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  1. Check out GalacticHunter's Ep3 Toy guide. They've got listings of case breakdowns & #s.
  2. I think I'm going to have to kill you now. @smilepunch@
  3. Same here. And of the news links on the sidebar just redirect back to the main page instead of the article. It's been like this since the changes to the front page were made. @hmmm@
  4. Action attack? I know you don't mean actual action attack but is Hasbro just stupid. They took the only real amry builder and gave him action attack? Yuck. I guess I should just pick some up and see how bad they are. The "action attack" is basically a quick draw on the clonetrooper. Squeeze his legs & his right arm snaps up. There's no waist/torso joint due to it, but otherwise it's a damn near perfect figure. Ball socket shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles & neck as well as wrist swivels & regular hip joints. The action feature doesn't interfere with the shoulder or hip joints in the least. Plus it's got an interchangable shoulder pad, either plain or with the Imperial/Republic insignia. There's also a second clone coming soon (#41 in the figure count) that's action feature free & does have the torso joint. #US1#
  5. No, he's got a blaster, a blue saber & a green saber. The prototype had him with a purple one, but that was corrected/changed.
  6. I guess YODA loses his hand in E3! Nah, it's because his right hand is sculpted with a lightsaber in it. So they've got an interchangeable feature. Just like the first Obi-Wan & Anakin figures. And the shoulder pads for the Clone are only for the left shoulder.
  7. There's quite a few of the figures that are like that. The first Obi-Wan & Anakin figs both have extra hands and/or lightsaber hilts, the second Yoda (w/spinning attack) has an extra hand & his cane, the quick-draw Clone has the shoulder pads (awesome touch, BTW) & I think there's a couple of others. So everyone, be sure to check the bubbles for extra parts. @smilepunch@
  8. The deluxe Obi-Wan/SBD has a variation as well. The SBD comes either put together or broken apart.
  9. Nah, he's a gimmick figure. The legs are connected by a small section of plastic which is connected to a metal rod. Push down on his head & he "springs" into battle. @hmmm@ There's an actual pilot Obi-Wan slated for #56 in the line-up.
  10. Carbondale, IL Wal-Mart 1-32 (including both red & blue versions of the Guard) Grievous Unleashed All 4 Deluxes Boga AT-RT One of my buddies snagged Vader's medical droid, Polis Massan & Mas Amedda (only saw 2 of each of them & another guy got the other set).
  11. You mean the Dooku v. Aankin & Mace v. Palpy? If so, I only saw those at TRU for some reason. They're okay, but I'll wait for them to go on clearance.
  12. jedicrippler


    Because they aren't out en masse doesn't mean they're cancelled. It means they just didn't ship to your area yet. Only a couple of figs from teh 33-40 range popped up in my area (so far). They'll be readily available in future assortments. Don't be so paranoid.
  13. The XBox version isn't supposed to go on sale until April 5. Why? Because they're twits. I'm as annoyed as you are, this game looks fun.
  14. nope, infact the book "labirynth of Evil" which is touted as the pre ROTS clone wars book also ends at the same huge battle over coruscant. I don't know if both the toon and books continuity work together but they are both lead ins to the movie. The continuities don't match up exactly (Anakin & Obi-Wan are chasing Dooku on some planet in LoE, Mace & Shaak Ti have discovered the lair of Sidious on Coruscant) but they both end in the same place. And the reason for "season" 3 (or part 3, or whatever you want to call it) being only 5 episodes instead of 20 is because the episode lengths are about 4 times as long. You still get an hour of 'toon, just in fewer episodes.
  15. That's not as bad as what happened with Ep1 midnight showings at my local theater. A raccoon got into the transformer & blew the power for the theater right at the start of the pod race. I wasn't able to get tickets for that showing, but it was on the news first thing in the morning.
  16. No, they were all on last week. Only 5 eps this time since they're 12 minutes long.
  17. Whats that in your sig pic? What? That? Oh! It's Sally Struthers with another desperate cry for help. You asked me what Cobra was but you have Cobras in your sig come on down to the Gi joe section of the Boards. No, he asked you what a corba is. That's how you've got it spelled in your nickname. He's joking around about your spelling error.
  18. Outside of the stuff in the Star Wars: Tales & the Infinities mini-series everything is in continuity. Those 2 groups are the only "Elseworlds" type SW comics.
  19. Yeah, Jaster's got it right. There's only going to be 2 DVDs of CW stuff. The one that just came out is episodes 1-20 (which, from a technical standpoint have been referred to as Season 1 (1-10) & Season 2 (11-20)). The second one (we would assume) would be episodes 21-25 which just aired this week on Cartoon Network. I'd like it if they could get the DVD out before Ep 3's opening, but I highly doubt it. Probably won't be until at least August. And I'm pretty sure this is going to be it for the CW series. It'd be cool if it continued, but from what's been said in interviews the next SW project looks to be a live action TV series of some sort.
  20. Kind of impossible to be matching another store on the figure 3-packs as they're Wal-Mart exclusives. The price of the DVD is $14.88 at Wal-Mart. Did the shelf tag actually say something like "Clone Wars DVD"? If so then someone's off their nut. If not, obviously it was just in the wrong slot.
  21. Kellogg's Promotions Scroll over the Galactic Gadgets & Epic Eats tabs to get pull down lists of stuff from them. Pepsi's Promotion From Rebelscum.
  22. There's an insane amount of stuff. Here's more... S'Morez cereal (match game on the back, same as Corn Pops I believe). Corn Flakes (poster offer, pretty cool) Various (I assume) Chips Ahoy & other Keebler cookiees (cookiee jar, natch) Skittles (SW themed iPod contest) Eggos (at least chocolate chip) (can't recall the offer off the top of my head) Everything you've mentioned. And I'm sure there's more.
  23. Nah, they're just doing revamps of the DVDs. All the old features but also some new stuff (I think interviews with the cast & such) as well as Dolby 5.1 remix for the sound. Believe me, I was as excited as anyone else. Ah well, we can always hope.
  24. On a more helpful note... Wal-Mart's got the Animated 3-packs (Durge/Assaj/Grievous & Obi-Wan/ARC/? can't remember...). The local one had a whole pallet for the display including the re-issued Ep 1 & Ep 2 DVDs. Circuit City is supposed to be $11.99 for the CW DVD. Best Buy is $12.99. Wal-Mart's price was $14.44, but I price matched with BB.
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