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  1. Ask & we shall recieve! I'm diggin' the RVD av, kinda wish he looked a bit happier (or at least laid back), like he usually is. But it's cool. I'm having a tough time deciding between RVD (which I think I'll keep), 'Taker & Benoit (since he is the reason behind my name here & most other sites). Hurm.
  2. Very nice indeed! Hopefully it can become a site for TFs comparable to what yojoe.com is for G.I. Joe in terms of reference pics. #=$
  3. The Katie Vick thing was the dumbest (and sickest) thing they've ever done. D-Von as a minister actually makes sense since his father is a minister. I still like him better as a Dudley (and I'd be willing to bet that one of Austin's first GM decisions will be to re-instate them). Mr. America is one of the best gimmicks the WWF has ever come up with. It's so over-the-top it works to perfection. Similar to the old Midnight Rider gimmick from the NWA. Or the Yellow Dog. Hell, it's what everyone's been begging for (except for me) :wink: , the return of the "Real American" music.
  4. Not me, but I thought I'd let you know that your "name" is in the PWI arena reports in the new issue. Second page of the section, top of the middle column. Central Illinois Champion El Diablo Silverado beat Earl Grissom. 2-22-03. Page 93. -
  5. The majority of his videos are on DVD. Here's the listing for the disc, straight from his website. http://www.weirdal.com/ldinfo.htm
  6. Actually, 'Taker just turned 41 on March 24. And Hogan's 49. He turns 50 on Aug. 11. The PWI Almanac, don't leave home without. 8)
  7. Yup, it's in the spoilers. The Torrie Wilson segment. And I really don't have any idea what to make of this, as the spoilers weren't posted until after midnight, so it's not April Fools' Day anymore, technically. Hell, it's even on wrestlingobserver.com. First Goldberg & now Sable? If it's legit I do believe this is confirmation that the Cubs will win the World Series this year 'cause hell just froze over. :lol:
  8. Somehow I completely blanked that it started last night. I noticed it on the listings for tonight, so yeah, I'll be watching it now that I know it's airing.
  9. You might wanna look at the site you got the info from again. And the date. :lol:
  10. HELL YEAH BABY!! MY Cubs kicked the Mets butt 15-2! Woohoo, this year might be the year we are good again.. Well, for once I agree 100% with you on something. 8) That was a pleasant surprise to turn on ESPN & see that score in the 8th. Marvelous. @-@
  11. Ditto. My Wal-Mart got in the army builder asst. sometime last week. Today I went in & found the Helm's Deep Legolas (I've got the previous one, that's enough for me) & Gollum! The preciousssss is mine!. -
  12. Actually, 'Taker's 11-0 at WM. Match was better than what I expected (which wasnt' much, especially after the handicap change). Nice to see him break out all the old school stuff, as well as a couple of nice armbar submissions. Also nice to see Booker T bust out the Harlem Hangover. Too bad Trips won anyways. :roll: Otherwise, I pretty much agree with your post & don't really have anything to add. Thumbs up!
  13. Damn dude. Can ya hook me up with the winning lotto numbers for Illinois for next Saturday?
  14. And where did you hear that info? Both tag titles are being defended at WMXIX. RVD/Kane v. Storm/Morley (due to Regal's illness, Morley's replacing him now) for the RAW side. Benoit/Rhyno v. Guerrerors v. Team Angle on the SmackDown side. And I doubt they'll have either of those matches on Heat, as they've both been advertised as part of the WM card itself. Whatever Heat match there is is usually mentioned when Heat starts that night.
  15. Heh, good list. Similar train of thought. 1. Ultimo Dragon (which just might be happening, according to reports) 2. Amazing Red (they've got Rey Misterio & Spanky, let's add this maniac speed demon to the mix) 8) 3. Jushin Liger 4. Low Ki 5. Christopher Daniels 5 who should be banned for life: 1. Ultimate Warrior (exceptionally untalented freak who believes his own press) 2. Ahmed Johnson (a walking injury factory) 3. Buff Bagwell (ego based on belief he's talented + no talent = big problem) 4. Lex Luger (the 4 move package) 5. Tony Schiavone (not a wrestler, I know, but still a pain in the ass) If Bret could wrestle, I'd love to see him back. And back in his day he was the best. Nowadays, no way.
  16. Heh, the HHH one actually looks fairly accurate. @-@
  17. www.yojoe.com has pretty much everything, I do believe.
  18. Great pics man. And that post show stuff sounds like it definitely topped last years Austin/Hogan celebration. Hopefully they'll get back around here soon & I can make it.
  19. Damn, you were all over the screen prozac. I caught your sign right at the beginning of the show & you just kept popping up all night long. Nice Hurricane shirt, BTW. 8) Best time to see prozac: When Jeff Hardy was walking back up the ramp. Extremely good shot.
  20. Oy, and 2 of those I just realized, looking back over the questions with a friend, that I messed up on. On #3, Hector Ramirez would be A & C, not B & C. And for some reason I read #18 as Zartan & Zarana instead of Zandar, thus I know the answer is Arise, Serpentor, Arise. 11, 12 & 20 were the others I wasn't 100% sure of, was my third incorrect answer one of them? If so, which one?
  21. Well, I'm not too up on the recent line, but I should excel at the old school stuff. And I'll guess on the recent stuff. :lol: Trivia questions: 1) According to Beachhead’s 2002 filecard who is his “natural adversary”? d) Firefly 2) Who was the mastermind behind the killing of “the Hard Master”? c) Firefly (he actually set it up, but Zartan pulled the bow) 3) Which episodes did Hector Ramirez appear in? d) Both B & C 4) If you were a member of the “Leaky Suit Brigade”, which Cobra Viper would you be? Toxo-Viper 5) Whose was a former Ranger School Instructor according to their 2002 Filecard? Beachhead 6) Who is known as the “Faceless Master”? c) Firefly 7) What is another name spoken to describe Destro’s Carpathian castle? c) The Silent Castle In what TV episode did G.I.Joe brand one of their own a traitor? d) The Traitor - Part 1 10) Who conceived and designed the Brain Wave Scanner? Dr. Venom 11) According to the 5-part Mini-Series “Arise Serpentor Arise”, who created Battle Android Troopers? c) Destro 12) What episode was the suave British secret agent Matthew Burke introduced in? The Spy Who Rooked Me 13) I have an eye for business, but I hide my real identity behind a mask of Beryllium, who am I? c) Destro 14) Who’s dream was it to be a gourmet chief? d) Roadblock 15) Falcon is the half-brother to what G.I.Joe agent? Duke 16) “Unlike most medical practitioners, my patients never ask me if it is going to hurt. They know it is going to hurt.” Which Cobra 2003 filecard has this saying? a) Scalpel 17) Whose former profession was in Air Conditioner Maintenance? c) Dusty 1 In what 5-Part Mini-Series were Zandar & Zarana first introduced? The Revenge of Cobra 19) Which figure from the New Wave of G.I.Joe figures comes with a huge cannon? a) Heavy-Duty 20) According to his 2002 filecard, who may be a renegade ninja from the same clan as Storm Shadow? c) Nunchuk 21) Who is owner and proprietor of M.A.R.S. (Military Armaments Research System)? c) Destro 22) What figure comes with the Cobra Rattler? c) Wild Weasel So, what's the grade? 8)
  22. I'll keep an eye out for ya man. Unfortunately, it'll be from home as I'm not gonna be able to make it this time. And yeah, let us know what happens after the camera stops. Hopefully it'll be as good as last years "beer fest" between Austin & Hogan. @-@
  23. It was Hardcore Holly that suffered a broken arm due to the Angle-sault.
  24. No, I was there. That's why I said I'd never seen them, past tense. You were there too, eh? Damn, small world after all. :lol: I was planning on being at the one this Monday as well, but my pal who went with me last year apparently can't get Monday off from work & he's kinda necessary to the trip since he's the one who has some idea of where we're going once we get into St. Louis. I was really amped to go too, especially with the chance to see HBK again (haven't seen him live since, oh bloody hell, 1997 possibly. It was a match against Cactus Jack in Cape Girardeau, MO. Sid was on the card too, damn was he huge.) And the "rematch" from No Way Out. I can easily make the drive, it's just once I get to where all the damn roads start going into 4 or 5 lane going the same way mode, I get seriously confused. We parked at Busch Stadium, which worked out great as our exit was right f'n there. But I don't really trust myself trying to remember which exit I'm supposed to take. :-?
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