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  1. Ben Affleck approached to direct ‘Justice League’ By Claudine Zap Posts By Claudine Zap | Movie Talk – Wed, Aug 8, 2012 7:48 PM EDT(Photo: Jim Spellman)It will take a super director to take on the superhero team movie "Justice League." Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. has approached Ben Affleck to lead the DC comic book project. Affleck isn't Joss Whedon, the "[/url]" wunderkind who directed the megahit "The Avengers." And he's not Christopher Nolan, who brought back Batman in the "Dark Knight" trilogy's stunning reboot -- and who already said 'no' to a 'Justice League' movie. But the 39-year-old Affleck is a successful director ("The Town"), an Oscar-winning writer (""), and an actor who even suited up as Superman in the biopic about George Reeves (who played the superhero on TV) in "Hollywoodland." [Related: Find showtimes and tickets for movies near you] Similar to the Marvel comic book-based "Avengers," "Justice League" would star a team of superheroes. Headliners could include the DC comic book characters Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. "Justice League" chatter comes along with news that Whedon has agreed to direct the "Avengers 2" movie. Interest in "Justice League" on the Web sent a storm of comments to Twitter, leading the movie title to become a trending topic. Comments included, from Steven Weintraub @colliderfrosty, "Ben Affleck has proven himself to be a great director. If he wants to do Justice League, I'm all for it." ErikDavis @ErikDavis joked, "I will only back an Affleck-directed 'Justice League' movie if all the superheroes have thick Boston accents." Seth Grahame-Smith @sethgs added, "For those who say there's no chance for peace in our time -- a Marvel character might direct a Justice League movie." The Marvel character Affleck played is one project the actor might prefer people forget. The star took on the role of "Daredevil," a movie that he told MTV led him to swear off superhero films. But Affleck's superhero past doesn't seem to bother Warner Bros. Sources told Variety that the actor and director is the only candidate to receive Will Beall's script. Not that anything's certain. Variety says talks will happen in the coming days. One point to possibly iron out: Affleck has said in the past that he'd direct only movies in which he could also star. So could the A-lister be slipping into a spandex outfit for justice? SlashFilm doesn't think so, pointing out that the director of "Argo" told England's Daily Record in 2010, "If there's anything I can promise you, it's that the years of superhero are behind me." But directing a bunch of superheroes could be in Affleck's future. I don't know if want Affleck involved in this project, but if I have to make decision between him directing and acting, I'll take him directing. Let's say you.
  2. The story goes that Bill Gates got is foot in the game because IBM was napping. IBM just wanted the software exclusively for its products, however Gates wanted to make the software compatible with everything. I think that's how the story goes. Anway.... Anyway, could another company come along and basically be G.I. JOE circa '82-'87, a military themed toy base with realisitic and possible future weaponry. Less generic filecards that state their miltitary specialities, where they trained, what conflicts they were in, and realisitic uniforms, or have we as society passed that point?
  3. I distinctly remember on the G.I. JOE Sunbow series that Barbeque had a New England accent. So I was thinking which other JOEs might have accents. Roadblock-He has hints of that N.O. accent. Cross Country-Straight up red neck hick sounding. Wild Bill-That cool Texas drawl. For some reason Roger Clemens come to mind. Snow Job-maybe he sounds like a Kennedy Torpedo-that Hawaii accent Breaker-typical Southern accent, image Bill Clinton Zap-tpyical Puetro Rican from The Bronx Lady Jaye-No accent, actually she sounds like Grunt. I once heard that people from in and around Columbus, OH had the ideal American accent and this the way news anchors are taught to speak. Finally, Scarlett, y'all might disagree, I picture Scarlett having a very soft and cute Southern accent. For me, Scarlett having a Southern accent adds to her character. I picture Scarlett sounding a little like Nancy Grace, but her accent isn't heavy, but you definitely heard it.
  4. I don't know if he has the "star power," but would Terry Crews had been a better casting choice as Roadblock. If he had gotten the part, it's safe to say it would've been as a supporting character.
  5. Could that be because the Joker never had a definitive origin, comics and/or TDK? which comics was this one closer too? oh, that's right, the huge graphic novel, "The Dark KnightFall Returns to No Man's Land" It's "ache" - and one word partnered with "belly" Feel free to share and disagree with an opinion as snidely and as backhanded as you wish! I HAVE A BELLY ACK-BAR! You will have to forgive me. I dont often use bellyache. Mine never does. I thought the movie did mimic Knightfall comics, There is a comic that appointed Bane Ras' second in command and Talias mate. After he beat Batman. Joker did have an origin in the Killing Joke. The writer of Hush Returns used it in that story too. It's not a definitive origin per se. If you remember in "The Killing Joke," it the J likes the best.
  6. How come retaining the feel, look, costume design, and time period can work for Watchman, but it can work for G.I. Joe. If you ask me it sound like had an idea for a new line, but they didn't have enough faith in the line for it stand on its on merits. So some arrogant dumbass at Hasbro says, "Hey why don't we just throw the brand name and characters on this cluster eff from RAH. RAH have enough a fan following that they'll buy anything with that has the name "G.I. Joe," and figures named Snake Eyes, Duke, and Storm Shadow in it. Which brings me to the characters for the Christmas season. These figures will exceed all exceptions for the quarter and give us a high than usual profits for the fourth quarter. In an attempt to reach out to the gay demographic, I'm purposing,"Gay Pride Snakes-Eyes," and "Bath House Storm Shadow," Gay Pride Snakes will come with a photo of Cher. His re-designed uniform will be a tank top in the colors of the gay tricolor with cut off boy shorts. Storm Shadow will have a pink ninja gai. If the line is successful, we'll release a lesbian Scarlett with short hair and about 40 overweight. The collectors will love it simply because it's G.I. Joe."
  7. I know G.I. Joe. The Joes are friends of mine. This movie is no G.I. Joe. To put it all in a nutshell, that's the problem that us O.Gs. has with movie. It isn't what G.I. Joe is suppose to be. Let's take Resolute. Sure Resolute had it's flaws. Namely Cobra troopers with aim that's as bad as a storm trooper. Tunnel Rat going on a mission that actually Breaker or Dial Tone should've been on. Scarlett hooking up with Duke, and the biggy, Storm Shadow being turned into a whiny, vindictive #$#@# that was jealous of Snake Eyes. Despite all of this, us the Joe purists embrace, Resolute because it's true to the source material and it's an entertaining story. After watching the trailer to the movie, not only am I pissed off. I'M @##@@ OFFENDED!!! To tell the truth, when I heard there was a live action Joe movie being made, I wasn't too excited. This movie has been made before. Special opts team goes out to prevent bad things from happening or kill the bad guys. How was G.I. Joe's take on this theme going to be different. Then I saw the trailer. I was like, "I don't know what the #$## this is, but it definitely isn't G.I. Joe. The Joes are AMERICA'S BEST FIGTHING FORCE!!!! NOT SOME MULTINATIONAL U.N./NATO CRAP!!! The Joes are set in the present or the 80's and use present day equipment. As a matter of fact one of things that drew people to G.I. Joe was the realism of the series. So where do accelerator suits fit in? Joes and Cobra are mere mortals. Nobody has in the Joe universe has superpowers with the exception of Zartan. So way are the Joes taking mighty leaps off of buildings and being able to avoid missiles and diving through bus windows? Rumor has it that Scarlett has a relationship with Ripcord. I read in another thread that the Baroness had a relationship with Duke. The Baroness doesn't have her accent. In the trailer Destro isn't wearing his mask. I won't even comment on that wack ass C.C. figure Going to back to Ripcord. I don't have a problem with Marlon Wayans in the movie. He's an actor and actors should be given the opportunity to show the depth of their skill. My boy Chuck, (like some of you,) have Marlon Wayans type cast as a certain kind of character. I asked Chuck would he have a problem with Jamie Foxx in the movie. He said no. I asked him if this was a few years ago before Ray, would he have a problem with Jamie Foxx being in the movie. He thought about it and didn't have answer. The problem I have with Marlon Wayans is why isn't he one of the black characters in already established in the Joe Universe namely the black character who was part of the Joe team since the being and played a major role in both the cartoon and the comic book, NAMELY STALKER!!!!! There's been so many needless continuity changes to this project that I have to wonder who the intended audience is. From the looks of it, it obviously isn't me or other Joe O.G.'s. So why call something G.I. Joe if it isn't G.I. Joe? That's where I get offended. Hasbro and Paramount are so @##@@ arrogant and thoughtless to that think fans like me will just mindlessly spend our few hard earned dollars on anything that has the G.I. Joe brand name on it. I won't be seeing Rise of Cobra. I strongly urge the fandom not see Rise of Cobra because it will only reward Hasbro and Paramount's arrogance towards us. We have to send a message that the fandom can not and WILL NOT be taken for granted. I have a very hard time believing that ROC was a conceived as a G.I. Joe movie. In my opinion, I believe somebody else's project was hijacked and the G.I. Joe brand was attached to it. If this was originally conceived a G.I. Joe movie, (as I asked with Superman Returns,) with all the scripts pitched for G.I. Joe, this was the best one to shoulder the franchise on?
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