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  1. Freeze is out in stores again. Almost all of the Wal-Mart exclusive figures w/ comic, are from the Freeze Wave.
  2. I think it's a Bizarro-type clone. Remember, Lex is missing Clark's blood sample.
  3. I know there's a thread for this somewhere, but I really wanted to drive this point home. If HeMan.org can garner support, then the Legions of Gotham can support the Caped Crusader. Mattel is holding a Batman trivia contest live on Feb. 15th @ 9pm Eastern time. They want to gauge how many real Batman fans are out there. The reason for this is that there is a chance that they may cancel the comic book style line of action figures. If they get enough responses, they will form a Batman Collectors Club and allow the fans input as to what characters get made. They will have over 100 prizes. the best part is, every one who wins a prize gets one of the Comic Com exclusive blue/gray Batman figures from last years convention. I'm a mod at the forums for the Legions of Gotham, so this subject is near and dear to me. Go to Batman Trivia Contest and register. The more people that register, the better chances that we Batman fans will see the characters we want made into figures. Thanks, in advance, for your help
  4. The more people that sign up and play the Trivia Game, the more likely that the collectors' club will happen. If the game doesn't go over too well, we may lose the comic-style Batman line altogether. So sign up at the trivia site and let's get the figures we want!
  5. I play a game called Freedom Force. Here's a few characters I whipped up to use in the game: All who saw the episode know why Flash is in the picture like that. I added Aquaman just for fun.
  6. I 2nd that prester...just wanna know what was said.
  7. I think they moved Robin from Hush Wave 2 so they would put him in the Teen Titans Wave 1.
  8. Hey guys....there's a MOTU petition to Mattel out there. Now we (members of the Legions of Gotham) have a petition as well. Follow the link , register at our forums and sign the petition. Mattel actually visits the forums there. Mattel Batman Petition
  9. I was just curious what people's favorite line (i.e. JLA, Batman HUSH) from Dc Direct was. They tend to be hit -or-miss with paint apps, although most of the sculpting is fantastic. You can list any set that's been announced. I, myself, like the new JLA line. I think it captured the look of the characters and their essence. Aside from Aquaman's arms popping off, they're all well done.
  10. Buying the various seperate DC Direct figures I have a great Silver Age Justice League of America. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Redtornado, Hawkman, Hawkgirl *whew* I love the way they look on the shelf, the team looks like they stepped right out of the Silver Age
  11. According to the previews for next week, they'll be showing the JL Christmas episode with the THBA Christmas episode.
  12. As I was growing up, Batman was always my favorite, hands down. He still holds a place as one of my 3 favorite characters of all time. My favorite DC character has to be, Hawkman. I've always loved the stories from the Golden and Silver age. I also loved the latest re-telling of his past ;ives. I'm glad they tried to sort out all his continuity problems and got down to his warrior's roots.
  13. I'll definitely be picking these up. I have a custom Mattel Batman that should fit in well with these. I got it on eBay from Distant Thunder productions, this guy can really customize. I think it will look fantastic on my JLA shelf. The Aquaman sculpt is really good...Wally is definitely his own man, he doesn't resemble the Barry Allen flash figure that much...Superman looks great..GL is a wonderful new sculpt, I hated Kyle's 1st costume....Wonder Woman is truly an Amazon now.
  14. I'll probably have Nightwing, Robin, Huntress, and Batgirl uploaded this evening. Feel free to incorporate them into wallpapers.
  15. Gues Who? I've been doing some drawings on my lunch break, here's the 1st Gotham 1
  16. Batman has, by far, the best Rogues Gallery. The characters range from deformed psychotics, to gorgeous women wth just a little bit of craziness. A large percentage of the most remembered villains come from Batman's enemies.
  17. A friend at work just came back from a business conference in Singapore. Hesaw a mr. Freeze figure, and knowing what a Batman & Toy fan I am...bought it for me!! He's coming to my house Saturday...I've got a Mr. Freeze WOO HOOO!!!
  18. I wrote the review in question. Like I said. It's my opinion. I'm very particular about my toys. I don't mind when people disagree with me, I thrive on learning other people's opinions. IMHO Robin was a better figure for a couple of reasons. they took a chance with the highlights on his hair in the first run. I also thought that the sculpt was perfect for him. The acessory was a little different..I liked the idea. As far as Joker goes, that IS the Killing Joke Joker. Mattel's decision to reduce his height was one of the detriments to the figure. The gun was too much like a bazooka in his hand. The initial version of the gun was smaller. I think it would have been better that way. Matthew, Your points are valid. I agree that Joker's costume is comic book perfect. But I think the minor discrepancies in Robin's costume evoke a certain awareness of the teenage mindset these days, it's very "with the times".
  19. This is HORRIBLE news. That is not the essence of what the Flash is about. Didn't the WB learn from Birds of Prey? WB needs to talk to the fans before making assinine decisions regarding iconic characters. The Flash did not travel through time every week to det right the timeline. If tou're going to do this storyline, don't call him the FLASH. Call him Flashback or something like that. You can't have a WB series called The Flash without his trademark costume. It just wouldn't be right. This is the Flash:, accept no substitutes!
  20. I tried to find a contact phone number for them, but to no avail. I just sent it back for a refund. They e-mailed me a prepaid shipping label. That was the first time i ordered something that didn't have a picture with it, and the last. I'll just keep hunting for a Martian Manhunter without the silly rubber suit and a Hawkgirl. I would have customized the ones I already had. oH wELL @bats@
  21. Iordered 3-packs of JL figures from Amazon.com. They sent me freakin' Matchbox cars!! What the heck is up with that? :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  22. My 3-packs should arrive today...my first paycheck on the new job, WOO HOO!!! EDIT--()*&^$#@#$^&$%!! Amazon..they sent me Matchbox cars.. the dummies!
  23. Hugo Strange was, indeed, a psycho-therapist. During sessions between Bruce and himself, he deduced that Bruce was Batman. In the Pre-Crisis (Silver Age) stories, Hugo Strange was a manipulative little fink. He also dabbled in chemical engineering as well. Strange first fought Batman in Batm,an #1 (1940). Hugo tok thugs and mutated them into over-sized monsters. I believe that Hugo Strange is an extremely good choice for Hush.
  24. I buy the Mattel Bat toys to support the work of the Four Horsemen.Granted, they didn't sculpt Robin, Nightwing, or Superman, but their designs rock. I agree that there are a lot of rainbow batmen out there, but that's for the kids. I, myself, now have the entire first wave of 6" figures plus the Batmobile. As a Batman fan, and an amateur artist, I'm working on a huge display for my Batman set. Thanks to the download section of Iron Cow Productions, I now have the giant penny and giant Joker card to make a great Batcave diorama. I'm trying to find some decently-priced clear plastic display boxes so that the many different Batmen could look like they were part of an armory area. Just my $.02
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