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  1. That Darkseid figure looks great!! I'll have to start picking up Minimates The pilot Batman is nice, but I'll have to see the vehicle he comes with and the suggested retail price before I decide if I'm buying it or not!
  2. Hey Starscream49, Thanks for the link! The Smokescreen looks excellent! Congrats on the great find!!!!
  3. Hey king poseidon, that is very off topic Just go to your personal page, click on the Edit My Profile option and there on the page that opens up just write whatever you want on the blank space next to Custom Member Title!! Now to go back to topic, does anybody have pics of this figure or a link to where I may find pics. After seeing the upcoming and amazing Scorponok, my interest in TF has leaped a thousand-fold :D:D
  4. I always liked Slade Wilson's custome (Deathstroke the Terminator). Although I think it could be updated a bit to look more menacing
  5. That is TOO COOL....ICE COLD!! and TOO expensive!!!
  6. Hey JayC, Thanks for the great Scorponok pics!!! I will be getting this figure and with that buy my first TF figure since the old line died This Scorponok is a great figure!!!
  7. Nash

    Jason Todd?

    Hey Doc Evil, You are so right about DC's formula for handling Batman...it would be nice if they shook up things just a little bit. I think change is a great way to keep comics interesting, especially when the characters are so many decades old. I think DC did a great and gutsy thing with Green Lantern and their move of replacing Hal Jordan with Kyle Rayner worked really well for them. Obviously, DC wasn't as successful with the whole Batman-crippled by Bane-replaced by Azrael story plot, but I think that's because Batman (and Superman as well) is too much of an icon to change him so drastically (and replacing him would be completely out of the question). I think smaller changes like the one I suggest for Harvey Dent, and others that revolve around Batman's supporting cast/rogues gallery, are the way to go in order to make the Batman universe a more interesting place to visit
  8. Nash

    Jason Todd?

    Hey Chazz, Thanks for the compliments! I think Jeph Loeb is a great writer and he is the M. Night Shyalaman of the comic book world...he knows how to weave a story and finish it with an unexpected ending that came out of nowhere Hopefully, he will give us some of this magic again I would also like to see this little idea of mine take form in the DC universe. Hopefully, this is part of what's in store for the second part of Hush I guess we'll see in a year if I have bragging rights or not JK
  9. Nash

    Jason Todd?

    Hey HardRockBatman00, Once more I have to say that having your approval in my Batman ramblings is the utmost compliment I could get in these boards! I guess we'll see in some months if in fact ol' Harvey is as messed up as I painted him! Thanks again ADC's (and TNI'S) Dark Knight!!
  10. Hey king poseidon, I don't understand your question! Do you mean if we want to see him made or see him reshipped to stores again? If it's the first then I ahve to tell you that DC Direct already made a figure of him. Now if it's the latter, then yeah I want to see him again in stores. I wasn't able to purchase him the first couple of times he was offered.
  11. Nash

    Jason Todd?

    Although it would have been interesting to see the effects of Jason Todd returning to the Batman universe, I think it's best to let him be and keep that guilt in Batman for as long as the character exists. Plus, I think that the whole plot behind the ruse of Clayface as Jason Todd was meant to indicate that Hush truly knew Batman's secret identity. Like I posted earlier in the thread, I believe Harvey Dent knows Bruce Wayne is Batman and so, he would know about Jason Todd.
  12. Nash

    Jason Todd?

    Hey all, I have an addition to make to my post above about Two-Face knowing Batman's secret identity, and him having a bigger part in the Hush story line than was shown. As we all know, there is more to Hush than is already in print, and the remaining story line will come later in the year or in 2005, so it's far from over. What bothered me the most about the story arc in the end was its name...why was it called Hush? I thought the whole time it would have to do with the fact that Bruce told Selina his dark secret adn that certain thinks are best kept secret...that is, she would betray him somehow. Clearly, that didn't happen and so I no longer understood what Hush referred to...after all, this villain's name must have some form of meaning, right? Well, I think subconsciously I did know and here is what I believe it means: I think Harvey Dent is Hush. Let me repeat that...HARVEY DENT is HUSH!!! Like we saw in the story, Harvey Dent got plastic surgery and supposedly his psychiatric issues were resolved. However, I think that indeed he no longer has a duality issue and only one personality exists within him...the darker and more evil Harvey Dent that was kept hidden from the public for so many years (think back to Batman TAS, when he was seeking help for his anger management issues). No longer having two opinions on everything, now Harvey only hears ONE voice about what actions to take and what paths to pursue. Hence, without the two sides fighting within him, now there is only silence in his head and a clear purpose to pursue his penchant for wickedness That to me explains why the villain's name is HUSH (because of the silence in his head). I think Two-face is dead and Hush has replaced him, Hush being Harvey Dent's new personality, the evil side he demonstrated when his duality began and only that one, wicked side. I hope this turns out to be the case, because I think that would lead to some excellent story growth and awesome potential for the Batman universe.
  13. That's a very interesting point of view HPZ!! I think you are completely right about Sauron's mistake!!
  14. Yeah, this movie has definitely caught my attention! I'll be checking it out when it hits theaters later on this year!!
  15. I saw sometime last week and I thought it was very good! I really liked the car chase and the scene with the boy picking up Martin's daughter...really funny $#!^
  16. P.S. - Is it just me or does Van Helsing resemble Vampire Hunter D in the image on the official movie website? I think so anyway
  17. Hey SKARAPZ, Thanks a lot for the links! They really helped! Now I'll add two more movies to my 2004 list...Troy and The Day After Tomorrow! I'll wait for the trailer to determine if I'll see Van Helsing. Thanks again buddy!!!
  18. I want to see Spider-Man 2, Blade 3 and Shrek 2...and that's about it! I saw the preview for King Arthur and it looks really disappointing! If anybody wants a realistic take on the Arthur myth, then I'd suggest reading the Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell. This is a trilogy of books which includes The Winter King, Enemy of God and Excalibur. The trailer for King Arthur was disappointing to me because I read these books. Now I'm off to look for details or a trailer for Troy, Van Helsing and The Day After Tomorrow!!!
  19. That's a great figure Jin, and an interesting story! I wish I was as creative as you buddy! Continue the good work
  20. Hey HMRising, thanks for the link! That Scorponok is wicked!!! I may have to buy my first TF toy!!!
  21. I'm SOOOO jealous right now I really want that Luke and R1-G4!!!! Congrats on the find!!
  22. Ok, the worst voice in the cartoon had to be Law. They made him sound Hispanic which was bad to begin with, because it was so stereotypical and that would be offensive to any self-respecting Hispanic. Secondly, what's the deal with this guy? The dude's name is Christopher Lavigne. It doesn't sound to me like he is Hispanic, as that name does not originate from Latin America. Since these are cartoons and the creators are going out of their way to portray the character as a Hispanic, then they should at least give him a Hispanic-sounding name. Anyway, his voice always annoyed me!! I personally don't know any Hispanics that would say Adios Adios Adios
  23. I like what I see and will collect this line. I'm definitely more excited about the second wave of figures, but I do like the Mace Windu and Obi Wan figures in the first wave (I like how Obi Wan is in a battle stance holding his lightsaber with two hands). I only wish there was a Kit Fisto fig made in this form...that woud be cool!
  24. Nash

    Issue # 25

    Excellent issue...thank you for the spoilers Digger!!! I also want to thank Big Ben for that great link which answered some doubts that lingered after reading the issue. I hope somebody will ask the magic 8-ball if Coil will continue to be a threat in the Joe universe even without the leadership of Serpentor (given his apparent death, which doesn't seem to be the case anymore).
  25. No offense to any collectors of the JvC (or VvV) lines, but if we compare the modern line of SW and G.I.Joe to their respective vintage lines, then I believe the modern SW line has improved considerably, while the G.I. Joe line has not. I think JvC is a step down from RAH since the new Joes look cheap when compared to the RAH figures. Please don't get me wrong, I am a fan of G.I. Joe, in fact it has a special place in my heart because when I first came to North America, the RAH cartoon was one of several t.v. programs that helped me improve my ability to speak English. I love the vintage Joe figures and vehicles...they simply have no comparison IMO the new line is a disappointment and I would never concede in an argument that JvC is an improvement to RAH. I wish it was because then I would be inclined to collect the modern Joe line and add them to my vintage collection, but I cannot. Again, this is simply my point of view and preference, I'm not trying to knock anybody's tastes. Now the SW line has improved considerably so since it's origin. The sculpting and detail of these figures has increased incredibly well when compared to the vintage line, and even when you compare the modern line within itself from 1995 to the present. Every now and then we get figures with more and more articulation, the new Clone trooper being Hasbro's opus in the SW line. I believe the line would suffer a lot if it was brought to the same level as JvC, and I would not want that for SW. I think it is ridiculous to think that Lucas is preventing the line from improving, because the line has improved and it's getting closer and closer to a level where the articulation and playability of the figures are amazing without sacrificing any of the details in the sculpts. This is something that the JvC line does not have and a quality that did not survive from RAH.
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