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  1. Hurm. If this is true, maybe I'll have a reason to stop bitching about them replacing the ESPNNews & Classic channels. Well, at least the News. Classic was replaced by yet another frickin' religious type channel. Sheesh. :roll: I have nothing against religion or anything, but the cable company has added 3 religious/religious type channels in the past 4 months. Enough already, give me a frickin' UPN fer Pete's sake. :evil: :x
  2. What's really kinda scary about that F5 is that Big Show is probably heavier now than when he faced Goldberg & that I believe Brock actually does have a broken rib. And he hoisted Show up to his shoulders with relative ease. That boy just don't know his own strength. As for HBK having the other title, I'm hoping that he'll at least get to have a match with Jericho & possibly one with RVD. That's the one thing I think brought down the main event a bit. The eliminations started before everyone was in the match & RVD was the first one out. It would've been nice to see him last until the final 3 instead of Jericho, just to keep the pace of the match up more. Overall though it was a pretty solid PPV. They kept the Show match short (maybe a bit too short, that thing was over quick), the tables match was fun (D-Von back on RAW?), a good cruiserweight match, an incredible 3-way dance tag & Scott Steiner destroying Nowinski. Life don't get much better than dat, mon ami. @-@
  3. Oooh, I hope this sucker shows up at KMart before next Saturday. They've got the Grand Gundam in they're toy ad, which expires 11/16, for only $14.99!
  4. Very laughable. Star Wars came out in 1977 - G.I.Joe early eighties. Star Wars figures conquered the market long before the G.I.Joe comic was ever conceived. Get you facts correct before making stupid remarks. Read that again bub. He said Hasbro has had Joe a lot longer than SW. Which is true. Kenner made the original SW line. Hasbro had nothing to do with it until they bought Kenner in the 90s. And on the truly technical side of things, G. I. Joe has been around a hell of a lot longer than SW as the original line, the 12" line, first came out in the 60s. Might wanna take your own advice.
  5. Oy vey, here we go again. Looks like that schedule over at qk has been switched around as they aired "Cobra Stops the World" tonight. So, do we start taking bets on when they'll air an episode that wasn't in the first batch this summer? :roll:
  6. At the final January PPV WCW ran (Sin in 2001) the main event was a 4-way between S. Steiner, Sid, Jeff Jarrett & a "mystery" opponent (who turned out to be Animal of the Road Warriors). Before Animal made it to the ring, he was supposed to be late arriving to heighten the suspense, Sid climbed onto the second turnbuckle & attempted a jumping front kick, kinda like Hogan's big boot only he was somewhat airborne. The problem was this is not a logical position for a large, somewhat clumsy oaf to be in. Which resulted in Sid landing on his left foot awkwardly & snapping it clean in half. It legit looked like his foot was severed inside his boot, it was flopping around that freely. Animal was coming out (he had a mask on so no one knew who it was) at the time, so the entire incident wasn't seen live on camera. However it was obvious something was wrong due to 2 factors... 1) When Animal revealed himself all he did was weakly kick Sid in the side & Steiner pinned him to win the match 2) Sid's foot was dangling & almost twisted half way around & bent sideways! They showed the footage on Nitro the next night, with the warning that it wasn't for the squeamish. That's one sight that will forever be imbedded in my mind.
  7. catter you & I now have something in common, we've both met Mick Foley. He gave one of his college lectures tonight at SIU & had a book signing afterward. He's a hell of a funny guy & very down to earth. Also I've met Marc Mero & Sable. The WWF was in Cape Girardeau, MO & Marc & Rena were at the mall here in Carbondale signing autographs. She was really down to earth back then. Too bad she got so full of herself. Marc just seemed to "be there".
  8. WWF has announced on their website that they've signed Bib Poppa Pump Scott Steiner! 'Bout damn time too. Speculation is that he's gonna be on RAW. Perhaps that's what the trade with the Big Show entailed, RAW getting the next free agent that the WWF signed. Good deal if that's what it is.
  9. Sorry, but I've gotta agree that Liefeld is horrible. While I like characters like Cable & Deadpool (one of my favorite characters overall) that he helped create, all he draws is super-muscled characters. And guns the size of small planets. Us SW fans may think that Hammerhead's gun in the 90s was huge (right LJ?) , but that's just peanuts to some of what Cable hauled around when Liefeld drew him. BTW, nice to see your still floating around Lady Jaye. Have you popped into GalacticHunter yet?
  10. Nope for 2 reasons: 1) I only have an N64. 2) I tried out the first one that was on display at a store. Crap. Pure crap. Nice idea using a lot of the old school guys, but the game blows. Give me a No Mercy-like game (or a similar control style, Fire Pro is good too) or don't make the game. I've never been too into the whole left-right-x+z/f-stand on your head & sing "Tutti Furtti" to suplex your opponent type of control system. Plus the collision detection was pathetic at best. The tried & true method works best. The only reason I originally bought Raw (or whatever the first wrestling game from WWF was, it was by Acclaim) was that it was the only WWF game on the N64 at the time. I've loved everything that the THQ/AKI team has done. WCW/NWO World Tour (best damn mode ever, the league tournament), WCW Revenge, WWF WM2K, WWF No Mercy. Those games got progressively better & better. It's a damn near perfect system. The only thing I really want on top of No Mercy is a return of the league tournament, a few more match type options (that exploding cage thing in Fire Pro on GBC is pretty fun) & even more customization options (masks would be nice, as would the ability to "create" your own moves so you could accurately make any wrestler, some more outfits would be good too). I rented a GBC just to try out Fire Pro because I've heard sooooo many incredibly good things about that series of games & it didn't disappoint in the least. There's supposedly a version coming out for the GC sometime in the future. If this is true, and I'm sure it'll hold up to the high standard of the game, it will blow any wrestling game completely out of the water. Hell, it'll blow 'em off the planet. ^*^
  11. Neros has been available since the first wave. I did just spot Royal & Haow at KMart of all places today. Hell, they even had some new Star Wars figs I didn't have. Note the use of past tense in that previous statement. :wink: - I'm really thinking about getting the 4 Kings so I can merge them into that Grand Master sucker. Looks awesome.
  12. Damn, that's wicked looking! :evil: I'm not particularly sure what the background is supposed to be, but it looks awesome. 8)
  13. Damn Preventer, I remember that 3 movie marathon! I think that's where I recorded Vampire Hunter D from originally. Was it CN though, or was it TNT? I'm thinking it was TNT.
  14. Well, I just ran across quite a few more of these at TRU (RAW group) & Target (SD group) today. They had X-Pac & Lita whom I hadn't seen from the RAW group, I'd say I've seen almost the first half of the RAW group, minus Hall & Nash. Target though had Hogan, Hurricane, Albert, Al Snow, Maven & Ivory (whom I've found at KMart already). I hadn't seen any of those before & have now seen 14 of the 20 SD figures on the pegs. The only ones I haven't seen are 11-13 & 18-20. DDP, Storm, Christian, Torrie & Jericho are amongst that batch. So maybe they will release all of them. Who knows right now. Jakks is funny that way.
  15. I'm posting from campus right now (damn SIU dial-up that I use has been shut down indefinitely, perhaps permanently, & the other one doesn't want to work for me) so I don't have my box set in front of me, but one of my favs is the one with the mutated crab thingy that poisons Jet, Faye & Ein. A nice semi-nod to Alien, but funny at the same time, especially what Ed does with it. - I really need to find time to watch the series again.
  16. Damn, I love the packaging. And damn is he huge! Perfection! Good choices on the lines, except maybe the final one. How the heck much is he supposed to be?
  17. Yeah, I meant to post something about this. He had wrestled earlier in the evening (against Crowbar I think) & apparently just dropped dead later on. I've read that he was supposed to get married next month. A true shame. Yet another one who died way too soon.
  18. Gimli. Gotta love the badass dwarf with a major attitude. @-@
  19. Ah, so I am the only one so far to catch the nice little homage to the old Joe/TF connection. Page 8, panel 2. Very nice. - And for those who still don't get it.... ... ... ... ... ... ARBCO Telemarketing is now called Teletran Marketing. As in the Autobots main computer, Teletran I. :wink:
  20. They've been down in either HWA or OVW. The Island Boys, Ekmo & Kimo. Also known as the 314th & 315th members of the Samoan tribe of pro wrestling. :wink:
  21. This has got to be one of the goofiest 'toons I've ever seen. Ranks right up there with Earthworm Jim & Freakazoid. - - - We need more 'toons like this.
  22. Ah, it makes me long for the days when MST3K was still alive & well. And that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing @-@ - I really love stuff like this.
  23. Yo, right here. Fan since 1987. @-@ I too would love to see some of the "old-timers" made. Demolition, British Bulldogs, Rick Rude, Andre the Giant. Ah, the memories.
  24. I don't have any of the new Joe stuff, but all of my old figs are in those old school vinyl cases & one of the newer C-3PO cases from SW. My SW figs, the new ones that is, are all in 3 different storage mediums... 1) Vintage vinyl cases, 2 ESB & 1 SW. 2) 3 of those tool drawer thingies, I've found a type that has drawers that are fairly wide, semi-deep & very long that fit most f the figs. 3) Plano tackle box, model #3730. I've got probably a dozen of those suckers & would dearly love to get more, except for the fact that there is no store that carries them anymore in my area. They still make them, as I called the company earlier this week. I may wind up ordering a case of 6 from them. They hold 15 figures, very comfortably. Most of them you just need to have in a slightly slumping pose. And the spaces are enormously deep. 3" deep, as a matter of fact. Hell, I've got Dexter Jettster & the Darktrooper in those slots & they fit nicely. I've seen the Shimano, or whatever they're called, tackle boxed & they do look like they'd be perfect for Joes, BTW. #=$
  25. I don't get UPN either, but I do read the spoilers & reports on the 'net. Here's a quick re-cap of what happened. Rico was, of course, running the "show" & having various problems. Steph even agreed to attend, even though she's generally been bad luck at weddings. :wink: When the time came, they had singers out there singing "It's Raining Men" & the "ceremony" was under way. However, something seemed odd about the Reverend (I believe). Billy finally put an end to the whole farce & admitted that the whole thing was just a publicity stunt, he's straight, Chuck's straight, etc. The "Reverend" then said something about how something like this could be forever, or just 3 MINUTES!. And it was Bischoff! The Island Boys came in & assaulted Stephanie(!!!!) & then B & C, apparently w/ Rico's help! They all took off as the Smackdown crew started to charge the ring, but damn! Make sure you remember to catch Velocity Saturday night, as they'll definitely be showing this!
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