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  1. GuitarDevil

    World Peacekeepers

    They always seem to have a "small" stock of them in at Big Lots...depending on how "big" the store is....they either have just one or two little items or I see the Base & some Jet sets....but usually around the "toy" holidays...Xmas & Easter
  2. GuitarDevil

    It's been a long time

    I came onto this board too late....I missed the "busy" days....the board is fairly quiet most days...just a few regulars still keeping it active....I don't think I had any interaction w/Amy.......My deepest condolences & sympathy for you & your whole family.....there are few if any words to comfort the loss of a Loved One....I know it's cliché but we really have to find comfort in the darkness sometimes, we have to light that one match that may burn for a bit to bring us light & some quick comfort or just flicker out to leave us wanting, be we cannot extinguish all hope....We should celebrate the wonderful conversations & observations she had on the boards & the friends she made here & abroad....We are never long for this world but the memories & conversations & the Love we share w/complete strangers who share our passions speaks volumes on the Human Being she is....I consider our generation lucky for having grown up in one of the most interesting times of Pop Culture.....the Stories, Movies, Toys....all of it has inspired an generation to create & bring about new ideas & Technology to lead the next ones to a hopeful brighter tomorrow.....that all started w/"kids" like ourselves falling in Love w/Fantasy, Sci-Fi & whatever else.....We grew up in a time of wonder about Galaxies Far Far Away & extraordinary Heroes who set examples for all the kids who emulated them......My heart goes out to Amy's family & her friends.....the Holidays should be a time of Joy & Happiness but few can find that after losing so much....I will Pray for Amy & her family cause that's all I can do really & continue to share the "Love" for Little Plastic Robots & Figures....I think maybe next year I will donate a Toy in her honor at Toys for Tots or some other non-profit agency.....I'm sure she loved to share her Toys & stuff as much as she loved talking about her passions......even though I didn't know her, it does hurt my heart to know one of my fellow "collectors" has Walked On......Rest in Peace legallyblonde....May the Horns of Freedom Ring & the Colors of Ogord flash over you......
  3. GuitarDevil

    Disney/Fox Merger is Happening

    They have time on their hands now....Chess if you will....I hope they really take time to play this out....they've had so many hits & a few misses so I know they're in good hands once again....I'm one of the few who would like to see the Wolverine square off against the Hulk....I've long thought that if they wanted to "marry" the teams then an "multi-verse" option would be the way to go.....I enjoyed Days of the Future Past but Apocalypse wasn't that great....either way we have the FF, Silver Surfer, Skrulls & Galactus back!!.....just need to get the rest of the Spider verse back.....I'm not looking forward to the Venom movie at all.....I can't wait to see Wolvy in a suit as well.....
  4. GuitarDevil

    New GI Joe movie...in 2020

    They really need to just reboot & stay AWAY from a shared universe...that works for some movies & others it really just makes a jumbled mess of lazy & hurried writing & poor decisions.....I thought Rise of Cobra was just okay...I was finally getting Stormy & Snake Eyes on screen so I was willing to give it a slight pass.....Channing's acting was still wooden but it has improved greatly since then....Retaliation was just horrible....from start to finish...a jumbled mess of dysfunction that wasted its characters & actors...Bruce Willis wasn't needed imop...neither was the Rock....nothing against him but the writing for GI J2 was garbage.....they even found a way to WASTE an appearance by Walton Goggins....I like him as an actor but he did it for fun imop.....Cobra Commander was way underused & they WASTED Destro completely.....there was so much wrong w/#2....They really need to do a solid Reboot & write a proper treatment for the Joes.....use the core characters to start with....they could just start off w/an World where the Joes already exist & are constantly fighting w/Cobra to balance the world.....that would be easier than having to build up a believable story line where the Joes are formed & Cobra has to magically Pop-up from somewhere w/out all the plot-hole questions....I realize they had that "Epic" ninja fight scene in #2 but they used a majority of that footage for one of the teaser trailers & I thought to myself..."I hope that isn't all the best footage"....& it was.....
  5. GuitarDevil

    Star Wars Toy Hauls

    The 3.75" figs are cheap at Walmart.com....Great deal on the Sandperson... https://www.walmart.com/ip/Star-Wars-Black-Series-3-75-Tusken-Raider/55187082
  6. GuitarDevil

    Boss Fight Studios

    I got my HACKS Knight of Asperity....its cool as H....except his leg is offset in the box....now I have to open him to fix it....
  7. GuitarDevil

    GI Joe Toy Sightings

    Over the weekend I spotted the Heavy Duty/Stilleto & Iron G/Cobra Viper 2 packs...only one each at ROSS for $10 apiece....I went to 2 other Ross's & didn't see any Joes there, so they're spotty at best....good Luck Hunters
  8. GuitarDevil

    Who buys Mezco figures?

    I was really digging that Deluxe Punisher for the extras....I'm okay w/the overall head sculps & such but Yes the "outfits" turn me off..I wish I could afford one or two of these figs but for now I admire from the sidlines...I liked the DD as well....
  9. GuitarDevil

    Marvel Comics Toy Sightings/Hauls

    Has anyone spotted the new Hydra Henchmen 2 pack from TRU yet?....the friggen Website has been teasing us for weeks since the New York toy deal...It's been saying "sold out" for weeks now...this is why TRU is going bankrupt...they always send me surveys asking about improvements....I've filled out at least 8 of them since I've been dealing w/TRU....they still don't get it....*Andy Rooney voice* stop buying all the BS & start making smarter choices concerning toys your consumers demand as opposed to just putting out whatever HassleBro & Mattel throw at you....Rant Over....over the weekend we visited my Sisters place wayyyy down south from our area......My Mom invited us to cruise w/her, they had a Community Garage Sale...lotsa cool stuff...I'll post over at Gsales later.....I was able to use the baffroom at the One Walmart they had in town....my goodness....they had the new Star Wars figs which I haven't seen yet...I wasn't interested so I moved on....while they had most of the Netflix wave which was cool....lol I know I'm getting Blade for Xmas....but I was mainly looking for Hela & Lady Thor....I was able to find 2 Lady Thor's so I bought one & left the other....Still need an Ares but this Walmart was telling.....they had at least 8 Loki if not 10 & Odinsons as well.....leads me to believe some employee or shopper is snatching up all the Helas & Ares figs.....that suxx...I was able to talk to a fellow collector & he said he loves his store...he was able to secure the Netflix wave there as well as his Star Wars Black needs....good finds but I hope distribution catches up.....my local WM & Targets are still holding onto Guardians & Baf Rhino figs...ugg....at this point I'm suffering severe collecting burnout.....whew...I would love 2 of those Hydra packs though 1st lol...I forgot to add that does anyone still see Spiderman Homecoming figs around? Seriously they were here for 2 weeks & they were gone.....they clearanced them wayyyy too early as well....was it an Walmart exclusive wave? They never came to Target at all....
  10. GuitarDevil

    MOTUC Sightings & Finds

    So far they imop aren't as bad as Digital River.....I gotta admit thought it did take almost a year to get my last items Ram Man, Teela but they were superb....I emailed them once about shipment & they were prompt with their response......bottom line is they're taking "pre-orders" cause the toys aren't made yet....so it will take time to make them & distribute....its the only game in town so I'm playing the game....as I said before it was nice to log into a website & actually order what they're selling as opposed to all the "mind games" DR played w/us on Day of Sale.....10 second sell outs & back door web pages releasing "product" minutes before the "advertised" sell date/time....thank god that shiiii is over...
  11. GuitarDevil

    New Justice League batmobile

    Nope but it looks amazing!!.....If I had the Cashola...man it looks fuggen Saaaweeet though
  12. GuitarDevil

    Hasbro's Black Series 6" Figure Line

    Since my Car died again & other financial stuff I've sloooowed down a lot on stuff.....coupled w/the fact that Star Wars collectors are ravenous....can't find much these days on the pegs cept for Zuvio, Cassian.....I did finally see the new Luke fig....not enough extras w/that fig...very basic imop....I passed on the Fire Squad trooper from Gamestop....its just one of those repaints that baffles me...I skipped the Walgreens Obi as well....I have an SDCC Obi that's fine...I get it YJB its really is hard to keep up...my interests are changing...I'm getting into gaming & jamming on my guitar more so I've been hunting less these days....I'm kinda of thinking of selling off a large portion of my 6" stuff too....just keep the heavy hitters & move on.....1/2 my house is currently in boxes filled w/toys I don't have room to display so I'm really thinking of an Super Sale sometime next year....for now I just want to get the 6" Speeder & maybe that Dewback when it comes out.....I would say ever since I honestly couldn't find Baze & Chirrut I've felt like just quitting collecting this line....I don't really need them after thinking about it.....I passed on Wampa Luke as well....I don't feel like paying $40 for him when I only paid $12 for Han & TaunTaun.....I'm not really into the new stuff except for the Death Troopers....oh well...by the looks of the pegs & how they distribute, they won't miss my money.....
  13. GuitarDevil

    Clearance Clarence

    1st of all, I apologize for the lack of pics....didn't know Photobucket would get all butthurt using them....I will hopefully post pics later but over the weekend I stopped by "DD's Discounts"....the store is related to "Ross-Dress for Less" stores....X-mas season is coming on so this was expected...I spotted a few DC figs...they had Movie Lex for $4, Suicide Squad Katana for $7 & a BM vs SM Supes for $11.....also spotted 3x Marvel Legends Whirlwind for $5 a piece ( I was tempted but glad I held off).....They had the Star Wars Rogue One 2 packs I spotted the Death Trooper/Wide Mouthed Alien & Shore Troop/Hairy Alien for $4 apiece & the Star Wars Micro Machine Ship Packs were $3.49, they only had the Rebels & Rogue One sets.....I'm not really into Call of Duty & Halo but they had multiple smaller Mega Blocks sets for $7-$22....pretty good stuff for early Xmas stuff...they even had Shopkins there, my Nieces & Step GrandDaughter are really into those things lol.....I gotta check out Ross this weekend & see if there's anything cracking there....good luck Hunters...
  14. Okay lets start by saying, I'm more of an Star Wars fan than Trek, majority of my friends & GF are Trekkies.....I didn't want to buy the CBS App but my GF talked me into it lol we tend to miss other CBS shows & we "cut the cable cord" a few years back so paying for this to begin w/was debateable but since we don't own a DVR, I caved....I watched the first 2 episodes on TV & decided I wanted to watch the rest.....when I heard they were going back before Kirk I was skeptical.....I get that people aren't digging the "Tech" but I feel that most people would prefer an "updated look" for the show in general.....as far as the "Warp Technology" mixed w/Biofuel is an awesome idea.....I like the slight "Section 31" feel of the show.....one of my friends is really digging the Klingon War era....I loved the 2 & 3rd episodes......I'm an avid reader anyway so the Subtitles don't bother me, the more "raw" look of the Klingons doesn't bother me either, I can ignore the political overtones but they do drive the message home that Klingons are not to be trusted even by other "honorable" Klingons lol....I like the fact that the Federation doesn't have all the answers & their refusal to see the Klingons as a very serious threat is what makes them ineffective at first & inspires some serious Space Battle Scenes that I haven't seen since the Borg took on the Federation.....I like that fact that "Michael" is not a Captain yet & she will have to earn or be forced to earn that title....Her current Captain is something of an Ahab chasing his whale while she is also smart & lethal she still has the Vulcan Logic she was raised around.....I don't agree w/the adoption/raising as Spocks Step Sister but I don't think anyone mentioned Sybok from the Final Frontier in any of the old TV shows before he showed up in that movie....I work w/veterans & some of them are deep Trek Fans....they like seeing the "struggle" between the Military & Science side of it cause it is relevant in that sort of environment.....
  15. GuitarDevil

    Star Wars Toy Hauls

    My HasCon Capt. Rex came in last week...I still haven't opened him cause I was busy "Adulting"..he looks great in the Reviews online.....I'm really starting to slow down the Black series due to not finding any new ones anywhere....all of sudden Black Series fans are ravenous....but not for Zuvio lol

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