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  1. First off, MST3K only did 2 Godzilla movies, neither of which is in this box set. And 1 of the 2 was released on DVD (Godzilla v. Megalon, which is finally getting an actual regular DVD release next Tuesday!). It was quickly recalled, but it was released. The release of the films on DVD has nothing to do with the MSTie versions being released. It has everything to do with Toho not wanting them released. Secondly, Chris Gore there is just a wee bit behind as this set was released in 2007. Thirdly, some of these are really good movies. Especially the original. Finally, never give up hope for the MSTie versions. The 5 Gamera episodes were considered to be just as impossible to release & Shout was able to finally find a way to do it via a *kinda-sorta* end run around Daiei.
  2. I'm gonna let this one live for a bit, but I'm guessing this is part of a new type of spamming, judging by the other posts made by this user. If you're actually not a spammer, then welcome to the mad house.
  3. Of course, nothing's showing up in my cart. I still need a Zarana for me & 1 for a friend. Ugh.
  4. I'm guessin' you meant this to be in the TF section, so away it goes.....
  5. Not sure what you're talking about, but the Windcharger that was released (Scout class) is just barely shorter than the Generations Perceptor in robot mode. Trust me, I just checked the shelf they're both on.
  6. They did update Windcharger. Just need to get him back out there in greater quantities. Especially since he was a tremendous update.
  7. Yeah, he's been out since February at least. Saw him multiple times in the wild.
  8. I'm interested to see what all accessories both packs will have. I don't think Zandar has a gun in any of the pics, so there's gotta be some stuff missing. The Marauders set I'll get, mostly because of the Renegades. The 'Noks, oh hell yeah I'm getting them! Now if I could just get my hands on a Zarana I'd be able to have the ultimate Dreadnok group photo. I'm loving the fact that Road Pig's actually using a street sign as his forearm guard/shield thingy.
  9. I saw a couple of cases last night at the local Wal-Mart (Carbondale, IL). The regular stock guy wasn't around & there was no space on the pegs for them so I just left them for the moment.
  10. I gotta agree with a lot of the comments on there. That list is nowhere near accurate. No Vader/C-3PO head cases? No G. I. Joe Pocket Patrol Pack? No Rebel Transport? (Not a figure case you say? Bull. It had 30 plus footpegs, storage front & back for weapons & a locking mechanism in it so the top didn't come off when you picked it up. That's a carry case folks.) That Falcon case is crap compared to the vintage head cases. At least those had weapon storage slots. Star Wars was the bomb when it came to storing & moving large quantities of figures back in the day.
  11. Okay, I think I'm just going to go with my previous top 10 (minus #3, Ysanne Isard since we got her) & bump up #11 to round it out. 1. Admiral Natasi Daala (EU, currently deposed leader of the Galactic Alliance) 2. Admiral Gilad Pellaeon (EU, Thrawn's top man) 3. Winter (EU, Leia's aide de camp & occasional spy) 4. Tenel Ka (EU, Jedi Knight/Queen of the Hapan Empire) 5. Joruus C'Baoth (EU, mad Jedi clone from the Thrawn trilogy) 6. Tahiri Veila (EU, fallen Jedi, attempting redemption, major character through multiple novel arcs) 7. Sim Aloo (ROTJ, vintage Imperial Dignitary) 8. Ann & Tann Gella (TPM, Sebulba's masseuses, just need 1 made really, although a 2-pack like the Battle Droids have been would be good) 9. Cliegg Lars (AOTC, let's finish this family) 10. Arliel Schous (ANH, Defel removed from the Cantina in the SE, he was the other wolfman) No remakes, no variants, just new, never before made characters. With the exception of Sim Aloo, which he hasn't had a modern update yet so he doesn't count. I'm pretty sure we'll see anyone who needs an upgrade & has been asked about (as the majority of the updates mentioned already have been) within in the next few years anyways. Of course, my true #1 (& 2, technically) would be the Tonnika's, but since at least one of the actresses seems to have her head.......in the clouds about her worth (from what I've heard), they're off limits.
  12. We just got a great pair of figures of Han & Luke as Stormtroopers a couple of years ago. Grand Moff Tarkin's been confirmed as coming via the Q & As & if you mean Anakin from Ep 1, they showed him at Toy Fair or SDCC. And I'm wanting to say a super-articulated vintage Weequay update was mentioned as coming in one of the Q & As as well.
  13. Damn straight. Especially the Kitchen. I just wish I had the Backstage set as well.
  14. Superhero. Well, the attributes they list do sound like me. Both the + & - ones. I like the reasoning behind the year selections. Makes good sense.
  15. 4 more episodes. And really, for the big bad, where else is there to go but down now? @smilepunch@
  16. Against the Stinger missile, one of Hot Spot's repair arms. Silver in the lower middle, Ironhide's weapon. Below the purple tail, Wreck-Gar's gun. The 5 grey missiles around the Stinger missile are Night Raven missiles I believe.
  17. 5 is Tic Toc from Return to Oz. 8 is T-Bob from M.A.S.K. I recognize many of these, just can't place some of them.
  18. Lower right corner, next to Twiki.
  19. Once the weather cools down I'll dig into the box where some of my trading card albums are in the garage & scan the card back for #95. I could then post it here & you can tweak your clip. If you need any other images let me know.
  20. You've got the wrong card back for the third one in this part bub. Starscream holding gun Megatron should be #77, not #95. And now I know exactly what the card other than the Sludge card I need looks like.
  21. Found the new mini-rigs (Republic Scout Speeder & Y-Wing Bomber) at Target today. I was going to give the Speeder to my buddy for a birthday gift & keep the Bomber for myself. Fortunately, I had a coupleof back up ideas for him because they rang up at $4.24 each! So if you see the new mini-rigs (at least that's what I'm calling them) at Target, make sure to check the pricing on them right now. Might get a hell of a good deal.
  22. I've got an almost complete set of these things. I've actually found someone online who periodically gets tehm in & got 2 of the 4 that I've been missing since they first came out. The only ones I still need are 37 & 77.
  23. Well, these are finally starting to show up at stores other than TRU. Found the first wave (incl. Titanium Man) at Target. $14.99 each. Better than TRU's $17.99 price point for sure. I did pick up T-Man. If I can find Dynamo at that price I'll get him as well.
  24. Ditto. They also got some of the JLU sized Young Justice figs as well as a batch of the SuperFriends DCUC. All in a big box that said WM DC Did You Miss Comic-Con or something like that. Oddly enough they also got in some of the Wave 15 DCUC, just no variant Manhunter or Classic Starman.
  25. Yep, I got screwed to. Bloody site wouldn't even let me past the Cart page for the first hour plus so I lost Skyscreamer there. Shortly after lost out on CS Zarana. It finally let me log in & get to the payment screen but then that kept crashing & if I tried to just reload it would say I'd encoutered an error & I had to go back to the Cart page. Finally had to stop for awhile as I woke up this morning with a sore neck & couldn't sit up any longer. I checked back after awhile & apparently just lost out on regular Zarana. I laid back down for awhile (as it was still not letting me process through) & wound up falling asleep for about an hour. And lost out on the Indy set in that time. So I didn't get a damn thing except a really sore neck.
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