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  1. Nope, it's definitely a new sculpt. There are differences in the various wrinkled up places on his flight suit (right shoulder & knees are the most noticeable). Plus there's the articulation at the elbows/biceps & the fact the black parts around the shoulders are much thicker on this new one. Hasbro really outdid themselves with this. They actually improved on an almost perfect figure. Especially the head. That's just marvelous.
  2. I doubt it'll be the standard. Seems like it's on figures where there is some logic to it... Clonetrooper, well duh! @firedevil@ Amidala (Lars' Homestead), her cloak fits waaay too tight around her head so they opted for a ball socket there so if the head pops off when the cloak is removed the customer won't come screaming at them. Just pop her head right back on. Assaj, seems like they did this with her to make the cloak removable. Pop her head off & slip off the cloak. Replace head, new look. Pretty smart idea, actually.
  3. To the best of my knowledge all Gundam kits are supposed to be snap together. Some of the larger ones have a couple of screws to help support the joints, but I've never had to use glue on a Gundam kit. I've got the entire Gundam Wing/EW series varying from 1/144th to 1/100th scale as well as a couple of Master kits. And just recently I went ahead & bought the Gundam Seed Striker Weapons System kit. Truly a sight to behold, incredibly massive (12" tall, the sword & big rifle are even bigger) & not a drop of glue needed.
  4. Well, I can confirm the Smokescreen re-issue being out as I saw about 6 of them at the nearest TRU on Wednesday. I would've picked one up, but I got the Japanese version from BBTS during their clearance sale earlier this year. Hopefully they'll get Grapple in soon. I may wait on Prime to show up at Target or somewhere else a bit cheaper than TRU.
  5. Nah, this 3PO is the same as the one from the C-3PO/Battle Droid conveyor belt 2-pack. And just like that one the limbs & head are still removable. But it's worth it, as you said, for the escape pod alone. @firedevil@
  6. Very nice, indeed! By the way, you really need to make sure there's a disclaimer on that previous version. Some guy popped in at Rebelscum saying it was the real thing. I tried straightening them out but you know how things get blown out of proportion.
  7. The hoses are supposed to plug into the back of his head. The twin (almost one) holes are a bit on the smallish side though. If you take a nail file & rotate the tip in each hole it should widen them enough ot pop them in. And I haven't seen the deluxe version. Hell, I haven't seen most of the deluxe CW stuff seeing as one TRU is about the only store within 30 miles of me that even carries them. @hmmm@
  8. That feature was announced when they first started showing the design process for the figure. Plus it says "Glowing" Lightsaber on the little insert piece in the package.
  9. Actually, there's 2 different case assortments with the Concept Stormie right now. One of them is 2 each of the Stormtrooper, Imp Dignitary, Bail Organa & Padme and 1 each of the Outlander batch (Ayy Vida, Obi-Wan & Elan) & either the Yoda/Chian or Ashla/Jempa 2-pack (I'm pretty sure it's the Yoda one). Then there's the batch that showed up at the local Wal-Mart last week. I've actually got the case # for this one... 84861AOOL 2 each of the Outlander batch & 1 each of the other 4 from the list as well as one each of those 2-packs.
  10. Check out www.bwtf.com . They've got some great comparison pics up of all 4 in both robot & vehicle modes.
  11. This is good news, the spider droid that was "released" late last year/early this year (which apparently hasn't shown up too many places) is being re-issued as part of the Clone Wars line. And it's shipping in the regular case assortments with the yellow clone 3-pack. Hopefully this will at least show up at TRU here. Wal-Mart doesn't carry this particular batch & neither does the closest Target (they have 0 pegs for the CW multi-packs). The KB that was in our mall was given the bum rush by the mall manager at the beginning of the year. And KMart hasn't had jack for ages. The news is over at GalacticHunter.com and here's the carded image. Spider Droid CW
  12. I'll confirm that. Wal-Mart here got them in tonight & the stock guy opened it up for me. No Destro/Grunt packs, but there were 2 Airborne/TV packs.
  13. Damn I'm good. @firedevil@ From DigitalBits.com
  14. What'd BR just say? This holo Luke is a re-use of the upcoming Jabba's Palace Luke (which will be in the Tattooine wave, confusing yes, but it's Hasbro). There have been pictures of the regular Luke on every site numerous times, even the big H's. @hmmm@
  15. If you're a member of the fan club & signed up for the pass, you should be getting an e-mail pretty soon. I got mine earlier this week & already have 2 Yodas on order. They're sending out the e-mails in batches each day in an attempt to keep the servers from crashing like they did with the Silver Fett. Pretty smart idea actually.
  16. You must not be making many trips to Target and/or Wal-Mart. Both of them in my area have quite a few of the first wave (Yoda, Anakin & ARC). GH is reporting that Obi-Wan, Durge, Mace & Assaj have been found in San Diego at Wal-Mart. I just want the Durge w/swoop, that bike looks truly badass! @firedevil@
  17. It's only a rumor at this point. A very strong rumor. With many things to back it up... 1. digitalbits.com has stated that quite a few of their industry sources that are usually right have said they heard that Lucas was very happy with how the Indy trilogy turned out & is thus going to release the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD next year. 2. Word is that various retailers have been told to make sure they have their orders for SW merchandise in earlier than normal for next year (perhaps to make sure there's enough new product to support the DVD releases available at all times). Add to that the very OT heavy lists of the figures announced & rumored for next year. 3. A very special invitation was sent out to various companies that have dealings with Lucasfilm about a week and a half ago. This invitation was a plaque with an engraved metal plate & a Darth Vader figure glued to it & a special message. Some are saying that this is to hype Ep3, but considering it's a Vader figure & states Lord Vader it sounds more like something for the original trilogy. 4. TheForce.net & Rebelscum (which is probably where you got the info from catter) have both reported that their sources are telling them the OT will be on DVD by next fall. Add it all up & it does look like there's a very strong chance we'll have the OT on DVD in some form, either SEs or originals (hopefully), by this time next year. @firedevil@
  18. Well, if you like your anime to make you simultaneously laugh your head off & question the existence of a God that would allow for this kind of insanity to be created, then yup you should most definitely check it out! As has been said, it's only 6 episodes (so it'll be over by next Monday), but it's quite possibly the most bizarre 3 hours of anime (or any other form of entertainment) you'll ever come across (except for maybe Excel Saga). @firedevil@ I'd suggest you at least give it a chance, but keep in mind that nothing will make sense. @loll@ I just wish the damn DVDs weren't so friggin' expensive. @grumpy@
  19. Ah, thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who got the joke. @firedevil@
  20. Yep, awesome ending. Magnus ditching his "armor" was an inspired idea. And the final page was truly classic, especially the dialogue he used for Wreck-Gar (remember who played Wreck-Gar & what else he's done...). @loll@ Bring on the on-going series! @firedevil@
  21. Have any of you guys actually seen this thing in the stores yet & held the box in your hands? It showed up at the TRU in Cape Girardeau, MO & I can tell you 2 things about it (even though I didn't buy it since I've been trying to not get started on yet another collection): 1. There's only a small part of the SW Geonosis Arena playset used, the floor/doorway section is the only part of the Arena that is used in the Cobra Mountain set. Period. 2. This thing is massive! It weighs a frickin' ton, probably more than the Arena. If it would ever pop up on clearance (say on Amazon like the G.I. Joe HQ is right now) I might actually consider getting it. I just don't have the money for it with the other various things I've got on my "to buy" list (tons of DVDs coming up in the next 2 months, for starters). It may not be the Terrordrome, but it looks like a damn fine playset.
  22. Yup, they showed up here tonight. There were pairings of the Treadfire or that mini-chopper w/ Series 2 Mission Disc figures. And they also got the individual Series 2 Mission Disc figures. And the Transformers deal is 2 packs of the mini-cons. Damn, Hasbro's gone 2-pack crazy!
  23. As stated, it could just be a mock-up or prototype to display what it'll eventually look like. And even if that is the close to final version, it's definitely the best looking Jabba since the original from the 80s. The hookah, chubba bowl & railing are definitely new & look to be amazing.
  24. Yep, they're hitting all over. The 2-pack Wal-Mart exclusives in particular have shown up everywhere at once. Hell, I found them last night. Yoda w/yellow clone ARC Trooper w/regular clone Anakin w/blue clone And each 2-pack is only [b[$4.77[/b]! Badass to the max. @firedevil@
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