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  1. Fair enough, though even the card backs of the retail packages for the mid-summer/fall waves have been revised to feature the new heads and swords, so there may be a decent chance it's retail. I don't think they've showcased any exclusives on the card backs thus far.. (Image from Jay Bartlett's video review of Evil Lyn V2 and Fisto).
  2. I believe during the PixelDan interview its implied they're mass retail. They called the reissues of the first versions but with the new heads and swords.
  3. Hey Jay, just wanted to point out that the figure isn't new, it's a re-package of the Earthrise Optimus that came out in March this year, and the mold has seen a few uses already (Amazon Dead-Prime, Walmart Netflix, the upcoming Selects Shattered Glass Prime). Hasbro did this with Astrotrain from the Siege-Earthrise line as well, and Kingdom is also seeing the Earthrise Arcee (and possibly Wheeljack) re-issued in the same way. Honestly Prime I understand because he's the face of the franchise, but the others are still easily available online for the moment. That said, great review! You should check out the Siege version of Prime from 2019 as well, they share some tooling.
  4. Besides the website being archaic, their pricing algorithm is broken. The Transformers Netflix Hotlink has been listed at $61.95 (should be 39.99) for a month now sold via Walmart themselves, which is more than a leader class figure costs. They absolutely are price gouging. It was cheaper for me to get him off eBay at the end. I'd spent a week reporting the price information was incorrect using the listing link, and spoke to about 10 different people over the last month. I provided links to show the correct price, comparisons with other voyager sized figures and leader sized figures, solicitations, everything I could find to prove the price was a good $20 too much. Some reps told me to email their help line. Some said they had opened a case and it had been passed along. One rep told me after I provided him with links that clearly listed the item and it's actual price that the reduced price was "just a promo" and I should just live with it. I wasn't expecting anything to come out of Walmart so I wasn't shocked. When I finally received a response by email they said it was reported but they can't do anything at the moment to fix it. This was two weeks back now. 10 people over a month and the price is still $61.95. I don't know if they'll fix that Teela even if they become aware of it.
  5. EDIT: Mistake in title...what is *the* quality control. I'm considering starting to pick up the DC Icons line since they're covering a lot of my favorites in this first year. I haven't bought a DC Collectibles figure since they were DC Direct, how is the quality control at the company these days, particularly on Icons and the Capullo Designer items? My older DC Direct figs suffered from bad QC. I've heard of breakage on the BTAS line, and a few on the Last Rites Icons Batman, but was curious what other toy line you could compare the build quality to (such as NECA/ Hasbro/ Mattel/ etc) and if breakages are common? I'm really interested in this line but don't want to start collecting if they are super fragile (I tinker with my figures constantly).
  6. I'll dig through my DCUC figures (It's mostly the earlier waves stuff, but I have one or two SDCC ones too) and post a listing here if I can sell them in store, but I'm moving out of the US after the 20th so I've got 9 days to do something about them. @Rollo Tomassi: Toy Mandala isn't too far from me, I drive by it quite a bit but didn't know they buy figures, I'll try them and Blast from the Past too, thanks!
  7. I didn't really know where to post this, but I want to sell some of my figures (DC Universe and TF: Movie) locally in Los Angeles but don't know where I should take them. I have to move quite suddenly and can't afford to carry them around, and I don't have time to put them up on eBay etc. Does anyone know some good spots (more so in the Valley) that would take my figures?
  8. I remembered having a Jurassic Park game watch when I was younger, but I can't find any evidence of it's existence anywhere online. I think it was made by tiger, but I could be wrong. Does anyone know anything about this watch?
  9. I was wondering if anyone knew when we'd get our hands on Wave 3 of Indie Spotlight? I'm really looking forward to The Phantom and Zorro but I noticed there aren't preorders up anywhere for them and no news in ages.
  10. I just got one of the SDCC Force Unleashed Stormtrooper commanders, and I think it's an awesome figure, but it's helmet is too loose. Anyone know a fix for this? Maybe heating it up and resizing on the head?
  11. I finally got my hands on a DCUC Dr. Fate, but all it's joints are in horrible condition. The ab crunch joint is completely loose so it always looks like he's hunched over, the legs barely move (tried freezer and heating up to loosen this), everytime I move the legs it feels like it's straining the joint. So I ordered another one and this one also had problems. The waist swivels completely loosely, and the ab crunch is also a little loose, but it's as bad as the last one, it can hold a pose if you don't touch it. Arms and legs were also loose. Is there anything I can do to fix it up?
  12. Here's my lineup: #1. Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson/Hector Hall Variants) #2. The Question #3. Kyle Rayner Green Lantern #4. Shining Knight OR Vigilante #5. Huntress #6. Psycho Pirate #7. Black Adam (Do Vertigo Characters count? Cause then I'd replace #4 with Morpheus the Sandman). CC- Anti-Monitor or Giganta Also, a Hawk/Dove and Fire/Ice Two-Pack would be cool.
  13. I pre-ordered some SDCC items from them back in June (including a Lobo ad King Grayskull) via eBay. I had been asking them since then via e-mail to combine my shipping but no response, so Monday morning I actually called them and requested they combine my shipping on my SDCC items. The guy on the phone guaranteed my items were all there and guaranteed a refund. Later in the day I got a shipment notification from them, so I waited patiently. Today my package arrived and out of 5 SDCC items, I received one. And still no refund on the shipping. I called them again today and they said that their computers are down but they'll take my case down and call me back. At 6PM today I received an e-mail saying ALL their pre-orders had been shipped and should have been received by now. This e-mail had ONE item listed in it (the item that arrived). I'm going to call again tomorrow, anyone else have trouble with them?
  14. Mattel just sent me an e-mailing saying they haven't received my payment via Paypal, I checked my transaction on my account and checked my bank account, my money definitely went through, Also, in my Matty Account, sometimes my order just disappears and then reappears couple mins later. It seems they haven't got the system 100% as yet.
  15. Site's overloaded, can't order anything. EDIT: Took me 20 minutes but I managed to order a JLU Giganta!
  16. Where can I purchase custom Marvel Legends Heads and Weapons?
  17. I'm having problems with my MMDK Batman's legs. I can't move them forward/backwards and pose him at all cause the legs keep springing back to their normal position, I've tried placing his legs in hot water to soften the plastic, but it hasn't helped. Also, they weren't moving out to the sides either, and when I softened the plastic and loosened the joint that pivots out, it developed another problem, the uppermost part of the leg piece looks like it's bending or coming off (I had the same problem on a black suit DCSH Superman, but it wasn't as bad as this is). Anyone know a solution to these problems?
  18. Awesome idea! I was thinking it would be cool for Mattel to offer figures like "Nurse Joker" and the No Makeup Police Joker as exclusives through their new online store even if they don't offer them in retail stores.
  19. SPOILER ALERT!!! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILM AS YET DON'T READ ON AHEAD UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPOIL THE MOVIE FOR YOURSELF!!!! So, it's out and I personally thought it was amazing (Saw it 4AM IMAX)! I think it's the best movie I've seen in YEARS (if not the best movie I've ever seen, I'll have to watch it a couple more times to judge). For those who HAVE seen it, what figures based JUST on this movie would you like to see? Here's my list: Number One on my list: -NURSE JOKER (OH MY GOD! MATTEL PLEASE!!! EVEN IF YOU OFFER THIS AS A COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS FIGURE!!!) -No Coat Joker (maybe with his face paint dripping). -Joker in Clown Mask. -Harvey Dent (I can see this as a variant for a Movie Masters Two-Face) -Jim Gordan (Regular) -Jim Gordan (SWAT) -Scarecrow (Suit ver. Mask/No Mask variant) -Batman Imposters -Mob Thugs (Actually I think that pretty much covers all the likely figures if you don't count the GCPD characters, but I may be wrong). and one that will NEVER EVER happen, but as a film geek it'd be pretty cool to own: Christoper Nolan (with film camera). What do you guys think?
  20. My check cashed about 2 weeks ago (06/26), so it should be shipping very soon, if it hasn't already started, my GI Joe Doc took about a month after the check cleared and I'm expecting the same time for this.
  21. Sorry if this has been posted before but does anyone have the Movie Masters DCPIs?
  22. Spielberg says he fell in love with her on set. Watch any Temple of Doom making of and you can tell they had something going on. He's now married to her.
  23. BBTS says they're getting them in next week!
  24. I was wondering if anyone knew the Wave 3 street date? I thought it might have been mentioned somewhere and I missed it.
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