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  1. Duh, yeah sorry 'bout that. Wave 2. Nevermind. Move along folks, nothing to see here. @bH@ (What, no facepalm smiley?)
  2. 087-06-0205 Got a set today for my buddy. They had 8 total on the shelf. Wouldn't ring up until they actually manually input the DPCI #, oddly enough.
  3. Found wave 2 at both TRU & WM today. Picked up Sideous, Magnaguard & Grievous. Would have gotten the Sandtrooper but soemone else had both of the ones they had in his cart. Oddly enough, it was a friend of mine getting them for himself & his brother. Small world. Edited for stupidity on poster's end.
  4. I'm obviously getting the Vintage collection figs (and at least 2 if not 4 of the Gamorrean, too awesome of a figure). I haven't been getting much of the CW stuff & pretty much the only Clones I've got are from the AT-TE & Turbo Tank. That said, Clone Pilot Goji will be mine! Gotta love a Star Wars/Godzilla crossover in plastic form. And if you don't get it, think about the name & take a good look at just half of the helmet markings (left or right, doesn't matter).
  5. The clean shaven Hoth trooper is in the Target Defense of Hoth battle pack with a bearded Hoth trooper & a K-3PO using the Build-A-Droid body (I believe).
  6. Everything except the railing (from the 2004?, slightly tweaked in that the frog bowl/hookah jar is sealed together & there are no frogs) & Salacious (from the C-3PO figure a couple of years ago, maybe very minutely tweaked on the sculpt) is completely brand new.
  7. Because they tried once & it failed instantly. Star Wars figures would not & do not work in 6". Hell, the regular ones are already $7-8 each. 6" would be at least $15, if not $20 a piece. Plus, the entire vehicle line would be dead & buried at that size. A 6" scale Falcon? AT-AT? Not even going to happen. As someone whos been buying this line almost since the beginning ('79-80 was my first figure), I wouldn't even give them a second look. And if they would, for some unfathomable reason, actually try to replace the regular line with strictly 6", that'd be it. My SW collecting days would officially end. Even if they just made them alongside the regular 3 3/4" line, I still would ignore them completely. And I'm pretty sure most collectors would feel the same way. Hell, many have already stopped collecting as it is.
  8. Ditto. Should have 'em Tuesday, unless I'm mistaken.
  9. Yeah, it's based on the Clone Wars version, which is pretty much the same as AOTC. I'm sure they'll re-issue it as the ESB version as well. It certainly has enough features & space to be either one. The upcoming set also includes one of the newer Jedi Starfighters with the detachable center section, decoed for Mace Windu. And it's got Mace, Anakin, Boba, Bossk & an astromech (for Mace), all animated style, of course. But it does look like a hell of a nice set.
  10. I got the same e-mail today. Says I should have the 3 I ordered for me & a couple of buddies between Monday & Thursday next week. Checked the order status & it says Item(s) lcoated in stock. So this looks good.
  11. Same answer. They are steadfastly refusing to do any of the strictly animated characters in the realistic line. Although, some of the animated stuff is starting to shift a bit towards the moer realistic look, at least in regards to most that aren't a human face.
  12. That's from the second trailer for ESB.
  13. Nope. The Jarael/Rohlan pack is the only thing for the KOTOR comic. Which sucks, because I'd totally buy a 2-pack of Zayne & Gryph. At least we're actually getting this pack & the other 3 thanks to EE. Sure, they're a bit more, but then again the comic packs have been gone up to about $15 each in store anyway. My buddy & I are both down for all 4 sets so we're just getting the case. Averages down to about $16.25 each that way.
  14. Skalor is the fish type & Nautilator the crawfish type (only 1 I'm missing from the Seacons) Skorp & Tank for the 2 to Nautilator's left (looking at the pic) Can't remember the race car, he's a GoBot as well. As are the forklift (Forks, I think) & the drillhead (hell, I should definitely know his name) Not sure if the 'copter is a GoBot or another version of Vortex, pretty sure he's a GoBot as well. Skydive is correct, BTW. And Overkill has Slugfest's guns.
  15. Considering it doesn't exist yet, I'd say.....no. However, if you've got Discovery Kids, chances are good you should get it since DKids is supposed to be changing over to become the Hub.
  16. Did you actually read the original post that CTD just linked to? The guy even states that he's making it up. It's a speculatory schedule, not the real deal. There's no wait & see. It's a fake.
  17. I'm pretty sure it's a spambot. But I'll give 'em the opportunity to be proven wrong.
  18. You questioned it by phrasing your response as a question, that is what "?" are used for. Kinda simple there. Perhaps I shouldn't have used "Once again" to start that sentence, fine, I'll give you that. However, I have seen you jump to conclusions about things many times in political/religious discussions, as I have read all of the political posts when this was the GD section, since I'm a mod for it. I am going to have Jay switch my modship to just the basic GD section so I won't have to wade through all the arguments in these types of threads anymore to ensure no one has gone too far, by Jay's set standards. In regards to the primary subject of your displeasure, it would appear that you still didn't reread the highlighted sentence from my reply. Please do & we can just let this drop. Thank you.
  19. I think it's clear you took exception to my post, and for whatever reason, you felt/thought I was attacking you or assuming (as you put it) that I was making a slight against your comments and you even took it as though I thought you were saying you didn't believe in God, because I said that I still beleive in him despite mans twisted words? Is it easy enough to just say that was not what I meant at all and you can be happy with that? You've gone off here again in jumping to conclusions about my intentions, so how else am I to perceive you here? I'm a nice guy also and wasn't upset or angry at all. Your defense of yourself applies equally to me and I have no pre-concieved idea in my head of how I should react to you as a mod here, but I get the feeling you have one of me and that's why you're misinterpreting everything I'm posting as being a knock on you? It's not....and you'll just have to take my publicly posted word on it, as I have no reason to lie. And I'll say it again, I wasn't insulted or anything. I also highlighted something from my post, which you obviously overlooked the first time you read it. Please read it again. And I don't feel I was misinterpreting your comments in my last reply to you. I just took your comments the way they were framed (exclamation points, WTF, etc.) & said that none of it was warranted because I was trying to be peaceful. I wasn't the one who said "Settle down!" like it was an order or something. That's all I'm saying. You're the one who started this by seemingly questioning my view on God. And I said I was sorry if that wasn't your intention. But, IMO, it was an uneeded comment. If you will let it drop, then I will too. And I won't even venture in here again, unless I see a spambot that needs to be reported, m'kay?
  20. And where exactly did I say I don't believe in God? Once again, you make a vague assumption based on something that wasn't said. And if God did tell someone to write some of this stuff down, then why hasn't it happened again since then? You'd think that an all-powerful entity would be maybe want to clarify a few things that were said back when the world was still cooling & folks needed to have a means to survive & grow that don't particularly apply that much anymore. IMO, if folks stop taking stuff in religious texts so bloody seriously & actually look around & think for themselves, they probably would understand Him & His plans better. Settle down! Where did I accuse you of NOT beleiving in God? Talk about "making vague assumptions"? #WTF# I simply stated a fact about what you already brought up, in that MAN wrote the Bible not God, but I added to it about what amazing MEN they must have been to write such a thing. How is that insulting you personally to fire off like what you have? GEESH! I see this knee-jerk reaction to anything I say is becoming rampant around here. Read my post again, and tell me where I personally scoffed at anything you wrote? I think you're the one who needs to settle down. I didn't slam on you for anything. I just pointed out that even though I didn't state my belief in a higher power you felt the need to state yours, seemingly feeling that it would make a point or something. I never even remotely hinted that I was "insulted" by what you said. I just said you appeared to have made an assumption. Sorry if that wasn't correct. You do seem to jump to conclusions though rather quickly, exhibited by your response to me. I didn't "fire off" anything either. I made a calm, rational counterpoint to your question (since it wasn't a statement) that it's hard to believe that we could have made up what is attributed as being the word of God. I also pointed out that maybe strict interpretation of religious texts is preventing some from seeing the bigger picture. If anyone is having a "knee-jerk reaction", it's you. I was being quite calm & rational, you jumped down my throat with "Settle down!", "WTF", thinknig you "insulted me personally", "firing off" stuff, a "knee-jerk reaction" & saying that I thought you "personally scoffed" at my statements. If I was saying this to you face to face, you'd get that I'm trying to be polite & rational, not confrontational. You just saw what you wanted to in what I typed.
  21. And where exactly did I say I don't believe in God? Once again, you make a vague assumption based on something that wasn't said. And if God did tell someone to write some of this stuff down, then why hasn't it happened again since then? You'd think that an all-powerful entity would be maybe want to clarify a few things that were said back when the world was still cooling & folks needed to have a means to survive & grow that don't particularly apply that much anymore. IMO, if folks stop taking stuff in religious texts so bloody seriously & actually look around & think for themselves, they probably would understand Him & His plans better.
  22. All I can say is thank God this was done. Now I don't have to bother trying to wade through the rhetoric from both sides in order to make sure that none of you has gone over the limit of good taste, by JayC's stated standards. Although there have been some comments... Personally, if it was up to me, none of this type of discussion would be allowed since it almost always degenrates into a pissing contest. And it's not just one side that starts the venom spewing, so don't try to place blame on those with differing opinions, as some of you do on a regular basis. And BTW, just as a side note, I want to say this about the bible & all other religious texts. It isn't the "word of God". It was written by man. All forms of it. God has never put pen to paper & set down his feelings personally. So anything & everything in any & all religious texts needs to be looked at with the primary viewpoint that we wrote it down. Yes, some of it is historically accurate, but the stuff about what "God" or "Allah" or "*insert diety of choice here*" says you should do is actually "the guy who was writing this down" says you should do. Think about it.
  23. Of course, there's also the fact that everyone has overlooked the fact that both Rictor & Shatterstar have also shown interest in women. Ric & Wolfsbane had a hell of a relationship going there (I do believe they've shown he has the scars to prove it) & Shatterstar has flirted with Siryn & M as well as other females whom the team has come across. I said it before, I'll say it again. They are not gay, they are bi-sexual.
  24. Found 'm at the Carbondale, IL WM tonight. I like the included cover for the right shoulder if you want to leave the missile launcher off. Nice Gundam-ish touch.
  25. There's an AT-AT Driver included, but it's the previous version (2006, swivel elbows, no ankle joints), for some odd reason.
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