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  1. Similar situation for me last year when RAW was in St. Louis. I'd been to a few WWF shows over the years, but never had caught one with the Undertaker. I'd also never seen RVD or Hogan live either. And whaddya know, Hogan won the title the night before that RAW so he could be there & I get to see all 3 of them in one night. Now they just need to bring a Smackdown show to this area so I can see the Canadian Crippler (my screen namesake) in action live.
  2. Damn, no wonder he wears a mask. :lol: Too bad we couldn't hear what Tripsy-poo said since the sound crew fell asleep...AGAIN! ARGH! @-@
  3. Actually Tony Atlas did get a "second chance", from a certain point of view. Saba Simba anyone? :lol: Also, he wasn't just a "promising" wrestler, he was half of the tag champs with Rocky Johnson back in the early 80s. That's when everything came crashing down for him.
  4. Could be worse, could be the Ultimate Warrior. @-@ And with the news that Angle is almost definitely out of WM, they could step up the efforts to bring him in to face Brock. Not necessarily a good idea, IMO, but it would probably draw pretty good. Personally, I'm hoping they go with a Lesnar/Benoit match. I certainly wouldn't mind. -
  5. Oh bloody hell. I knew something was nagging at the back of my mind about this topic..... http://us.imdb.com/Title?0122050 And now I know what. I've actually seen a copy of this on DVD at one of the local pawn shops. From the images on the package, I'd dare say that this is just as horrifying as it sounds.
  6. They never said that Bischoff had to win the match. Vince's mandate was that Uncle Eric had to join a club. Since he refused the "Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass" club membership, he had to join the "Get My Ass Kicked" club. Which he did. In spades. Damn, that was fun. @-@ @-@ @-@ @-@ As for the Rock, I'm guessing that he is on RAW full time now. Which is fine by me as RAW is coming back to St. Louis on 3/17 & it looks like me & 1 or 2 pals are getting tickets this week. - - And on the whole, I thought RAW was OK. Rock did seem to bring his A-game on the mic. Not a bad guitar player either. :lol:
  7. Yup. It's saying that it's 8:47AM when in reality it's 1:38AM & my profile is still set for -5 hours GMT as it's been since that feature was added.
  8. I'll second that. If that's a Legends caliber Rogue, I'm all over that box set. I haven't even seen Magneto in stores, but I was going to get him. I do have Wolverine, but one of my friends might buy him off me. As for the bases that Gambit & Beast (and Magneto for that matter) don't really matter to me. It'd be nice if they were included in the box set, but no big loss for me. I'll just hvae to keep my Wolverine base though. :wink: Does the box set Gambit come with the playing cards though?
  9. The Helm's Deep Aragorn is already out. Wal-Mart in Marion, IL had all of wave 3 Wednesday. Frodo, Twilight Ringwraith, HD Aragorn, Prolog Elf Warrior & Galadriel. There was also a 2-pack of Merry & Pippin, the versions that come with Ugluk & Grishnahk I think.
  10. Ditto Marion, IL. Seems like Galadriel may be 1 per case. I'm pretty sure there was a full case worth of figures but only one Galadriel. Now there's none there. BTB, she is "going commando" if ya get my drift. :wink:
  11. Yeah, they ran an image of Hennig at the beginning of the show with the "In Memory" tag. A complete shock. He looked like he was in great shape when he was in NWA/TNA just a couple of months ago. One hell of a good wrestler who will be greatly missed. :cry:
  12. Yeah, he went on the tour they ran in December over in England, which is what that ad you saw is for. It's being aired on PPV over here in a week or two. Sting's a born-again Christian, however he seems to take it a little more, how do I say this, strictly(?), than HBK does. Thus he seems to feel that it would be against his moral code to be in the WWF. Personally, I think he's being just a bit snobbish about this. I can see his point though, especially after the whole Katie Vick fiasco. :roll:
  13. I actually voted for Eric to be cut. Partly because he hasn't really done anything to "stand out", IMO & also because of the Iceland babe incident. It wasn't so much him hooking up with the girl, but how he handled it afterwards. And I called it this year. I said before the show started that it'd be Matt & John. Matt's got a great look & I can easily see him walking down the ramp on a weekly basis. John impressed the hell outta me last week with that standing shooting star press. Now that's impressive. 8)
  14. Yup, the Mermaid & Matador are both out. They've been kinda "hanging around" at Wal-Mart.(ba-du-dum) :lol: I really only want the Grand Gundam right now, as I've got the other 3 parts of the Grand Master monstrosity. All very nice. #=$
  15. Okay, I'm awake enough to redo part of that lost post from last night. @*- Here's the order in/order out & eliminated by stats for the Rumble. Order in: 1. Shawn Michaels 2. Chris Jericho 3. Chris Nowinski 4. Rey Misterio 5. Edge 6. Christian 7. Chavo Guerrero 8. Tajiri 9. Bill DeMott 10. Tommy Dreamer 11. B-Squared 12. Rob Van Dm 13. Matt Hardy 14. Eddy Guerrero 15. Jeff Hardy 16. Rosey 17. Test 18. John Cena 19. Charlie Haas 20. Rikishi 21. Jamal 22. Kane 23. Shelton Benjamin 24. Booker T 25. Albert 26. Maven 27. Goldust 28. Batista 29. Brock Lesnar 30. Undertaker Order eliminated (and whom by): 1. Shawn Michaels (by Jericho) 2. Chris Nowinski (by Rey Misterio) 3. Rey Misterio (by Jericho) 4. Bill DeMott (by Edge) 5. Tommy Dreamer (by Jericho & Christian) 6. Tajiri (by Jericho) 7. B-Squared (by Edge) 8. Chavo Guerrero (by Edge) 9. Christian (by Jericho) 10. Edge (by Jericho, simultaneous w/Christian) 11. Jeff Hardy (by Rob Van Dam) 12. Rosey (by Kane) 13. Eddy Guerrero (by Booker T) 14. Chris Jericho (by Test) 15. Goldust (by Haas) 16. Booker T (by Haas & Benjamin) 17. Test (by Batista) 18. Rikishi (by Batista) 19. Shelton Benjamin (by Lesnar) 20. Charlie Haas (by Lesnar, simultaneous w/Benjamin) 21. Matt Hardy (by Lesnar, via F5 over the top on to Team Angle!) 22. John Cena (by Undertaker) 23. Jamal (by Undertaker) 24. Maven (by Undertaker, revenge is a dish best served cold & painful) 25. Albert (by Kane & Undertaker) 26. Rob Van Dam (by Kane) 27. Batista (by Undertaker) 28. Kane (by Undertaker) 29. Undertaker (by Lesnar) Jericho & Undertaker both had a hand in 6 eliminations earning them that distinction. UT definitely earned the unofficial "housecleaning" award for eliminating 6 of the final 8 guys. Shawn came back out to attack Jericho thus leading to Test eliminating him. And about the HHH/Steiner match, at least Steiner was using excellent ring psychology. Forearms, kicks, elbows, suplexes, all attacking HHH's neck & back. What's Scott's finisher? The Steiner Recliner, which works on the neck & back. So his moves were all targeted at setting up his finisher. Which is how things should be. Flair always attacked the legs of his opponents throughout the match to set up the figure four. But yeah, the Benoit/Angle match was definitely 5* material. Everything clicked, just like usual. Which is just fine with me. 8)
  16. Ahhhhhhh!!! I had a great commentary on the show typed out & accidentally erased it! Crap, crap, crap! I'm too tired now to type it all back up, so I'll just sum up that it was a pretty damn good show. Even the Steiner/HHH match, IMO. I watched it with a fairly critical eye, which I don't often do & it looked good to me. Couple of botches, but a fairly well thought out match with good ring psychology on Steiner's part. Crap ending to the match though. Everything else either met or exceeded my expectations.
  17. Apparently they are supposed to be $7.76 now . My Wal-Mart got them in tonight as well. The cases were still on the pallets, but the overnight stocker & I talk a lot about anything & everything so he opened one of the cases for me. I haven't been buying these for myself, but a friend collects them so I wanted to pick up the full set for him. However, the price tags on the pegs all say $7.76 now (since the reset over the weekend) & that's what the price gun said as well when he checked to start putting price stickers on them. I do like that glider thing though. Pretty sweet.
  18. There was a short interview with he in a recent issue of ToyFare. I think she said she enjoyed "beating up" the guys who wanted it. Fiesty! 8)
  19. The only figure of her available (that I've seen at the moment) is in a 2-pack with Jeff Hardy in the latests Final Count series. The Trish figure appears to be (from looking at it in the package as I haven't bought it) the same body as the lita figure from the Lita/Bubba Ray 2-pack in the same line of figures. It's a super-articulated body, very posable. Cloth pants too. As for pics, I'm no help there. @*-
  20. Yup, apparently Stephie-baby kinda "reneged" on some of the "bonuses" that BPP was supposed to get. :wink: So Scotty decided he couldn't work with someone who didn't come through on their promises. Prompting Uncle Eric to show up & escort him from the building. So RAW gets the services of Big Poppa Pump! Holla if ya hear me! - -
  21. Those showed up here last night along with the Ultimate Muscle figs. They look pretty damn awesome, but I've already got the RX-78 & 79 (G) & I've got the GP01 FB MG kit.
  22. They are out! - - Wal-Mart had all 8 of the first wave tonight. I picked up Kid Muscle, damn good figure. Tons of articulation & the majority of it seems to be pretty tight so he won't go all floppy. He comes with the championship belt & a bowl of rice & beef (I believe that's what it is, right?). The elbow joints are gray for some odd reason, but other than that I'm happy. @-@ As for the rest of wave 1: Kid Muscle Terry Kenyon (w/ring bell & hammer) King Muscle (with championship trophy) Ramenman (w/wok & ladel) Kevin Mask (w/exercise wire pull thingy) Jeager (w/chair) Robin Mask (w/bent I-beam) Warsman (who?) (w/ball & chain) They're $7.83 each & also come with a trading card for some sort of CCG they're gonna have. They also had the 6 packs of the mini-figures. You can see what you're getting & there were at least 3 or 4 different packs. Pretty neat.
  23. And thank you JayC for only putting the snowflake motif on the main page & not every single page of the site & boards. The Halloween stuff was a horrendous slow down. This is infinitely better. 8)
  24. Dude that f'n rules! Not quite as much as meeting Mick Foley, for my tastes, but still. Wicked. 8) 8)
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