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  1. Optimus: "Wow! Ironhide got a Bow-Flex Body!"
  2. It's James Gordon Junior. In current continuity, Jim Gordon had a son. The mother and son moved away after the divorce. Could it be that Jim Jr. is the Red Hood?
  3. I just wish they were in scale with the comic line. That would be sweet. Alas, they are in the 5 inch scale...gosh darn it!
  4. This was a great episode. My wife was never a big comic book fan, but she loves Teen titans, Static Shock, and JLU. When characters appear that she doesn't recognize, I have to explain during the commercials. Those Western heroes were GREAT! Pow-Wow Smith, El Diablo, Bat Lash, Jonah Hex. That's some awesome stuff. I loved the line from Joinah Hex where he says the JL must be time travellers. That was priceless! It shows that this creative team has a great sense of history with the DCU. The WarHawk "Dad" line was a surprise to me. I didn't see that coming. I like that we'll get to see Terry in action as well as Static. I'm really pleased with how thi series is going. I remember Bruce Timm saying somewhere that he's got the 4th season ideas ready to go. I just wish CN would show the episodes in order without so many *&%^*% repeats. WB should get on the ball and do Season 1 & 2 DVD sets now, before the 4th season (2nd JLU) premieres. I wait, impatiently, for the episode next week.
  5. Excellent point. It would be cool to have Dove as a man, if they wanted to make Hawk a woman. I just think that to be opposites, you have to have one male and one female. The female Dove has been a part of Dc continuity for a little while now. I just thought that with her as the "veteran" of the duo, there should be, to show a definite "opposite", a male Hawk.
  6. Hank Hall was killed. I always figured that there would end up being another Hawk. I don't like the fact that it's a woman, and I especially don't like that costume. Since Hawk's powers come from Chaos, I think they should have kept Hawk a man. Men, by nature, are a little more chaotic than women. That would have kept a great dichotomy with the female Dove. We'll see what happens next.
  7. Matt gets a lot of requests for membership, it takes a couple weeks sometimes to approve membership.. Be patient, he's going as fast as he can.
  8. As a member of Legions of Gotham, I assure you that any information we have released there is extremely accurate. At our forum there are some clues as to what will be in store for the serious Bat-Collector. Register there to see what we can report.
  9. WIth the DC Direct Batman Rogues Gallery line, I think we'll eventually see everyone we want. I can't wait to see the Black Mask figure and get the tail-less Killer Croc figure!
  10. In a perfect world, which Bat-Villain would you like to see made ( in comic style) if sculpted by the Four Horsemen. Mind you, this is in a perfect world. So please no negative comments. This is a wish list. Here are my Top 5: 1. Classic Riddler 2. Ras Al Ghul 3. Classic Killer Croc (no tail) 4. Professor Hugo Strange (with batsuit variant) 4. Clayface Ok everyone...what's yout Top 5.
  11. I think it's time that someone defend Mattel as a company. Mattel got the license to the most recognized characters in comic book history, that is no small victory. They began with the comic-accurate Batman line and it took off. Mind you, case ratios were a little messed up, but it is a great product. The sculpts are fantastic, the villains are top notch. Now everyone wants to crucify Mattel for not supporting their fans. The people that should be punished are the scalpers. I've seen these #!@%heads rip toys out of kids hands. One jerk stalked my wife through the store to get the BattleBoard Robin she got for me. These people are the ones that picked all the choice figures off the shelf. They are the ones to blame. They cleaned out the good stuff and left the endless supply of multiple packed figures on the shelves. The retailers, in turn, decided that the product didn't sell and stopped ordering them. Thank the scalpers. Mattel reached out to the fans via their Trivia Contest. The turnout was abyssmal. Only the true fans showed, and we were rewarded. Mattel changed case ratios and gave us a better chance to get the figures we missed via the 2 packs. The product they will get out via Diamond Distributors will be top notch. I will support the line as long as it continues in any form. That's my 2 cents #US1#
  12. There will be more major villains coming in Season 2. It looks like The Batman is adhering to Post-Crisis continuity. In the Secret Files and Origins of the Bat-Villains (after No Man's Land), they list a timeline of villains first appearances. Two villains already listed for this season, Cluemaster and Firefly, both encountered batman in his third year of crimefighting. The Batman series takes place in his third year of crimefighting. I just thought that this was an interesting coincidence.
  13. Toonzone just whines about anything that doesn't come from their "Great Almighty Timm". Bruce Timm's stuff was fresh and exciting and is still going after 12 years. C'mon, so many of you are not willing to give it a chance. I know, for a fact, that the Joker will "evolve" closer and closer to the character that we know. The characters are designed differently but, at their core, they are the same villains we've known for years. I've been collecting Batman stuff for over twenty years and I'm loving this show. Everybody's entitled to their opinion, just keep an open mind.
  14. Good points. My point is, that Batman has been re-invented for television and/or movies for each and every generation. In the 60's we had Batman on TV, Adam West's portrayal was campy and over the top, but it was fun. The 1970's saw the SuperFriends and an animated show that had Bat-Mite of all things. The late 80's/ early 90's saw Batman arrive on the big screen. The 1990's saw the emergence of Bruce Timm's Batman, a style and universe that has withstood the test of time, even today with JLU. Now, Batman is being re-invented for a new generation. Each of these versions are unique unto themselves, but they all contribute to the Batman mythos. That doesn't make any of theseversions less valid. I believe that this new series will really hit its stride, especially when more villains and familiar faces are introduced later this season and into the 2nd.
  15. Wow..so many people not wanting to give it a chance. That saddens me. I think that this is a great re-inventing of the Batman mythos for a whole new generation. I feel people (myself included) have been spoiled by the legacy of the Bruce Timm style Batman Universe. But, unlike some, I'm giving this show a chance. It's a pilot after all, so the episodes will get better as time rolls on. Bring On The Batman!!! This series is gonna kick a** and take names.
  16. For some mor e in-depth stuff about this show, go here: The Batman Bring on The Batman!!!!
  17. Thunder

    Identity Crisis

    I think it may go deeper than that. Whe Green Arrow related the events that led up to Dr. Light's "re-conditioning," Batman wasn't even in the picture, yet when Dr. Light recalls the incident, Batman is featured prominently in the scuffle. I think they tried to make Batman forget what happened as well. This may have helped along Batman's consistent paranoia that the heroes of the JLA would go rogue someday. this might be why he devised his "failsafes" to use against the other Leaguers. I think Luthor will have something to do with it. I'm just not sure what. But the real killer could be someone on the "inside" as well. Which heroes have undergone severe trauma and disaster in their lives recently? Hmmmm.....
  18. I definitely am going to need to get a second job just to pay for toys! The Crisis figures are off the hook! Psycho Pirate is perfect and that Earth-2 Robin is one I've wanted to see done for years. The JLU line is making me want to start collecting JL figures again. Dr Fate, Green Arrow, Atom!! Wow...I never though that I would see these characters in a mainstream line, much less on TV. The Four Horsemen have outdone themselves on the Batman comic line. The Super-articulated Batman has been a long tome in coming. Mattel has finally listened to us, the fans. Bane and Scarecrow will look sweet on my shelves when placed with the rest of the Rogues Gallery so far. I also understand that the bases (yes, bases) that come with these figures will make these the best Batman toys ever. The Batman animated style line has piqued my curiosity. With three villans (FireFly, ManBat, and Bane) in the next assortment, I may break down and start collecting this series as well.
  19. Got my "sorry, you're out of luck" letter too. The coupon is only good until August 6th. I don't see anything I really want at their site. Oh well. i missed this one.
  20. I ordered mine with the coupon and haven't seen it yet either. I live in Connecticut..so I'm real close to Wizard HQ>
  21. The 4 Horsemen said to watch the summer conventions for Mattel's next big Bat-surprises. From what i can tell from what i've heard, Bat-Fans will not be disappointed. Come see some of our latest info and scoops: Legions of Gotham, come register and check the forums for the news.
  22. I have always had a special place i my heart for the JSA. The history behind the team, as well as the rich characterization of the members. These were THE original heroes. SUperman was first....the rest followed. Every comic company that followed the JSA, copied the JSA's success and characters to make a buck. The fact that the JSA was the first Superteam anywhere makes them the stuff of legends. It's like they were the basis for everything that came after, the Mythology of the modern world. The Greeks & Romans had their stories, we have superheroes.
  23. Mad Hatter-Jervis Tetch Clayface 1-Basil Karlo Clayface 3-Preston Payne
  24. I believe that there was a scene cut from the beginning of "Batman Forever" that took place in Arkham Asylum. They were in Two-Face's cell after he had escaped. I remember that something was scrawlid, in red, on the wall. I don't remember what it said, but I do remember seeing stills of the scene. There was also a "dream sequence" that had Bruce ambracing the giant bat that flew at him in his dream, I saw a still of that scene as well.
  25. Thunder

    The Batman

    I understand that the animation will be a lot like the Jckie Chan Adventures.
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