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  1. Well, it makes the giant calves look smaller. And the tiny feet look bigger. I must be one of the only people who like the Lizard neck articulation. I think it's useful and doesn't look bad.
  2. That is nice to hear that the Dollar General figures are apparently being stocked again.
  3. No problems with the elbows on the one I got, but the crotch scrapes the paint off of the leg at the top where it's near the hip ball because they kind of fudged that part of the design. Despite the problems, I think it's a good figure and I hope the swappable heads version with the backpack and skateboard isn't tough to get.
  4. That is a great suggestion. I think Mystique even comes with the same weapon, albeit cast in a different color plastic. A Hope Summers head might be one you'd like to use for Black Widow. There's probably something out there that could pass for her belt and gauntlets... maybe the ones from the original Toybiz figure. You can probably find both the Toybiz figure and maybe even a head from the Hasbro figure for a good price on ebay with a little diligence.
  5. I think I have enough money to get another set of them for you in advance Draven, if they are still there. The cards and blisters were already a little beat up on them, though. I like the movie Spidey figure. The only thing that's really worth complaining about is the hip balls are made in such a way that he can't close his legs close together and it keeps him in a kind of wide stance. The eyes on the mask might be sitting a little too high, and the feet are kind of pointing inward. I love the Lizard figure. Absolutely love it. If I ever get another one, it's perfect to customize into a Stegron. Miles looks convincing enough on that retooled body, I guess. I'm surprised they went the extra mile (no pun intended) and gave that body the new style rotating ankles. Neck articulation sucks, though.
  6. Cool, I want to get that six inch Tom, too. It looks ok with the three inch Jerry. I wonder if the little two inch box set Jerry would look even better with the six inch Tom. These *are* pretty fun figures. I've always wanted articulated Tom and Jerry figures especially. But like others have said they have really subpar looking plastic. They're lucky the sculpts look decent and that they didn't go nuts with the price point. I have Space Ghost, Hong Kong Fooey, Dino, the three inch scale Tom and Jerry and I ordered the smaller scale Captain Caveman. I want the larger scale Tom, Secret Squirrel and some others. The large Fred should have got a Gazoo pack in.
  7. Well, there *were* people in the US who got them from a Walmart in the US and were putting them on ebay about a week before most people began to see them in stores this week in the US. To me, that's scalping. The guy who started the discussion even referred to scalpers. I can't imagine how the Movie Series Spider-man figure could be more detailed. I think you mean the paint job isn't as detailed on it as the one on the Marvel Select figure is. That might be a good thing, though... I'm all for more better paint applications on figures, but the ones on Marvel Selects are often lousy, anyway.
  8. I could wind up being wrong, but with the case assortment being three each of the Spideys and two of Lizard, and with the stores that are getting them so far getting two cases early on, those things coupled with the Amazing Spider-man movie not being as well received as the Avengers was might make the movie series Spider-man figures and Miles pretty easy to get. If the scalpers leave them alone, anyway. Maybe scalpers will be forced to return them to the store when they find out they can't bleed dry the people that really want them this time around.
  9. The sleeves have to be short, though, in order to display the tattoo which is apparently an integral part of how they're trying to develop the character. The whole handgun and petty thug angle could be played out like early versions of heroes like Spider-man and Batman who became more sure of themselves and less arrogant. I'm not really a fan of the character visually... the dark skinned guy just has to have a gun and ski mask. Seems patronizing. Maybe it too will evolve as their story progresses.
  10. Lol, I forgot that they left some of the red paint off of the torso of the one they had there. Better color scheme I think, though. I think the boots were originally supposed to be swappable. Who knows, maybe they'll put the smaller boots and comics colors version in with that Iron Man Legends build comics version Iron Monger wave. I'd rather it be all new figures, but I doubt it'll be, anyway. I got the Hasbro box set Iron Man that came with Maria Hill and the Toybiz Face Off Modular Armor out of storage to compare them to Neo Classic. Neo Classic stands about eye to eye with box set, and Modular is still a hair shorter. Hasbro DOES tend to make all Legends scale Iron Man figures on the small side, but that particular figure is not as out of scale as some people are making it out to be. Some people just like blowing things out of proportion (*cough fwoosh cough*). Ultimately, both Hasbro and Toybiz fudged every Iron Man they've done in one way or another. I got the bbts preordered products notification, too. Too bad all I could afford to preorder at the time was the same Iron Man I got impatient and ordered from someone else XD smh. Oh well, at least I got the bbts one for $10.99.
  11. Slao, no, as far as I know they are not being found in stores yet. I bought that one from an ebay seller. I agree with both you and Draven, it's a good figure. It was one of my most anticipated for the year, and I'm not disappointed. I'm glad it found a slot in a Legends wave. I just wish it had been more like the version pictured at last year's comiccon when it was originally scheduled to be part of the Iron Man figures. I guess the figures pictured on the back of the card are the primary versions, and the ones not pictured are the variants or running changes. I'm thinking about using the UPC I left in one of the pictures to see if any local store will be getting them. I'll probably buy the Neoclassic again if I find them in stores, because I want one to customize, along with the red Deadpool, Mystique, Blade and maybe the others depending on how difficult they are to get.
  12. Got Iron Man today. I like the figure but he's short, shorter than Extremis who is also a shorty.
  13. Check ebay. There are several sellers you could try to get one from who have multiples listed for less than $20 each. I wound up with two for less than $25 from one of those sellers. Both of them were in good shape.
  14. Did you pay for the DCIE Sub. this year for 2012? I ask because I'm not interested in keeping Uncle Sam, Platinum & Tin or Lead once they ship. If you want to purchase them from me, just let me know....if not, I'm willing to sell them to anybody who is interested. I'd love to get the Metal Men figures from you slao.
  15. I don't know, maybe. A Damien that wouldn't be too different from something like Bat Mite or the Tin figure that's supposed to come with Platinum. There's no way I expect them to include a super articulated figure with all new tooling and sculpting as an accessory. I think they did have the first appearance Batman that they put in the Legacy series on a slimmer body than most other Batmans, so it's at least possible that they could get it right. I know what you mean though, I've seen pictures of the Red Robin where it looks like he's towering over the DCnU Superman and Batman.
  16. I preordered DKR Batman. I was so excited when I saw it. That is exactly what I wanted to do, get a MOTUC Bow or one of the other MOTUC with that body type and customize it into a DKR Batman using parts from the DCD figure. Now, hopefully anyone who wants one can buy one. I wish they'd put that out right now and skip the earlier waves lol. I preordered Wonder Woman, too. So what if it's DCnU. It looks like an all new pretty female sculpt, and we don't get a lot of those anymore. The Planet X and Unlimited stuff looks cool and neat, too, even though I'm in no hurry to get them. Dick Grayson Batman with a Damien included like Bat Mite would be awesome. They could just sculpt a cowl over the Nightwing head, and make the other new needed parts like the belt and gauntlets and use a Nightwing slimmer body.
  17. It's quite different actually. Marvel allows you to cancel a comic subscription. Any business with ANY comittment to cusomer satisfaction would allow one to cancel a sub if it doesn't meet their satisfaction. I don't get how some people don't have a problem with this. Matty could choose to fill the remaining 7 slots with repaints of Killer Moth, and you would locked into the sub with no legal basis for a cancellation or complaint. No person in their right mind would sign a contract like this for anything else in life, but when it comes to this, it's ok because they're just toys? Would you sign a contract to buy a car from someone without knowing what make and model? You pay them $30,000 and they could decide to deliver you a Bently, or a Kia. Yeah, that seems like it'd be real smart. Sigh... believe me, I do have problems with it. I know it's not exactly the same as a comics subscription. One MOTUC or DCUC figure costs almost as much as an entire year's worth of a comics subscription once shipping fees and sales tax are added. MOTU toys from when I was little in the 80s used to be for all, no matter where they were socioeconomically. Hell, I'm a good enough artist and sculptor to work in the toy industry, but someone like me will never get that chance. I could just make my own toys and artwork and forget about what anyone else is doing, but I guess I want to keep up with what's happening. You said it all my friend in the third sentence of your first paragraph.
  18. Maybe at least a two pack with Burton Batman and Joker. I really don't think I'd go to the trouble that these things require these days to get stuff from the other movies. I just don't want them very much. I'd buy an Arnold Mr. Freeze and Catwoman and Penguin though if they made them and I could get them easily and affordably enough. I can't wait to see what comes of the 60s Batman stuff they teased at comicon. The 60s and Burton Batmobiles would be great too if they would offer them at around $60 or less.
  19. I agree with what you're saying Grunt, but his pitch is kind of weird. Lots of toylines have figures that were sculpted but never make it to production. But now they have this "opportunity" to sell you figures at twice retail price. Low production run is why, ok, whatever. I do think though that it's cool that they're making an effort to get figures of these characters to people, even if it is at boutique or custom prices.
  20. Most people "in the know"??? Sounds to me like you're simply inserting your opinion that the poll was "rigged" to rationalize your disappointment. Maybe THE QUESTION won because more people wanted THE QUESTION instead of HUNTRESS? I fail to see how HUNTRESS would not have simply been made using the existing female body-type, thus negating the idea that THE QUESTION was a simpler, more cost-effective choice. Gasp people that actually know things!! Don't have to justify anything to you buddy. And thanks Harry, you said it right. I just refuse to let him get me in an argument. @loll@ Draven If you're going to claim something is "true" because "people in the know" know it's true, then logic would dictate that you're including yourself as being "in the know." Otherwise, you're just making stuff up. Additionally, if someone is "in the know," then wouldn't they be CERTAIN? Instead of "still think[ing] it was rigged"...? Either someone is "in the know," or they're not. No one is baiting you for an argument; I'm simply asking you to provide some evidence for your claim. That's not neccessarily logically true. Just because someone catches wind of or is privy to certain information from people who are thought of as "in the know" doesn't make that person part of that group just because. They might not know all of the information that the alleged "in the know" people know, for example. It's also incorrect to conclude that someone is certainly making stuff up just because they can't remember or provide an exact source for their information. Perhaps they're just confused or mistaken. In any case, this is sillier than the usual things people argue about on action figure boards such as how we're all fighting a civil war now because Mattel has divided people as subscribers or cherry pickers. A lot of people want the Huntress for the same reason they wanted the Question, because of them appearing on and being a sort of couple on the Justice League cartoon. Mattel all but confirmed that cartoon was the source material for the Question's figure design. As for the thing about it being underhanded to lock people into a contract without letting them know what they'll be buying... well, not neccessarily. If you subscribe to, say, Spider-man comics for a year, you know you'll most likely be getting a Spider-man comic every month, but you don't know exactly what the story will be about or if there may be a reprint instead of a new story one month. Maybe Spider-man won't even appear in the story one month. It's the same situation with these toy subscriptions... you know you'll be getting a MOTUC or DCUC figure every month, but it may not be a character you want. It's not that I don't understand your concern about getting figures that you think suck, but it's not really "underhanded".
  21. Well that sucks. Not that Granymyr will be on sale for everyone, but that my Watchmen subscription won't help me avoid the stress and aggravation of getting one on Mattel's ridiculously chaotic day of sales. I swear, someone needs to get the point accross to those idiots that all of that "it sold out in five minutes" and hassling with the red screen emotional manipulation does NOT enhance the enjoyment of "scoring" these items for most people. And you can't give me the "it's because they want people to sub" argument because apparently it's not applicable in this case. I'm STILL confused as to why Granymyr isn't an oversized sub figure.
  22. So did you get out of Scientology? Nope, they're bleeding my wallet dry. And when they're done with me, I guess they'll leave me to die in some strange hotel, desperately needing physical and psychiatric care...wait, you asked about getting out of Mattel, right? lol. That was good. Well played sir. Well, you're probably fncked with either one, but I'd subscribe to a toyline before I would become involved with Scientology .
  23. Thanks BigBot84. I was wrong about exactly what "early access" allows access to. I guess this early access business is basically just another ploy for them to try to trick people into buying more stuff. I'm a little bummed because I thought it would help me get the DCUC and MOTUC figures I wanted. I was a little confused about stuff like Granymyr anyway and thought that he WAS part of the sub, as an oversized figure. So, since I subscribed to Black Freighter for 2013, will that help my chances of getting at least Granymyr? Or will it not count since he's technically a 2012 release :/?
  24. Alright. What does the part mean when they say, "Pay less for MOTUC and DCU subscription products!"
  25. Lol, well, the only one I bought was Black Freighter (with the opportunity to early "cherry pick" everything else, like I was already doing). So in the unlikely event that I'm "persuaded" to be locked in to purchases like Hooded Justice and Moloch and Crimebuster and Dollar Bill and Bubastis, I guess I'm ok with it.
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