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  1. Ah, thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who got the joke. @firedevil@
  2. Yep, awesome ending. Magnus ditching his "armor" was an inspired idea. And the final page was truly classic, especially the dialogue he used for Wreck-Gar (remember who played Wreck-Gar & what else he's done...). @loll@ Bring on the on-going series! @firedevil@
  3. Have any of you guys actually seen this thing in the stores yet & held the box in your hands? It showed up at the TRU in Cape Girardeau, MO & I can tell you 2 things about it (even though I didn't buy it since I've been trying to not get started on yet another collection): 1. There's only a small part of the SW Geonosis Arena playset used, the floor/doorway section is the only part of the Arena that is used in the Cobra Mountain set. Period. 2. This thing is massive! It weighs a frickin' ton, probably more than the Arena. If it would ever pop up on clearance (say on Amazon like the G.I. Joe HQ is right now) I might actually consider getting it. I just don't have the money for it with the other various things I've got on my "to buy" list (tons of DVDs coming up in the next 2 months, for starters). It may not be the Terrordrome, but it looks like a damn fine playset.
  4. Yup, they showed up here tonight. There were pairings of the Treadfire or that mini-chopper w/ Series 2 Mission Disc figures. And they also got the individual Series 2 Mission Disc figures. And the Transformers deal is 2 packs of the mini-cons. Damn, Hasbro's gone 2-pack crazy!
  5. As stated, it could just be a mock-up or prototype to display what it'll eventually look like. And even if that is the close to final version, it's definitely the best looking Jabba since the original from the 80s. The hookah, chubba bowl & railing are definitely new & look to be amazing.
  6. Yep, they're hitting all over. The 2-pack Wal-Mart exclusives in particular have shown up everywhere at once. Hell, I found them last night. Yoda w/yellow clone ARC Trooper w/regular clone Anakin w/blue clone And each 2-pack is only [b[$4.77[/b]! Badass to the max. @firedevil@
  7. I thought CC's voice sounded familiar. It's Michael Dobson, the same guy who's doing the voice of Starscream in Transformers: Armada. And the tradition lives on. @firedevil@
  8. I'm watching it right now. Great stuff, except for Beachhead sounding like a wuss. CC is frickin' hilarious!
  9. Actually, GalacticHunter broke the Wal-Mart news last night. Credit where it's due.
  10. I saw the Wing Zero & D-Hell today at Wal-Mart & Sandrock, Heavyarms & Abdul's Maguanac at Target today as well. I may have to get those Maguanacs.
  11. They've already corrected the glove problem. The one I found has it on his right hand. Gotta give them (a miniscule amount of) credit. :wink:
  12. Unicron has arrived in Southern Illinois. The Target in Marion got him in Monday & Wal-Mart got him in tonight. He's standing here staring at me as I type. Very, very awesome dude indeed. And for the St. Louis guys, I'm just a couple of hours south of you, so he may show up around there very soon. #=$
  13. Yeah, that's what I'd heard about FLCL (# of episodes), but I just wanted to check. BG is at least 8 episodes. BG is sort of like Starship Troopers, only freakier. This kid was put in a cryo-freeze state 20 years ago & wakes up to find the world in a battle against these weird alien bug-type creatures. Looks pretty good. Ah, so FLCL is from GAINAX...that explains a lot. - Methinks I'm going to enjoy this one tremendously. 8)
  14. These 2 almost slipped in under my scope tonight. FLCL is.....different. I think I'm really gonna enjoy this one. Definitely a very bizarre show. It's on right now & all I can say is...er-wha? Just what I like to see. :lol: I'll chime in a bit later with my thoughts on Blue Gender as well. By the way, how many episodes are in each of these?
  15. Heck, the Wal-Marts around here have it for $20. I just have'nt gotten around to picking it up yet.
  16. It is not going to be the same figure as there is a major difference between the regular clone uniforms & the pilot ones. The helmet is completely different & has a control box hanging from it, similar to TIE pilots or AT-AT drivers. Compare the pilot clone to the regular ones (plain or with the red stripes). It's very obvious. They are releasing 5 versions of the 3-pack, which will have 4 different stances of clones & all of the ranks will be included: Standing, kneeling & prone (all white) Standing, kneeling & prone (prone blue, other 2 white) Standing, kneeling & prone (standing red, other 2 white) Standing, kneeling & standing w/binoculars (w/binocs yellow, other 2 white) Standing, kneeling & standing w/binoculars (kneeling green, other 2 white) That's the only place the actual commander version will be available at this time.
  17. Yeah, 1 or 2 AM is the perfect time for toy runs at Wal-Mart. I've probably found more stuff at those hours than any other time of day. 8)
  18. Well, mom's got Smokescreen (the Japanese re-issue) set back for my birthday, but I do need Grapple & Skids. So that's a pretty fair group. 8)
  19. And without new product, how can you collect. :wink:
  20. Mr. Gideon, you're not paying attention... I've always wanted to use that line.:wink: R-3PO is in the scans from Japan that showed up late last week, in the 2004 thread... The Imperial Dignitaries were shown at SDCC. One of the 2 with similar outfits (purple highlights) & the guy with the wider headpiece. Supposedly the vintage version is already sculpted & may wind up being produced & I don't see why they couldn't just change the purple to red on that first one. But for certain, we are getting 2 dignitaries late this year. 8)
  21. I do believe Shira's Sith name was Lumiya. And hell yeah I'd like to see that as a figure.
  22. I don't read it, but I did check out that particular storyline & I believe I can add a bit more info... Betty Ross was diagnosed with cancer. As it turned out it was due to exposure to gamma radiation. Guess who General Ross blamed, as well as Bruce himself. The Hulk. However, after her death (although I'm still not 100% sure she's supposed to be dead-dead, she's in some sort of chamber under a military base, as eccentrik pointed out), Hulk wound up in a knockdown with the Abomination. Abby said something to Hulk about Betty's death & revelaed that he'd poisoned her with a massive dose of gamma radiation. So it wasn't due to her being with Bruce. Needless to say, Hulk wasn't very happy learning this & proceeded to pound the living horsecrap out of Abby. I believe he actually did some fairly major (and almost permanent) damage to Abomination's cranium. I hope I got all that right. :lol:
  23. No, they're not. Rebel Strike is a GC exclusive game. Just as the other 2 games in the series (Rogue Squadron for the N64 & Rogue Leader for the GC) have been Nintendo exclusives. You won't see RS on the PS2 any sooner than you'll seen KOTOR on the GC. Period.
  24. Actually, the way the announcement reads the auctions will be through the official Star Wars website. Not eBay. This sounds logical, especially since they say you'll have to be an officially registered member of www.starwars.com . I'm of mixed feelings on this. On one side, I'd like to see something a bit...more substantial, I guess. On the other side of things, at least we won't need receipts. :lol: [/code]
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