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  1. Hey guys, I'm interested in picking up a version 4 Wet-Suit off of Ebay so that I can use the head with my version 1 Wet-Suit body. I always hated non-removable helmets on ARAH figures! I don't have too many Joes from the 90's, but I noticed with my eco-warrior Flint was that his head wouldn't fit on a version 1 Flint body. The ball joint is just too big. So for anyone who has a v1 and v4 (or v3, since its the same mold) Wet-Suit, could you tell me if the head swap will work? Thanks!
  2. Has anyone noticed that Storm Shadow v2 is standing on a base that has a Cobra symbol? I guess they're dropping the idea of having him defect to the Joes this time around.
  3. I've been trying to figure out what to do with Mark Wahlberg. He's not right for Duke, Flint or Hawk in my opinion. There has to be another fan-favourite character that he would be perfect for, but I just couldn't think of it until I remembered The Perfect Storm. How about:
  4. Barry Pepper as Lowlight would be great, but I wonder if he'd be against being typecast. He was already a sniper in Saving Private Ryan. You're right, since this is an origin movie, Hawk should be the field commander. He doesn't have to be the main character, Duke can be his second in command and do most of the work, but Hawk should definitely be there on the field with them. If the first movie is successful and they make a franchise out of it, Hawk can progress into an elderly "suit" type of commander and Duke takes over as field commander. Russel Crow would make an awesome Flint...but then again, Russel Crow would make an awesome anybody. But with his asking price, it's not going to happen.
  5. Wrong. I'm familiar with the character of Hawk. But that's not to say, in this instance, in this operation, in this movie, Hawk isn't in a command and control position. This way, we can have a good actor who's well-known in the picture, and he probably wouldn't cost that much given his limited screen time. That money saved can go to more characters (there should be a limit for the main guys 4-8 at most, plus a few cameos), more good actors in the action parts or SFX or whatever. Besides which, you just know the focus is gonna be on Duke and Snake-Eyes anyway. It's always box office death whenever they mess around with an established property's history too much. I think making Hawk a "suit" is about as big a change as you can do, taking the unit's commander and saying he's not going to get involved in a fire-fight. The point of GI Joe is that even the leader isn't afraid to see battle. You change that, and they're just like any other military unit. You've killed some of what makes it special. If you want to do a big-name cameo casting, then how about using General Flagg as the top honcho who never sees battle? You can't cage up a guy named "Hawk." It's just wrong.
  6. Wrong. That's what makes G.I. Joe different from any other military organization. The overall commanding officer isn't a "desk jockey." While he's not in the midst of battle all the time, Hawk does see his fair share of battle and that's what I've always loved about the character. He fights along side the grunts, even though he's a full-blown general and doesn't have to. It perfectly illustrates the camaraderie of the Joe team. They aren't run by some tie-wearing pencil pusher who's too chicken to dodge bullets with the rest of the troops. Tommy Lee Jones and Ed Harris make great commanding officers in regular military roles, but the Joes need someone who's not just a leader but also a friend. The Joes are a tight-knit unit and Tommy and Ed seem too distant and cold to pull it off. They'd be good as regular military commanders who give Hawk a hard time about how he runs his unit.
  7. Barry would make a perfect pre-injury Snake-Eyes. It would end up being just a cameo though, since he should spend most of the movie behind the mask. Maybe do a quick scene where he unmasks and we see his mangled face.
  8. While we're on the subject of "dream casting" for the movie, I remember someone mentioned the similarities between Flint and a young Bruce Campbell. Well good ole' Bruce is way too old to play Flint these days, but after having just seen "You, Me and Dupree," I was amazed at how much Matt Dillion looks like a young Bruce Campbell these days. He even does a perfect lop-sided grin.
  9. Ed Harris is a great actor and was fantastic as General Hummel in The Rock, but I don' think he's right for Hawk. First, he's bald. Yeah, I know they could put a wig on him, but it would look silly on Ed Harris. Some actors you can put a wig on and it doesn't look silly, like Sean Connery or Bruce Willis, but some actors you just can't stick a wig on. Ed Harris is too much of a "man's man" to wear a wig. Secondly, he's too angry. Hawk should be stern but also friendly. Someone earlier mentioned Dennis Quaid. I think that would actually be the perfect choice. Gruff but friendly, as a contrast to Duke's serious personality. He's the perfect age to play a general, and he's in good enough shape to still get involved on the battlefield.
  10. Budget is everything when casting movies so we hardly ever get to have a "dream cast" in a movie and most of the people cast will probably be lesser-known stars, but HOLY SMOKES are you ever right about Harrison Ford! I was racking my brain trying to think of an older actor who could pull off Hawk, since Hawk still gets physical on the battle field, and who could be better than Harrison Ford? Good call!
  11. I just watched Flags of Our Fathers the other day and was amazed at how much Neal McDonough looks like Duke. I think he's the closest match to the original Duke figure card art I've ever seen: He's got that old fashioned "war hero" look to him with the squint and gritting teeth. I like Mark Walberg's acting, but I don't think he has the right voice for Duke, and he's also too timid. He never stands out in a crowd, he's always the "gosh, golly, can this really be happening?" type of guy like the characters he played in Rockstar, Invincible and so many other movies. He's too naive. Neal McDonough would be perfect though. Intelligent, tough, intense and a great leader-type. Perfect for Duke.
  12. Wow, you're absolutely right about Duke's pants. When I first saw them, I wondered why they put one pocket on the front of the right leg. I figured someone just misinterpretted the buckle on the original figure as a pocket, but now I realize it was actually one of Flint's pockets all along. And on the original Duke, his sleaves were barely rolled up, and Flint's were rolled up all the way. So on the new Duke they did it half way; a little higher than the original Duke, a little lower than the original Flint. When you think about it like that, it shows that the team designing these are putting alot of thought into these figures and are trying to do the best with the limited resources they have. Someone else said it before, and we have to keep it in mind; they can't do a new mold for every figure. It just isn't cost efficient. If I had to choose between 10 figures with completely unique molds or 25 figures that share parts, I'll pick 25. I need to fill up my old APC! If they did make 25 completely unique molds, you can bet the cost of these would skyrocket. Personally, I'll take the reuse of parts and the nice reasonable price they've been tagged with anyday. Here's Gung-Ho's new accessory. They're planning on reusing it for the Fridge figure too. He'll come with a thousand of them.
  13. I kinda wish Habro had taken the "25th Anniversary" literally and done only the first year Joes, like Breaker, Grunt and so on. Then in 2008, do the next wave, which would be celebrating their 25th Anniversary. I know they want to use up their big names to spike initial sales, but I'm just saying it would have been nice to see the old line re-released in the same order they originally came out. I'm just hoping we eventually get some of those first year guys. Maybe even do a special boxset of them, since they all look so similar.
  14. Just to clarify, I'm not a newbie. I joined in 2003. And I'm not here to START crap. It's the opposite, actually. I mostly lurk, but in this case I've posted in an attempt to STOP crap. After reading 2 MONTHS worth of negativity from VH on a topic that is so positive that it's RIDICULOUS (ie the 25th Anniversary line) I just could't stomach it anymore and decided to break my silence. I'm always astounded that people are allowed to complain about nothing, but no one's allowed to complain about a complainer who complains about nothing. Really the best course of action would be to just delete his comments, cure the problem right at the source. Because quite frankly what he's doing isn't objective. He's just being a pain in the ass. Yo Joe. #US1# The OTHER alternative, would be to just post what you LIKE about the 25th anniversary figures, and just ignore the negative stuff being said about them. That's what 75% of the other members seem to do around here. Some even respect my opinions but disagree nevertheless. Guess they have a grasp on that little thing called maturity, or a sense of their own opinions being just as worthy, and they have the confidence in themselves to debate openly about such things as paint schemes and proportions on toys, without breaking down in tears and running to mommy and daddy to make it GO AWAY! You're the one who's making insults, not me. Guess what that says about YOUR maturity?
  15. Just to clarify, I'm not a newbie. I joined in 2003. And I'm not here to START crap. It's the opposite, actually. I mostly lurk, but in this case I've posted in an attempt to STOP crap. After reading 2 MONTHS worth of negativity from VH on a topic that is so positive that it's RIDICULOUS (ie the 25th Anniversary line) I just could't stomach it anymore and decided to break my silence. I'm always astounded that people are allowed to complain about nothing, but no one's allowed to complain about a complainer who complains about nothing. Really the best course of action would be to just delete his comments, cure the problem right at the source. Because quite frankly what he's doing isn't objective. He's just being a pain in the ass. Yo Joe. #US1#
  16. If the line continues into 2008, I think we can expect the same thing that happened with Transformers Alternators. The first line of Alts were pure perfection. Nice tight joints, great paint apps. But the last batch of Alts, namely Optimus and Mirage, have extremely loose joints. So I'm expecting the first line to be the absolute top quality in terms of joints and paint apps, and then regress from there if the line survives. I always just use a little bit of crazy glue to tighten up loose joints though, it's not problem really.
  17. I'm not interested in starting a flame war. I'm excited about these figures, and so are a lot of other people. MOD EDIT: THEN STOP FLAMING!
  18. I still disagree. It's what we DO here. For someone to tell me that they SAW the pics of Flint at MC, and that Flint has the same body mold as Duke, I know I dislike that already. I don't have to see it to tell you that. Doesn't seem like such a big deal, or anything "lame" to know I don't like a RE-USE for one of my favorite characters. Now having explained that, I will give SOME compliments on the paint scheme on Flint, as I think (when compared to the artwork) it matches up very well, despite the use of Dukes body, and they did add some gloves. I very well COULD end up giving this figure a BETTER rating once in hand, but at this juncture, I'm not impressed. It's just the way it works in this hobby. Whatever man. If you don't like it, then don't buy it. You should be grateful you live in a country that allows grown men to buy children's toys and not lock you up for it. Remember? These are CHILDREN'S TOYS. I grew up on G.I. Joe, I LOVE G.I. Joe, and I'm extremely grateful to Hasbro for this new 25th Anniversary line because although I loved them as a kid, the old 80's figures don't hold up anymore IN MY OPINION. If you think the old ones are better than the new ones, then that's cool, but I think the new ones look better, and so do the vast majority of people here. I'm glad we're getting redo's. Are they perfect? No, some of them aren't. And why is that? BECAUSE THEY'RE CHILDREN'S TOYS!!! As an adult collector, this should always, ALWAYS be kept in mind. They'll never be at a Movie Maniacs or Cult Classics level of detail because they're meant to be played with by little kids. And a little kid isn't going to care if Flint is made of the same body as Duke, or if SE v2 doesn't have a wrist-dart launcher. When I was little, I didn't care that most of the first year of figures reused body parts, and little kids are the reason that line of toys was so successful, not collectors. They may throw us a bone or two, but the fate of the line rests on how many kids are going to ask mommy and daddy to buy these for them.
  19. I don't have any pics of it unfortunately, but for anyone who has Headmaster Spike, I was able to fit him in the passenger side of ALT/BT Smokescreen. I have three headmasters (the other two are Duros and Gort) and Spike's the only one of them that fits because he's able to bend his knees at a 90 degree angle. The other guys have plastic in the way preventing full bendage. I've tried every which way and I still can't get him to fit in the driver side though, thanks to the steering wheel. Anyone know if the headmasters fit in ALT/BT Sideswipe?
  20. Don't forget to go to Reprolabels.com and get the Brave Max sticker sheet. I didnt' realize this when I first got him, but he doesn't have all of G1 Fort Max's stickers. They left some off, like the ones on top of the tower, on the sides of his "crotch", above the doors at the base of the tower, on the leg and hand guns, etc. Reprolabels has a sheet that includes all of the missing stickers just for Brave Max, and it's much cheaper than the complete Fort Max sticker sheet. Made mine look much better IMO. Black repro guns are a must too, but good luck finding someone who'll do them these days.
  21. I just got my second Brave Max today from Chris and I agree he's a great seller. He always packages the items really well. Word of warning about Brave Max: he gets real DUSTY after a year. Give him a shot of air in a can frequently or you'll be trying to pick out the dust from his crevices with a q-tip like I've been doing lately.
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