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  1. Thank you! I do others too.
  2. Wow, its been a long time since I've been on these forums. Surprised my account hasn't been deleted. Looking forward to posting my collection.
  3. I believe my collecting started with Motu as a kid in the 80's. I collected Transformers, Toybiz Marvel, and TMNT. Teen years I started on Marvel Legends and Mcfarlane Toys and some Transformers Alternators. Present day I'm collecting Neca Tmnt along with various horror and movie figures, collecting Transformers WFC line, some Jakks gaming figures, Jurrasic Park figures, some Star Wars Mando, and some Marvel Legends. Also I have an X plus Godzilla figure. Anyway, I cant list everything but I also love doing bandai model kits too. But here I'm gonna highlight the brand that started it all.
  4. I'm still working on her, this is the almost finished version.
  5. Honestly, I think its a real lame Idea, but; you might want to check out RID Scourge's/Nemisis (or even Laser Optimus) cause they come with a fuel tanker if that's what you want. I'm not sure what scale, but it might be the same as g1 optimus(or lame pepsi prime, if anything, should Always be CokaCola.
  6. Vex


    In the case at hand I too love that your right. I hope they still give him all his accessories. Now if Hasbro would just release Ultra Magnus w/Trailer (transformable of course) If they don't I'll end up dishin out 800 hundred some for that Marksprojects guy's custom trailer. I could use an american release for OP's trailer as well. And release Megatron, find the loop hole. still need stock and silencer. Someone should do a custom Sight that fits better on his arm, just to make him more appealing in robot mode.
  7. They should just change the focus to G1 characters, redone in the original forms but with Alternator detailing. Make it a true "Mini MP" line - that would be amazing. My thoughts exactly, I have a huge thread about it in the TF forums under someone's topic (petition to keep ALT/BT or something.)
  8. I don't mind the scale so much, just because it fits in nicely with the alternators which I consider miniature masterpieces. I was also watching and it does seem like he is smaller than Megatron and OP. Probably not this small though; it works for me. Off topic, I'm very sad about the possiblitly of no more alternators, best line ever next to MP. More sad to see that nobody seems to care. As much as i enjoyed the movie, I think its killing other TF lines. Movie toys suck compared to classics, alternators, and of couse MP.
  9. When is this actually scheduled for release? I hope it comes with all its accesories. I thought I heard it was going to be around 60 dollars?
  10. Tell you the truth, I'm really not to impressed with the classics. I feel like they are stealing the Alternators thunder. The only problem with the alternators line is they are not thinking g1 enough. The alternators line could be the best line ever. they just need to stick with the good stuff. Where's ironhide? Trailbreaker? Bumblebee? Why can't we see cup, acree or hot rod as alternators, don't even need car licenses, make um straight from the show. That would be way better than the classics line. whatever.....
  11. Hey, what happened to the link???
  12. I think if Hasbro thinks outside the box, we could have Alternator Classics. Hot Rod, Arcee, Cup, Blurr etc....Could still retain there original appearances. Why does the alternators absolutley have to be Licenced cars. (Don't get me wrong, I love em) But let's spice it up a little. I never saw ANY reason Grimlock couldn't have come out as a T-rex in the alternators line. If they wanted to I'm sure they could make Tracks in the original corvette if the wanted since Corvette has a license agreement. Just seems ridiculously stupid. I see Alternators as the only way we can have our G1 with modern technology. Transformers that don't need a license agreement should just retain they're original appearance but revised with alternator detail and technology. That's why everyone is starting to get bored with the line. Finally we got another good one (Mirage). But what's the hold up with Bumblebee/Cliffjumper? VW isn't gonna give us a license agreement, lets start looking somewhere else. Alternators if handled correctly could be the biggest thing since the originals but they are just too slow. If we get a Ravage, lets see him as a cassette tape, that one day will be compatible with MP Soundwave. I actaully consider MP as alternators Deluxe. and alternators as mini MPs. Just seems so frustrating to me. Here's some Alternators still need desperately to be made= Ironhide, Bumblebee Cliffjumper, Tailbreaker, Ratchet. So to answer the question, We need a Classics Alternators line.
  13. Soundwave is a must. Grimlock is also a must. Trailer/Fushion Armor of coarse. and I actaully prefer them to make Bumblebee as an Alternator. I kinda see alternators as mini-masterpieces. Sure they're not the same car, but it's about as close as they're gonna get. and they seem pretty close the the same scale as MP Prime. I do how ever have complaints about the alternator line. (Grimlock, Ravage, Optimus Prime) I don't think they need to be in it. Prime's mold (IMO) should have been Trailbreaker. I also don't understand why they have to be Licensed. Why not have Hot rod, Acree, ect... They were never licensed cars and I'm sure they would be great to have in the Alternators line. Classics line to me is a waste, they shoulda just gone and scaled them up into the alternators line. Of course MP Starscream is already the size of an Alternator.(which to me works) Anyway, I got off track and started to rant. P.S. M.P. Jetfire. nuff said
  14. Good point, Before we start judging this thing, we should probably consider that fact that it is indeed a prototype. I think we are looking at the endoskeleton of megatron. A couple spots that I noticed to be missing cover: Elbow to shoulder, and the legs. those parts appear to be exposed. They don't appear like the finished product. I could be wrong, but they do seem kinda akward. P.S. Could somebody give me comparison pics of G1 Meg's scope on MP OP's forearm?? Wondering what the scale of the old scope is in comparison to MP Megatron.
  15. Not after seeing Marksprojects versioin. His looked far more cartoon accurate. I might be able to live with the legs, but that scope has got too be scaled down. or give him an additional scope scaled down just for his robot mode. Robot mode 1st, Alt mode 2nd in my book. As awesome as that custom Megatron is, it’s alt mode is anything but accurate to a realistic hand gun. So to me your statement is not fair or reasonable. I concur, snowman. Mark's may have thicker legs, but the gun mode looks like a transformers toy as in you can tell it is a robot. The ppl at Takara Tomy has experience with making toys, so I am sure they had to give him the look he has to perserve the alt mode. I know if they hacked the alt mode, you will hear other ppl complaining. I understand that, but sacrifices must be made. For Optimus Prime, sacrifices were made to the alt mode for a more accurate Prime. The Cab is passable and is difficult to tell it's a robot underneath there but they could have gone the other way to make the alt mode perfect at the cost of the robot mode. Kinda like Starscream, sure he has a perfect Jet mode, but now he has inaccurate colors. I have a feeling the gun will be an almost perfect alt mode. Probably won't even be able to tell it's a robot. I guess it's just comes down to one's opinion, would you rather have a perfect alt mode with a good but flawed robot mode, or a perfect robot mode with a good but flawed alt mode. So, for me, just like Optimus I would prefer the alt mode to be sacrificed for a more accurate g1 robot mode. FAIR and REASONABLE.
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