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  1. To be honest I wouldn't bother with most of them, Special Missions:Manhattan is pretty much the best issue DD have produced for the last two years (although Special Missions: Antartica pretty is close to the same level, as have been the last two issues of America's Elite, most of the rest have been pretty forgetable)
  2. In design terms I always prefered V3 over V2, and never liked V1 or the other two much at all. I'd be quite surprised if any characters from later than 86 make it in myself (and if they did it'd be Tunnel Rat and no-one else), not because those characters are undeserving (my personal favourette's of RAH are all from 87-90), just because earlier characters are so much better known.
  3. I think Roadblock got a new figure because the v1 looked a bit skinny compared to the 1985 and later figures, this wasn't a problem for most of the earlier characters but Roadblock was supposed to be a guy who'd carry a 50 cal machine gun. Roadblock was also about the only pre-1985 Joe to have a proinent role in both the Comic and the Toon.
  4. The lack of new 3.75" product and declining (IMO) comic quality me4ans that I'm not speding much time these days on Joe Boards. Unlike some I'm not actively hostile to Sigma six, but seeing as I'd have to Import them to the UK myself they just aren't interesting enough for me to bother. When we do get new and interesting Product its cool: I loved the Steel Brigade Set (although the Viper Pit did very little for me, I've never been a huge army builder, and was an early convert to the VVV version of the Viper) but the glacial release schedules don't give me much to talk about: I've got all the existing figures I want, and I'm not a customiser so Joe is pretty much a very occasional hobby for me these days.
  5. Big Ben seems to have based on the same Newspaper photograph that was used the basis for illustrations used in a number of books about the Falklands and/or special forces in general, his packaging artwork is a almost exact match for the pose. This sort of thing seems to have been the inspiration for a the disign of number of the "more realistic" Gi Joe figures, Tunnel Rat seems to have been based on a fairly well circulated photo of an actaul "tunnel rat" (though in that case the packaging artwork doesn't appear to be based on the same picture) in Vietnam
  6. Generally he's good, but I've had some messed up figures (a Python Viper with a huge glob of gold paint mucking up the elbow mechanism, another that had large stress marks on the sholder and torso, like it had been caught in something, and a BAT V4 with lower legs that had been bent out of shape I've also had numerous figures with more minor QC issues, but I could say that of Carded figures as well. In general it looks like most of his stuff is factory overstock, of the same quality as Hasbro sold figures. But every one in a while People seem to get the odd fairly obvious quality control reject. I doubt very stongly that the stuff he sells is 100% legal, IMO given the large quantiies he apparently has to offer its likely that its the result of unauthourised extra production by the factories. Personally I've only ever purchased figures no longer available from Hasbro sources from him, which is splitting hairs i admit, but I'm not really comfortable with the fact he's essentailly undercutting the company thats investing the money to develop these figures in the first place.
  7. I'm not entirely convinced Shockwave and Charbroil were improvements Shockwaves origional scheme was perfect for a SWAT member, and Charbroil was IMO no better overal in the night force version Psyche Out was an improvement all round. Tunnel Rat was worse: there was nothing wrong with his V1 scheme at all (I still contend that V1 Tunnel Rat is one of the best Joe figures ever), and colouring the bullets in his machine gun belt in red and yellow instead of geen and silver was just garish. However the NF II version was a great scheme overall with better detailing than any previous version of that mold. Outback was a but of a wash, he was darker yes, but his white T-Shirt wasn't actually bad in the first place, and the NF version's sleaves didn't match the Torso. which knocked the visual effect back a lot. Of course I grew up in the UK where instead of the NF figures we got Tiger force versions of the three of those figures: which were pretty much "WTF" to me even back then (though I actaully got them as by then I had thumb or crotch broken all three of the above V1's and wanted replacements of my favourette characters), why they're[?b] so id denand now I don't know.
  8. I've seen a few hints that several collectors are army-building NF shockwave(which makes sense as he could easily be used as a generic SWAT trooper), which is proabably pushing the price up
  9. Not really, were experimenting with new construction arround the Late VVV line: there were 4 schemes each tried out on one released mold. One on Bazooka, one on Torch, another on Rollbar and finally there was Venomous Maximus. The intention was apparently to choose the new standard, from the way Wave 7 of VVV worked out and the extra all-new-sculpts that made it into DTC it seems like the choice had been made that the Torch Scheme was the best for future figures, with a the inclusion of the neck joint from Venomous Maximus on some figures However of course the end of major retail 3.75" intervened, so instead of being once off's that were quickly replaced by a new standard due to basic economics they've actually become a lot more prominent in the DTC line where new parts (other than heads) are more the exception rather than the rule.
  10. Personally I think the constant influx of new characters in the RAH line was one of its cooler aspects, and one of the major reasons I like the Steel Brigade set is that it has 3 all-new Joe Characters.
  11. Actaully they're all new Characters, the Joe's are based on a RAH figure yes, but the RAH steel brigade was meant to be a kids persona in the Joe universe, last years Con versions were generic Joe security Troopers while these are destinct characters (arguably the Anti Venom Set was also Steel Brigade, the Helmets were based on the design, and the uniform colours were similar, and that was clessic RAH characters). I think that the Photographer got Red Zones helmet on backwards: from the Con shots think its actually the Same as Checkpoint and Rook's The painted details on the weapons are a very nice touch IMO. I'm very impressed with this set actually, it doesn't have a lot of new parts (mainly just headsculpts and helmets) yet still gets us new and destinctive figures. I'm actaully tempted to get a couple extra of these set and custom/LBC some extra Steel Brigade members
  12. It was added to the Torso, Waist, arms and Legs of the Outback mold and sent to India where it was released as Big Brawler by Funskool.
  13. The most realisic Joe Vehicle by far is the VVV Jungle Ops Humvee and its DTC remold the Night Ops Humvee, These are the only 3.75" scale Gi Joe vehciles that are really accurate reproductions of real vehicles. after that its debatable, but the APC, Bridgelayer, Warthog, Mauler. VAMP and AWE Striker are prabably front runners, all being comewhat closely based on real designs, the Skystriker might also belong in this list (being based on the F-14 Tomcat) but it (like all Gi Joe air vehicles that resemble Real designs) is much smaller than an accurately scaled F-14 would be. Cobra's Most realisitc is probably the Stinger Night Attack Jeep or the HISS Tank/HISS III : Cobra Vehicles in general are a lot less reasistic than many of their Gi Joe counterparts.
  14. Not entirely, the usual DTC online stores will have it, but TRU are the only ones who will have it in Brick and Mortar stores. Apparently so. it's not entirely definete yet but Smalljoes.com have claimed it'll be a september release. Asside from gijoehq, not that I've found. Personally I'm far more interested in the Steel Brigade pack due out that the same time.
  15. I didn't get a job straight after university, I'd openly said I was taking 6 months off because I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to do so again. My Parents on hearing this didn't even suggest they thought anything was amiss with the idea. But two months later I was getting flak for "wasting" what money I had, spending time playing computer games or hanging out with my friends when I "should be out looking for a Job". Almost exactly when I origionally said I would I left home for my first professional contract. Turns out they'd expected me to run out of money within a month and have to get a job then or to ask them for money (which they had planned to make contingent on my starting job hunting straight away), and that the personal attacks were their "plan B" when they realised I really had thought it through and had enough money to last as long as I had said. They admited this about a year after I'd moved out. The point is that I think, honestly, its not going to work. When Parents critisise on their adult offsprings hobbies they're really just doing it because they think it increase's the leverage of their "get on with your life" arguments. Even if they accept your argument they'll just start on another tack. Rather than trying to win the aguements, You're best off just getting to the point you can move out and doing that, they may still lecture you about how you should live your life but most parents tend stop that once they can't claim that you're still dependant on them, and frankly at that point you can ignore them if they don't.
  16. Hmm its an interesting list, but really I was hoping for more Machine Guns (M240, PKM, RPK, Bren Gun, and Tripod versions as well as Bipod ones) SMG's (HK53, MP5SD6), Battle Rifles (FAL, G3) and Sniper Rifles (L96, M82, PSG) Yet more AK's really don't excite, even with the removable magazine. OTOH it sounds like wave 4 might have some of those items, and the other accessories sound like they could well be very useful.
  17. Hmmm You Know I don't think I've ever really Liked a Alley Viper Version except V1 The Alley Viper was one of my Favourette RAH Army Builders when he was new, his wierd mix of Riot Police SWAT and Cobra Grunt appealed to me. The V2 featured a Faceplate that didn't block out all vision as the origional seemed to, anmd featured several other improvements, and the Colour schemss of the Post RAH versions are far superior to the strange colours of the V1-V3. Yet I still prefer the V1. But its really based on nostalia... I never actaully Touch my V1 Alley Vipers Or actually any of my Alley Vipers.... whatever version. I liked Alley Vipers as a kid so I have some now, but its long been other Cobra troops that hold my imagination.
  18. Personally the most worring thing about Bay is the Pearl Harbour action shots He had CGI Japanise WWII aircraft flying off Modern aricraft carriers and attacking modern Cruisers and Destroyers, not just distantly in the background (which would have been forgivable)... in full shot. He didn't even TRY to disguise it. The result looked more like "The Final Countdown" (movie where a 80-s era CVN battlegroup travel back in time to the start of WWII) than a movie allegedly set at the real attack on Pearl Harbour.
  19. seems my router went a bit nuts....
  20. yeah and in the UK version they would yell "Full Force" instead of "Yo Joe" Strangely, despite them going to the effort of dubbing it, it almost never aired over here (unlike Transformers) and mostly confined to VHS releases.
  21. I've been very tempted by this set, to an extent that I haven't been by the jungle set, it may even be enough for me to actaully pay MC's utterly ludicrous 'international' membership prices to get.
  22. Actually I was one of the DTC Troopers strongest defenders when the pics first surfaced, and still am, but frankly the Range Viper is IMO one of the best new sculpt army builders full stop, and the trooper isn't quite at that level.
  23. Pretty much as it says on the topic, Personally I think Range Viper should sweep this one, and rightly so.
  24. I paid $60 for a Mission Disc Wave 3 Storm Shadow. that was very much a one-off though.
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