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  1. Probably because we don't have to work the next day, have a late shift, are university students or are unemployed! Take your choice
  2. *******SPOILERS******* *******SPOILERS******* *******SPOILERS******* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Dude, Where's My Refund? That movie sucked balls. I wanted my money back 30 minutes into it (I swear I only saw it in the theaters because I went with a group of people and majority vote won...I was in the minority)
  4. Schindler's List is the only movie that has ever made me cry...that is the saddest movie I have ever seen. I Am Sam is another really sad one...not a tear-jerker for me, but definitely a sad movie I recommend to everyone.
  5. I just got back from seeing the midnight showing of ROTK....that had to be one of the best movies I have ever seen, maybe the best! It had everything I look for in a movie...the battle and action scenes were great, the slower scenes were entertaining and not slow at all! The only thing I can complain about is that they probably should have given Aragorn a more time on-screen, he is the fricking King after all!!!!!!!! However, that's me trying to be a nitpicker. I really don't find anything at all with the movie...I loved it!!!!!!!!! What did you think?
  6. I think the DKR Batman figure is taller because of the way he was drawn in that tale. He was a tall and large character in the story.
  7. Nash

    New Gijoe Avaters

    Mike Bock, Thank you so much for the avatars! Although I really like the Croc Master a lot, as well as the Mercer, I have to say I love the Beach-Head one!!!!
  8. The line has improved and every now and then we get figures that have more articulation (more than five points, that is). The only thing this figure can't do is spread his legs wide, which is fine by me since I don't see many clone troopers doing splits in AOTC!!! I personally believe the SW line has improved in other ways too, especially when compared to a line like JVC. The sculpting on SW has improved vastly over the years, while the sculpting on the new Joes is not as good as with the vintage line. I think JVC is a step down for the G.I.Joe franchise. Although I must admit that the new Joe figures are getting cool accesories (in some cases cooler than the RAH). To be honest with you suntzu28, I think an O-ring would hurt this figure more than improve it!
  9. That looks like an interesting film...I might go see it when it comes out...and if it sucks maybe I can use Ashton's technique to go back in time three hours into the past and save myself the cost of the ticket Seriously though, from the trailer I think the only way this dude will be able to fix things is by killing himself and that way stop f____g up his friends' lives!!!
  10. Nash

    New Gijoe Avaters

    Hey Mike Bock, Excellent avatars man! I especially like the Croc Master one! I hope you keep them coming...a Mercer one and a Cobra Viper would rule!! Thanks for the avatars
  11. Hey freakx2001, I saw those new Unleashed statues at TRU as well!!! Too bad I don't buy them!!! I just wanted to let you and any other Ottawa collectors know that the Comic Book Shoppe in Merivale Rd (the one near Algonquin College) has the General Reeikan Ultra and the Obi Wan Outlander Club waves. They also have a lot of the 2003 product I was unable to find at other stores (like the AOTC Tusken Raider) Reeikan Rules!!!!
  12. I just got that issue last night, and that little minimate was about the coolest thing I saw (next to the DKR Bats and DCD Adam Strange figs). I hope the DC figs are the same size as the Marvel figs, so I can have a nice comic book collection going on!!!
  13. suntzu28, I really don't think the figure is hurt by the lack of mobility in the hip joints. This is truly a great figure and if you are a SW collector, a must have (several of these actually, if you can afford it). However, if you just casually purchase SW figures every now and then, then I would certainly recommend you to look into purchasing this figure...it doesn't disappoint! Nasburado, nothing is wrong with the JVC line, I just don't like. I wish I did because I'm a big fan of the vintage RAH line (in fact, this year I spent a buttload of my money bulking up my RAH collection). However, I really can't get into JVC or VVV...I just don't think the new figures do the old line any justice. In the end, it's just a matter of preference. Probably something similar to the ever-going debate among Trek fans about which is better, classic Trek or new generation!!!!!
  14. I like the Comic Book Shoppe on Bank st. because the people working there are really nice and friendly. I go there for a lot of things, but not for SW figures. They used to have a huge selection some years back, but in the last two years they have ebcome my last stop when I go out looking for SW (pretty much when I lost hope and figure why the hell not). Maybe what is needed is sime regional Canadian SW clubs and one of the goals would be the push for sale of these figures at regular stores, or maybe instead ordering en masse by all members from places like EE so that the figures are cheaper and each member can get one of each figure.
  15. Oh boy, more money I don't have going to toys I don't need Excellent news, thanks pogoman!!! My brother will be 100x more excited than I am about these news...he's a Big DKR fan.
  16. The way I remembered it, Hasbro Canadian division didn't think there was an interest for the product and cancelled any orders for it! Corporate thinking at its best!!! freakx2001, try the Comic Book Shoppe on Merivale Rd. or Silver Snail on Bank St. they usually get all the SW between the two. You can also try calling Legends Comic Book Shop in Montreal, QC. They get everything and it's always early (they hooked me up with two Ephant Mon figures the same day they got it and about 2 weeks after the figure popped up in the U.S.). Legends also has a flat rate of $7 for shipping, so that's pretty good (especially when compared to eBay prices). If that's of any interest to you, try calling them at: 1-514-277-1867 or try them online at: www.legendsactionfigures.com I hope any of this helps you out a little, because I know the pains of being a collector in Ottawa.
  17. I think the new G.I.Joe sculpts are horrible and seriously overrated! Maybe I just love the vintage RAH sculpts too much!! The SA Clonetrooper figure has great articulation but probably not as much as a new G.I.Joe. Neck, ball jointed shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. It offers several poses and hopefully, it represents the way all future figures will be made! The reason I mentioned my distaste for the new G.I.Joe figs is because I think the SA Clonetrooper has a great sculpt, unlike the JvC or VvV figs. The new SA Clonetrooper is a great action figure - an excellent merging of detailed sculpting with lots of articulation, definitely keeping it from being a statue.
  18. I got this figure and ML Colossus at the same time! I have to say I was more happy about this fig than the Colossus, and I was anxiously waiting for the Colossus since the first pictures of the wave came out!!!
  19. My first was acutally two: Super Powers Batman and Robin My first DCD figure (and only one to be honest): Hourman I was excited about the Kingdom Come figs and planned to get all of these but then I saw them at my comic store and was very disappointed! I will get all the Batman: Hush figures...excellent in my opinion
  20. Excellent finds bluecyclone, I wish I lived in the States instead of Canada...that way I could at least be excited about going to Wal-Mart or Toys R Us...but here we don't get much (if anything). I did go to a comic book shop and purchased a Clone Wars Clonetrooper (the super articulated one). I am very impressed by it and have to rank it among the top 10 in my collection Sorry to steal a little of your thunder bc!!! Congrats again on the excellent finds!!!
  21. Shouldn't this go on the Game Room forum? Anyway, in the spirit of the game, I'll give it a try! Owen Reese = MOLECULE MAN ? If that's right, then try this one... Paul Pierre Duval
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