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  1. I doubt this will ever happen, but I would like a figure of the arsonist Firefly similar to the Bruce Timm design made for the Batman: TAS and the JL cartoons. Another unlikely fig I'd like to see done is the murderer Zssazz (I have no idea how to spell that)....the guy who has slashes all over his body. I think the Riddler was being considered for the next wave..him or Two-Face.
  2. I imagine those orcs and trolls probably ran back to the Mines of Moria or to the closest hole in the ground they could find (maybe they are related to Saddam ) I heard somewhere that a movie pitch for The Hobbit was being considered and that maybe PJ would direct. I also heard that PJ would not consider directing it after devoting so much time to LOTR. Anybody know anything concrete?
  3. Hey Bespin Refugee, Glad to hear of your good fortune!!! The Wampa is truly a great figure, as well as Rieekan!!! I don't like the Hoth Luke, but I do enjoy the recreation of the Wampa Cave scene. Great figures all around...now I just need to get my hands on a R1-G4!!!
  4. Hey Skarapz, I haven't read the books either so I'm going to speculate here. I think the Ents didn't get involved because they were mostly concerned with the safety of the trees in Fangorn, and since at that point Sauron's forces weren't threatening any forests, then they weren;t going to act against the forces from Mordor. Also, I believe they stayed behind guarding Saruman, who was supposedly trapped in Isengard. I believe the elves didn't engage Sauron's forces because they had all left to wherever Gandalf, Frodo and Bilbo go off to in the end. In fact, Elrond, Galadriel and her lover are the last elves to leave Middle Earth (not counting Arwen and Legolas who stay behind, of course). Now for the comments of someone who actually knows what they are talking about....
  5. Nash

    New And Old

    I don't mix the two lines because I don't have any JVC HAHA Actually, that's not entirely true. I own two JVC figures and I do mix them with the RAH line. I bought the Two pack with Flint and the Cobra Sniper (Blackout?) and the one with Beach Head and Sand Viper. I bought these entirely for the Beahc Head 'cause he rocks and for the sniper because I think snipers are the coolest (I gave Flint and the sand dude away). Too bad the sniper looks like a complete dumbass without the goggles. I respect everyone who thinks the new line is great, so I hope people wont get up all in my face when I say I don't like the new line. I really don't know why I don't like them, I just don't. I guess its because IMO, the new line doesn't have the same feel that RAH has, and it is subpar to the originals. BTW, great dio Chazz!!!!! :)
  6. Hey Fanático, I'm not that old my friend, only 26 (God, I hope that's not old). I just started early on the family thing Toy collecting has become an accepted pasttime by society in general, for both young adults and adults. I think non-collecting people who may have criticized it in the past as an immature impulse, are now instead attracted by the notion of it and perhaps by an affinity to their own childhood recollections. Anyway, to keep this post on track, I'm going tomorrow to hunt for new stuff. I'll keep an eye out for the KOTZ figures, and I'll let you know what the situation is so far here in Canada, ok?
  7. Nash

    Superman Jla

    I don't think killing off Superman for one season is the right way to go. I think that it would be better if the next season begins with the JL being approached by some alien race (or grouping of races) asking for aid in a struggle against some powerful enemy. Then, the JL could send Superman and another member (MM or WW) out to fight the war, and during the season we get glimpses into their efforts in battle. Meanwhile, we have a powered-down JL that could focus more on characters like GL, Hawkgirl and Flash, and we could also get to see Batman taking the mantle of team leader. This could also be an effective manner of introducing new members into the roster like GA, Firestorm, etc. All this could be accomplished without resorting to killing Supes and bringing him back later on, like they did in comics.
  8. Just in case you are interested, follow the link and you can see pics of the Hal Jordan GL and the KC hero clix I mentioned before, plus Cyborg. http://www.hcrealms.com/
  9. Hey Wu Jen, One of the local comic book shops here in Ottawa had pictures of upcomming DC Hero Clix and among the few shown was Hal Jordan GL. I hope that's good news for you. In case you are wondering what other figures there were, then I'll tell you. If you are a fan of the Kingdom Come story then you'll be happy to hear that a KC Superman, Wonder Woman (in her golden battle armor) and Batman (in his black battle armor) will be made, as well as one of those KC Bat-Robots that patrol Gotham City. According to the shop owner, there will be many more based on KC coming out in that wave. Enjoy.
  10. Hey Fanático, The KOTZ cartoon is shown here in YTV (the Canadian equivalent of CN) at 9:30am Saturday mornings. You are right of course, if they do show the cartoon, then there is a greater chance the toys will be picked up by regular stores. Am I a really nice guy? I don't know, you'll have to ask my wife and daughter about that!!! However, I try to be genuinely helpful to my fellow collectors (to everyone really) because I know what it's like to suffer for this hobby. Plus, you're from Brazil, so we are neighbors (I'm originally from Peru), and I lived several years in your beautiful country. Now I say goodbye dreaming of all the wonderful women in Rio
  11. Is Puss-N-Boots voiced by Antonio Banderas? That's who it sounds like to me!
  12. Great news Bespin Refugee...thanks. Although the new Endor Han looks like a crap figure, the news of new Madine and General Lando figures definitely make up for it!!!!! I've been able to purchase every single SW Saga figure out so far for the 2004 line-up. Out of the 6 figures I have, three are great (Rieekan, Wampa, R-3PO), one is O.K. (Ultra C-3PO), one is borderline (Hoth Luke) and one plain right sucks (Hoth Soldier). IMHO, the year is off to a good start...I hope Hasbro keeps it up!!!
  13. I hear you buddy...good luck with the hunt. I recommend to you that you might save some time if you go directly to the comic book shops in Toronto. I haven't spent much time in that city, but I'm sure there must be between 5 and 10 hobby shops all around. Personally, the last thing I saw at any Wal-Mart or Zellers on the Marvel Legends line were Thing, Dr.Doom and Human Torch, which I believe is Wave 2. I did see one Ghost Rider and one Wolverine at a Toys R' Us once. However, I get everything I want (SW, ML, MOTU, and Kubricks) at the comic book shops around my city (Ottawa). They are a good source of new toys, but not at a cheap price! Also for the most part, they aren't very good sources of Anime-related toys. I do wish you the best in the search, and if I see this figures in the next couple of weeks I'll inform you about their status Oh, and don't lose hope! I have seen a lot of the new Gundam and M.U.S.C.L.E. (Kinnikuman) toys at regular shops like Wal-Mart. If I'm not mistaken, the Knights figures are distributed by the same company. So there is some hope yet
  14. Hey Fanático, As a South American collector living in Canada I can only wish you good luck in finding these figures up here. Canada is the worst country to find new toys for any line. I'm not trying to get you down or anything, just trying to give you a little heads up on the toy situation here. All those figures look great!! I'll probably get them when I go down to the U.S. or maybe even next time I'm in Peru (where I'm from). I'm not too optimistic I'll be able to find them in Ol' Canada.
  15. Nash

    Jason Todd?

    I have an opinion on the subject of who knows Bruce Wayne is Batman, and I was wondering what you all thought. I think Harvey Dent/Two-Face knows Batman's real identity. I think he had a much bigger role in the Hush story line than was shown. I think as Bruce Wayne's former closest friend, and one of Batman's worst enemies, it would be impossible for Dent not to know. IMO the reason he's never acted upon this knowledge is because of the duality of his personality and feelings. As Dent, he has feelings of love and friendship for Wayne and doesn't want to see any harm to come to his old friend. Also, Dent is a former partner of Batman in the fight against crime. The two of them along with Jim Gordon, were the three to start the battle against police corruption and against organized crime in Gotham City. However, as Two-Face he abhors Batman and everything associated with the Caped Crusader. If this hatred was left unchecked, it would easily lead Two-Face to murder Batman or his posse, without the need of his decision-making crutch (his scarred coin). This conflict in feelings and personas does not allow him to take advantage of his knowledge of Batman's secret identity. I wouldn't be surprised if in the second Lee/Loeb run we find out that Dent was truly Hush or at the least the one who gave Hush all the information on Bats.
  16. Nash

    Jason Todd?

    I believe it was Chazz who said that Tim wasn't the better Robin because he isn't as commited to fighting crime as Dick and Jason were and also, that he couldn't see Tim assuming the Batman mantle in the future. I agree with Chazz, but I have to argue that this is why Tim IS the better Robin. I think Batman is the greatest costumed character in comics because IMO he portrays the best and the worst in comic book heroes. He is the best because he is unbeatable: no adversary can defeat him, and if he puts his mind to it he can defeat just about anybody. However, he is the worst because there is one person he cannot defeat...HIMSELF. He is obsessed with his continuous war on crime and it's a war he will eventually lose because the character will someday die and crime will still be taking place (it's an unfortunate part of human nature). For him, there really isn't a life outside of the Batcave, which is the home of his real self...Wayne Manor is the headquarters of his false identity (Bruce Wayne). In the end, Batman is in serious need of psychiatric help, much like the foes he battles. I think Tim is the best Robin because he is not as consumed by this war as his predecessors were, and because he doesn't blindly believe in Batman. Tim can see how this obsession has consumed Bruce, and how it will never let him go...and that's something he will not allow to occur for himself. The fact that he can be thought of as having a life after the Dark Knight is another bonus to the Tim character. It makes for a more realistic and enjoyable character.
  17. Hey jedicrippler and Bespin Refugee, you guys are right...that is a new Bossk sculpt! Excellent! Now I want it even more
  18. Hey RoyalMarine, I agree, this is an amazing figure! This is the best SW figure to date and I am really looking forward to building an army of these!!! I hope all of Hasbro's troop figures will have as much articulation as this one!!!
  19. I think the Bossk has a new head sculpt but the rest of the body is from the figure from the POTF2 Line. The arms also look different to me, but I think its more a change in coloring than actual resculpted arms. I like all three figures, although I do wish they'd have given a more articulated pose for Bossk. Whenever I see these I will get them!!!
  20. Hey if tv movies based on recent news weren't bad enough, you should check out CBS' new sitcom: Everybody Hates Saddam - Follow the adventures of Saddam, a big-nosed, bushy-faced, unfunny dictator that is hated so much by the rest of the world, that he had to dig himself a little hole in the ground to live in, in order to avoid being lynched or shot in the face! Oh and his family doesn't live next door...they are waiting for him in HELL!!!!!
  21. By the way, thank you rampagetokill2334 and StrykerX2K for the trailer links, it's interesting to have seen them even though I didn't understand them very much.
  22. SUCKED!! Actually, I've never read a single one of the HP book, so I don't know what this third movie is about...the trailer doesn't exactly explain much. Obviously, the trailer is aimed at kids and the general public that follows the books. I did enjoy both movies, so I hope this next one is equally enjoyable.
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