely take the easy way out and make sure that I use walmart.com to do a site-to-store. I'll go to the store, make it to the front desk, and never have to set foot in the place because some poor worker will have gotten it for me. It's going to suck the fun out of the hunt, but really, there's no fun in hunting in cruddy ol' walmart. But I will get it, regardless that I already have a Batman and Superman.
  14. I'm over a month late for this haha, but did they have a good amount of short rounds? I'll be going there in august....and where is this store and whats the name again? Once Upon a Toy is in the Downtown Disney area closer to the McDonalds and starting toward the ol' Pleasure Island. It's a giant store with giant toys surrounding it. You can't miss it. In Hollywood Studios, near the Indiana Jones Stunt Show Spectacular, there is also a smaller gift shop.
  15. I want Raimi to finish what he's started. I think that SP4 - well, it can only be better than than SP3. But he's set up the arc for Lizard, and with the symbiote sample remaining, finishing the plot cycle would work. Then once this quad of Spidey's life is complete, we can move on and rock the other heroes. I definitely agree with you, though - Electro would be an epic FX event!
  16. definitely "Yo Joe!" I noticed that in some of the articles, too ... blech.
  17. My KMart is absolutely a nightmare - boxes are smashed up, dvds are all over the place, the staff couldn't care less. I only go in there when it's a necessity.
  18. Totally. With Kasady being a serial killer, Raimi would have plenty to play with!
  19. Hang in there, milesflex!! The packaging is absolutely worth it!!!
  20. and if it is a bomb (which I don't think it will be), at least that gives that director and produce a direction to go in - Return of Cobra, Reign of Cobra - sequel will almost have to kick ass even more.
  21. That's exactly what I'm talking about. If I get jolted out of my movie experience because I have a fan boy moment, I'm gonna livid!
  22. I would prefer them not to compare it to the cartoon come to life - the cartoon is what it is, and this movie will not be able to capture that particular mark. I can stand cheese lines if there is a plot - you know, that plausible sequence of events. That said, it's hard not to compare it to the cartoon and hope they didn't take extreme liberties.
  23. Except for Blade III and Amityville Horror...I've enjoyed pretty much most of his films. Van Wilder and Smokin Aces being tops. I remember liking that show, and Smokin' Aces rocked. I just hope that RR kicks ass (again) as Deadpool and GL - so we don't end up with Ryan Reynolds Overkill.
  24. I had (and still have) my GI Joes, MOTU, and thanks to my dad, some kick ass Marvel stuff. That's one of the greatest things he ever gave me - a penchant for detail and figures!!
  25. the cover looks epic and sleek. I'm thrilled!
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