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  1. For those also upset over the smiling Kimberly head for the upcoming Pink Ranger figure, perhaps if or when the movie figure is released we will see a serious Kimberly head. I agree, Ivan Ooze (with the correct head sculpt) would be awesome as well as a 1995 movie Lord Zedd! That one is way overdue.
  2. I get that Mattel is trying to give fans some kind of "updated" replica to the Toy Biz '89 line, but for the love of Pete, why package these on standard Mattel Multiverse blisters? Could they not use the gold with purple stars bordered cards? It comes off now like some kind of cheap effort, without the underlying context. Joker is the best of the line, looking more of a hybrid of the Super Powers Joker with the colors and "gimmick" of the '89 toy. Batman looks off, overlarge head, on a decent looking male buck. The "batrope" accessory is a nice nod to the original toy. Poison Ivy is ok, but proportions are off, breasts look awkward, fake like a pornstar, and like many of Mattel's DC efforts which led to their losing the license.
  3. I am so glad I pre-ordered this set from Hasbropulse. The sculpting of that helmet is the most accurate helmet we have received from any toy company, including Figuarts. The shield, looks great, and everything just looks fantastic on Tommy. However, the main draw is the Putty figure. OMG finally the claybrains get their rock glove and sword weapons! Fans have been requesting these for as long as Bandai refocused their efforts on MMPR, the putties need their weapons! I was not expecting a Putty so soon, but now that we have one, I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would skip this set. Fighting Spirit may not be on everyone's wish list, but the classic Green Ranger is coming soon, and if this representation is any indicator, that future release should worry no one.
  4. If they were to do a single packed MMPR Red Ranger we're getting another Jason head. However, we have possibility for a Rocky head to be included with a MMPR Movie Red Ranger should they get around to doing those. The 25th anniversary of the film is next year, perfect opportunity to release some 7 inch legends styled figures. As for the figure, I was heavily critical of the sculpting of this Red Ranger helmet, but getting a closer look at the head it is spot on, and possibly the best Red Ranger head we have ever received. The main issue is the lack of white along the jaw line. With a few touch ups, we have a dynamite helmet.
  5. I hope this means an Ultimate Michael Myers line is on the way. We are long overdue for a new classic H1 Michael Myers figure.
  6. Wow that face sculpt is better than Figuarts. every time I see it there's so much to love. so much to unpack. The muscular sculpts will please the American consumers who are not impressed with a lean physique that is more accurate to the sentai fight footage, but for the first time we will finally have figures that actually look like they're wearing the spandex uniforms, and this has me more excited than anything else. The creasing and folds seen around the joints and abdomen provide much needed body expression and exciting detail for what is a basic flat design and are much more realistic than the steroid muscles on top of muscles we've been getting since Turbo and In Space, with a few breaks in-between (Jungle Fury/RPM). Now all I ask for is MMPR with the weapons, and a blade blaster that is not in holster mode, (or three for all three modes) and I'll be happy!
  7. The incoming tariffs have also contributed to the acceleration. Modernization was going to happen, but as Rebecca Mond VP for Governmental Affairs in the Toy Industry said, toymaking cannot be automated as easily as others point out, and with the demise of TRU still sending ripples throughout the battered toy trade, Hasbro has been reported as keeping in contact with the administration in an effort to keep them from pushing through with the tariffs, because to go through with them, means the toy company would have to pay more to import the product that goes on store shelves. This will raise the costs of said product and the retailers will be ordering less as a result, this means more layoffs. Even though Hasbro has said to be moving their manufacturing out of China, its not happening overnight and these tariffs are going to hit Hasbro hard until they do. This also should be understood.
  8. Neca's cool. As long as they don't release this "8-bit video game" Keaton Batman http://toynewsi.com/index.php?itemid=22973 claiming that they will never make a regular version, then I go and buy it thinking "Well, this is as close as I'll get..." Then they go and release the regular Keaton version anyway. Such a hypothetical situation would anger me @razz@ @bats@ @loll@ That actually might happen, now that the 6inch articulated line is going to be up for grabs. Maybe DC Direct will grab it , they have come along way with quality and articulation but who knows. I thought DCD already has the license for the TV and movie DC figures. I thought that's why this figure was being made styled in 8 bit video game colors because there's nothing that prevents them from modeling product off of antequated 8 bit video games. It sounds flimsy to me but if it's on the internet then it has to be true right?????? @loll@
  9. My comment was going to be almost exactly the same! Supeman in a drab, murky background with some CGI rain. Yay. It's frustrating because I think Cakvil himself looks great as Superman. I'm knid of upset that he still has the kryptonian underwear. Given that he pretty much had forsaken his heritage "Krypton had it's CHANCE!!!!!" and completely obliterated the last of the surviving members of his race signifying just how much he cares for the past, why keep the only thing left to remind him of what he's done..... and why set it in the rain with a darkened sky..... oh Snyder you piece of........ That's low, real fracking low. Wait. You're upset because Superman is dressed like . . . Superman? We're kinda stretching for those criticisms a little, aren't we? No I'm upset that the character who has clearly pushed aside his kryptonian heritage... because for whatever reason, is still wearing the underwear that is a reminder of that said heritage. There's no reason why he should wear it now. Superman comes across as hypocritic because of it. A whole new suit design should have been made here, maybe a black one to symbolize his mistake and that he's at mourning like in the aftermath of the Worlds at War storyline in 2001, you know to tell us that Snyder is developing the actual character further from the teaser image. Now it seems like he's wearing it as an everlasting torture that he must be reminded of his mistake when in reality anybody could just tell him to take off the suit if you feel bad about it.
  10. My comment was going to be almost exactly the same! Supeman in a drab, murky background with some CGI rain. Yay. It's frustrating because I think Cakvil himself looks great as Superman. I'm knid of upset that he still has the kryptonian underwear. Given that he pretty much had forsaken his heritage "Krypton had it's CHANCE!!!!!" and completely obliterated the last of the surviving members of his race signifying just how much he cares for the past, why keep the only thing left to remind him of what he's done..... and why set it in the rain with a darkened sky..... oh Snyder you piece of........ That's low, real fracking low.
  11. There will be season sets, WB just wanted a big ticket Batman item (having washed out the Dark Knight Trilogy last year) for christmas shoppers and to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the character. I'm sure individual volumes will come out soon after as well as a standard collectors set.
  12. You do realize the Snyder is so butthurt because people are so attached to the majesty of the Superman that Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner brought to the world, because he wasn't real right? the only reason why he's doing Superman and Justice LEague is because he an WB want to ground these films so that they seem real, yet the sheer fantastic powers and logics of Superheroes cannot exist. He's fool of himself. This man has said he directed Watchmen and 300 so that gives him the right and knowlege to direct Superman and Justic League because he gets them. First off Watchmen and Superman are completely different from one another and second you ruined Watchmen! Snyder that took two terrific comic books and completely misused them, overdirecting his cast so unintentional laughs come from scenes that frankly are supposed to inspire fear and dread. "THIS! IS SPARTA!!!" "DONT! YOU! HURT! MY MOTHER!" and "I'm not locked in here with you. You're all locked in here with ME!" all supposed to be lines that intimidate instead created roars of laughter. Then there's his on approach to camp that ultimately ends up there because he's so insistant with recreating comic panels that he fails to realize without underlying tones ad themes these panel recreations have no substance. Watchmen for example had the love scene with in the comic was full of passion and the film in trying to recreate that simply made the most awkward and campy love scene that makes soft core scenes look like masterpieces. I'm sorry but the man is a hack and his stain on the DCU will be taught in filmschools all across the country as mistakes in directing 101.
  13. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=DMC12150&mode=retail Saw that on BBTS and preordered. Could this be the definitive Silver Age style Spider-Man action figure?
  14. First off I'm all for diversity and would love to see more african american superheroes but not at the expense of turning established characters black for the sake of a trend. Nick Fury was black but that could be explained as the Ultimate Universe Nick Fury which was always intended as a homage and future casting choice for Samuel L. Jackson. Fox cannot even claim they're doing the ultimate comics verison of the Johnny Storm character because he's still very much white. The is simply a matter of a studio liking one performance by an actor and immediately coming to an assumption that this character is best suited for him. The fans the driving force behind these movies should always be considered for these films. If Hollywood is so fraking desperate for a black comic book movie adapt John Stewart as GL get a Luke Cage movie out there, do not turn Johnny Storm black for the sake of having a black character in your film. Second Fox has to be aware that adults 50 and over will still trek to see a Fantastic Four film, they've outrightly ignored this demographic and the comic demographic at that by putting this schlock together. To them this is a big waste of money and talent. Turning Dr. Doom into a woman will be the final straw. In my opinion I think Kate Mara would have made a fantastic Invisible Woman however the wrong project was chosen.
  15. I'm loving the TAS line! I think I may be all in on them. As for the 1992 yellow oval, I'm pretty sure we'll get him down the line. Heck they could do numerous bat variants for this line. The anti Fire suit from Torch Song, A NBA with attachments for the bat glider, the shirtless variant from the 2nd part of Demon's Quest, the Mask of the Phantasm/Robin's Reckoning batsuit. A 1992 styled variant with removable gas mask and unmasked wayne head.
  16. In the last few moments of "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" a familiar aircraft carrier was seen, hinted as the new HQ. Does this mean that the U.S.S. Flagg will be re-commissioned back into retail outlets with the release of the sequel's toyline?
  17. It is my opinion that we will get releases of the older toys tweaked a bit like the DX Megazord shown on that vid on Bandai.com mixed with the newer figs. Bandai also looks to release the toys in the similar formula seen for years it might look something like this all toys are speculation Winter 2009/early spring 2010 Action Figures The Red, Black, Blue, Pink, and Yellow Rangers Putty Patroller Zords DX Megazord 8 in. Megazord MISC. Power Morpher Blade Blaster Battle Bikes? Summer 2010 Action Figures Green Ranger another wave of 5 power rangers alien? Goldar maybe Zord Dragonzord MISC Dragon Dagger Dragon Power Morpher w/ Dragon coin (GOD I HOPE THIS IS FINALLY RELEASED) Fall 2010 Action figures Armored Red Ranger another wave of Ranger releases alien? Rita perhaps Zord Titanus MISC Power Blaster
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