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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXeNNXhHotc Dare I say this tugged at my Heart Strings a little.
  2. Well, at a one time I would have told you that guys like Lightray and Black Lightning were long shots. Shows what I know, but I digress. Here is my list of 10. If they would be a good C&C I will simply add the C&C behind the name. In no particular order here we go. 1. Rocket Red C&C 2. Animal Man (JLE costume) 3. Stargirl 4. Wildcat 5. Andromeda 6. Swamp Thing C&C 7. Mantis (Super Powers costume) 8. Kalibak C&C 9. Desaad 10. Jesse Quick What the heck. I have some honorable mentions: Mary Marvel, Kilowag, Ragman, Guy Gardner, Fire and Ice
  3. Timing is so key in selling. I try and win auctions that end at around 10:00 am during the week. I have bought a mint transformer less then 1/2 price of an incomplete one that ended in the evening when more people shop. I guess what I am trying to say is auctions are about 50% luck. To be successful you need to have your appeal to more then 1 buyer (preferably 100)
  4. I think this was an intentional shot at the KO makers. Metroplex is something that most fans deamed highly unlikely for an official reissue, so this proves anything can happen for reissues. Not only that, but I believe the offical reissue is about $40.00 less then a KO. I would say it is both a message to KO makers and KO buyers.
  5. I just checked to satisfy my own curiosity and they are all preorders.
  6. I was at walmart today and they must of had 2 or 3 cases of both wave 5 and 6. Looks like distrabution is catching up.
  7. I was lucky enough to order wave 6 other then Snow Job. About 15 minutes after I did they were listed as out of stock.
  8. http://www.movieweb.com/news/06/27006.php Larry Hama writing the script. Thats somewhat promising
  9. Slaughter is the most important to the GI Joe mythos. He was an importent factor in 3 mini-series and had his 2 comic appearances (issues 51 and 52 I believe). The rest of the guys are not importent to me.
  10. Think of the potential for vehicles and playsets!!
  11. You a comparing apples to oranges Destro. You are comparing a fan made CGI to something that has a Hollywood Budget. If anything this has proved the opposite. Block bots would not only work, but would have much more character. This was fan made? I didn't catch any names w/ this one; I thought it was from hasbro. I don't understand how blocky bots have more "character". In that case, I particularly look at facial expression, which these bots have in minimal quantities. Movie bumblebee, w/o words even, was able to display more emotion than would be possible w/ these bots; their facial expressions are too static. Not to mention physics, these bots simply aren't realistic enough to be believeable in a live-action setting. I was under the assumtion it was fan made from another board. Regardless if it was fan made or Hasbro made the Lack of any real budget still comes into play. The "blocky bots" have more character because they did not have to alter the feel of the robot/altmode personas. You can not look at one of the movie Johny-5s and say,"hey that turns into a truck. I would bet $50.00 that if you took a picture of movie Prime next to G1 Prime the average person would point to G1 Prime and say," Hey! thats Optimus Prime."
  12. You a comparing apples to oranges Destro. You are comparing a fan made CGI to something that has a Hollywood Budget. If anything this has proved the opposite. Block bots would not only work, but would have much more character.
  13. I'm sorry, but I didn't get this joke the first time, and I don't get it now. Must be something in the water affecting my synapses... @hmmm@ Read the EvilStar's thread about the Red Tornado Quality Control. He bought it at a TRU, then abused his LCBS because they wouldn't provide him with a replacement. That led to jokes about getting a product one place and demanding help or satisfaction from an unrelated place. Dude, way to TOTALLY misrepresent! But whatever! He is right you know. You called him EvilStar and not the correct Evil Star. See, to seperate words.
  14. Here are some great updated pics and links http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=280291 http://www.brickset.com/search.aspx?year=2008
  15. Apperently she was found in Mary Kate Olsens apartment.
  16. Doesn't work synch. I tried it and the Burger King just looked at me like I was ##$%$#ed (and he is the one wearing the freaky looking mask). When that one didn't work I took my toy to the local hardware store and believe you me I made him look pretty silly when he didn't have any toy fixxing kits to offer. Personally, I blame Canada!
  17. It just hit me. You have to be Lionel Getz from the Leathal Weapon Movies. "They F--- You in the Drive Through!"
  18. I was just wondering how many people are buying duplicate comic packs just to get the mail-in Doc more quickly? Before I get jumped before I go outside, I am not talking about removing the POP's and them taking them back to the store either.
  19. If I had to pick the last 2 I would go with an Eel (Cobra Frogman) and Recondo (just a personal favorite)
  20. I thought they had those already for Sigma 6. It was the 2.5" line. Seriousely though I would think they would be pretty cool. Then they could start packing 25th Shipwreck with a McGuffin device.
  21. I just love the fact that we got the Viper rifle back.. One of my favorite weapons as a kid. I also really like the Stars and Stripes with Duke. That will make for some great displays.
  22. I found all 4 new sculpts at Target yesterday + 1 extra CG. They did not ring in at the register and they took my word at what they cost.
  23. I went cloth. From a playability standpoint cloth is much better as it doesnt inhibit posing. Also if you just plan on setting the figure to look at it the cloth will hang natural anyways.
  24. The Air Trooper going single pack is the big reason that set sits. They would have been better off putting the stinger driver as a single.
  25. You've never read the comics?! *grabs chest in mock heart-attack gesture* Then you've deprived yourself of one pretty great experience. I remember loving the heck out of the comic series as a kid, and they only further added to my enjoyment of the toy line as a whole. Much like Transformers (which also had a cartoon and comic series at roughly the same time) interpretations of my favorite characters in other media only enriched my experience of the toys themselves. In other words, grab the Joe comics and read a few. Hopefully you'll enjoy them. The comics were great! I picked up a bunch of issues (they go pretty cheap) to relive some childhood memories. The best thing was they did not forget characters as time went on unlike the cartoon which featured the most recent recruits. You would have guys like Recondo, Tripwire, and Ripcord working with Psyc-out, Tunnel Rat, and other later year Joes.
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