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  1. The regular sized blue suit one was an error on Kenner's part. All they had was a black & white upper body shot of the character to go on when they first started working on the figure. That version was only available with the Cantina playset via Sears. They then produced on based on a color image (and with the correct info that he was a shorter character) thus getting it "right". However, the image they had was form the Holiday Special which is where that version of the character appeared. The Cantina Aliens 3-pack version is the closest to the actual movie version. The single carded POTJ version is more based on the original figure, which technically wasn't based on the movie. The KMart Cantina pack is just a nod to the error of the original line.
  2. Ok first off it was a friend. I actually like these theories but I wont claim them as mine because that would be lying and uncool to my best friend. Secondly, so what if it isnt true. I think I stated many times I dont believe itll happen. Also unless youve read teh books and Lucas does decide they are cannon anything COULD happen. Labyrinth of Evil is pretty much canon, considering it ends directly at the beginning of the movie. Literally. If you finish reading this book as the opening crawl ends, it's a seamless transition. This book & Shadows of the Empire are, as far as I know, the only 2 books that actually are considered cannon. Well, other than the movie novelizations. @smilepunch@
  3. Oh for the love of Pete, they're just toys! Relax. So friggin' what if you can't buy them yet? Your stores are just doing what they're, technically, supposed to. Same in my area. I'm not freaking out or getting mad. I'm just checking periodically & waiting for April 2, since that's what the situation is supposed to be. Just chill out & wait for April 2. Pissing & moaing won't do anything but lead to an early death by heart attack. @smilepunch@
  4. Me & my buddies are going to be seeing Sin City on the 1st, so we'll just catch the late show & then head over to Wal-Mart & collect what we want. @smilepunch@
  5. I just got these sets at the Cape Girardeau, MO TRU. Very nice. As for the 2 extra Fireflys, I'm going to be calling them "Crimson Saboteurs". Think of them as trainees of Firefly, with their services being sold to the CGs.
  6. He's a regular figure. Pretty basic articulation, shoulders/hips/waist/neck. And stop worrying about if there will be enough product on April 2 folks. It's gonna be the same as the past 2 movie releases where there's hundreds of figures per store, minimum. @smilepunch@
  7. As I said, just read Labyrinth of Evil. It clears all of this up. Completely & officially.
  8. No, Dooku killed Sifo-Dyas. The newest novel Labyrinth of Evil covers Sifo-Dyas, the ordering of the clones, Grievous' origin & Kamino being removed from the archives. The novel literally ends right where Ep3 is supposed to start (the battle over Coruscant). And anyways, Palpatine was the Naboo senator while Sifo-Dyas was hanging out at the Jedi temple.
  9. Nope, not from the 12" SE/SS pack. Snakes swords both have solid black hilts. SS's both have gold & red hilts. I really think that cape looks familiar, but I can't place it.
  10. One last chance, eh? There's quite a few things I could use that $100 for. Including to split the savings on an order with a friend of mine.
  11. Damn, that's some sweet stuff. Hopefully a U.S. theatrical release will occur. @firedevil@
  12. The original opened on May 25, 1977. May 25 was the original rumored opening date for Ep3, but for some reason they went with the 19th. 25th would have made much more sense from a closure standpoint (opening on the exact anniversary of the original) & a regular opening standopint (May 25 is a Wednesday).
  13. The novel Labyrinth of Evil clears up much of this mess. I haven't started reading it yet (I'm trying to get all my other books out of the way first), but from the reviews I've read it ties directly to the opening of Ep3 (literally, finish the book as the 20th Century Fox logo fades out & it's a seemless transition). It makes clear (from what I've read): 1) Sifo-Dyas ordered the clone army & was then murdered by Dooku. He's very much dead. 2) Palpatine/Sidious was responsible for the accident (I believe it's a crash) that crippled Grievous, thus necessitating his becoming a cyborg. Sidious convinces him the Jedi were at fault, thus pushing him to become the badass Jedi killer we'll all know & "love". @smilepunch@ 3) Qui-Gon is also very much dead, seeing as they burned his body and... SPOILERS .. .. .. .. .. .. .. His spirit is supposed to communicate with Yoda in Ep3, showing him that one can retain one's individuality after death in the Force.
  14. Potential SPOILERS!!! .... .... .... .... .... SPOILER ahead .... .... You've been warned.... The first figure is of someone (or the race) that assists in Padme giving birth to the twins. General assumption is the "face" is some sort of surgical mask. Don't know if it's removable,
  15. Excel Saga is, how do I put this? Extremely nuts! Very psychotic, yet amusing. It can get on your nerves, especially if you don't take well to overly hyper rantings. But it's definitely something to watch if you need a pick-me up. @smilepunch@ As for me, I just snagged 3 of the 4 volumes of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi for $8 a pop yesterday. Another very messed up show, but also amusing. Surprisingly, there is something resembling a plot that runs through the series. If I can find the first volume with the collector's box reasonable I'll get it. Otherwise, I've found a place that has the regular version of the firstvolume for $20. Not too bad at all.
  16. I don't know if those critters have anything to do with Psylocke. I'm thinking what "grabbed" her in that dreamscape setting was the Shadow King. He was locked up in her head after all (hence her loss of telepathy).
  17. Found them all at the local Wal-Mart about an hour ago. Got Aurra for myself & the other 2 for a friend.
  18. I don't know, but that AT-RT is simply bad ass! I love that, plus from an image that's popped up it looks like it's actually to scale! Very, very cool. And does that say "battery walking action"? Funk-a-licious.
  19. The display set-up that the local Wal-Mart got had 20 figures per tray. This was the breakdown... Grievous x 7 Wookiee x 7 R4-G9 x 3 Tion Medon x 3 So, with 5 cases total, that means 35 each of the first 2 & 15 each of the last 2. They put the cases out 1 week early. So, in roughly 2 weeks time this is what was left tonight... R4-G9 x 4 (11 sold) Tion x 4 (11 sold) Grievous x 2 (33 sold) Wookiee x 21 (14 sold) Wookiee is definitely the "peg-warmer" at this point.
  20. Yoda. There were 6 total. Plus a couple of variations here & there, as is the case with the current wave. I've not gotten into them, but I've been tempted.
  21. It does seem the TRU (at least the 2 closest ones) isn't carrying LOTR stuff anymore. They haven't had anything new in ages, just the leftovers they've had forever. Wal-Mart is pretty decent here, but they've been getting the same batch for awhile now, repeatedly (Elendil, Rivendell Elrond, etc.). My problem is I'm pretty much out of room in the space that's allocated for them, hence me only picking up the 3 I did. Hell, I still need Shelob. @grumpy@
  22. The Carbondale, IL WM got in 5 cases of the display tray (20 figures per tray) & put them out early, since the date had already been broken all over the country. They've still got at least 2 trays worth here. And all the other stores in my general area have put them out as well (Marion, Herrin, etc.).
  23. Damn, I found around a dozen or more figures I've not seen anywhere else at the local Sam Goody today. Denethor, Gorbag, Shagrat, Minis Tirith guard, orc disguise Sam, Theodred, Gate of Mordor Sam, Smeagol (Stoor fisherman), Shelob attack Frodo, dungeons of Isenguard orc captain, Hama, 2 Legolas', SA Aragorn & a few others on the green cards. All $5.99 each. I only picked up Shagrat, Gorbag & the MT guard. Amazing find though.
  24. And he's only had about 4 matches in that time span. They have him come out & lose to whoever is the "evil foreign" wrestler du jour to get the new guy some extra heat with the crowd. Sarge is just helping put over whoever the current newbie is.
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