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  1. In the Fear Itself event Juggernaut was one of the 8 possessed by the Serpent, something like Odin's long lost brother based on fear. Juggy was making a bee-line for San Fran where the X-Men have set up shop. Nothing was even slowing him down, so Cyke came up with a plan to send a team to visit Cyttorak in his home dimension & point out that yeah, Juggy's causing massive havoc, but it's not in his name anymore. Cyttorak agreed to give his power to one of those sent to visit him. It was apparently supposed to be Illyana (back from the dead...sort of-ish), but Piotr stepped in front of her & took the power himself. He's still got it. Or does it have him....
  2. Whoops, should be 18 of 22. So 4 episodes left. Looks like it'll be 4 weeks straight from Apr. 22 - May 13 to finish up the season.
  3. Yeah, Once Upon A Time just started this year. 19 episodes of the 22 for the season have aired. Next new episode is on Apr. 22.
  4. (Not so) Quick hits: Xavier allowed some things to happen that weren't exactly good (Danger room was actually a sentient entity he confined for use, whole deal with the true "All-New" X-Men sent to save the original team from Krakoa including the bit about Cyke & Havok's other brother, etc.), so he & the X-Men parted ways. He's still around, but not as a leader in any capacity. Magneto realized that it's time to put the war to an end since there's only a little under 200 mutants left in the world after the House of M/M-Day thing. HoM/M-D: Quicksilver decided to help Mags reach his goal of mutant Utopia so he convinced Scarlet Witch to try to alter the world so mutants were dominant & humans were the "lower caste". To do so he used Chuck as an amplifier. Whole world changes, Magento is pseudo-overall world leader, mutants have it good. Folks realized things weren't right (Wolverine primarily since his fondest wish was to have all his memories, he still does, just jumbled a bit), things happened (namely Mags killing Quickie for doing this in the first place), spell broken, Wanda snapped & said "No more mutants." World wakes up normal excpet for the fact that now there's only 181 mutants left, everyone else just lost their powers (very, very bad in quite a few cases...). No more mutant births, nada. Hope was the first mutant baby born after M-Day. Big battle to get her. Cyclops had Cable take her into the future to raise her & protect her from Bishop who believes she's the reason his future turned out crap. Major time-stream chase between Cable & Bishop allowed Hope to grow up & return to the present at her current age. There have been a few more new mutants that have activated, but their powers start out messed up. Hope touches them & somehow "stabilizes" the powers. It happened even when she was a baby before Cable took her on the time trip. Rogue touched her & now has complete control of her powers. Hope is also a power mimic as well. Cyke is extremely protective since she is the "hope" of mutantkind's survival. He's also getting a bit militant about protecting mutants, including using the kids as soldiers & active fighters. Logan (of all people) realized this isn't a very good idea & broke ranks with some others who felt likewise & many of the kids to re-open the school, now called the Jean Grey School. Steve's back as Cap 'cause there was this movie last year... @loll@
  5. Only thing excluded is LEGOs according to the coupon.
  6. X-Factor is Peter David with Leonard Kirk on art. Uncanny X-Force is Rick Remender with Greg Tocchini on art. Liefeld seems to be doing some stuff for DC right now. He's not on any of the X-titles at the moment.
  7. You mean Daken is dying or Logan? Geeze...I need to catch up. (lol) Daken. You think they'd really kill off Logan? The hate thing is thanks to a guy who is somehow tied to Logan, Sabertooth & the other "feral" type mutants. It's a long, weird trip. Probably better to just Wiki him.
  8. He does still have some metal in the wings as well. And yeah, Uncanny X-Force is great. As is X-Factor.
  9. Yeah, Daken had 3 claws with the 2 on top, 1 on bottom configuration. After he got them coated with that particular sword's steel Logan was able to take him down & actually removed the underside claws. He buried them somewhere on Earth, but no clue was given as to where. And it looks like they may be killing him off soon as his series is ending. He got involved with some sort of drug that apparently completely burned out his healing factor & he's now dying.
  10. Buy 1 get 1 50% off at TRU this week! Comes out to $13.50 each, cheapest around. And I scored Thunderball, maskless Daken, Drax, Fantomex, Madame Hydra & FF Spidey for myself & those last 2 for a buddy as well already. Not bad at all. And on a Marvel comic related cheap bastich deal I snagged 8 trades (Beyond, Daredevil: Father, Elektra: The Hand, 3 Exiles & 2 FF) at Hastings for $12 total! $3 each used & buy 1 get 1 free on the whole bin!
  11. http://www.ralphmcquarrie.com/ The man who initially brought Lucas' vision to life & created so many timeless ships & aliens has passed away. RIP Ralph. You're one with the Force now.
  12. That's the plan. Although there's some discussion that if the Prequels don't perform too well they may scrap the releases entierely.
  13. 2008 was also the AT-TE & 2009 was the Turbo Tank. 2011 had the new Slave I which was larger & the Republic Attack Shuttle, so they were kind of sized down a bit but 2 were released again.
  14. Yup, Bane found a nice fedora there. And Obi had on the proto Boba Fett helmet. Same model of ship as the Hound's Tooth for the first ship. And the second ship they had was the same model as Lando's Lady Luck from the novels & comics. Tons of easter eggs in that ep.
  15. I'm glad to see them giving adaptations of the comics a chance. I knew this storyline seemed familiar. It was the first 6 issues of the Clone Wars comic with a few tweaks. Quite a nice job of adapting it. Also: Z-95 Headhunters! Apparently they were in one of the Krell episodes as well; & I missed them. Nice to see one of the most used EU fighters get introduced into cannon. Now maybe they'll make a figure scale one. I've been wanting one for a long time.
  16. Yeah, which is why I bit the bullet & just shipped my Pile of Loot with wave 4 & a few Star Trek ornaments I need to replace. Should all get here by Friday.
  17. Check your TRUs! I found the entire Mandarin wave today at one of the local TRUs. Surprised the hell out of me. Even better they were ringing up at $6.99. They also had the Sinister/Gambit & Warlock/Thanos comic packs. And I wound up getting myself a comic color Red Skull for the Cap line at Sears with their "All Toys Buy 1 Get 1 Free" sale. And a Rebel Fleet Trooper for the other half of that deal.
  18. Using the Buy 1, get 1 Free deal at TRU I picked up a couple of Junkheap's for 2 of my friends & the Prime SS & BB for myself. Also (finally) picked up the Generations WFC Cliffjumper & Skullgrin at Target for $6.99 each as well. And Wreck-Gar & Perceptor are showing up again at TJ Maxx stores as well as at Hastings (they are full price at Hastings, but still, they're finally shipping out).
  19. Yeah, I just pre-ordered 2 sets of the 7-packs as well as a couple of cases of wave 4 for me & a buddy last night. Lo & behold the wave 4 cases come in today. So now we just need those 7-packs. It'd be really cool if they did make it by (checks map) next Tuesday so we could have them by Christmas.
  20. Considering it was Cobra using said hovercraft I'd say it's a beefed up version of the Water Moccasin.
  21. My buddy found Sky Shadow last weekend for me & yesterday he not only snagged me a Junkheap (TRU) but Wreck-Gar (TJ Maxx) as well! And that's me being caught up. @firedevil@
  22. And all the Christmas stuff is up. Yay me!

    1. Wheeljack35


      I have everything up except the tree

  23. I'm pretty sure Wal-Mart doesn't have UPC stickers floating around to slap on product. The bastich who returned it cut & pasted a Vintage UPC onto the cardback him/her/itself. Wal-Mart's only blame in this is that the employee actually accepted it for a return. Everything else is on the jerk who brought it in.
  24. Be nice to have that sale around here. Especially if they have Fordo, Bastila & the Revenge of the Jedi stuff. Urg.
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