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  1. Heck, I got mine at Wal-Mart last night. They got in one case, 2 Sliverstreaks & 2 Sideswipes. And I am so digging the little changes they made to the vehicle mold. Particularly the steering wheel being on the opposite side (hell, the whole dashboard is reversed). They've even modified a bit of the undercarraige mold, the little side flaps that fold in have a slightly different design than Smokescreen's undercarraige side flaps.
  2. Well if you were a little more clear in topic titles we might have seen it. @smilepunch@ Really there is just a heck of a lot of stuff to keep up with and I just missed it. Seems I wasn't alone. Draven #US1# Master & Apprentice #1 Snake-Eyes & Kamakura mini Can't be much more clear than that bub. #US1#
  3. Hell, I started this thread Wednesday night, but no one bothered to reply. It's probably on page 2 or 3 by now. Come on guys, ya gotta keep up with current events. #tank#
  4. Got this today. Nice issue. And it would seem that Snake-Eyes apprentice is someone we've seen before. Those who read the issue will know what I mean. I'm really quite pleased with this little turn of events as it is a nice nod to the past (both distant & recent).
  5. If anyone has been on the fence about getting the MCC at TRU you might wanna hit your local store and scan it to see if it's on sale. The Cape Girardeau, MO TRU has them down to $49.98 as of today. I finally broke down & picked it up. IMO, definitely worth it at this price. I hadn't realized quite how massive this thing is. Me like. @firedevil@
  6. That's pretty much how Copperhead sounded in the 'toon. He had a cajun type accent. I don't think he ever had a line of dialogue in the original coimcs.
  7. Well, the Wal-Mart in Carbondale, IL has a few packs of VvV wave 1 left at $3 a pop (if they still have the viper pack I think I'm gonna get it tonight, I've only got a couple of the modern figs, but a couple of generic Cobras for $3 is a pretty good deal). And in even better news, the Mairon, IL Wal-Mart still has some VvV wave 1 left & today they also had in wave 2! Kamakura still looks stupid (although I totally love the real metal hilt on his sword, wicked looking). Destro looks as badass as ever. Baroness...needs a bigger head. Proportions are off. Hard Drive is...meh. Razor Trooper & Neurotoxin (formerly known as Razorclaw & Sand Scorpion) look okay & I think that's the pack with a ton of weapons. Beachhead looks good, BAT isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Alpine still has that yellow shirt but didn't look too bad otherwise. Swamp Rat...meh. The back of all 5 packages also had headshots of Tunnel Rat & damn, name slipped my mind. And black & white "Coming Soon" images for Electric Eel & Agent Jinx.
  8. Wicked cool issue with even more *wink wink, nudge nudge* nods... SPOILERS Ahoy!! 1. Jetfire's "helmet" being the Macross head design, complete with functioning cannons! 2. The scene on Cybertron with all sorts of different 'bots. 2 of the trains from RID, some mini-cons (I think) & a bunch of others. 3. Bumblebee's flyer looks very familiar... @firedevil@ 4. And he's also got a "battle helmet" which bears a striking resemblance to the original head sculpt of the figure. And yeah, guess whO'S coming to dinner next month? @firedevil@
  9. For those of you who are members of Hyperspace they've put up the official DVD packaging for the OT. Yakface.com has small images of the 2 color schemes as well as the info about the packaging on their front page right now. Similar to the SE VHS releases there will be both widescreen & fullscreen (for the masochistic) versions. WS will be platinum & black, FS will be gold & black. And from the descriptions & the small images on Yakface they do look pretty spiffy.
  10. Almost all old stuff, in order of pics... Droideka - SAGA release, couple years ago. ARC Trooper - Clone Wars line, released last year. There's still one on the peg at Walgreens here in C'Dale. Amidala - Just released last year. It's the one with the cloak. Bespin Guard - About 4 years old. Part of the POTJ line. Major peg warmer. But a great figure. Yoda - Unleashed one that hit the pegs in the last couple of months. Elan Sleazebaggano - Released last year. Still gathering dust in many stores (including the Mairon, IL TRU). Jorge Sacul - *Ahem* Celebration II exclusive...kinda looks like a cretain creator of this series... @loll@ Bossk - Hurm...looks like the one we're getting in the Star Destroyer wave of figs in the next month or two. It's not the '90s version as that one doesn't have a gaping mouth & does have a bent right arm. Valorum - From Episode I. Warmed pegs greatly. Kit Fisto - Clone Wars line, released last year. Barely. I only saw this wave a couple of times & only got one Clonetrooper out of it. Saesee Tiin - Same as Kit. Saesee had a cloth skirt in this version.
  11. At the Target in Marion, IL they're with the toys. They've had 2 shipments of the Obi-Wan/Maul pair so far it seems.
  12. Damn, I thought I was the only one who remembered these. I've got almost a complete set. I've been missing 4 cards for over a decade. Numbers 37, 77, 123 & 167. I had tons of doubles (and triples, quadruples, quintuples, some sextuples & even a couple of septuples & octoples...). @smilepunch@ I've included batches of them in some various trades over the past couple of years & am down to almost no extras. I've got quite a few of the stickers as well, although I have no clue how many of those there actually are.
  13. The Unleashed line isn't an exclusive. The Wal-Mart here has all of the Han wave & got the Chewie wave in last week (which promptly sold out).
  14. I actually thought to jot down the case ratio tonight since they've shown up at the Carbondale, IL Wal-Mart... 2 x Croc 1 x Freeze 2 x Zip Line Batman 2 x Snare Strike Batman 2 x Croc Armor Batman 3 x Electro-Net Batman The cases say something along the lines of "Batman 6" w/comic book..." Really long cases (checking length of figure tray...), about 31" long. The overnight guy here is really cool about stuff & since he didn't have room on an endcap he just pegged a couple of cases. So he didn't need the insert trays & I snagged one for my buddy (who's also getting his Mr. Freeze, finally). The 2 cases he opened & was putting out only had the regular Freeze. But there were something like 6-8 cases on the pallets so who knows.
  15. Sideswipe came in as well last night, but I got him a couple of weeks ago at the Marion, IL Wal-Mart. Prime is $63.62 at Wal-Mart. The # on the receipt was 007693080500. Good lord this is one awesome figure.
  16. Damn you. I wanted to be the first to post about Prime hitting Wal-Mart. @smilepunch@ (j/k) I'm also in Southern Illinois (Carbondale, to be exact) & the Wal-Mart got in one case tonight. They're 2 per case, price of $63.62 each. It's about $68 after tax. And yes I bought both of them from my Wal-Mart. Why? One for me & one for a buddy. It's taken me over half an hour just to fight through getting him outta the package. For once, I'm being extremely careful. I just have to get Megs out & I'm done. And good God, he is worth every freakin' penny! @firedevil@
  17. All TIE models seen in the movies have been made. The TIE Interceptor was pretty much a re-do of the vintage mold. Vader's TIE was changed quite a bit to accomodate missile firing capabilities in the wing support arms. A sandcrawler would be good. Vintage mold, new mold, whatever. I'd just like to get one at an affordable price.
  18. I was having the same problem today (just found him this afternoon). I think I've got it figured out. Hopefully this will make sense... On step 13 try rotating the doors back very carefully. Turn the tires & arms around until they look like the picture (tires back, screws in biceps forwards & the elbow & wrist joints are also facing forwards). Then just swing the arms down completely & finish off the upper torso/head portion. This'll get them facing the way the instructions show. Of course the image on the package is with the biceps turned 90 degrees from the instruction design. Just fiddle around with the elbow & wrist joints after turning the biceps said 90 degrees. Hopefully you can decipher that & get the shoulders slipped in the right position. Just take it slow & gentle & everything should fall into place. *side note* I absolutely love the Viper logo on the underside of the hood! Bitchin' detail there. @firedevil@
  19. I'll just repost this from the MOTU section.... I'll call BS please, at least on the final part of the post. Over at SSG they've got a note that Wal-Mart is supposed to have 8 pegs for Star Wars regular figs, 3 for the Ultra SW line, 3 for the Unleashed SW & 2 areas for the lightsabers & space for the 12" line. I can already guarantee you that Wal-Mart is carrying all of that stuff as the one near me has had the 12" & Unleashed already & they expect more once the reset is actually done. Just because one store has a certain set-up, that doesn't mean all of the stores will be exactly the same. The local Wal-Mart is right in the middle of their reset (they were working on the LEGO & game aisles last night). I'm heading over there in a little while & if they've got the planogram up I'll take a complete count of all the lines & they're alloted space. Of course, this is only good if you live near me, but it should be interesting to see the differences.
  20. Considering Deepdiscountdvd.com (I think they just added it this week) & Amazon.com both have it listed for January 27 shipping I'd guess it'd be out then. BTW, it's $35.88 & free shipping at DDD. #US1#
  21. TRU has been the only option for quite a while now, but it looks like Wal-Mart is back in the game! The local store got a case in tonight (might have been last night as I've been cutting back on the midnight runs a bit). It was the Yoda wave, but they were already sold out. And they should be getting more as there's actually a peg with a price tag for the line. $14.88. Come on Slave Leia! @smilepunch@
  22. Yep, that's the one. Pretty good looking.
  23. Yep, it's the Holo-Luke in the Jabba's Palace wave.
  24. Check out the January 2004 Previews catalog for a pic of Sunstorm! Page 275, in the Dreamwave section, has a shot of what may be the cover for the issue. Ask your local comic shop owner for a look at the catalog. Potential Spoilers.... The image has Jetfire choking out Sunstorm as Starscream looks on... Pretty sweet.
  25. The Jedi Luke is shipping as part of the Tattooine wave, not the Jabba's Palace wave. Him, R1-G4 & BaR2-D2 are the second wave for the year.
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