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  1. CPT Kosk, That helps very much! Thank you! Now I understand the character and his rank much better Also want to thank ARROW for his reply...that helped as well!
  2. Favorite Joes: Flint, Beach Head, Snake-Eyes Favorite Cobras: Pimp Daddy Destro, Wild Weasel, Firefly, SS
  3. Hey Cobra Commander, I really like your Cesspool custom. I like it much, MUCH more than any of the JvC figs Hasbro has put out (which is funny, because it's made from their parts, right?). I also checked out TeknoKyo's customs....damn, you guys are very talented!!! I wish you guys were making the toys for the new line, then I'd be inclined to collect it Congratulations and great job
  4. Nash

    Avatars So Far

    Hey Mike Bock, I just wanted to thank you for all the work and time you put into making these forums more exciting and fun with your avatars...I really enjoy coming in and checking out your latest batch of avatars!!! I really like the work that you do So far the new Serpentor, Flint, Beach Head, Xamot, Croc Master and Airtight are my favorites!!! I wanted to use the new Serpentor one, but out of respect for Skarapz I decided to stay with Flint (still very kick @$$ avatar) I hope eventually you will be able to make a RAH Wild Weasel, by far the coolest figure of the entire line Thanks again Mike keep up the great work
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if the G.I. Joe experts could help me out with a little querry about Flint. I think he, Beach Head and Snake-Eyes are the coolest Joes in the series and in my free time I wanted to learn more about the characters. However, when I tried to learn more about Flint, I was stumped. It says in his file card that he is a Warrant Officer. Not knowing very much about U.S. Army ranks and branches, I looked around in the web and found this: "Warrant officers are highly specialized, single-track specialty officers who receive their authority from the Secretary of the Army upon their initial appointment. However, Title 10 USC authorizes the commissioning of warrant officers (WO1) upon promotion to chief warrant officer (CW2). These commissioned warrant officers are direct representatives of the president of the United States. They derive their authority from the same source as commissioned officers but remain specialists, in contrast to commissioned officers, who are generalists." Now my question is if Flint is a WO, what is he a specialist of? I know the file card says that he went to Flight WO school, so would his specialty be related to aerial combat tactics? Is so, what kind of cool $#!t is he trained to carry out? If not, then has it ever been indicated in the comics or cartoons what is he a specialist of? Thanks for any answers that may help understand this character a little better
  6. I just hope that when they make the Gimli Minimate, they don't pull a Kingpin on him and give us something similar to that piece of cr@p! I hate this technique they used to make the figure obese. Still lovin' these figures! To me it really doesn't matter if these figs are not in scale with Marvel and DC. As long as the figures within the LOTR line itself have different sizes, it's all good
  7. Nash

    One Question?

    Unless the line dies you will get all the Dreadnocks and all the Bazooka color variants your heart desires However, I think Bespin Refugee is correct about the length of time it will take to get the winners of the polls out to the public. It'll be about a year before you see it out in the shelves. That's the way Hasbro has handled the Star Wars polls (sometimes we even get some of the losers from a previous poll before the winner of the actual poll). Maybe it will be different for JvC, but I doubt it!
  8. Some times Toyfare has really great exclusives!!! The Kingdom Come Red Arrow is a perfect example! I hope this Hush figure is indeed the Hush body with Jason Todd head...that would be great!!!!
  9. I think these mini figs look great!!! I'll definitely be getting Sauron, Gandalf, Legolas and the Uruk-hai Frodo does look like a chick
  10. Nash


    By the way, so far my favorite figure thus far is Razor Beast! Simply AMAZING! I also really like Bone Cutter!! All of them are great!!!!
  11. Nash


    Hey man-with-arms, Check out the link below if you want to see the all the Xevoz figures and learn a little more about the storyline: http://www.hasbro.com/xevoz/pl/page.browse.../dn/default.cfm Again, I can't wait...these look great
  12. Well, I wasn't born in the U.S.A., but I did live in NY for 6 years and then went to Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio for 4 more. I lived too far away from NYC and Brooklyn, so I wont consider them. Dayton, OH is about 30-45 minutes away from where I went to school, so I guess I'll have to say the Super Trooper. Also, Columbus, OH is an hour away so I'll say Grunt and Ripcord as well
  13. Crack!!! How would a motorcycle help Flash at all? Wouldn't it only slow him down? They have a bunch of monkeys with typewriters making decisions over at Mattel....and they're high from all the crack!!!
  14. Nash


    I agree mr. han, these figs look cool!! I also think they are an evolution of the Stikfas figure sets. IMO, Hasbro just took Lego's Bionicle concept and applied it to their Stikfas line and created Xevoz. Not that I'm complaining because these figures look great! I'll be looking forward to their release
  15. I'm a VERY VERY happy man!!!!!!!!!! Lando and Madine look great...we had already seen Han so nothing new to say about that figure!
  16. Thanks for the links Damed! I'm was curious about these figs since a lot of people in these forums have been craving for them and I wanted to see their reactions when they finally see them These figs seem really out of proportion to me (like most of JvC)...I do like the Swamp Rat fig though! I want to know more about this character! The BAT looks weird, but I really dig the Cobra logo on his face plate The new Baroness is a vast improvement on the JvC one (and on the RAH as well). Never can go wrong with Destro...he's DA DAWG I don't like Alpine's costume, but I guess it supposed to ressemble contemporary mountain-climbing gear. Beach Head would be cool if it wasn't for the small upper body...for some reason it really bothers me with this figure.
  17. I think Mattel follows this reasoning of overpacking their main character (Batman, He-man And Skeletor, etc.) because Mattel's largest selling toy line is Barbie. Think about it, the whole line is based around that bulimic do-all model!!! That's worked succesfully well for them for near 40 years (maybe more). I don't believe they realize the difference needed in marketing and in distributing their girl toy lines from their boys toy lines!!!
  18. Hey JayC, Thanks for an extremely thorough answer That more than helps with my question. I always thought that the Starfleet academy was very much like the academies of the armed forces of some countries, where the cadets must have a field of study besides their military specialization (for example a navy cadet can specialize in a specific branch of the navy such as submarine tactics, but also have a career degree, like engineering). Thanks again for the information and clarification Jay C
  19. I was watching ST: Voyager the other day and it became apparent that Capt. Janeway has a background in the sciences. Throughout the entire run of ST: TNG we were told that Capt. Picard had a background in archeology and semantics (or philosophy if you will). Clearly while they were cadets aspiring to become Starfleet officers, Jean-Luc Picard chose to pursue archeology, history and philosophy, while Kathryn Janeway decided to pursue the world of the sciences. The question is, is there some place in the ST mythos were we know what field of specialization Capt. James T. Kirk and Capt. Benjamin Sisko pursued? Maybe there isn't an answer for Kirk, because ST wasn't as developed when he was kickin' it, but I imagine that Sisko has to have some field of specialization if he went to the Starfleet academy, like the two captains in the previous paragraph.
  20. I read an article here in TNI about Lego earning drastic losses last year, so they'll probably reduce the amount of product they put out and try to reduce their losses for this year. I haven't heard anything about the NBA legos, but I imagine that if they didn't sell well then they probably wont come out with any more.
  21. Thanks for the info ssdus, anybody have pics of the other alternators in this line besides Hound, and is this line supposed to continue on or will they just release these 4 figures? pogoman, I'll do my best to find the SS and keep my end of the deal but I'm really diggin that Scorponok
  22. There was also a TF Jeep I saw a while back that really impressed...please don't block me from the forum for not knowing the names Is he out yet and if not, when should he be making an appearance in toy stores?
  23. I really like this Alternator Smokescreen and the Scorponok I've seen on another post...those two really impressed me I also like the MP Prime, but I think I'm going to ease myself into this new collection
  24. Hey pogoman, It looks to me like you've already been branded a traitor by your fellow MISB collectors and have been welcomed and cheered by the Loose collectors...you might as well go all the way and give yourself the satisfaction of seeing personally how this mofo looks in robot mode If you have the courage to open this fig and play with him for a while, then I'll have the courage to buy my first TF figure since the '80s @smilepunch@ Waht do you say?
  25. Thanks for the link Cyclops-XM106, great pictures!!! Can't wait for that Darkseid!!!
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